Dr.SHIVA™ – Raise Your Consciousness. Booby Kennedy & Trump Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Dr.SHIVA™ - Raise Your Consciousness. Booby Kennedy & Trump Are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

The future is offline and I really am a Big proponent of that social media now Has been taken over by the elites fully It occurred with Trump's signing of sisa In 2018 which basically allowed Government and social media companies to Become one so we all need to be very Very honest about this what's going on And then figure it out in the midst of That how we navigate ourselves to build What's we call a Bottoms Up movement and The ultimate is offline a little flyer Like this we distributed a thousand of These in 30 minutes down at one of the Train stations and it's very exciting Because you're meeting people and this Is something at least for now they Haven't Shadow banned or censored but What I want to talk about today is a Theme that we educate people in our Movement on Truth Freedom Health the Truth Freedom Health movement is a University it's a community it's a System of knowledge it's technology but Fundamentally it's the infrastructure That the world is needed for time Immemorial to ensure that we the slaves Of peasants can shatter the Swarm if you Want to know what the Swarm is there's a Video I did on the Swarm it really Explains who the elites are and the only Way to win and win truth freedom and Health for the eight billion people on The planet not for just a few set of

Elites is it comes down to you raising Your Consciousness if we have enough People raise their Consciousness to Understand this left-right nonsensical Dynamics and even more powerfully how The establishment has the obvious Establishment people like the bushes and The clintons that's the easy part the Harder part is the not so obvious Establishment the not so obvious Establishment are there's a factory that The elites have that creates the not so Obvious establishment and this Factory Has been created over the last hundred Years whenever they see people starting To embrace one of their own someone like Me someone like you one of their own Leaders from Bottoms Up who actually Understands our suffering indeeds not in Words they always create the fake Leaders what I call the fake Idols the Fake Heroes and they have a factory that Manufactures these people Bernie Sanders In the United States on the left is one Part of this Factory the guys never Worked a day in his life but he melds The words of oh he's going to fight for Workers AOC is another person Mahatma Gandhi in India was one such person Martin Luther King was one such person Obama was one search person and in the Modern world people like Trump on the Right wing or what I call Vivek the Snake and the reason they're

Manufactured is overnight these people Get access to mainstream media coverage Overnight and they're shoved down the Throat on people but more importantly The Elites in this manufacturing Facility that they have watch they're Watching very carefully this video the Videos that we do and the fact that our Movement now half a billion people in 2020 came to know about us and then they Started censoring us they know about a Half a million people in the world have Gone through our program in one form or The other and our movement is the only Force that stands between the Elite's Ability to manipulate people and us Directly going to people so this is a Major danger for them because we're not Saying take up weapons we're saying Raise your Consciousness we do believe In the defense of people we do believe In the Second Amendment But ultimately The real weapon is knowledge and that Knowledge is what we teach at truth Freedom of Health it took me 50 years of A lot of work to integrate political Theory to integrate engineering systems Theory to integrate Eastern scientific Theory and put all together what you Find is that there are nine principles That govern everything in the universe Your body everything and when you Understand these nine principles you Become a yogi you become a guru you

Become a master you're not bowing down To other people you have respect for Other people's knowledge where various Various levels of understanding but you Start to understand how Unholy it is to Look upward to think these people are Going to help you I've been exposing This guy called booby effing Kennedy AKA Robert Kennedy Jr he comes from above Trump and so on but particularly the not So obvious establishment the reason I Want to focus on Trump today is because Many people were manipulated by Trump Trump literally sits there in his team And they are marketers they watch what Buzzwords people want to hear think About if you had a spy think about a big Microphone that could be hanging from Space listening to every conversation on The planet and by the way that has Occurred it's not only a theory and with That microphone those in power are able To see Trends in people's sentiments They're able to literally see words that People are picking up on like shattered The Swarm right we will not comply very Very important slogans or truth Freedom Health in fact and when they see see These when they see these observations And the growing anger of people they say Holy there's this guy Dr Shiva There's a guy called John medler there's A guy called Suresh and these people Independently are mobilizing people with

Very powerful scientific Concepts that Are exposing not only the left and right Dialectic but they're calling out the Not so obvious establishment in 2020 I Led the movement against fauci I led the Movement against lockdowns I led the Movement for medical freedom to explain To people how they can boost their Immune system it was I who discovered The fact that there's a backdoor portal Into Twitter all of this in 20 20 21 I Probably got two hours sleep a night and It was my efforts at Expose the fact the Election systems the United States are Completely up Trump used my work To just raise money off of it he's a Scam artist but Trump in 2020 what did He actually do he promoted lockdowns and Then he said oh I couldn't do it you Coordinated with the states to do Lockdowns he never fired fauci his Slogan was drain the swamp well fauci Has been there since 1980. if you look At the graph on this curve here you will See that curve the red line on that Curve is a life expectancy rate of the United States public it is going Downward and that goes back to 1980. the Gray line is the life expectancy of the Rest of the industrialized nations so Since 1980 the U.S life expectancy is Going like this fauci's been in there Forever Democrat and Republican have Contributed to the destruction of your

