Dr.SHIVA™ – Neil Young Invites Dr.SHIVA to Expose the #FakeScience of Monsanto & #GMOs

Dr.SHIVA™ - Neil Young Invites Dr.SHIVA to Expose the #FakeScience of Monsanto & #GMOs

It's a great honor for me to be here and You know the fun that we have to that We've started raised 450 000 you know we Had tremendous response from this Audience coming to the show and they all Came in in huge numbers and we're Donating 100 000 from our fee to this Fund and we would like to see that Product because we're at 45. we would Like to see some of the high rollers in Vermont who believe in uh come up and Match that because if you got it break It out and for the for the folks who Don't have that much money just Contribute as much as you can and Remember this is a big multinational Group of Corporations working together To make sure that you don't know what You have on your food stable you know Make sure mothers don't know what They're feeding their children now There's a lot of science This there's a lot of science around it There's a lot of controversy about the Science of GMOs but most of the science And most of the information on the Internet is paid for by Big Business by Big agricorps from around the world and It's all slanted so we have the pleasure Of having Dr Shiva adore here today to Explain the latest development in the Field of science independent of the Company's independent of every kind of Oversight and control by the corporation

Questions By peers around the world in many many Countries a huge study and Dr Shiva Plays I don't want you know thank you so Much uh it's great to be here you know I Was actually on my way to India Literally hours from now but uh Daryl And I spoke I thought it was important To be here to share I think fortunately Coincidentally some of the research we Just published so uh I'm of course I Want to thank the governor thank Neil For his wonderful work you know uh Mark Zuckerman is that Mark hey Dave Zuckerman all the work he's been doing So look here's a background when you Look at this entire process just like Labeling is fundamentally a call for American democracy and transparency now The flip side of the the other sister Child of this is really the call for Open Standards and science we're Basically talking about the scientific Method so I don't really have a horse in The race but I can tell you the Scientific method is not being followed Here at all there's been a complete Subversion of the scientific method in As Neil eluded the biggest institutions The biggest corporations have done that Uh collusion and that corruption so let Me give you how it started with me you Know I have a 33-year experience in and Out of MIT four degrees a PhD in systems

Biology and by the way systems biology That term you may hear that is the Modern Biology and came out of the last 10 years recognizing that you can't look At complex organisms as individual Parts You have to look at the whole Holistically so around 2000 when the Genome Project realized we had the same Number of genes as a worm That complexity is not a function of the Number of Gene people woke up and they Said we got to develop a whole new Methodology and that was systems biology That's when I came back to MIT in 2003 And we built a whole new breakthrough Approach of really looking at complexity Now what happened out of that was we Were able to publish as as Neil said Significant papers we've been in cited In nature in cell so the most eminent Journals on this approach of systems Biology now what is systems biology Systems biology basically says that you Look at not just one experiment done in One company like Monsanto but you look At thousands of experiments done all Over the world you aggregate them you Connect them together to find truth That's the purpose of systems Lodge That's why you call it a system the Ankle bones connected to the foot bone You can't just look at one thing alone So what as I was finishing this up uh We'd make some major breakthroughs last

Year the way I got into the GMO movement Was the front page of MIT another Corporation it says buy fresh buy GMO Okay this is mit's technology review Which is like the Rolling Stones of Science and when I looked at this it Really sort of caught me why would the Number one technology institution in the World not be asking the question buy Fresh buy Gmail question mark it was buy Fresh by GMO at declaration So that led us to really start using Systems biology which came out of MIT Ironically by the way and what did we do We said Um let's really look at what's going on In Plants remember Monsanto makes two Claims and these are claims that a GMO Is substantially the same as a non-GMO So so the plant is the same so you got a Nice big piece of soybean it looks great The GMO version don't worry it's the Same as a non-GMO that's one claim the Second claim is don't worry it's not Going to hurt you okay so we took the First claim and said can we show is this Ruling a substantial equivalence the Same Okay so how do you compare the non-GMO To GMO well the rules that are used are What was developed in the 1970s by the Ford Administration for comparing Medical devices so let's say the Governor here developed a medical device

