Dr.SHIVA™: Local Engineer Gives Moving Testimony – Fighting For Real Solutions with Dr.SHIVA™

Dr.SHIVA™: Local Engineer Gives Moving Testimony - Fighting For Real Solutions with Dr.SHIVA™

It's an honor to be here thanks Everybody for coming out here and thank You to everybody who's online I didn't prepare anything because I could go on forever and I'd just be Writing for hours and hours so it There's just too many things to say About Dr Shiva his accomplishments are Just over the top beyond what anyone Could ever expect to do in a lifetime And his work ethic is just Relentless And there's just not a lot of people in The world that could compete with this Guy's will to succeed in Beyond all that beyond all of his Accomplishments and his intelligence and How he aligns with solutions to today's Problems is he's just an honorable guy I don't know too many people from the Day I met him I just knew that this is The guy like I was looking for answers For the problems that people face today There's so many things wrong in society That should be fixed but people operate With ill intention and that's just not The way life should be and this guy when I looked for the truth and I was looking For things that made sense this is the Guy I found and from day one I knew that This guy had answers to problems that Affect everybody and everybody's lives Today And if you look at what he's done in the Last few years he's already doing the

Work of the position he's looking to Take all right so There's no question whether or not he Can do the job the question is whether Or not he can get the support to get in That office And we need everybody out there To support him he's already shown us the Will to succeed now we need to show him That we can help him do it and we Deserve him More than he deserves us he's already Succeeded in life he could just walk off Into a happy Sunset but He has this will to Serve the People It's like his calling in life is service To the people He doesn't accept less So I think we owe it all to him To support him as I am going to Definitely support him for from the day I met him and for the rest of his life And I'd be honored to support him

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