Dr.SHIVA™ – There Can Be No Revolution Without A Revolutionary Science. That Science Has Arrived!

Dr.SHIVA™ - There Can Be No Revolution Without A Revolutionary Science. That Science Has Arrived!

The philosophy of libertarianism Maximizing peace prosperity private Property rights and decentralization What would you think of that as uh Philosophy so let's talk about when I Wrote system and Revolution why did I Write this so I have studied all of a Systems theory revolutionary change all The way going back to Greek culture Roman culture when you look at change It's typically been run by philosophers The 1800s it was the German idealist Theory of hussarel and Hegel and Heidegger these are the people that Influenced Marx before that it was Classical liberalism which influenced Adam Smith John Locke and these guys People have had these philosophies of What a human being is our relationship With nature what it means to create what Kinds of systems of governance in The Classical liberalism model the goal was Government existed to make everything Peaceful government was going to Ameliorate all the class differences We're going to make it all good for Everyone we're going to be one big Kumbaya if you really read one of the Best works of Lenin State Revolution Lenin was the first guide to expose that The state actually exists to perpetuate Class antagonisms it's quite interesting He said no the state isn't there to make Sure we're all come together the state

Wants to be there to make sure the poor Remain poor and the rich remain Rich That's why we have armies that's way of Taxes and by the way when Marx died Engel said the worst people in the world Are Mark sis which is what Lenin also Said most of these marxists have never Even read marks the reality is Marx and Adam Smith's philosophies go much closer Than anyone else Marx was looking at our Relationship with our creator and he Said each one of us should have a direct Relationship and there should be no State involved the goal of life was for Each of us to have our own personal Relationship with whatever you thought Your creator was and to be a fully Functioning creative human being that's Marxism that's freaking Adam Smith but Marx did a retrospective review of Seeing how we got into the state in the Industrial era then he made some Projections some of them which he got Wrong but none of these people including Lenin Marx Locke none of them had the Knowledge of engineering system science Which only comes into being around the 1920s and by the work of Ilia pogroni in 1950s and he won the Nobel Prize for This which really started talking about Systems principles that there's Something called self-organizing systems These have now been proven in physical Chemistry nature actually is a

Self-organizing system what is a Self-organizing system I'll give you an Example you have ice at a certain Temperature zero plus degrees what does It become water and at a certain Temperature 212 degrees Fahrenheit it Becomes steam it's not like Revolution Or a phase transition occurs over small Periods of time no when the conditions Are right change occurs like that and Now particles start moving in a certain Direction and then it goes to another State and another state I am interested In creating a phase transition which is A revolution so how do you do that what You realize is you have to create a Bottoms Up movement you have to raise People's Consciousness this is why my Great grandfather said it's all about Education what is that education that Education is a knowledge of system Science which Lennon didn't have Marx Didn't have Adam Smith didn't have Thomas Paine didn't have Che Guevara Didn't have you go back all the way no One knew Maxwell's equations until the Late 1800s once we understood that we Could build lights and Motors Etc you Have to understand the physical Principles people are trying to fly for Many centuries they couldn't do it but When Bernoulli understood Bernoulli's Principles we created aircraft overnight I have discovered those principles for

Our Liberation as a scientist an Engineer the engineering scientific Principle levels that span every system In the universe your body the Earth Political systems the elites know this Man the one percent who control the Eight billion they actually understand These principles Kissinger George Soros Go down the list all the advisors are Trained in these system science Principles so I've uncovered those like Prometheus bringing fire to the Earth That's what my mission has become their Goal is power profit control our goal is Truth Freedom health so there's no way To get out of this man unless you sit Your ass down and you study it that's Phase one I want to shift people's Thinking and raise your Consciousness And we have enough people with that race Consciousness it's over it's not like You need to go get guns even because the Knowledge will spread all those trumpers Going wait a minute I understand Trump he's a disturbance he exists to Manipulate me so I don't build a Bottoms Up movement so I don't self-organize the Solution here is something quite deep But also simple it took me many years to Organize this but without people Understanding these principles we have Sticks and stones and they have a Nuclear weapon that's why a small set of People are able to control a billion

People once you understand the physics Of when you split an atom a little piece Of plutonium is so powerful how much Energy that can generate versus an Individual going and cutting down Billions of trees and burning that so You can do one thing in a very Inefficient way or you can understand The physics here and the physics here is Science of systems that's the core we Don't need everyone to get that some People just want to distribute Flyers But you need to have a sufficient number Of people who understand this physics And so we invite everyone to go to Truthfritivenhealth.com and really Understand the fact that it took me Years to organize this it's literally a System it's knowledge it's a global Community in 120 countries but people Get very encouraged because they can see Other people all over the world from Finland to Africa United States or Understanding this and we have a history Of winning the world is not getting Better because you have information in Fact people are going into ignorance Complacency desperation Left Right Ultimately the way out of it is Knowledge that knowledge can only come With the knowledge of systems when you Understand systems you get wise you want To be an activist getting back to what You said decentralized there's a

Curricula here we have books people can Nerd out on this they can understand the Science they can use this for their Bodies we do regular special Advanced Lectures number one things we want People to get on the ground without Getting on the ground this is all just Theory it's just like people sitting Around and having whack-a-doodle Conversations for example we'll put out About 20 million 30 million of these Look at this flyer it's very simple this Is old school everything I've put Together is education that's why I will Go on the streets and I will distribute This flyer you will see me at six in the Morning doing that that's a Campaign so to everyone out there we Have the solutions we have the movement We have the scientific theory Truthforterhealth.com and we have a campaign so what is this one of These bumper stickers why is this Important you can put this on the back Windshield of your car a hundred Thousand people will see this thing Every day you do that for 300 Days you get 30 million views more views Than you can get on musk or Zuckerberg Social media period you go hand out Flyers to people you'll start meeting Your neighbors you'll have conversations With them and that's what I've been Doing all my life those people want to

Help us Iris we made it simple because We all work for a living get a bumper Sticker get a flyer go to Shiva for President.com volunteer we want to get On the ballot in every state so I do a Lot of work man our volunteers do a lot Of work we have about 300 400 000 people All over the world right now so you Don't have to choose the lesser of two Evils we need a systems overhaul I'm the Person to do it you're the person to do It we are the people to do it they're Not going to do they don't want a Systems overhaul they want you to select A nut job like Kennedy who is Saying that he wants to butcher all the Palestinians it's a Zionist hoodlum racist there's different Between Zionism racism Judaism and Israel we need to educate people on that Excellent go to Shiva for president.com Get a flyer get a bumper sticker Volunteer Shiva for president.com

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