Dr.SHIVA: The Elites Are FULLY Prepared For Revolution! ARE YOU?

Dr.SHIVA: The Elites Are FULLY Prepared For Revolution! ARE YOU?

Let’s talk a little bit about what’s Going on right now and I’ll come back to The movement and all but I’m going to be Reading a chapter from this book called The system in a revolution I wrote this When I was traveling many years ago in Europe and it’s called the system and Revolution and it took me probably about 30 40 years to write this book but in 100 Pages you learn what is a system and What is a revolution the word is used a Lot but you’re going to learn in today’s Talk what is a revolution you’re going To undeniably know that the elites are Fully prepared for a revolution and they Know that you’re completely unprepared And they’re in a very very strong Position right now and it’s important That people actually do get prepared Otherwise it’s not going to be a Pleasant day for everyday working people Because you’re going to be caught Without knowing what to do my hope is That this talk will inspire people to Understand what is a revolution what is Actually going on and I’m going to share With you a very interesting video done By a billionaire who is a advisor who is An elite himself but he’s an advisor and You’ll see that they actually know that There’s this long cycle that’s taking Place let’s begin with some fundamentals One of the fundamentals to understand is That over the last 100 years whenever

There’s been a major economic crisis Going back in in the United States to The 1900s and then subsequently in 1929 October 1929 there was a major stock Market crash when that crash took place Up until that point the notion was that Free market capitalism would just take Care of itself that was the idea what Those in power did not educate or they Knew this that capitalism is not Something that’s fixed in time what do I Mean by that you can compare the analogy To a human being a human being is born As an infant they go through childhood Then they go through adolescence then They become a young adult middle age Senior citizen and they pass on there’s A cycle to this all systems economic Systems you can look at your physical System this building that I’m in here Everything goes through a cycle of birth Some level level of preservation and Then Decay and some people believe it Goes on if you look at feudalism what Existed before capitalism that also went Through a cycle at one point it was Great to have monarchies and Kings they Protected Villages and then they became Massive and then they went through their Decay like the empires and then Capitalism came as an amazing Force Which Unleashed Innovation and Entrepreneurialism but one of the key Things about capitalism the necessity to

Maximize profit which is the DNA of Capitalism the maximization of profit Ultimately leads to a few people owning Certain industries that’s what happens In many of these systems over time you Get the concept of monopolies being Created and you have this cyclical Nature where those monopolies in any Industry will own certain sectors and They’ll actually do overproduction They’ll lay off lots and lots of people Unemployment and in fact there’s lots of Goods and there’s not enough people to Buy them you have these Mini crashes and You have these big crashes anyway we can Go into the details of this in 1920s When this crash took place the Capitalist Elites realized oh my God we Can’t really have this free market Capitalism you need government Intervention and that was a concept of Keynesianism John Keynes and the Government intervened and what did they Actually do the government intervention Actually resulted in propping up this Monopoly capitalism for another cycle But during the 1920s what you don’t Learn that much about in history books Is there was a Revolution Brewing and That Revolution was people were rising Up bottoms up all over the world working People were getting organized and they Were rising up all over the world why Were they rising up they were rising up

Because the maximization of profit and That Monopoly capitalism always resulted In the subjugation of working people Someone had to pay the price for Maximization of profit it was everyday Working people right because you go to Back to the 20s they had child labor we Didn’t have infrastructure people are Living in filled factories were a Horrible place to work and so on people Rose up these were independent people Rising up all over the world India Russia United States workers movements Women’s movements and those people Demanded basic rights and it was that Rising up that forced the elites to make Certain concessions so they wouldn’t Lose it meaning lose it meaning lose Their power they gave people certain Concessions and they propped up their System which is essentially built on a Deck of cards the way it happened in the United States which we teach in our Course and I’m giving you some little Bit of a summary of it is that the left Wing and the right wing colluded against Working people let me repeat that again The left wing and the right wing Colluded against working people the Extremes of the left and the right the Extremes of the right wing like McCarthyism colluded to say that when Working people rise up that’s communist That’s Marxist they labeled it that

Those people must be thrown in jail They’re against the government that was The 1950s McCarthyism that and they had A back room deal with the left which set Up where with the left when I mean the Left I mean mob bosses and Mafia people Literally which took over unions topped Down one Thug attacked of the working People by calling them socialists and Marxists the other Thug element on the Far left took over these top down these Bottoms Up unions and they made sure Working people’s movements was Completely controlled the Kennedys the Hafas the people like Bernie Sanders the People like Elizabeth Warren and on the Right wing they had people calling Anyone who tried to rise up socialism Marks you saw it in the last campaign Trump called everyone socialism Marxist And the left wing called them fascists They have this far left far right wing Civil War which the elites want that’s What you got to understand you can’t be Stupid about this anymore because there Is a major Revolution coming and the Elites know it as big as the 1920s and You can write this down but this time You have an opportunity to be prepared Why because our movement exists the Movement for truth Freedom Health exists And if you you have the wherewithal to Not be lazy to stop watching the crap You’ll be prepared and what I mean the

