Dr.SHIVA™ – Our Movement Is The ONLY Game In Town

Dr.SHIVA™ - Our Movement Is The ONLY Game In Town

That's what we're going to talk about Again how is it their policies destroy Your biology and what we must do you see This last part is very important we Don't want to leave people hanging you Have a lot of these grifters right now Are exposing this exposing that exposing This by the way they Expos stuff long After the damage has been done like Firemen coming after them houses burned Down and you can see this Guyer Carlson Doing this right now one of the biggest Dopes and one of the biggest grifters His father comes from the CIA he's part Of the CIA he want to apply to them and It is my opinion that instead the CIA Said instead of you joining us why don't You just become a talk show guy you know And we can use you better and that's What he really is so if you think about The stuff he's talking about Obama right Now you have to wonder why didn't they Bring this up when it occurred cuz it Was all out there so now he's Mak Sensationalizing this to basically get Views and distract people from real Issues I don't frankly care whether Obama was gay or whether he did cocaine That's whatever but I do care that Obama Saved big Banks I do care that he saved Tucker Carlson's friendly Bankers in 2008 you see they don't want to talk About that they want us to talk about Issues that none of us can have any

Effect on so we want to talk about Issues that really that we can effect And change so one of the biggest issues That we need to understand is that right Now we're gearing up for what they call An election and as many of you know in 2020 we expose in bare view the first Ones to expose that how all of these Elections are selections by two primary Issues the signature verification is Nonsense I did a PhD level work on that Two major reports and then we show Showed the chain of custody issue where They delete ballot images but that's at The end when the election day occurs but The elections ladies and gentlemen are Fraudulent all the way up to that Because they are deciding who will get On the debate stage they are deciding Who will get visibility on the left and The right and the people that they give Visibility to are not you or I not Everyday people who come Bottoms Up They're one of them and you have to Either be in the club to get visibility Or you have to pay them a load of money Now in our case in 2020 because of the Great work that we did exposing fouchy Exposing lockdowns giving people Solutions on how to boost their immunity It was my historic lawsuit that exposed Fully the backd door portal to Twitter All that great work hard work I can't Tell you probably the closest person

Knows how much hard work I did was Probably I got 2 hours sleep during 2020 And 2021 doing all this work and that is What working people do we work for a Living these people do not work but it Was out of that effort in 2020 about a Half a billion people came to know about Our work our movement Etc and the Problem the unfortunate problem that They have is they're trying to make us Invisible now when the cat's really out Of the bag the movement for truth Freedom Health Dr Shiva for president Dr Shiva's work which is my work is all out There and I use Dr Shiva and the third Person because we've actually become Dr Shiva truth from health has become all Of us you know it's become a brand that Everyone identifies with with someone Who will always tell the truth fight for Freedom and take care of your health so That's what we've become no other Movement on the planet has identified or Given each one of you the tools the Surgical tools to do the surgery and That's called system science to Understand what the real problems are in Any situation and that is what our truth Freedom Health Warrior program does you Know we it took me 50 years to put that Into a program to create the curriculum If you want to go study civil Engineering you go to a program in civil Engineering if you want to go study

Electrical engineering go to PR Electrical engineering if you want to Become an electrician you go to a votech School but if you want to study Revolution engineering how you actually Change the world we're the only sort of Game in town and it took a long long Time to organize this using this systems Approach that we offer truth Freedom Health we're able to take any issue and Dissect it peel away all the onion Layers using this framework and then Find what what the real problem is and What the real solution is and that's how We have to start thinking about it stop Thinking about this as left and right Stop thinking about it as up and down Think about it what am I actually Looking at do I have the tools to Understand what I'm looking at and What's the solution and those tools are The foundations of system science which Everyone we've made accessible to Everyone on the planet at truth Freedom Health about a month ago I did a video Called the Swarm I think it's got about 40 million views all over the world in Spite of all the shadow Banning others Took our video and they started Downloading and uploading it to get Their views that's great let them pirate Our stuff but the content got out there And they gave us credit unlike other People would steal our stuff and act

