Dr.SHIVA™ – Send Relief to Palestine, NOT Israel

Dr.SHIVA™ – Send Relief to Palestine, NOT Israel

But right now what's going on is this Invasion of the Palestinian people and I Just wanted to know maybe what your Thoughts on that were because it seems Like that's really important that people Get enlightened to what's happening There yeah it's really interesting Because the question of what's going on In the Middle East what's going on with U Israel is really important for people To understand the background I've been Watching this since Jesus 1981 in 1981 1982 I was 17 at MIT and I organized one Of the biggest protests against a guy Called Mir Kahana people can look him up Me i r Kahana k a h n a he wanted to Butcher all the Palestinian people he is 42 years ago so the unfortunate thing is The average American has no idea of what Zionism is and has no idea of what took Place to the Palestinian people their Land was stolen from them imagine you Can go to maps all the way to the 1600s Okay it's literally says Palestine so Imagine you're living in Massachusetts Or New York and you have your home and People come and basically basically put You into a concentration camp and take Your land and continue doing that that's What liter it's hard for us to believe People can do that but what's that's What actually took place that's like the You know broad stroke and anyone who Says oh these people were there 4,000

Years ago you know how ludicrous that Sounds right so imagine you're in New York and some group of people let's say In Africa say hey we were there 4,000 Years ago so New York is Our Land okay And then people are actually justifying This oh this was a land of the Israelites that's like the broad stroke But the reality is Zionism which is the Basis of the stealing of the land of the Palestinian people to the zionists was Based on this thesis that was a Political ideology like a cult that was Created manufactured by a guy called Theodore herel H E rzl okay and I knew This back in 1981 and we used to educate A lot of people on this and it but the Mainstream media would never discuss This right these are just apparent facts So Zionism was a political ideology that Was manufactured it was created the First thing people need to understand by Like you deciding that aliens are the Species that deserves to to control the World you make stuff up okay and so that Was ideology that was made by this guy Called herel and herel went around the World in the 1800s and collected money From the most racist people on the Planet fact I call Cecil roads c c i l Roads r h o d s rodesia used to be named After him until recently until the Africans decided they didn't want a Racist name on their country right and

He was the one who was butchering black Africans and stealing all their diamond And gold right and Cecil roads is the Name of the roads scholarship okay which Is the one that many US elites and World Elites go to to get that scholarship who End up becoming president like Bill Clinton okay many of world leaders are Road solar a lot of people again don't Know this with that money the original Goal at the six zus Conference of Theodore hsel was to make Uganda the Homeand okay in East Africa Uganda was Going to be the Homeland the British Finally agreed in the Bal for Declaration they were going to give him This land over in Palestine and you can Find this and you can do your research The letter to Lord Rothchild so Rothchild was involved in this in the Creation of we know is quote unquote Israel right but it's literally stolen Land the other thing people need to Understand is that the zionists who Moved from Europe into Palestine were White Europeans racially white Europeans They weren't uh people of that area Okay In fact if you trace their genetic History they and this is done by an Israeli biologist come from Ukraine was Known as khazaria okay Kazarian Ashkanazi Jews so there were white People okay who move into this area Where there's dark people physically

Darker people and they basically abuse All these people abuse them to such an Extent there were many Arabs Palestinian Arabs who were Jews who converted to Islam converted to Christianity is they Didn't believe they didn't want to have Anything to do with this so you have a Invading group of people who go to an Area digging up a 4,000 year old Reference again if you want to think About this you're living in Manhattan or You're living in Philadelphia and people From Africa come there and say This Is Our Land cuz we owned it 4,000 years ago But you never even seen these people and They're backed by the British Imperialists with the might of the British Army and they come in take your Land and settle it okay okay it's was an Absolute Invasion so that's just a basic Background that no one can disagree with But no one will cover this because the Mainstream media is funded by Zionist The financial system is funded by Zionist and the United States government Has been hijacked by Zionist nearly Everyone in Congress everyone running For president except myself as a Zionist Booby Kennedy has asked for the Destruction the butchering of the Palestinian people Donald Trump wants a Butchering of the Palestinian people Okay he's absolutely fine with that he Santis all of them okay so every

American listening to this must Recognize that values that were Presented at least as I know in the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution would be completely Antithetical to Zionism but we are Sending enormous amounts of military a Aid since 1948 to Zionism and what is Zionism here's the definition Zionism is Racism it is also anti-semitic in the Service of imperialism I repeat that Again you may want to write this down Zionism is racism zionists are Anti-semitic don't let them say oh Dr Shiva was calling that he's anti-semitic No you're anti-semitic you Should told them to shut the up Okay they're anti-semitic Zion I ism is Anti-Semitic why because it hates the Jews in fact Zionist collaborated with The Nazis during World War II to butcher Jews to disarm Jews who wanted to fight The Nazis you can just look up what Occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto Jews were Fighting the Nazis and the zionists Collaborated with the Nazis to disarm Them there's many stories of this you Can look at these people look at how They talk they sound like Nazis look at Netanyahu I'm sorry he doesn't look like A Palestinian he doesn't look like Anything like Jesus Christ or the people Of that area look like okay he's Freaking a EUR white European Nazi

