Dr.SHIVA™ – Our Run for President in 2024

Dr.SHIVA™ - Our Run for President in 2024

Let's steer this towards your Presidential uh campaign a little bit Because one of the things that we talk About on this channel a lot is the idea That that the siloing of disciplines That you're talking about the moving all Of these different things that you have Different degrees in into separate kind Of camps where people don't people Aren't interacting with one another is a Deliberate program that was put in place By the carnegies and the Rockefellers Starting about 110 years ago and the Foundations in if you look at the lead Story on the Duke report is a news Aggregator that I built because I just Wanted evidence-based journalism I Didn't want any left right nonsense and But the story on the Duke report lead Story on the Duke report comes from the Larouche Pac and a guy named Robert Ingram I think that's his name was Talking about how foundations really Control our society right now with the With almost Godlike power and they Become immortal by virtue of the fact That their Boards of directors may come And go but the corporations continue to Live on with these giant pools of money That they can use in order to apply Pressure on Poli politics and Society How do we fix that how would a president Dr Shiva fix that problem yeah so Peter I think it's good to restate the

Observation of the problem right you Have foundations by the way to people Who don't know someone with a lot of Money like Bill Gates can donate he can Create the Bill Gates Foundation donate Billions of dollars to that foundation And also control the foundation right Avoid paying taxes the rule is 5% of the Foundations assets have to be donated Per year right and they have all sorts Of ways that they can do do this kind of Work right but what Bill Gates is Fundamentally if you take him as an Example is what he's done is mve money That would have gone into the tax Revenue and moved it to a Non-governmental entity and then they Could pull these monies together which What they're doing right Warren Buffett All these guys have money yeah so you May have trillions of dollars Essentially you created your own Government and that government which is A non-government which avoids paying Taxes can can dictate policies or Influence major policies so think about What you've actually done you allowed a Extra organiz organism to create Policies globally without paying taxes And they basically we as plees have to Live under the laws of government quote Unquote voting and choosing Representative but they can move Essentially like a centralized model

Right that's what they're doing so I Think all of that foundational that Model the entire rules and tax by the Way a lot of this Peter was set up During the 70s by or late mid 60s by the Kennedies and people need to understand That a lot of these laws of up until 1970 or up until Eisenhower the tax base Was that corporations paid up to 70% Taxes income taxes were very low and There was a motivation around this which Was that a corporation would basically Say I'm going to have to pay a lot Of money let me do stuff to avoid paying Excess taxes which is to pay my Employees more build infrastructure Expand buy assets and what John Kennedy Really did and people he's the one who Allowed offshoring of accounts the came In Islands right setting up stuff in Ireland so a lot of this stuff came out Around the Kennedy era and people need To recognize that so what we're living Today is the reality of Elites can Create their own governments and they Call it non-governmental entities and in My view all of that capability needs to Be gotten rid of Clinton Global Initiative you go to see how much money That they've leveraged for themselves to Manipulate all sorts of policies Overnight Gates can manipulate Health Policies overnight and much faster than Any government can even keep up with

Them because they can just do it with The stroke of a pen so in my view all of The stuff should be made illegal uh it Should never have been allowed starting In as I mentioned in the 1960s '70s but These policies that have taken place the Effect of it has been quite destructive To the average person there's a flyer That we go out and distribute it's I Don't if you can see it people can go to Shiva for president.com so what we did Was on the presidential side when I Launched my campaign Peter and George we Made a very simple fly look the amount Of Shadow Banning musk does the amount Of boosting that they do to all their Candidates that they want make forces me To go back to what I used to do in 1980s When I was a teenager at MIT was to Distribute Flyers this Flyers is a Powerful weapon it's got are branding on Top but it says a lesser of two evils is Killing your children all right and what Do we mean by that you saw Alex Jones That doofus yesterday say oh yeah we got To vote for Trump right he's yeah he's Not perfect but we got to vote for him The lesser of two evils model where has A lesser of two evils gotten us and if You look at this G graph it makes it Quite U clear this graph is not my graph It's out of Kaiser Permanente and what This graph shows is over the last 60 Years the United States life expectancy

