Dr.SHIVA: The History Of The Opioid Crisis

Dr.SHIVA: The History Of The Opioid Crisis

I know that you have been talking a lot About the fentanyl crisis in America It's something we've been covering a lot On this show and The Binding Administration is seems very Disinterested in doing anything about it If they cared about the fentanyl crisis That's killing Millions thousands of Americans they would secure our border For starters but they're not yeah so I Think let me just give the I'm going to Distill this down to the essential Points here first of all we need to Understand the history of this entire Crisis so if you go back to 1913 is when The FDA was founded in 1970 is when the Control substance Act was put put into Place by the Nixon Administration and at That same point is when the DEA was Created and there was a very interesting Drug which was like aspirin that had Been used even before the FDA called Diacetyl morphine you've heard of Morphine diacetamorphine was essentially Taking the morphine and attaching two Acetyl groups and that had been used Believe it or not very very people you Would use it like aspirin there wasn't All this rampant addiction and it was Used for pain so that's a background now When the DEA gets created in 1970 guess What they do they do something quite Interesting they declare that diacetyl Morphine which was used for chronic pain

By Americans for many many years even Before 1913 was essentially now a Schedule one substance that even doctors Could not prescribe so all these people With chronic pain we were like aspirin They were using diacetal morphine which Is essentially morphine but with two Diacetyl groups which means when you Take it it essentially becomes morphine And then they rebranded that substance As heroin so it's the first time I think Ever they've taken a generic and they Branded it as heroin so now suddenly Heroin has this halo effect and people Have to go to the streets to get it so It literally created a product on the Streets and the DEA starts explosively Growing and this becomes so-called this Drug that no one should be taking when If you really look at it was Diacetamorphine which had existed for Many many years so morph so heroin use Is explosively growing people are and by The way you can get morphine for very Cheap heroin which is this exact same Diacetamorphine is selling for a Thousand times more so drug dealers are Making a ton of money and heroin sales Are explosively growing then something Very very interesting happens probably Purdue Pharma which was started by the Sackler's day uh put out a drug called Oxycontin and oxycodone or Oxycontin Which is there's the same drug one is a

Time release version of it which slowly Releases you take two pills and Oxycodone and interesting enough even Though I'm not a big promoter of big Pharma oxycodone was heavily tested it Went through clinical trials people Figured out the right dosaging and it Was for chronic pain and doctors were Essentially offering that guess what Happens when oxycodone comes out heroin Sales literally plump heroin on the Street plummets by 50 because now Doctors could actually offer patients Something for chronic pain sixty percent Of the people were using diacetamorphine AKA heroin we're using it because they Actually add chronic pain so now they Could go to their doctors and legally Get it prescribed Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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