Dr.SHIVA: The Truth About Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Dr.SHIVA: The Truth About Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Today's talk is really about artificial Intelligence AI which is the acronym Many of you have heard about this thing Called AI but may not fully understand What it is except probably thinking There's going to be a bunch of machines Which are going to take over your lives We're going to have robots walking Around and Um and that's sort of you know the idea That you have r2d2s running around or The little robot that vacuum cleans for You but today we're going to really get Into uh different aspects of AI you know Sort of the popular idea what AI is the Much more technical knowledge of what AI Is Um you know I've been involved in AI Research since the 80s you know since I Came to MIT it's been one of my passions I built a a very large company out of it Called Echo mail where we used to do AI For email analytics made a ton of money Doing that so it's an area I know a lot About and it's an area that I want to be Able to share with you a for various Reasons because I believe that the Mainstream media as usual will always Distill something to something sort of Useless that you may not really Understand the experts will try to Mislead you into whatever the flavor of The day is but what we want to do on This podcast is to really give you the

Foundations of AI and artificial Intelligence all right before we go on I Want to invite each of you to come to Our next open house for truth Freedom Health I personally host the open house Every Thursday at 11AM EST and then Again at 8 pm EST you'll learn about Truth Freedom Health which is a movement A platform as well as a community and Much more and we are dedicated to Raising your Consciousness through Education Theory and action practice You'll learn how to think Beyond left And right Pro and anti so you may start To see things as they truly are and Become a Force real and Lasting change In your community again to join us Simply RSVP at VA shiva.com orientation You'll meet lots of great people from Across the world again it's every Thursday at 11 A.M EST and again at 8 pm EST simply RSVP VA shiva.com orientation Be the light now let's go back to our Program what we want to do on this Podcast is to really give you the Foundations of AI and artificial Intelligence the field of AI Is really about a fundamentally How do You take Um human intelligence And and replicate it using machines That's what it's really about so Um so some very interesting terms I just Used human intelligence the primary word

There is intelligence in podcast two we Talked about intelligence from a systems Perspective so one of the things we Really need to do is Define what is Intelligence yeah you know before we Talk about human intent intelligence or Artificial intelligence and I'll get Into some very deep issues of Um Uh what is the difference between a Human and a machine And even more deeper aren't we all Machines So are we what is it between artificial Intelligence and human intelligence We'll get into this but fundamentally Think about Uh a quote-unquote intelligent activity A human does And being able to replicate that with The machine Right so if you want to go to some very Simple ideas of this you could think About a calculator As a form of artificial intelligence Right Um when I was growing up in India my Great-grandfather could do you know Fractional multiplication in his head You know all different kinds of Fractional multiplication because he had To know how to do that When he was farming and you had to for Commerce reasons a lot of mathematics

Really came out of Commerce we didn't Really need mathematics until we started To do Commerce You had things like the Abacus that People use for doing calculations faster When Computing came we started Developing chips we started Outsourcing Some of those computations to a thing Called a calculator And so the calculator could do you know You know 3 million two hundred and Twenty five thousand two hundred fifteen Times ten million three hundred fifteen Thousand 235 you know those kind of Things fast Now we could do it by paper But we Outsource that kind of Computation which was a human Intelligent activity to a machine So you could think about a calculator as A form of a machine that was able to do Uh those kinds of computations it was a Form of AI Um So what is AI from a technical Perspective and when did it really start Taking off there's a field called Cybernetics Which came out during the 20s 30s and That period and Um led by a guy called Norbert weiner There were many other people Uh if you go to MIT and you walk down The Halls when I first came to MIT

Called the infinite Corridor there's a Picture of this guy who looks like Your typical nerd Professor he's a Goatee glasses a little bit of a punch Belly and a suit and that was an orbert Wiener Norbert weiner is known as the Father of cybernetics or modern AI And Norbert weiner is the one who Started looking at the human body or the Human being as a multi-tiered system It's a electrical system we have Electricity running through us it's a Magnetic system it's an Electromechanical system it's multiple Systems and the idea was could you start Building an engineering field and how You start developing Um machines which could replicate human Function and that was a field of Cybernetics and cybernetics Um brought in many many different Disciplines not only physics but it Started bringing in a whole new field Called information Theory led by a guy Called Claude Shannon it also brought in The field of systems theory General systems theory thermodynamic Theory but it was a exciting period Because it brought together many many Different fields because if you're going To recreate something like the human Being you have to bring in multiple Fields And so

Um interesting enough after Norbert Weiner really uh pioneered this field he Wrote a number of essays talking about How horrible uh artificial intelligence And cybernetics would be for Humanity hi Everyone this is Dr shivaya duray before We continue with this I want to just Remind everyone that because of the Massive censorship and Shadow Banning That still continues on social media Platforms I'd like you to click the link Below to continue watching this on our Own platform

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