Dr.SHIVA™ – THEY Fear Us & Make Us Invisible. This Is How We Win.

Dr.SHIVA™ – THEY Fear Us & Make Us Invisible. This Is How We Win.

A movement like ours has not existed Which is based on truth and reality the Real movement coming from those eight Billion people the few times that Happened the glimmers of Hope like Malcolm X they were executed last speech Malcolm X gave two weeks before he was Shot I believe there will ultimately be A clash between the oppressed and those Who do the pressing but it will not be Based on the color of the skin up until That point he was a black nationalist Manipulated by Elijah Muhammad but when He went to Mecca and he said wait a Minute there's black white we're all Being and he made that statement Two weeks later as long as you're in Your lane you're fine I don't stay in my Lane I'm not a good Indian they want me To shake my head and talk that way and Then they find These Foolish Indians This guy Vivek complete idiot the fake Indian and a fake American then they go Find another doctor bhattacharya he Wrote a paper promoting lockdowns later On he says oh I'm against lockdowns and They promote him you see they will not Promote me and you guys in their media In fact they won't even attack us Anymore they will make us invisible That's the weapon that they have to make People invisible truthfruitthealth.com Chief of president.com

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