Is an upside down umbrella and it's not Just Co everyone says oh it's co no it's Been going on the deviation started in The late early 80s from the policies of The 60s and 70s and all of these Policies in aggregate have resulted in The fact that your child's life Expectancy will be less than yours and That is not any one issue that created That it's a systems issue it's a Fundamental systems issue it's the fact That we had massive income inequality It's the fact that we've created an Environment where we created the doctor Cannot even talk to the patient Allah Obamacare we have all these poisons and Other types of disruptors in the Environment it's occurred because the Incredible amount of Destruction to the Immune system of people so these Policies when I look at this curve as a System as an Engineering Systems guy I Say this curve behind this curve is a Destruction of the immune system and What is the immune system involves many Subsystems right autophagy oxidative Stress right inflammation and every Policy that they've done George and Peter has resulted in that lockdowns Promoted by booby Kennedy Promoted by Trump promoted by all these Guys every single one of them resulted In people getting depression people not Being able to see their loved ones

Staying out of the sun all those SS Contributed to the destruction of the Immune system so when people say I want To vote for Trump he's a lesser of two Evils he's the one by the way who gave a Commendation award to fouchi 12 hours Before he left office that's what these Guys have done Democrat and Republican And that's why this flyer is a beautiful Flyer because it's a weapon it says look All of this is resulted in the need for A systems overhaul and then we teach People what is a system and people can Go to the Swarm video If people haven't Seen it we have the QR code people can Scan it as they know we hand this out at The train station they can watch the Video understand who is the enemy and Then on the right side of the flyer we Give people the solution the solution is Obviously we're the only game in town Who wants to solve this and then we Educate people on taking a systems Approach people can go to truth Health.com they can get an MIT level Education for pennies and then we Educate people to come to our open Houses and what we do Peter at our open Houses it's not oh when I get elected President I'm going to do this for Healthcare when I win the president I'm Going to do this at our open houses we Rotate through various topics Healthcare Environment education Innovation

Governance and economy and each one of Our town halls which is at 8:00 p.m. Every Thursdays we actually take the Issue we give a solution George and Peter that people can do right now to Affect their families it's very Practical stuff now if I get elected President I'll just have access am I Going to do everything anything Different no in my view I'll continue to Use a bully pulpit of the presidency to Reach 8 billion people so that's what That flyer is and our goals will hand Out about 50 million of these before end Of 2024 we have close to 350,000 Volunteers now on the ground globally And every every day people get on the Ground it's old school 1920s you go hand This out and people print them out on Their own but I hope that answers your Question four for president exactly You're running as an independent and I Remember when John Anderson ran I think In 1980 and that's probably the best Showing that an independent's had I Guess maybe Ross bro in 92 might be Another what do you think about what do You think about that and how are you Going to enter into the campaign and Into the race and into the national Discussion is just the flyers or is There other yeah I think it's I think It's a great question asking George look When I ran for Senate against Elizabeth

Warren we had a great campaign only the Real Indian can defeat the fake Indian The the Republicans and the and we got On the ballot we were supposed to be on The debate they colluded against us and We had to file a lawsuit the Republicans And Democrats kept us off the debate Stage because they knew if I got on I Would have destroyed both of them so Then the next year in 2020 we ran as Republicans in the election where we Expose the entire election fraud Mechanics if you remember in 2020 was Our camp campaign that found that they Have no chain of custody they delete Ballot images it was our work that Exposed everything that really started All the election system stuff after Which all the grifters came from Mike Lindell to this guy Jeffrey FIA AKA Jovon piter and all these morons and They started talking about crazy And they didn't address the real issues But the bottom line is in my view There's two election frauds the stuff They do on Election Day but the stuff They do right now which is who gets on The debate stage who gets visibility Right Etc so we know the thing is rigged End to end now I never believed in the Elect systems George and Peter right I've always been the bottoms up guy Because I've always believed it's Movements that have ever changed the

World we can have a discussion about That so why run for president because if I didn't run for Senate George and Peter In 2020 none of the stuff with the backd Door portal would have come out because They don't expect an engineer and a Scientist to ever run for office if you Guys ran and you guys found stuff that Was going on you would dig deep and you Would expose it right these guys have no Because I ran it was a disruption our Campaign exposed the back door portal Into Twitter in 2020 we're the ones who Did did the fire fouchy campaign we're The ones who expose the fundamental Issues of election systems Integrity so Whatever they cheated George and Peter We freaking won there's about a half a Billion people in the world all over the World I randomly flying to Mexico duai Oh they stole your election so in that 2020 period George we them why Because we got the news out there so now They have to Shadow ban us and do all That and that shadow Banning and that Attack on our visibility is making People wonder wait a minute Dr Shiva is The one who did this why are you not Covering this Carlson Rogan why Aren't you doing this so it's a Wonderful opportunity I'll tell you the Fallout that they're having every Thursdays George and Peter you guys Should come it's almost a 20-hour day

