Dr.SHIVA™ – The SWARM Cheats. They Hate Debates. They Hate You.

Dr.SHIVA™ - The SWARM Cheats. They Hate Debates. They Hate You.

So Dr Shiva I remember a while back you Challenged Elizabeth Warren when she was Running for reelection for the U.S Senate during the debate that Elizabeth Warren had with Jeff deal which I Believe he went on to run for governor As well I remember there were protesters At that debate and they said let Shiva Debate Sleep in the back could you explain to Everyone why did you choose to run for Senate and why did they prevent you from Being on the debate stage right so let's Start with the first question Sabrina Let me give you the background I never Believed in electoral politics ever but I've always been a ground activist I Always believe in building Bottoms Up Movements when I first came to MIT in 1981 because of my background where Essentially poor white working people Hispanics at MIT and blacks very few of Them at that time I had run for office For the MIT students body president and At that time you may remember in the Early 80s there was a guy called Jesse Jackson running he was sort of the Bernie Sanders shill of the time but we Didn't know this at the time so I Learned a very early lesson in 1984 if People go look at it a guy called Ronald Reagan was running as a Republican and a Guy called Walter Mondale was running as A Democrat and there was this other guy

Jesse Jackson who was presenting himself As anti-establishment and he was Creating what's called this rainbow Movement Jesse was speaking all the Rhetoric we're going to fight The Establishment we were all young idealist Kids who came from working class Backgrounds had suffered Injustice and MIT wanted minorities to fail because They wanted to say see these people are Dumb they can't make it forgetting that The inner cities never put in the Infrastructure which was with the Original goal of the Civil Rights Movement was which was essentially Hijacked by the Kennedys of Martin Luther King we can talk more about that People like Malcolm X were actually made Invisible but what Jesse Jackson ended Up doing was he had all these people Thinking he was building a movement and At the last minute on the floor of the Democratic convention he gives all of His votes to Walter Mondale talking this Nonsense about the lesser of two evils And gives a speech and I heard through The grapevine that he was given a Private plane for that that was a deal That was made Jesse would get paid off But what me and all my activist friends Realized was that you have the wings the Shoulders of the establishment in this Case Reagan on the right and Mondell on The left but the establishment cannot

Fly without its wings yapping stuff once In a while to keep the masses Entertained and at that time people like The Democratic socialists of America or Acorn where the wing of the left saying Enough stuff to keep people excited they Would even attack Mondale but at the Last minute they correct all these People like sheep back into the One Wing The tea party was the equivalent on the Right so I never wanted to vote because I realized you guys are all scumbags but I believe my study of history showed it Was always Bottoms Up movements on the Ground passing out flyers so after that We ended up developing our own two-page Flyer leaflet and we became more popular With our two-page flyer than the school Newspaper which was funded by the Administration and we would attack Everyone but we were always Beyond left And right Etc and that's when I saw Elizabeth Warren running and here's a Woman who knows nothing about everyday Working people minorities and she had Claimed that she was Native American it Had nothing to do with even her race but The fundamental issue is she had used Race for her advancement actual racism And so I decided to run against her but We knew Sabrina that we had to create a Movement because it was all about Creating a movement it wasn't about okay I'm gonna run it would be illusion to

Think that you're going to beat this Democrat machine but we thought the Republicans would embrace me I mean am I Not what the Republicans talk about Pulling yourself up from your bootstraps Bottoms up but they promoted this fool Jeff deal but he's a complete he can barely talk and instead of Embracing me they promoted him and made Me an outcast so we decided to run as Independence and if you look at that Time you couldn't get out of Massachusetts without seeing a sign Which said only the real Indian can Defeat the fake Indian in fact we had a Bus we had this huge Banner on the bus I Get a letter from the city of Cambridge Saying oh you must remove that Banner From the bus it's violating building Codes it's not on my building it's on my Bus anyway I take them to federal court On my own we sue them and they drop the Case so we win that but the reality was Here's a woman who frankly knows nothing About the real injustices that take Place to people of color and she was Assuming this and got all of the Accolades or whatever even her entrance Into Harvard out of that so that slogan Became very interesting because we would Hand out flyers at Whole Foods which Typically the people who go there all Look like Elizabeth Warren and we would Hand out a flyer or we would collect

Signatures we had to collect 20 000 Signatures to get on the ballot and this Will lead to the the issue with what Occurred with the debate now so I'm Running as an independent this doofus Deal dirty deal we call them is running As a Republican and Elizabeth Warren is Democrat now in order for an independent To get on the ballot you need to collect 20 000 signatures individually of people That want to nominate you and we Actually went and collected those Signatures by the way we never saw Jeff Deal or Elizabeth Warren's people ever Collecting signature so I'm convinced They have a back room Sweatshop they Just forge signatures this is my Conclusion because we never saw them Ever out there Sabrina and if you Remember in 2020 was when covet was Taking place we actually collected all 25 000 signatures because our people Went on the ground collected them and This time the Republicans again hate me They decide to run a guy the only thing They had was a guy with the last name O'Connor that's all they had that was Their weapon this isn't a primary we had 3 000 volunteers you can leave Massachusetts without seeing these big Signs Dr Shiva we'd raised 2 million Bucks one dollar five dollar donations We were everywhere 25 000 lawn signs ten Thousand bumper stickers and this other

