Dr.SHIVA™ – Russell Brand is NOT your HERO

Dr.SHIVA™ - Russell Brand is NOT your HERO

So let's talk about Russell Brand if you really look at this guy's History you can just look at his face And you realize something's really off With this guy if you have any sense of Human instinct the level of vile jokes The level of vile nature of this human Being has existed for a long time follow What I'm talking about just go do a Little bit of history of his background All right he's totally deep State now The way the Swarm or the elites work is That in order to be promoted and order To be part of their click you have to be A vile scumbag because they have a lot Of on you you follow what I'm Saying you don't get to be promoted you Don't get to become a big celebrity you Don't get to become a big star you don't Get all the viewership unless they have A lot of crap on you because with that Crap they're able to Blackmail you and Control you so that's how they give People golden handcuffs all of them they And that's why among themselves they Won't attack each other you notice Kennedy never exposes Trump trump never Exposes Kennedy have you notice that Because they know once you start that Everything's going to come out and when They do expose people among each other The dialectic it's basically to send you Emails to get money out of you so Trump Gets indicted and they impeach Biden and

Both of them are making hundreds of Millions of dollar sending people email Vote for me see what they're doing to me Etc so it's this concept of fake Martyrdom and all of this is being done For One Singular reason the singular Reason is that you don't get off your Butt you don't become a hero you don't Become a leader you don't become an Agent of change for truth Freedom Health That's it all of this is done so you Sleep you wait for them to do something And every to four years or every 20 Years cycle you get more and more Screwed all of this is done to Anesthetize you so you don't actually See yourself as an agent of change all Of this is done so you don't see the Other 98 people on this call as an agent Of change all of this is done so you ask Very dumb questions oh what do you think About Kennedy what do you think about VI The snake what do you think about them These people are not Heroes they're not They eat the best food they hang out at The best restaurants they screw each Other literally okay they're all Incestuous they have no values that Resemble what it means to be a good Human being they're not one of us and They do not want any one of you to Recognize the power that you have within You they do not want to empower you to Think to fight and heal ours is the only

Movement on the planet that does that They don't care about that and if they Do I notice Kennedy is now putting out Flyers everything they do is copying us Because we are the tip of the spear and They must copy our stuff to manipulate People back into the Swarm so when you Look at this fool Russell Brand he's a Filthy human being he's a misogynist Maximus forget even what came out now Just who he is is and he got all of this Notoriety and push because he is a swarm Creature because he is a vile scumbag And you have to actually be very smart And say were these people going to come Out about him and therefore he decided To be anti-establishment which occurred First and it doesn't frankly matter the Bottom line is he's not an Agent of Change he made money being part of the Swarm and now he wants to try to protect Himself and make money being quote Unquote anti-establishment it has become Now invogue to be anti-establishment It's become fashion but you have to go Look at where they did they say the Right thing at the right time during the Lockdowns this guy was promoting Lockdowns he was promoting mandates at The time when the mattered what did They do and you have to put people to That liit test what was he actually Doing was he talking about life Expectancy going down ever go look at

His tweet feed except 3 days ago cuz We've been talking about it and then he Has Kennedy on do you see what they do First of all they're not one of us they Were incubated by them promoted by them Created by them and if they quote Unquote get out of line and there's all Sorts of reasons why they may have even Done that which we don't care about then They make them a fake martyr so they get It's a double whammy on the one hand They have you following them be during The process of when they're promoting Them because they make money selling Tickets whatever music Etc while they're A celebrity and then if they fall out of Line they make them a fake martyr and They do news stories and they sell ads And they make more money they make money On the up and the down that's what the Elites do so you have to understand that Dynamic they're making money off Creating their own crisis which they can Control these people are not one of us Fake Martyrs and they've been doing this For a long time Gandhi fake martyr Marttin Luther King fake martyr I can Keep going because when the real bottoms Up movement comes up they say oh my God These people are coming let's create our People we'll create our dialectic we'll Create our heroes and villains so people Don't go build a Bottoms Up movement and That's what they're doing right in front

Of your face right now and they keep Doing this but the good thing is once You understand this Dynamic which is What our movement teaches they're Screwed and that's why I did that tweet This morning and it said the Swarm Existed distract you from being the hero And Agent of Change they create proxies Like Russell Brand who were vile scum to Begin with to entertain you quote Unquote Entertain You when their proxies Act up they make them fake Martyrs to Distract you again that's what they do So this is a very important lesson so he Understands risk mitigation and he says The whole freaking stock market all of It is manipulated and he was among these Vile creatures and and he can and he'll Tell you Goa these people have learned How to manipulate all of it so that's Someone who was among their crowd the Level of manipulation they're doing to All of us and our movement is the only One to expose that is really deep but we Figured him out Russell bran total Manipulation David iky David iy came out Of the BBC there's a whole machine Behind him and they tell you the truth After the shits occurred okay or to Entertain you they do not want you Getting on the ground supporting one of Us and building a Bottoms Up movement But that's what we're doing so that's it Everyone Russell bran fake martyr a vile

Scumbag don't feel sorry for him so our Leaders are now starting to mobilize all Over um the world and the United States Kim so you can be one of those people Even if you don't want to be out in the Front but definitely from an operations Perspective helping us to mobilize on The ground to everyone on the call if You go to Shiva Forescan teer so people can download That flyer so if you go to Shiva for President.com I encourage everyone to do This pretty much most of the veterans Have done this but you can go to the Free download section here and there's Two versions of this it says president There's also the one that says swarm it Says a lesser of two evils is killing Your children it's got a graph that Gives a life expectancy of what's going On in the United States and how the World is going to start following this Decaying life expectancy basically the Message is your children are going to Have a lower lifespan than you and then We say who is causing this a swarmm Video and then how do you get out of it And each one of you can hand this flyer Out you can print it it doesn't have to Be in color you can do it in black and White and you can hand it out to as many People as you want now you're going to Have to learn how to interact with People and see this is where it gets

Interesting because people will be on Social media talking and writing Comments but when you got to go hand out A flyer that's what makes a man or a Woman out of you cuz now you got to go Print it You're vulnerable out there you Got to go hand it out 100 people may Pass by one person may take it by the Way that's a pretty good take rate 100 People two people take it phenomenal Okay and you have to learn how to do That and when you learn how to do that The first time it'll be very awkward the Second time it'll be a little bit easier You may get some rejection so you have To go through all of this stuff on a Personal emotional level but you come Out of that actually becoming a whole Human being cuz you're taking something That you have conviction on and not just Keeping it in your head or not just Writing about it on social media ether But you're M materializing It On The Ground Kim y thank you Moises you but Get involved man it's really good to Have you no definitely it was an honor Being able to talk to you Dr sha you're The man all right man thank you I have to bow out unfortunately guys Because I have to go to a meeting in About 15 minutes I'll catch you guys Later thank you

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