Dr.SHIVA™ – The Day of Reckoning and the Power of a Movement

Dr.SHIVA™ - The Day of Reckoning and the Power of a Movement

The Day of Reckoning is going to come When this happens either there's going To be massive Civil War in the United States when people realize wow these People us most of them were the Zionists if there's a movement we can Mobilize that anger and if there's not a Movement you can ED Into the Dark Ages Certain set of people go into their Underground bunkers launch nukes to Protect themselves unleash police to Butcher people I mean this is a real Scenario when this happens and it'll be Global if there's a movement you can Take all that anger and you can say this Is what needs to be done now we're Creating a movement and there's history Which is moving in its direction now History and if that movement converge You can create a new world but without a Movement in history happening there's Nothing you still have to build the Movement what we are doing here is being Highly conscious at a meta level we need To build a Bottoms Up movement go to Shafor president.com and volunteer

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