Zionist woodlam that's what he is demon He's a demon now what's Interesting is that everything they've Done has been planned yahu and zus Israel has funded Hamas people can go on My Twitter feed and they can see it They've been funding Hamas since 1980 One of the generals in the Israeli Army Was the one who used to finance them as Early as 2019 Yosi Cohen who is the head Of mosad told Qatar to keep funding Hamas because they needed a radical Muslim Wing to make Israel look quote Unquote reasonable you say and the Secular Palestinian Wings to diminish Them and I'll share with you this Wonderful picture this is from 2012 the Cover illustration of The Economist it's Called the Rough Guide to hell okay and This is quite fascinating because on This cover this is on The Economist Cover you will see that right here they Have hand gliders Hamas hand gliders and Netanyahu flying over shooting and Dropping bombs okay it was there was a Cover diagram that was done in 2012 okay the holiday issue a Rough Guide to Hell cover artwork for our 2012 Christmas double issue Christmas issue The Devils who run the world right now Always Telegraph some people have said It's one of the rules they have to tell Us what they're going to do and then They'll go do it but who would have

Chosen hand gliders and it clearly says Hamas right here right and there's many Other so-called coincidences like this But I think the key thing that I want to Educate everyone on is that Zionism has Nothing to do with Judaism Zionism it's As different as it would be kkism right Or someone coming up with some random Political ideology okay it's like Someone believes libert arianism so Someone says what is a Zionist a Zionist Andrea is someone who believes that you Must create a state to be the homeland Of the people of Israel and Zionism also Believes they're the chosen people and They're Superior to you okay Superior to Everyone else I would consider that Racism so this is what we're supporting So if you looked at the United States It's cly about after the Constitution Right initially black people were what Three fifths of a human being but after The equal protection Clause of the 14th Amendment we now believe all men and Women are cretive equal right Zionism Doesn't believe that so if you're an American listening to this why is our Country right now I work 3 days out of 5 Days for the government the amount of Taxes I pay and most people do right my Tax dollars go to the treasury of the United States and on top of that they Print money and they've been sending Trillions over I underestimated it in a

Tweet I did I thought it was a half a Trillion it turns out it's been probably A hundred times that factor since 1940 The amount of military aid economic aid Missiles we've sent it Zionism and we Need to really consider that if the United States values we have the Declaration of Independence which says The people have the right to abolish Their government when it and altered When it no longer serves them many Veterans died in many wars fighting for The United States Constitution which was Life liberty and the pursuit of Happiness which was things like the 14th Amendment okay and so on now how does That resonate with Zionism it doesn't so You have to ask the question if you just Follow logic why are we sending military Aid to an apartheid regime that's what It is it's an apar it would be no Different than us sending military aid And we did for many years we put a lot Of investment in South Africa the 0.001% Of the people where Elon Musk comes from Believe they were better than all the Blacks and the brown people right that's What we've been doing since 1948 and Then originally the British did it to Divide and Rule wherever Britain goes Anytime they drew up random lines and Move people around it was to divide and Rule and they stole resources another Important fact that the mainstream media

Will not talk about is that in Gaza and In the Palestinian occupied territories Recent discovery there is over 200 Trillion trillion cubic feet of natural Gas and close to 2 billion barrels of Oil and this is the wealth of the Palestinian people this is in there After Israel stole all their land or the Zionists in the remaining little plots Of land in the occupied territories they Have 200 trillion cubic feet of natural Gas and 2 billion barrels of oil which Could make them very wealthy even in Their occupied areas but they've been Stopped from getting access to those Think about again what I'm talking about Here you have incredible amounts of Wealth that the Palestinians have not Been able to access on top of that as we Were speaking before we started this Conversation Netanyahu is one of the Most hated people within Israel there Was a Civil War about to explode in Israel okay you can go look at it for The last year two years the Israeli Jews Even have hated Netanyahu the Israeli Government is based on a parliamentary System there's multiple political Parties right and there's not only Netanyahu's right-wing party there's Many other parties all those parties Hate Netanyahu run by Israeli Jews Jews Are also anti-zionist and they've been Exposing the fact that Netanyahu first

