Dr.SHIVA™ – Real Men & Women Speak Truth Boldly at the RIGHT TIME

Dr.SHIVA™ - Real Men & Women Speak Truth Boldly at the RIGHT TIME

I've been through this fight 42 years I've seen it all so what's really Interesting is women like you and Sabrina will interview me what's Fascinating is frankly white liberal men I don't think they have any idea of the Journey that I've been through there may Be some jealousy mixed in there but I Can tell you that when I expose Kennedy Whatever experience you've had that's Your experience fine but the bottom line Is the historic lawsuit our lawsuit Exposed the entire backdoor portal in 2020. all right Glenn Greenwald His mentors Noam Chomsky as you may know Now Chomsky knows me many many years ago Gnome knows me very well and he said Write to Glenn I have all the emails he Did nothing this is in the Middle of that lawsuit that we got the First Federal injunction in the history Of the United States exposing the Government and Twitter are working like This well you're the big Tech guy Wanting to do this do you only come After the building is burned down and Write books and do movies about It is happening right then and There you see delay truth is deadly Tucker Carlson the same thing you know What all I know is people have said you Should be on Jimmy Dore show I don't go To beg to anyone but the bottom bottom Line is when I exposed Kennedy he

Tweeted against it all right you're Preaching to the choir on Kennedy I Despise him I think he is a disgusting Zionist and I think as you said the not So obvious establishment although he is A very obvious member he's a Kennedy you Have a little bit of a revolutionary Consciousness and that's fine Jimmy Dore Did that but I can tell you so many People have said put Dr Shivan since 2020. now I noticed that some of these People I really believe and I'm saying This with all humility I've been around The block it could just be oh my God if I put him on am I going to lose all my Views it's that kind of jealousy Women don't do it so there's some Dynamic there that I have to Point out and you haven't been in my Skin gone through the levels of struggle I've gone so you've had your experience And the two women he's put on does he Have something against a revolutionary Indian male who comes Bottoms Up that is Not going to speak in his language and That I can tell you when I tweeted Against Kennedy he hit me for that all Right praising Kennedy so whatever the it is okay so you're doing some but you know what 2020 was the Day Of Reckoning March of 2020 to me is a Litmus test from who's a man who's a Warrior who's a boy period because March Of 2020 we were out on the streets

Fighting fauci we did the fire fouchy Campaign we're the ones who expose the Pandemic and it's all out there Kennedy Was promoting lockdowns winning the most Important lawsuit go to Winbackreedom.com it's all out there These people intentionally concealed it Glenn Greenwald intentionally Concealed it Jimmy actually bought into The covet narrative initially I mean he Got himself vaccinated twice he's Vaccine injured and at that time March 2020 that was pretty early on he may not Have even been ready for that kind of Information and I think that I wish that He would have caught on earlier I am Glad that he did it why would you not Listen I gotta push back on you on this Okay why would you not listen to a guy Who's got all the degrees at MIT I'm considered one of the leading guys In the immune system in 2019 I was Invited to give the prestige talk at the National Science Foundation on the Immune system so do I have to be a white Guy with blue eyes with my last name Einstein or Feinstein so I have to look At it that way because all of these guys Are white dudes white liberal dudes Frankly so in 20 20 man up and now after Three years of doing it but I'm not Begging any of these guys look the point I'm at is the future is offline this is The future and all these guys are going

To become irrelevant because they're not About building movements Glenn Greenwald Wants to win Pulitzer prizes and that Kind of he wants to Cozy up to Carlson Tucker Carlson is part of The intelligence Network all right yeah You got all of it so if you're Hanging around Glenn with Carlson If you're giving media attention To a douchebag brown-nosing Brahman called vivec and you don't have The decency to call it actual fighter you so that's the way I feel about These people and I was the one who Discovered in my historic loss so that The government has created a back or Censorship order into every social media Company Carlson as I call them Never even wanted to bring that out we Gave him all the information including Glenn Greenwald all these dweebs that People hold up as though they're Fighting for us didn't do anything Because I'm independent I'm beyond left And right or they're just jealous they Don't want to give the Limelight to Someone who's exposing this Independently they waited three years With the Twitter files and then they all Started promoting must I mean must where Government ends and Elon Musk begins Nobody knows so what we have right now Is if you saw the Republican debates Every one of those people is not only