Like we never exist that's called Plagiarism but we we got a lot of this Stuff out there and that was a swarm Video a few weeks after that I did a Video called how policies affect biology And when I did that video I brought it Back to the central thesis and we're the Only movement the only presidential Campaign for that matter any politician Talking about this over the last 60 Years the lifespan of Americans has been Going downward in fact it's an upside Down umbrella in a sense so if you have A child today your child will have a Shorter life than you does have a Shorter Lifan than you so again I tell People I repeat this over and over again Cuz it's probably a very important key Performance indicator of the Swarm if You were going to give them an A B C D And you were going to grade them you Would give them a big fat F minus minus Minus because over the last 60 years Republicans and Democrats have made sure That your child has a shorter life and Then you that's what they've delivered Okay that's what they've delivered That's like looking at the results Everything else they say is all Because of your policies my child's Lifespan is shorter than mine and that's What we need to focus on why is your Child's lifespan shorter than than yours If they're doing such a great

Job cuz they're not doing a great job this is done by Design so Again if I took an x-axis and if you Could think about this that goes from 1970 to 80 till today and you drew a Curve the US curve goes an inverse Parabola upside down that is what They've delivered and you cannot let Them get away with this you cannot say That you're going to vote this out by Voting for the Lesser two evils it's not Going to happen and if you're doing that And you're thinking like that you're Doing a serious disservice to yourself And to your children you're killing your Children and life is very short if You're 60 you probably have another 20 To 30 years okay if you're 50 you have Another 30 to 40 years whatever the Numbers are life is very short ladies And gentlemen so if you're here we have To always do the right thing we can't Take shortcuts choosing the lesser of Two evils democrat or republican for the Last 60 years is why they're killing Your children and your child's lifespan Is shorter now than yours let that Really really sink in and if that is Sunk in I'm going to now offer you the Analysis of that again all of you should Become truth freedom and health Warrior Scholars go to truth Freedom health.com Take the program you can't get it Anywhere else in the world you can spend

30 years at MIT you won't be able to do Other things but when you apply that Analysis you will really start to Understand what the hell is going on and What you will understand is over the Last 60 years their policies policies Forget about emotions or who gets in There actual policies that have been Passed by Democrat and Republican and This goes for all over the world labor Party and Tory party conservative and Liberal all over the world these Policies have affected your physiology Your biology and the only one who can Educate you on that is someone like me You're looking at an engineer who's a Biological engineer an electrical Engineer a mechanical engineer who's a Number one one of the leading guys in The world on the immune system and I Actually care about educating people Because I'm one of you I'm one of us you Know I still have loyalty to working People because I still work for a living These people don't work man they just all day they're Maximus for God's Sake take the cat and Ninetales to them Like Christ did in the temple and if you Don't do that you're not doing God's Work you have to go after these people And that's what we do at truth Freedom Health and we don't care if they call us Arrogant we don't care oh you you're so Mean we say you okay because if

You're willing to let this occur Something's wrong with you and we're not Going to allow it no other presidential Candidate will do this they're going to Say well when I get into office Douchebag Trump puts out a video a week Ago he goes we will not comply The Mask Mandates are coming the vaccine mandates We will not comply well the mother is The one who supported the vaccine Mandates and The Mask mandates while in Office and then he said oh I can't do Anything this is done by the states when He coordinated with the states and now He's saying if you vote him back into Office he's going to help you come on Everyone this guy's full of he's Full of VI slimy snake is full of All of them are full of but yet you Keep voting for these people Because you don't have the dignity to Recognize that they don't give a damn About you I give a damn about you our Movement does and look at the work that We did in 2020 and no one paid us for it So it's time we start seeing who our Real brothers and sisters are don't Think a guy who's got a golden plated Toilet and plays golf all day is Going to help you don't think VI the Snake who's a little douchebag bramman Big Pharma brown noser who literally Buys fail drugs puts to companies and Knows their fail that makes millions of