Guy didn't have anything and I never Believed by the way Sabrina in election Fraud some people said Dr Shiva the only Way you're going to lose this primaries If they cheat you I said that doesn't Occur it was like the back of my mind But not real and on September 1st 2020 The results come in and I win in Franklin County where it's all hand Counted paper ballots by 10 points and In every other place it was 60 40 60 40 60 40. that was September 1st and then The next seven days I couldn't believe It I started learning everything I could About how the election systems in this Country worked and I found out 50 years Ago a Democrat majority had passed a Rule call 52 USC 20701 which supported Audits of Elections because they knew Minorities were getting screwed they Wanted to make sure you could audit an Election so a Democrat majority were Very supportive of audits and one of Those rules in 52 USC 20701 is that for A federal election all records must be Preserved for 22 months okay all records Now you remember except for Franklin County all the other counties use these Machines when you put a paper ballot Like this into a machine get scanned the Machine takes a picture of it it's Called a ballot image that ballot image Is what is stored on the hard disk Now By law those ballot images have to be

Say because that's a record that's Created in connection with the federal Election so I had found out in a diebold Voting manual that there is a feature That they put into these voting machines Called a weighted race feature what is This feature it's a feature that's in The voting machine so if you got a Thousand votes Sabrina and I got a Thousand votes the feature allows to Weight your race you get two votes for Every vote you got I get 0.5 votes half Of the vote for every vote I got so it's Not one person one vote just a very Famous ruling right for equality so that Means you would get two thousand votes And I'd get 500 votes and that feature Was put into the voting machines because Many of these voting machines are sold To stock companies who do corporate Stock votes but those features were left In voting machines so I use my Mathematics background and I I did a Statistical analysis and I showed There's no way that this voting pattern Could have occurred I went to the Secretary of State you may notice woman Michelle tassanari who is the general Counsel to the guy who's called the Princess of Darkness William Galvin is The Secretary of State and I said look I Want those ballot images and I gave them My foia which is a public records Request I went with a video camera and

They're gloating behind the window They're saying oh we don't save those Images we deleted them we don't have to Even preserve them so anyway I Officially give my letter I said you Have 10 days to answer this public Records request 10 business days goes by And they never answer it so I write an Email saying you're violating law if you Don't respond to it right now that was September 24th now you got to understand We had moved our campaign do you Remember Sabrina to a write-in campaign So we're still bona fide U.S Senate Federal candidates running we Distributed everywhere two million cards Which said stop election fraud Dr Shiva For Senate right in so I'm still running I'm on Twitter which is the platform for Politics so I tweet out Massachusetts Deleted ballot images because in the Communications I have with the Secretary Of State I said where are the ballot Images we don't have to send them to you I said show me the law she doesn't write Back the law she gives me something else I said you violated federal law those Four emails and I do a tweet I said Massachusetts violated federal law Deleted over 1 million ballot images Which they had done they're admitting That well I get thrown off Twitter Within 24 hours but I was saying a Factual statement ballot images were

Deleted so when I get thrown off they Have these fake fact checking companies Which the social media companies hire to Validate and that fake fact-checking Company says ballots were never deleted I never said ballots I said ballot Images and then they said Dr Chiva was Thrown off when we contacted the Secretary of State and this was in Reuters I believe and they said the Secretary of State told us the Government that's what the secretary of State is had contacted Twitter to Silence Dr Shiva it wasn't Twitter did This on their own first time in history The government contacts a social media Company to silence a political candidate Who was criticizing government this is a Foundation of the First Amendment Political speech is the most protected Form we're supposed to be able to say Stuff against the Kings against this Government that's why we have the First Amendment so I knew I had a First Amendment lawsuit I couldn't find any Lawyer Sabrina because they all want to Be friendly with the government so they Get their deals so I had to file a Lawsuit on my own in federal court so I Filed a lawsuit saying this is the First Amendment violation now that's a lawsuit Now something even harder to get in Front of the court is something called a Preliminary injunction where you're