Unqualified to be president but they're All part of the swarm none of them have Gone through the life experience of I Have Bottoms Up none of them even Represent people but they will literally Steal my words Misty this is what they Do in a recurrent process I mean I read A little bit about yourself you're an Activist what's happened is the elites Before he used to just Hammer people With fascism over the last hundred years They create these fake Heroes what I Call the not so obvious establishment These people literally sealed the words Of us true anti-establishment people Mal Them in fact they have a whole PR Department doing that right now and the Goal is to sucker people into thinking Oh this person from above is going to Save me so people get distracted and They don't build a Bottoms Up movement So my run for president is important Because we're telling people look even If an outsider even ever wanted to win You have to have a massive movement Because you have to pit the fear of God Into those in power and that occurred in The 1920s with women leading many of These movements in the United States and Globally for that matter and the Establishment has become very powerful In creating these people in fact they Have a factory I believe Misty so this Brown guy is reaching a half a billion

People so let's create another fake Version of him that's his freaking Douchebag Vivek the snake I mean Overnight he's reading a brahmana boy a Brahman brown-nosing big Pharma boy Overnight they manufacture him right Overnight and a Warhawk he's a Warhawk He wants to go to war with China Desperately yeah he's a he Has never had any life experience he Grew up in a nice Brahman family and the Brahmanas basically have abused everyone Else for centuries went to Yale and be Part of that clip goes to a hedge fund I Don't know if you know this Misty the Guy's such a douchebag he starts a Company from his hedge fund called Axovic yes right literally buys a failed Drug has his mother re-analyze the data Present it as some great drug against Alzheimer's knowing it will never work Makes billions I mean this guy's a scumbag but if you notice Carlson never asked him even Glenn Greenwald has become a total we'll see Has him on a show doesn't even address That so all of the neo-establishment Cabal has built all of these people they All get paid on the back end with views And other kinds of things so that's why I appreciate what you're doing and the Only way out of this is we need to Educate people that you have the obvious Establishment the not so obvious

Establishment and the larger political Theory look we need to be hyper critical Of all of these people because all of Them go look back at 2020 and you will Find all of these people where Johnny Come lately that's fine they came later But you didn't come when the Fire was taking place so it's very very Important to remember who will be our Leaders who called it at the right time And who led and who followed so yeah Jimmy door still to this day I Don't beg to be on a show there's Nothing about Masa put me on your show The reason Jimmy Dore is a scumbag is I Have the actual tweet here okay where I'm exposing Kennedy I'm actually Exposing Kennedy and this other shill For Kennedy called Chief nerd where I Expose Kennedy's video where he's saying I'm fully pro-vaccine I'm all Pro-vaccine right and chief nerd says oh You left the end of the clip I didn't Because you can see the whole clip it's Linked to to it and then Jimmy Dore says Oh yeah you left the end of the clip You're pathetic well the bastard Jimmy Dore had to jump into that Conversation to defend Kennedy says Everything about him all right so I'm Gonna do a whole live on this exposing This douchebag Jimmy Dore who was Defending Kennedy right here I have it So you Jimmy and he knows I'm the

One who exposed the back door portal We're the ones that call all these People and many people have written to Him so she's had her experience frankly As a white girl who's been put on a White guy show great but he's a white liberal and he's had a chance to Put me on and he hasn't at critical Times so that's my experience I don't Need to be fair with him and if I'm Alienating him great but the bottom line Is this it's not about Jimmy dors not About Carlson or Glenn Greenwald it's About us it's about us recognizing that We must choose our leaders wisely who Say the right thing at the right time And that's what I did in 2020 and that's What we must do we must build a Bottoms Up movement and not all these People who are commentary people come After the fact so everyone should go Recognize nice that our run for Presidents are run Dr Shiva for President this is the way each one of You can get involved you get that bumper Sticker put it on the back windshield of Your car and what's great about that is You reach 100 000 people but I want to Encourage people to volunteer and learn To get on the ground because when you Get this flyer and you get on the ground You are now interacting with people but More importantly the messaging is very Simple voting for Tweedledee and

Tweedledum left or right the lesser of Two evils is literally killing our Children and I keep pointing to that Very simple graph the U.S life Expectancy is going whack-a-doodle the Other way upside down and that's what Happens when we follow people who are Either misleaders or followers who come Johnny come lately and what I want to End with people letting everyone know is What we have done here with truth and Amount this create a university a Community so each one of you can become Heroes so you stop asking oh what about Him what about him are you going to be On his show the issue is we're going to Create our own movement Bottoms Up if These guys want to put us on great if They don't great but the bottom line is We need to create a Bottoms Up movement Because our movement as an opportunity To can change the entire world Truthfreedomhealth.com Yeshiva for President.com

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