A couple years later you develop another Version you want to get it fast tracked If it's substantially the same so that Was a rule that they used so what we did Was we had heard some inklings that GMOs Were generating formaldehyde right so we Said let's apply the scientific method So what we did was we looked at about 11 500 papers as Neil said across 6427 scientific experiments done over 184 institutions across 23 countries so This is not just looking at monsanto's Data or mit's data but this is looking Across the board basic science we took That data Organized into the second process of the Scientific method we then aggregated the Information and that was published in Our first Journal article about three Months ago in a peer-reviewed journal For agricultural Sciences the next thing We did was we organized those molecular Pathways and what I'm referring to is Every plant every fungi every uh Bacteria in the world follows this Metabolic pathway and we took these Molecular Pathways and we modeled it Which means modeling and not just doing Mathematical calculations but actually Using the scientific experiments and What did we discover in the normal plant Plants do generate formaldehyde just Like you do But in the normal plant they create it

And they beautifully detoxify it and They use another important chemical Called glutathione if you Google it you Find out glutathione is one of the most Important antioxidants so your Formaldehyde is beautifully detoxified Yes there's a background level so some Of the people on the internet say oh Everything has formaldehyde of course it Does but it's also detoxified and it's Varying levels but you also have Glutathione which is beautifully Maintained important antioxidant that Was the next paper we published the Third paper we said was okay what Happens when plants get stressed out Like a drought takes place or pollution Occurs and what you find out in those Conditions which occur in nature like a Drought the plant actually uses up its Glutathione right because it's an Oxidative environment it's stressed out Just like you get stressed out your body Will use it as glutathione and then the Plant accumulates formaldehyde got it so That was the third paper now when it Came to GMOs it's a very hard thing it's Kind of there's very little information Out there because so much of it has hit Me so much of it is secretive it's Fascinating science and the most Important thing in our food supply you Can't find a lot of this we got very Lucky in the literature we found a set

Of papers in vitro experiments it's not Mathematical modeling that showed that When they did the insertion of the gene The cp4 gene by the way which is for Roundup Ready soy which is the most you Know the highest most prevalent GMO in The United States 94 when they did that Gene insertion that four five different Molecules got Disturbed Okay five different molecules got Disturbed we took that information and Now we put into the systematic analysis Of the first three papers and what do we Find we find out that the plant goes Into oxidative stress just like it Thinks it's under a drought but far Worse four times more prevalent Formaldehyde accumulate glutathione Depletes now here's the point when you Do this substantial equivalence when You're comparing criteria where did the FDA come up with their criteria while They look at smell low taste or maybe Some other parameters but that wasn't Decided by the open sign to the Community it was decided in back rooms In secrecy by and large when you do a Systems analysis you find out there are Important variables that were never Included and we're not saying there Could not be others but this system Analysis clearly reveals glutathione and Formal formaldehyde are critical so of Course in the scientific method now you

Want to measure it you want to test it Well the problem is you can't do any Testing because who controls these Sources of the transgenic right the Non-GMO and the GMO well the powers that Be so the conclusion of our paper is Saying look we need Open Standards we Need the ability for both parties to Meet together and let's define those Open Standards because you can't have Science without Open Standards so as Neil and the governor alluded to we Literally have a situation now just like Like the attack against legally the Secrecy in science including Institutions like MIT is very disturbing And it's disturbing to the point this GMO issue is not just about GMOs but It's about a fundamental failure that's Taking place in science about American Democracy so we got to get the push not Only for labeling but the sister Childhood that is demand Open Standards And the call that I want to end with is You know if you want scientific Discourse let the chief scientists of Monsanto let let them bring their Lawyers like sit around our table let's Review the results that's what Scientific discourse is about so I want To end by saying look genetic Engineering like the splitting of the Atom is a phenomenal Discovery but when That occurred the safety assessment

Technologies lagged behind them we're Using 40 year old Technologies when Modern technology exists and we need to Add minimum catch up and we need to have Discourse thank you very much Thank you

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