Dr.SHIVA™ – The Swarm LOVES Fires from Maui to Canada. Here’s How We Stop Them.

Dr.SHIVA™ – The Swarm LOVES Fires from Maui to Canada.  Here's How We Stop Them.

Fires do take place wildfires do occur However the way that you control fires Is through adequate Forest management You invest in infrastructure proper Airplanes which can actually dump water You have high penalties for arsonists That do cause a lot of these fires you Also allow the people on the ground Farmers who know what to do their Natural process of clearing the ways so Fires are contained none of these Processes have been supported be it in Maui Australia Canada or any of these Places in fact it appears by all Evidence the leadership of these regions Actually want buyers to take place Canada for example they want to Triple The carbon tax what better way than to Convince the masses oh my God look at These forest fires being caused by Climate change therefore you should Happily give your taxes so we can Control these fires if you look at Maui People have been saying for many many Years that the basic infrastructure Wasn't in place to control these forest Fires so it's time for us to build the Bottoms up movement become a truth Freedom Health Warrior go to Sheba for President.com volunteer volunteer Volunteer Shiva for president.com

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