For me but we do two open houses and in Those open houses George and Peter we Have people from all over the world who Come and we do it from 11:00 a.m. to 2: P.m. and we do it from 8:00 p.m. to Sometimes goes to midnight and we take An issue and we go deep into it and the People that are coming to us now are People like you guys very smart guys People who are flipping let me give you An example we had a woman in Cambridge We have a bus here we we used to say Only the real Indian can defeat the fake Indian people used to throw tomatoes at It people call me a Nazi we're in the Center of Cambridge okay so this woman Comes into our open house she goes I Hated that bus sign you had I used to Despise driving and I voted for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth War but I realized After watching your videos I didn't Understand why you cursed at all these People but I get it I want to support Your movement that's flipping from Sanders or warrant to us then we had Another gentleman who's an orthopedic Surgeon out in California he said I saw Your video I saw Rogan giving all this Visibility to Kennedy I was going to Donate him money and then your video Popped out destroying Rogan and Destroying Kennedy and he goes for two Days I had cognitive dissonance because I couldn't I knew everything you were

Saying was true and now I had to Internalize that and I'm going to join Your movement in your campaign we had Another woman who came on last week she Goes I find you so annoying but I Realize everything you're saying is true So think about George what's happening The people who would normally be used by The Establishment and and you've talked About these people from Malone and all These guys The Establishment is the Obvious fascist and now over the last Two years they've created the not so Obvious scumbags right to capture people Like fly paper so they don't leave and They build an independent movement and Typically there hasn't been an organized Independent movement which slams The Kennedies and the trumps to exposing the Central system Dynamic Peter you've Studied Engineering Systems Control Systems you have a goal and you have a Disturbance The Establishment is Watching everything we're doing watching The fact they have enough data to see Wow there's this other Trend occurring People are leaving this hegelian Dialectic right they're building these Bottoms movements there's a guy called George Webb who's attracting people There's a guy called Dr Shiva there's a Guy called The Duke report and people Are leaving these scumbags booby Steal Dr shiva's and say what he

Says and that's what he does literally Repeats our Tuli gabber give her a Call and she's a she is a Military-industrial academic complex she Was promoting 911 thing right so they're Taking these 10 or 15 people and their Farm league of them to drive people back But because we exist George we're up their whole plan so we're Getting these very cool people so my Running for president is not about Running as an independent it's about Saying here is one of us this guy comes Bottoms Up why are you compromising your Values and voting for lesser of two Evils what has that gotten you what's Gotten you this and if you care about Your child you better get your head out Of your ass and recognize we need a Systems overhaul so stop talking about The questions of oh you're running as an Independent can you win that's wrong Question the question is what are you Going to do you have an opportunity Right now to stop always compromising Kennedy actually said this to Megan Kell When she started having him squirm about His issues with personal Integrity she Go your personal integrity and your Public Integrity are two different Things think about what they're telling People lower your values it is okay that You're a vile scumbag like Russell bran And then you can act like you're

Anti-establishment and then all of that Gets covered up and and that is what We're breaking through George so I was Just going to say I I have one critique You had mentioned the fact that the guy Went into cognitive dissidence for two Days and the note that I made to myself And and it's because I've only been Studying this for about four years now But Linguistics is a system too that These guys have learned psychological Operations techniques and the example That I like to give people all the time Is that Tucker and Hannity and Rachel Madow it doesn't matter Bill Mah it Doesn't matter which side you're on they All use this technique in their Monologues called mere agreement or yes Lads where they build things up and and I guess my critique is that is that the The use of explo lives is a great way to Get people's attention but the way that It's usually used masterfully is to Follow it up with a suggestion because What you do is you put people into a Trans State when you use a echod you Sun Them and at that point you have a giant Opportunity to slip an idea in there a Hypnotist call it a suggestion and so I Think that the I think that your passion Comes through and I think that it really Works but my thought is that if you use More of a systems approach to Linguistics that which is what they do

That it might be more effective so let Me give you a critique back to your Critique okay all right so here's the Deal I've studied all these methods There's something called ethics okay Here's the deal right the Indian yogic System is quite powerful okay for Thousands of years people understood the Mind Body and the Mind Body interaction Now when you learn many of this stuff You have to be very careful because you Can use it to manipulate people Peter or You can be sincere and you can let People make up their own decisions I Choose the latter because all of these Techniques were actually evil techniques And so the the approach I take is to Just be very honest like how I would Speak growing up in New Jersey all right Because workingclass people don't study NLP and what the elites do not want People to do is to flow through their Natural way of being because language is Thought all right and so the thought Forms that they want to create are Thought forms which are very Manipulative control thought forms and I Choose purposefully not to do that okay And the NLP guys in my view are doing Something evil because they've taken a Reductionist model to understand how Language works you can program my view Is something different my view is we Have to shatter the Swarm like having