Of all he's under multiple indictments For corruption and fraud he was also Indicted before so you have a criminal Who runs the country who's hated by his Own people people need to understand This so my run for the presidency our Movement for truth Freedom Health people Like Jesse or truly independent Podcasters or the Future these people do Not represent us my action is this Jesse If I were president of the United States I would IM immediately as Commander-in-chief approve military aid For the Palestinian people now a bunch Of morons who are zionists say oh you Want to support Hamas well look Hamas Was created by Israel Hamas is an agent Of Israel okay so that's what this is if You are truly a liberating force of your People you would arm everyone so why is This since 1980 and including the PLO They were another nonsense organization Who just scammed the Palestinian people If you are truly a military organization Who wants to see Liberation you would Create popular militias you would have Armed every Palestinian but they haven't Done that they create standing armies You see and they these people have Sticks and Stones so as president of the United States it's interesting to send People Aid Biden has approved 100 Million to Gaza but 100 billion to Israel it's a factor of 100,000

Different okay 100 billion to Israel but 100 million of that will be humanitarian Aid but that Aid has to be approved by Israel and Israel is going to say oh all This 100 million is going to go to the Hamas right so there's a no- win Situation for the Palestinian people Over 5,000 have been killed I think one Israeli and CNN and BBC will put do the Story of that person they won't do the Story of the 5,000 people Hollywood is Controlled by zionists the financial System is controlled by zionists and we Have to use the right word Zionist don't Use the word Jews because you're going To let them get away with it because They're going to call you anti-semitic Use the word Zionist Zionism is a Political ideology that that believes That they are the chosen people better Than you and I okay and they that they Deserve to rule over us it's the deep Root of Zionism so we now have a Situation that Netanyahu was going to be Thrown in jail there was going to be a Civil war in Israel against him by the Israeli Jews and it was on its way so it It worked beautifully for his this piece Of you know who's a racist Zionist Nazi to start a war he calls up his Friends in Hamas as you can see in that If you can bring that up again Jesse This is 2012 right they fly hand gliders Right and this is not from 2023 this is

From 2012 look at that picture Hamas on Hand gliders him on hand gliders voila You have hand gliders flying over Mysteriously overcoming the iron do Mysteriously overcoming all the Surveillance the screening the millions Of cameras that watch Israel in micros Seconds process it with supercomputers Right and these guys hand gliders get Over okay that's what's taking place I Think every American should take a Principal stand here and the principal Stand should be We As Americans want Military aid going to the Palestinian People very important what I say the Words that I'm using here to the Palestinian people all right the US Military should go and support the Palestinian people we're on the wrong side we're on the side of a Bunch of satanic individuals but right Now there's a butchering of Palestinians Taking place we're supporting genocide And every Americans will have blood on Their hand every americ Americans should Realize that Health but the good news is Jesse I'm running for president and we Have a movement truth Freedom Health This has never occurred before in human History we have actually have a movement That exposes the Dynamics of the slavery They put us through we actually educate People of all the buttons that they push So you can understand the Machinery of

Slavery that's quite extraordinary cuz Now you don't need me Jesse you learn This others learn this we all raise our Consciousness that's a movement they're Over so the only way someone like me Would ever get elected president is with A movement so the movement and my run For presidency are intimately or Intimately linked so if you're out there Wherever you are go to truth Freedom Health.com become a warrior scholar it's A global movement right we have about Half a million people all over the world In 120 countries you can support my run For president right how can you do that First way you can do it is go to Shiva For president.com sign this petition Okay sign this petition because it gives You one position but if you go to the Shiva fores Docomo I have not asked one time for Money here that's what all these other Beggars do what you can do is you can You can go to the shop on the Shiva for President website and you can do Something much simpler and more powerful Is you can simply go to the bumper Sticker section and get one of these Bumper stickers boldly put it on the Back windshield of your car the back Windshield you pay five bucks 100,000 People will see this wherever you are in The world it shows that you actually Stand for something the second thing is

Up here there's a free download section And go up here it's free you can Download this flyer the lesser of two Evils is killing your children by the Way I'm the only one who's educating you On how you can be the solution right cuz We need Solutions but the problem is This is a graph of us life expectancy And it's been going down over the last 40 50 years because of the policies of The kennedies and Etc from the 60s And70s so your child will live shorter Than you that's because of the policies Many policies it's not just a vaccine And as this flyer says we need a systems Overhaul that demands a movement and you Can watch this video as Jesse said Earlier go to shatter the.com watch this Video it'll tell you who the Swarm is And then here's the solution you guys Got to get behind our camp for president You can volunteer go to truth health.com Understand how these people manipulate You and invite people to our open house Every Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The only way we're going to win is each One of you getting engaged on the ground Building a movement and we educate you On how to build a movement there is no Shortcut anymore

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