Biology let that sink in so Trump was Brought in since elections or selections Don't think he was an also anointed he Wasn't also manufactured he was brought In because people had enough of Obama And they needed a white guy to Manipulate the white working class so he Spoke big lock her up he didn't lock up Hillary drained the swamp nope he didn't Do that and what he did do was to make Sure fauci stayed he didn't fire him who Was the one who masterminded this and More importantly to all the Trump Supporters oh well he couldn't fire Fauci's hands were tied well 12 hours Before he left office it is Trump who Ensured that fauci got a commendation Award for operation warp speed it was Trump who ensured that big Pharma whose Sales were going down they were tanking Because of his effort pharmaceutical Companies revenues went like that and in Fact he was paid by pharmaceutical Companies for his inauguration so first Of all go look at the facts during his Tenure as president in power he did not Fire fauci he was the one who was the Covet Tyrant he was the one who executed Lockdowns he did not do anything against Vaccine mandates he did nothing against Mass mandates and these are facts Unequivocal facts that's what Donald Trump did and 16 trillion Dollars was lost by the U.S economy

However 600 billionaires his friends the Swarm made 2.3 trillion dollars his Stupid son-in-law basically an Interest-free loan from the Saudis so he Did very well so please understand that He was created to manipulate people Because people were getting angry and Angry and angry he was created to bring People into not building a bottoms-up Movement not getting on the ground and Handing out flyers but that's what our Movement does and in 2020 half a billion People saw my videos when we got the Word out there and this put fear Into The Heart of Darkness of this swarm so They threw me off Twitter because I Exposed the backdoor portal to Twitter And when they let me back on they Thought I would bow down to Elon Musk And I didn't we keep doing videos like This and they keep Shadow Banning us but Getting back to Trump bottom line Trump Is a okay he's a d-list Actor he was brought in to manipulate You and now they have another d-list Actor another called Vivek The snake you see this Brown face they Had to psychologically manipulate people So they found this other Brahman Brown Face I'm a non-brahmana which means I Came Bottoms Up I'm one of us Brahman in The sense of the upper cast which is now Global so they found this fool and Overnight out of this manufacturing

Facility they're promoting him he Promotes Trump trump promotes him you See two snakes but bottom line is Trump Was completely in compliance completely Complying with big Pharma completely Complying with fauci completely Complying with lockdowns while in power You know who got locked up his Supporters got locked up he didn't drain The swamp he brought in John Bolton Who's a Warhawk he did everything that The elites won wanted he was a covet Tyrant now what's disgusting is Trump Actually thinks you are stupid He actually thinks he's such a great Actor which is what he wanted to be by The way go look at his history that You're a trump that you can be abused That he will do an acting show and you Will say oh my God Donald Trump when he Gets into office he's going to fight all These mandates and look at the video That he just put out by the way all of His people watch me when I decided to Run for president first thing they did Was contact me because they're trying to Pick my brain we have to build a Bottoms Up movement and Donald Trump Vaped the snake all these GOP people Bernie Sanders Cornell West all these People are part of the swarm you can go Look at my history and our movements History we get on the ground we actually Get done and we win John play this

Video now for everyone of trump talking About how he will not comply the Left-wing lunatics are trying very hard To bring back covet lockdowns and Mandates with all of their sudden Fear-mongering about the new variants That are coming gee whiz you know what Else is coming an election they want to Restart the covet hysteria so they can Justify more lockdowns more censorship More illegal drop boxes more mail-in Ballots and trillions of dollars in Payoffs to their political allies Heading into the 2024 election does that Sound familiar these are bad people These are sick people we're dealing with But to every covet Tyrant who wants to Take away our freedom hear these words We will not comply so don't even think About it we will not shut down our Schools we will not accept your Lockdowns we will not abide by your mask Mandates and we will not tolerate your Vaccine mandates they rig the 2020 Election and now they're trying to do The same thing all over again by rigging The most important election in the History of our country the 2024 election Even if it means trying to bring back Covet but they will fail because we will Not let it happen when I'm back in the White house I will use every available Authority to cut Federal funding to any School college Airline or public

