Dr.SHIVA™ – This is WHY both Wings of the Swarm PRINTS Money – GOP Debate Answer.

Dr.SHIVA™ – This is WHY both Wings of the Swarm PRINTS Money - GOP Debate Answer.

54 percent of Voters say the cost of Groceries is a problem how will you Address this well let's talk about that Okay if you recognize this fact the Reason what we call inflation the cost Of groceries up is because the Establishment plays this very very funny Game by printing money when they need it And the printing of money actually Causes inflation why does he establish From print money so we have to go to the Why to understand the solution the Reason they print money is because both Wings Of The Establishment again let's Remind everyone Donald Trump in one term A republican printed eight trillion Dollars a massive deficit Obama a Democrat in two terms printed eight Trillion dollars if you just lay it side By side let's be very clear that both Wings Of The Establishment will print Money and why did they print it to save Their guys on Wall Street Obama printed It to save big banks in 2008 and Trump Printed it not because of kovid it's Because the pharmaceutical companies Were tanking as anyone knows who's Actually studied it as someone who's a Biological engineer for the last 30 Years Pharmaceutical companies have been Going down in Revenue because their Entire pharmaceutical development Process sucks it doesn't work so they Needed a pandemic they needed a

Quote-unquote of vaccine to save them And that's why Trump was brought in so He printed money fundamentally to save Big Pharma like Obama printed money to Save big Banks now why can they print Money the reason they can print money is Because the U.S is a reserve currency Stephanie Kelton one of the theorists of What's called the modern monetary Theory Actually says it's fine to print money As long as you can quote unquote control Inflation and the U.S can print money as Long as it's a reserve currency how does The U.S maintain its Reserve currency Status with the might of the U.S Military becoming the Imperial Force Which is a policeman of the world so the U.S must be able to be Reserve currency Which means they must be able to Subjugate other countries to ensure that The U.S is a reserve currency and with The reserve currency status it can print As much money as they want allowing the Government on behalf of the elites to Print money means who suffers as a Working people and that's why you see All the interest rates going up and cost Of goods going up now where we are Entering into the cycle of printing Money and causing this devastational Working people it doesn't really affect The elites right the point one percent The Elon musk's case in point the guy 600 billionaires during the last four

Years particularly during the pandemic Increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion Dollars so that doesn't affect them if The price of groceries goes up by 50 Cents for this or that or dollar right But it does affect working people and The only solution to this is something Very very simple you have to create a Real economy a true market economy that Is not based on printing money and the Might of the military industrial Academic complex well how do you create A healthy economy well you have to Unleash Innovation you have to make sure That there's broad access to Infrastructure and education for all People not only to those people sitting On the debate stage right now who get to Go to Harvard and Yale and places like That as Mom and Pop got them in okay Robert Kennedy's Papa got him into Harvard he wouldn't have been able to Get in there based on his grades and all Of these guys so the bottom line is that The amount of money we spend on the Military industrial complex to create Reserve currency status if you took a Fraction of that and you stopped doing That and you put it back into Infrastructure you would have a very Very different economic model because More people would have the opportunities To innovate start small business and be Entrepreneurs and that's how you create

A real vibrant economy but that's not What they want to do and the reason they Don't want to do that is because they're All part of the swarm Democrats and Republicans they do not represent us They're not one of us now me being one Of us I'm going to make some very very Hard decisions to ensure that working People get what they deserve we should Stop funding any of these activities in The Middle East there's no reason to Fund Israel there's no reason to support A Middle East war base this is what Iraq Has become right so we Pummel lots and Lots of money to supporting these wars To subjugate other countries so we don't Take care of our own country at home and That's where it begins this is why we Need a systems overhaul because things Are not going to get better we cannot be Voting for the lesser of two evils for The first time in American history in a Long time you have someone like me one Of us trained engineer trained Scientists mowed lawn played baseball Came bottoms up one of you why is it That I had to leave the Republican party And run as independent and obviously a Guy of my skin tone should have been Embraced by the Democrats but neither of These parties serve any of us anymore so It's time for us to build a Bottoms Up Movement and that's what Shiva for President's about it's about us it's

About you and me uniting Bottoms Up and Letting go of these idiots many of you Know we have this movement called Truth Freedom Health you can go to Truthfromhealth.com and check it out we Need to build a Bottoms Up Movement we Need to shatter the Swarm the Swarm or All those people on the debate stage Republican and Democrat black brown red White color it doesn't matter they're Multi-racial Global decentralized bunch Of that do not give up about You what can you do well go to Shiva for President many of you work hard so we Made it easy go get a bumper sticker get This bumper sticker put it on the back Windshield of your car why a hundred Thousand people will see that that will Be Defiance because you're telling them off I no longer believe in your Lesser of two evils I'm supporting a guy Who's one of us if you're a little more Adventurous go on to shiver for President download one of these flyers Hand them to your neighbors it's in the Download section if you want to donate Great but I cannot take your money Without giving something back when you Donate to me I give you books I give you Knowledge I give you courses so you can Become a truth Freedom Health Warrior This is about us and it is truly US Versus them and they do not want you Living long and prosperous I do so

Anyway everyone thank you Shiva for President.com truth Freedom Health to All of you by the way we need to get on The ballot in every state go to Shiva For president.com volunteer volunteer Volunteer this is our time it is US Versus them and we must shatter the Swarm be well be the light Shiva for President.com

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