Studied neural networks right what You're actually doing is shaking People's neural network so they can Reset it they can make a choice and when People make a choice on their own versus Manipulation it's a very different Journey that they go through so the People that come through Us in this Process have gone through their own Self-reflective journey and they need to Understand the systems look Tulsi gabard The unit that she just took over as Lieutenant Colonel is the psychological Operations unit of the military and if You hear her talk she sounds like a robot I don't understand if you Hear her talk so I the way I talk is the Way I talk sure I guess I guess the way That I would look at it is that it's Like a Hammer screwdriver question it's If you can use a hammer to kill somebody Or you can use a hammer to build a house And so that's where I'm coming from I'm Just I'm looking at it if you should Come to our Saturday meetings okay so You get some better data when was the Last time someone says yeah I'm going to Buy this from you and you're so Annoying George that's a very different Kind of model now we've created we are Just telling the truth and forcing People to overcome the marketing and all The you see so that's what they Want look in a previous life I've won

Two major ad Awards okay I work with People like white and Kennedy which is The agency that does Nikes work in Cal So I could do all that you come to A NIH event and you won't see me cursing Because obviously it's a different Environment okay but this is a Street fight right now and they don't Expect us to fight on this level and These people people like VI ramaswami That guy needs to be slapped upside the Head okay if he came into Newark he Wouldn't talk his guy's a Maximus bullshitter and the Psychological operation is they found a Brown skinn guy and so many people Mistake him for me that was by Design Peter I no doubt I have no doubt about That Peter I have a comment there's Something very new here in politics I've Never seen this before which is a Systems approach so what do people need To do to make sure you're on the ballot In the 50 states yeah so George you're Asking an important question in the United States because we live in the Thing called The Republic every state Has different rules for a presidential Candidate to get on the ballot so in Ohio you have to get 5,000 signatures on Something called nomination papers by Citizens who live in that state who say Yes I want Dr Shiva to be on the ballot And those 5,000 signatures that need to

Get given to the Secretary of State who Will say okay we're going to put him on The ballot every state is different in Florida we have to do two levels of Paperwork first we have to announce I'm Running and we have to get 133,000 Signatures okay in Washington we have to Have what's called a convention right so Every state is a little bit different so Number one thing that people can do is First of all go to Shiva numeral 4president Want people to get one of these bumper Stickers now why do I say that George Because your car is your car and you put One of these bumper stickers on the back Window and the back left corner 100,000 People will see it per day the second Thing people can do is go to the Shiva For president website and you can Download one of these flyers okay so Those are the two important things and Then on the volunteer we want people to Volunteer if you notice in throughout This conversation I not begged for money Once these guys are out there begging no One should give money to any of these Guys one guy's a golden plated toilet Let's see Kennedy is a freaking trust Fund and all they do with your money is They take it and give it to their Consultants and their friends what we're Telling people to do George's campaign Is about you all right guys so I hope

That was helpful that was my interaction With George Webb and Peter over at the Duke report so again as we said the Three things three or four things we Want people to do is number one go to Shiva for president.com become a Volunteer we need to get on the ballot In every state but right away get one of These bumper stickers it's really easy About five bucks and put it on the back Of your car okay and send me a picture Of it when you do that the other thing Is go to Shiva president.com get one of These flyers printed out hand them out To your friends become an educator it's Something everyone can do you become the Agent of Change I'm just providing you The tools to do that but go to truth From health.com become a warrior scholar When you donate to our campaign we give You access to all the content knowledge Because this is not about me just using The Campaign which is what all these Guys are doing to make millions and Millions of dollars for themselves and Their Consultants so they're all Scumbags so recognize that this is about You but get involved it's great to hear The wonderful comments here but but I Wanted to create an environment an Ecosystem so all of you guys could Connect and take simple actions but this Flyer is very powerful because it really Says on this side what they've done to

Us they're destroying your children and Then what the solution is and every Thursdays we do these open houses and You're all by the way it should be truth Freedomhealth.com and come to our open House 11:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. every Thursday go sign up and join us because We are here to build a movement we're Not here to just complain and whine and It's happening so be a part part of the Change and thank you very much everyone

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