Dr.SHIVA: This Is What Will Replace The Elites’ System – Dr.SHIVA Gives Powerful Answer to Viewer

Dr.SHIVA: This Is What Will Replace The Elites' System - Dr.SHIVA Gives Powerful Answer to Viewer

How do you envision the new system once It's been disrupted you're asking a very Deep question if you read the book right There system and Revolution right there One of the most fundamental things we Need to understand is that systems are In different states of Consciousness and Different states of transition A Revolution is what's called a phase Transition every system has a certain Wave pattern it transitions to different States so if you look at the simple Physical cases you have ice at around 32 Degrees Fahrenheit ice goes from the Solid state to the liquid state right When it's 32 degrees a little bit above And then it becomes liquid that's a Phase transition and at the liquid stage When it hits 212 degrees Fahrenheit it Goes from liquid to steam so it goes Through a phase transition now consider Society like that we have a current System right now and we're told oh this Is just the way the world's got to be Slavery is normal then we got to a Different kind of slavery but we've gone Through these phase transitions the most Important thing right now Peter is there Has never been an Awakening where you Have enough people under understanding The concepts that I'm sharing with the Concepts of system science Self-organizing systems and when you Have enough people and I believe it's

About ten thousand leaders who get these Who go beyond left and right who Viciously expose the not so obvious Establishment the day change comes is When it's not like you say oh uh yeah McConnell is bad the obvious devils are Bad but when you realize and you Articulate with courage that Trump the Kennedys the Tucker Carlsons the aocs And the Bernie Sanders the people who Talk talk they're fighting for you when You have the Consciousness to realize That they are part of the establishment That's when change is going to occur Like that so the issue is we have to Achieve that level of Consciousness it Would be very wrong for me to say oh the Utopia is going to be like this or like That we're not even there the issue is Can we get the temperature where it's 212 degrees Fahrenheit and what occurs After that will be a phase transition That will be a self-organizing system But to say it should be like this or That would be false because that would Be a top-down approach the issue is to Raise Consciousness that occurred Through different points in history and What will emerge out of that will be Something that will come from that race Consciousness

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