Dollars is going to help you don't think A demented fool like Joe Biden is going To help you don't think a doofus like Cornell West is a complete fool is GNA Help you don't thinker Carlson's gonna Help you don't think Joe Rogan's gonna Help you don't think Jimmy douchebag Door is gonna help you I'm going to help You and how can I say that cuz I've Already helped you so it's time we start Valuing people who do the work I Do the work you do the work and It's unfortunate that we have to promote Ourselves you see why because they're Not going to promote us they make us Invisible but they have a Problem because in 2020 half a billion People got to know the work that we did And now it's time for you to recognize Oh my God this guy's for real And it's hard for people to understand They're real people because they get Bamboozled they can't appreciate how Hard I work and how hard our movement Works because they don't work you know That's why they can't believe that There's someone like me who actually Exists cuz I actually do the Work so it's time that we recognize this Is about you do you want to protect your Children all right that sound of Freedom Movie came out they made $120 million You don't hear about child trafficking Anymore it's gone opportunist scumbags

This is about you and I've spent my life Wanting to fight them because it was Deeply personal to me and you have to Make it deeply personal to you they are Killing your children the graph is going Down like this your child will have a Shorter lifespan than you now if you are Truly a parent truly an adult and you Care then you're going to say we Need a systems overhaul and we should Follow this guy we should follow this Movement and I better roll up my Sleeves and get involved not sit and Watch Joe Rogan videos not watch Carlson videos anymore because They're you over we need a Systems overhaul and that Systems overhaul is going to come by you Understanding the Dynamics of systems And the elites learn system science it Took me 50 years to put it together and To teach it I could have stayed at MIT Been a professor and taught it to the Elites but I hate those guys I Know where I come from and I decided to Organize that into a curricula so all of You can get educated you don't have to Be a PhD you don't have to be a Nerd you just have to want to care the Bottom line is you know if you're Listening to this wherever you are go to Truth from help take advantage is become A warrior scholar we have a huge Community now about half a million

People globally half a billion people Know about our movement so you don't Have an excuse to say I don't know what To do you can go to Shiva forpress Docomond sign Shiva for president.com by The way when you contribute to our Movement our campaign we give you lots And lots of gifts I can't take money for Anything without giving something back Remember everything we're doing is to Enable you to become activists on the Ground this is because there's no way we Can defeat the Swarm without us getting On the ground so today's conversation We've walked through a systems analysis Of how their biology how their policies Kill your biology but our campaign our Movement is about enabling you about Building a Bottoms Up movement it's not Give me money give me money give me Money you know and then I'm going to be President and then after I become President that I'm going to do something For you in today's talk you've learned About what we can do to fight the mass Mandates here and now not after I become President and then you've learned this Particular systems dynamics of the fact That the Swarm has no interest in you or Your children and if you still have any Faith in them and you think you're going To vote for Republican or Democrat you Really need to have your head shck okay CU they're not going to do anything for

You the only way forward is a systems Overhaul and that way forward right now Is Shiva for president and that way Forward is you learning the science of Systems you becoming a truth freedom and Health Warrior become a truth freedom And health Warrior build the movement Bottoms Up and recognize we've created The movement you just need to get Involved all right everyone on social Media we're going to go back to our uh Open house I invite all of you if you Want to come this evening go to vh.com Orientation and sign up to join our 800m Session today's conversation was on a Very very important topic and the Conversation was about how those in Power really pass policies to destroy Your biology and that's what we Discussed today that they pass policies To destroy your biology they have no Interest in you living long and Prospering and you really have to take That to heart the only person that has That interest is you and this movement It's a global movement for truth freedom And health so get involved volunteer Volunteer volunteer by the way go to sh For president volunteer we need to get On the ballot in every state we have to Collect tens of thousands of signatures And we need your help to do that truth Freedomhealth.com Shiva for President.com

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