Transportation system that imposes a Mask mandate date or a vaccine mandate Thank you very much let's look at that Nonsense does every did everyone hear That I hope everyone heard that this Guy's a actor he's reading from A cue card he was told what to say and He's a d-list actor remember he Wanted to be in Hollywood that was an Acting job he is saying when I'm back in Office I will use power to stop mask Mandate stop vaccine mandates what did He do when he was in power what did he Do push vaccine mandates he pushed Mass Mandates and and then all of his Followers will say oh no no he couldn't Do it no he coordinated with all the Governors of all the states he was Wearing masks he went and got the Vaccine he told people this is a Beautiful vaccine I'm the father of the Vaccine does everyone see what is Just Happened Here let this sink in this Guy's a actor and he really Thinks that he will be able to do this Job have some lights put on some makeup And talk this and you will believe it What idiot will believe this After you look at the actual actions I Just shared the only idiots who Believe this are people who have no Dignity for themselves and that that is A people that he appeals to it is like a Person who gets beaten up in an abusive

Relationship and the person comes and Says oh yeah I'm sorry I beat you up 50 Times but here's some flowers and you Keep doing this over and over again it's Called a codependent relationship and These people who run the intelligence Agencies and psychological operations They know how to do this they victimize People into this abuse victim mentality By the way my credentials on Trump or This I gave him an opportunity I gave Him money I put up signs for him but When I saw what he did I had to do the Dirty worker critiquing him he is a so if you're a Maga cult Member understand that you're an abuse Victim look at what he did and what he's Saying right now we will not comply when He's back in power he's going to do this Why did he impose with all the states he Could have done that then he could have Done that in 2020 when he was leaving Office right in 2020 he could have done This in March of 2020. John I want you To find the letter okay that I sent to Trump and if you see this letter you Notice the date March of 2020 the Subject line of this letter is what Immune and economic health America the First part of this letter says look you Don't need to shut down the country the Second paragraph in the letter tells him That fauci's full of and I'm Speaking as an MIT PhD he's one of the

Leaders in the immune system I educate In this letter to Trump that the immune System is a complex system and one size Does not fit all to demand that everyone Gets the jab is nonsense and I had just Given a talk and invited honored lecture At the National Science Foundation so I Have all the credentials fauci doesn't If anything he does know is how to work For big Pharma okay and this letter goes On and says look do not shut down the Economy that underlying statement is Very important I educated millions and Millions hundreds of millions of people That when a virus comes into you or Whatever the antigen is that it is not That antigen that eats away at your body It is your body's reaction to that Antigen many people who have a up Immune system their body overreacts but If you have a strong immune system like Good shock absorbers your body takes it And it heals it so then I gave Trump a Protocol I said number one all the People truly have code okay just very Small percentage of people fine Quarantine them but the rest of us Varying stages support people with Vitamin D vitamin A which is by the way You get out in the sun not doing Lockdowns and it was a whole protocol It's all laid out well who the did He listen to did he listen to an advisor Like me no he listened to fauci because

Trump has no balls he's not this Big strong man he's a and in fact I had a friend of mine a Cuban woman who Worked with him and she was in a meeting And she goes you know Trump is a He's a he just wants to be Accepted by everyone that's what Trump Really is that's his psychology he's not A fighter he's not a warrior he's not One of us he wanted to be an actor so That's the letter that's what our Movement did we put out flyers we did Demonstrations and we saved millions and Millions of people's lives with our Protocol he killed people him and booby Kennedy another scumbag Robert Kennedy who claims that he was fighting For them was promoting lockdowns Lockdowns killed people lockdowns lost The economy 16 trillion dollars and this Letter was right there black and white Who's the leader ladies and gentlemen me Or this guy AI with a golden Plated toilet seat who's a Leader who should be the next president Of the United States who's one of us him Or I there's no Choice I'm the Most qualified candidate however because I'm not in the Swarm because I truly Represent you they will make us Invisible which is okay because the more They make us invisible that's why you Guys are here today ask yourself if you Want to believe in the Swarm characters

What does that say about you and Self-reflect on that but recognize that You don't have to settle for the lesser Of two evils go to Shiva for president Get that bumper sticker you have to set The highest standards for your children Don't be a scumbag to your own children Their lifespan is going to be shorter Than yours what kind of parent are you If you are selling them the lesser of Two evils that's what got us here but You have a real fighter here and we have A real movement so it's up to you to get Off your butt have the cognitive Dissonance you need to go through from What I've shared but get over it go to Truth Freedom Health become a warrior Scholar support our movement become a Volunteer thank you everyone be the Light next time you guys should sign up You're missing the opportunity to meet Some incredible people so come to our Town home truthfreedomhealth.com Shiva For president.com

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