Crap let me just show you what’s going On it’s a quick aside here if we look Right now at what is trending on Google Let me show you this all right this Should embarrass some people but I just Looked up what is trending on Google Today what the hell is trending on Google what are people’s minds focused On if you go here I looked at what People are focused Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift that’s one thing but today people Are focus on Desean Watson this guy I Think he sexually harassed someone he’s A quarterback and you can see what People are focused on these are 500 000 Searches on Google on Cleburne Brown’s Quarterback DeSean house and suspended Six games for some sexual harassment Frankie Montas New York Yankees starter Acquired from the Oakland Athletics and You can see what people are focused on Sports sports sports Angelina Jolie’s Daughter going to some college this is up excuse my language this is What people are focused on and this is Nicki Minaj in India people are focused On stupid Cricket which is an Imperialist Colonial sport the elites Have people every day you can look at What’s focused on meanwhile what’s going On right now is you have Serbia and Kosovo about to do a major war you have Turkey and Greece about to do a major War you have the United States actually

Ukraine and Russia is escalating Russia Is just destroying Ukraine the NATO Wants to go into Russia to start a major World war and you have Nancy Pelosi and The elites poking China this is what’s Actually going on but this is not Discussed in mainstream media you’re not Focused on it and why is all of this Taking place why because the elites know That this major cycle of economic Collapse is about to take place and let Me show you the evidence for that There’s a guy called Ray dalio who is a Multi-billionaire hedge fund manager and Just two days ago there’s another big Sort of doofus guy called Tony Robbins Who runs very expensive seminars being a Life coach you know and he was getting Advice from Ray dalio and Ray dalio was Telling him look what’s going to take Place let me share with you that this is What Ray dalio is being advised on I Mean or Anthony Robbins is being advised On what’s going to go on let me share With you this here’s a video that I’m Going to play for you right now make Sure that I can share this properly yeah Chrome tab I got to make sure yeah here We go just listen to the couple of Seconds of this video here’s Ray dalio On the Tony Robbins podcast this guy’s An elite himself and what you see here He is describing what I’ve been sharing With you guys for the last three four

Years about there’s a cycle here was the Original order in the 1920s and the Elites go through a cycle and the Cyclists they have a rise then they Peak And then they Decline and you have a new Economic order and here’s him advising Tony Robbins because people are freaked Out the elites are freaked out but he’s Telling them how to get prepared so let Me play for this for you uh Japan or Other countries um destroyed after the War and they’re no other competitors Then if it’s a dominant position but Over with time others learned and began To build up China particularly has Increased uh its per capita income and Its competitiveness and China is a Competitor with the United States but All through that time And we see that pattern happen over and Over as that power Gap Narrows then Conflicts about how things should go Increase and internally there is a Conflict over wealth and wealth gaps and Then there’s a higher level of Indebtedness which makes for a worse set Of circumstances and that combination of Circumstances now leads to the moral Conflict let me explain this what dalio Is what we teach in our course is Probably I think he’s been probably Taking our course of listening to it but He is advising an elite like Tony Robbins to basically tell him look

There’s a cycle here was right here was In 1920 when things crash for the elites They started coming back up after World War II the U.S Global Elites have peaked And now we’re in this decline because During this period we have just printed Money like crazy all the banks globally In all the countries that have reserved Currencies have just printed money that Means the elites to keep their deck of Cars operating crash once in 1929 Government intervened in 2008 government Intervened again with Obama they printed About 9.6 trillion dollars Obama in one Term printed four point to another term Five Trump printed 6.9 trillion dollars In one term and I think Biden is printed Close to a little bit over 2 trillion Right now all of this stuff is not being Talked about people are watching Nicki Minaj and people are wondering why who The cares what Angela Jolie’s Daughter what school she’s going to but This is what they have working people Focused on meanwhile the elites know That this phenomenon is occurring that There’s going to be a major phase Transition that there is going to be Conflict there is going to be War I mean You can look at it in this graphic it’s In black and white guys everyone look at This large debts weak leadership civil War and revolution that is the final Stage and we’re right about here in

Point 18. the elites know this is coming And the elites know that the only way Out of this is to do a massive reset They tried it with the pandemic but a Good for them a good World War will Really help them significantly in fact Even blowing up certain cities will help Let me explain why I say that the major Wealth centers of the elites New York Right California all these centers Britain London these are where the Elites have all their money and their Banking remember all the banks got free Money printed to them from the central Banks they’ve been taking that money They didn’t distribute it down to Working people and whatever they did Really didn’t help they put it into the Stock market which they propped up the Whole thing is built on a deck of cards And they know it’s going to crash one Way out of this is you start a big war The other thing is you ensure and listen Very carefully you ensure in every Country the left the extremes of the Left and extremes of the right start Fighting against each other and the US Is poised for that the poll that I Shared for you that came out with the University of Chicago you literally have 75 percent of quote-unquote Democrats Hating Republicans and 75 percent of Republicans hating Democrats and 25 Percent of Americans now want to take up

Arms on both sides that’s like the Framework for civil war this is not Happenstance this is by Design [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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