Dr.SHIVA: Spinach & Cardiovascular Health – A CytoSolve® Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Spinach & Cardiovascular Health - A CytoSolve® Analysis

Hello everyone talking about spinach and Cardiovascular health domesticated first In the Middle East and native to Europe Its medicinal properties are attributed To both the leaves and the root also the Cardiovascular system you notice it Consists of the lungs the heart the Vasculature and blood the inside are Composed of endothelial cells there's Been close to 9696 research articles done over the Past 80 years on spinach and we're able To mine that research and curate it to The relevant ones that have molecular Mechanisms so hypertension nitrate in Spinach is converted to nitrite Decomposes to NL critical in converting GTP into sgmp which allows for Vaso Relaxation hi everyone this is Dr Shivaya duray before we continue with This I want to just remind everyone that Because of the massive censorship and Shadow Banning that still continues on Social media platforms I'd like you to Click the link to continue watching this On our own platform at vshiva.com

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