Dr.SHIVA™ – On Israel, The Elites Need a War NOW To Distract You From THIS

Dr.SHIVA™ - On Israel, The Elites Need a War NOW To Distract You From THIS

The only presidential candidate to call Out Zionism Zionism is racism and it Serves imperialism you can see every Other presidential candidate is Supporting Zionism no interest to see The Israeli people and the Palestinian People live in peace they have Continually wanted to make this about Race and religion the war that needs to Happen was about class the financial System is completely bankrupt the people Who are suffering out of this are Everyday working people they started Dividing working people up by race Religion color sex and all of us Fighting against each other they created Fake Heroes and these people people Would talk the talk they get on a Lecture circuit they go make money They're not into building a movement I Don't care what data they share is it About mobilizing a movement if it's not About that you're part of the problem They've been figuring out other crises Okay let's try Ukraine oh people are Catching up with that let's try another Pandemic o That's not working oh let's Show the butchering of Israelis ooh That'll get them that's what you're Seeing right now the reason is they do Not want working people to unite they do Not want us to build a Bottoms Up Movement that's what this is about truth Freedom health.com sha for president.com

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