Telling the court hey your honor not Only do I have a First Amendment case But I need you to act on this now I'm Still running like I need to be back on Twitter that's how I get the word on I'm Off the most important platform well the Judge decides to accept our hearing Which is unheard of judges do not like Pi hearings because if they accept a pi Hearing they're doing it because they Believe you have a meritorious lawsuit That's the only reason I go into court By myself facing three Harvard lawyers From the Secretary of State the judge Had me address a very important thing Called the Blum test but I had done the Homework and I had written a pretty good Brief and the judge had me argue that The Blum test is to show that this was State action that Twitter didn't do it On its own it was compelled by Government to do it Twitter could throw Me off because they have First Amendment Rights too but right they argued that Successfully and the judge was quite Impressed the Attorney General the Harvard trained lawyer from the Secretary of State Adam hornstein he Thought this case was done he didn't Even bother preparing for it so the Judge Reams him out he goes this guy's Not even a lawyer and you're not even Prepared what kind of lawyer are you so That takes place so I proved the

Theoretical framework and then we start Cross-examining the social media Director of the Secretary of State's Office because we wanted to find out how I was thrown off this is critical so the Judge says so what happened she goes oh We saw him putting out these tweets Saying ballots were being deleted which Was not true I said ballot images she Left out the word images she goes well We were very upset and the judge said so What did you do oh we contacted Twitter And he goes oh how did you do that oh we Have a portal and he goes what do you Mean right we have a VIP portal a Special portal for government has Exclusive access to Twitter not Violation of the First Amendment it's Like red flag red flag that means the Policies of all of these characters the Swarm as I call it a multi-racial Decentralized Bourgeois group of Brahmanas has been screwing over Everyday working people black white is Everyone all Races and it's their Policies it's not any one thing it's not The vaccine no it has to do with Obamacare it has to the vaccine has to Do poison it has to do with the fact we Have the income inequality put so much Stress on people's lives and Relationships we know the number one Reason people live long now that goes Back to 1980 goes back to what Jesse

Jackson so what did I learn as a 17 year Old kid that the establishment you have The head of the establishment it has the Two shoulders but it has a Wings it was A technology they created they created The wings to flop sometimes Bernie Sanders would say against Clinton But he's still their boy he just says Enough and that's what democratic Socialists was they're the social Democrats that the Bolsheviks and the Leninists and the revolutionaries talked About I learned that as a 17 year old And that's why it's very important to Study political Theory it's like you Have to understand the laws of physics Like we studied MIT once you understand Newton's Laws then you can go build an Airplane but if you don't recommend These laws you're going to build bogus Political movements that are always Going to fail I understood very clearly That the establishment has the wings the Right wing brought in Trump Trump's goal was to fill in that vacuums He was uh Bernie Sanders of the right Bernie Sanders was the Trump of the left And this is a very important Dynamic if You go back to the late 1800s and the Early 1900s militant people scaring the out of the establishment not with Guns Bottoms Up movements led by women Blacks and whites in 1920s there's a Picture in Times Square of blacks and

Whites massive million protesters all of That's been wiped out of American History these powerful Bottoms Up Movements is why Franklin Roosevelt was Forced to eliminate child labor forced To give infrastructure clean water in The eight hour work day eight American Workers were shot by the National Guard In Milwaukee Wisconsin four American Workers were hanged in Haymarket Square Fighting for the eight-hour workday all Of this has been removed from American History and in commemoration of those Worker throughout the world it was Called International workers day may day May day originated in commemoration Honoring American workers everywhere Else Mayday is celebrated except here It's a disgrace Reagan changed it to law Day so the establishment has always Wanted to remove the ferocity of the American working class when they rise up Blacks and whites and it was those Movements that ensured when GDP grew Between 1900 to 1970 which it did grow Every wage group's wages increase but in 1950 the scumbag on the right called McCarthy branded all of these movements As Communists as though they were being Remote controlled from Russia and you Can see Charlie Chaplin had to leave the United States great fighter great artist Too so the right wing comes in and they Scare all these workers you will never

Say Workers Unite as though Workers Unite is owned by Karl Marx it's existed Since the time of pharaoh and then the Left was taken over by fake misleaders Like the Kennedys and the hoffas so These true Bottoms Up organic movements Many led by women like in Lowell Massachusetts Etc between 1909 1970 over 150 million People took to the streets to strike in Really powerful working-class movements But by 1970 they're obliterated the Unions are taken over top down by the Quote unquote social Democrats and the Right wing takes over Wall Street and Telling people if you ever build a Bottoms Up movement you must be a Socialist Communist the only way we Change this is not relying on them not Waiting for these freaking people to do Anything it's going to be us building The movement bottoms up so it's really About you and the great things we Created the entire infrastructure truth Freedom Health our run for political Office gives everyone the opportunity to Participate so go to Shiva for president Volunteer if you want to donate great But when you donate I give you lots of Gifts to support your educational Process but remember there will be no Movement without the right political Framework and that framework that theory The science we've built the

Truthfreedomhealth.com to inspire you Guys to get off your butts and get Educated or you'll continue to be Enslaved truthforedomhealth.com Shiva For president.com

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