Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – WORKERS MARCH on HARVARD Square. #FreePalestine #FreeAmerica #WorkersUnite

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE - WORKERS MARCH on HARVARD Square. #FreePalestine #FreeAmerica #WorkersUnite

We'll Do we'll Do welcome everyone my name is Michelle We're here with Dr Shiva who is running For US president today is Veterans Day I'd like to take a moment to thank all Of our Veterans God bless you and your families Veterans fought against the Nazi Occupation of Europe and on this day November 11th at 11:00 a.m. they Initiated the Armistice and the irony is that Today what it is doing in America We have a few speakers today and then we Will over to Harvard Kennedy School and Have addal Discussion of how Harvard involved in Creating the censorship infrastructure In the United States let's start by Welcoming Jerry [Music] P yeah hi everybody my name is Jerry pay I moved here from Texas uh my great-grandfather was a Full- blood Cherokee India And I followed the Perils of the Native American people for quite some time I've Become a history B and the bottom line is the Native Americans were basically driven from Their lands by the colonists and that's

The B bottom line that's the same thing That's going on right now the Palestinians are being driven from the Land it's no less than Genocide I met Drar I met Dr the occupation now and the occupation Now the OCC now and the OCC now and the OCC now and the OCC now and the occation Now the occation now the OCC now the OCC Now the OCC and the occupation now and the Occupation now and the occupation now The OCC the OCC Theocc the OCC OCC OCC OCC the OCC the OCC and the occation and the Occation the occupation now end the Occupation now stop chanting their Slogans they're against us my Heritage Is native americ the occupation now I am Not a na occupation now I am not a Nazi The occupation now and the occation Now you didn't invent email either Asshole you're a racist you're racist You're an EMA [Music] Racist are you Fuing

[Music] And the occupation Now and the occupation Now end the occupation Now and the occupation Now occation now Palestine pro-jewish Anti being a fucking idiot Pro palese Proje yeah of course we're Live all right guys we're uh it's good To have In antifascist anti bullshit Pro Palestine pro-jewish anti Fascist bullshit Proin Pro all right come on over all right Everyone welcome this is Dr Sh you're here John so here it's November 11th it's Veterans Day many of you know on today Is when the Arce was Called and today is when veteran SP To To end the occupa the Nazi occupation of Europe and we have a bunch of Nazis here With have a bunch of people that the United States government has sent here The state government in order to disrup That protest these guys work Zionism so what we want to talk about Today is that in the middle of Harvard Square right down there is Harvard Kennedy School of government many of you Many of you may know that the Kennedy

School of government has been the center Of Z and the reason we're here today is That it's very very important for the American people to understand that Veterans Day was created was was Commemorates the fact that veterans Fought against Nazi occupation What's Happen is that we have Zionist Occupation doesn't care about so we have A bunch of people here who are brought Here by the government of Massachusetts Many of them are agents that work for The government and these are the Fascists that the government's unleash And these guys work for Antifa so let's talk about Zionism So Harvard University in 16 in the 1600s Was Created post during the colonial period Many of you know British Imperialism was Central to the creation Of of Israel so what we want to do today Is we want to do a little bit of Historical Analysis so the Swarm as we talk about Those people Who are involved in Controlling most of the world most of The resources the 0.001% of people control 8 billion People as many of you know and that 0.001% of the people control the 8 Billion people we need to recognize have Two Wings One Wing is the military wing

Of the establishment and the other is The financial system of the Establishment the fin Cal system of the Establishment is based on ensuring that The currency of the United States Maintains its value and the currency of The United States maintains its value by Ensuring the military system successful So let's review that right here in Harvard Harvard owns 10% of the land 10% Of the land of Cambridge how many of you Knew that 10% right you knew that $56 Billion is the endowment of Harvard in The last year that endowment grew by 33% and Harvard University owns Literally 10% of Cambridge that's an Enormous amount of Wealth about a week ago a bunch of Students were protesting on behalf Of the Palestinian People maning Hey John can you unmute please we can't Hear do Shiva John please Unmute That no student could say from the river To the city so think about that Harvard University is funded by public dollars And instead of supporting students to Express their views the president of Harvard Welch those student speech and Right down the street over there which We'll walk down to is a belfer school Kennedy School of government everyone

Know that it is at the Kennedy School of Government where they created the Infrastructure to censor the speech of Every US citizen which came out in our Lawsuit in 2020 so what we want to talk about is That those students speech has been S and in a four-page letter the Harvard President and Thato focused on anti-Semitism quote Unquote Anti-Semitism not one word about anti Zionism there's a huge difference that We want to educate people on Anti-zionism versus Anti-Semitism anti in fact Zionism is Anti-Semitism Zionism is racism in the Serest Imperi And Was in the 1800s that Zionism was Created Zionism was created as a way to Zionism was created as a way to promote A racist ideology And it served the interest of British Imperialism so in the B Declaration in the 1900s what ended up happening was that The British essentially used Zionism as A way to take over the lands of Palestine and that's what took place so Palestine was taken Over in the interest of British Imperialism and US imperialism that's

What took place British and US Imperialism needed that region Palestine They needed that region as a place Because Palestine was an very important Place to Support uh to become a place for the Middle East to become a center for Middle East control of the incredible Amount of resources in the Middle East Does that make sense so what ended up Happening was fundamentally the Brit British imperialism and US imperialists Created this region called Israel and They created a and Ral policy between The Palestinians who were there for many Many centuries and the zionists who were Imported in so that created an Incredible disruption in that period And It served British and US interest that's What ended up happening in that region And this is something that everyone Needs to understand and because of that Incredible disruption that took place us And British imperialism essentially got What you could think about as a quote Unquote aircraft carrier in the Middle East and that served the interest to Secure massive oil reserves today there Are nearly 200 trillion 200 trillion Cubic feet 200 trillion cubic cubic feet Of natural gas in the occupied Territories and billions of barrels of Oil so we have to see this in the Context that that

Region is strategic to us and British Imperial interests that's the most Important thing that we need to Understand so Zionism serves the Interest of British imperialism and as a Result of that we're in this situation Today now how does Harvard fit into this Well the Kennedy School of government John if you can just point over there Which is right down there the Kennedy School of government come back down the Kennedy School of government is a very Important area because it is run by the Military-industrial complex and the Kennedy School of government is a Place Where uh It's a it's a it's a center of Zionism It's a center talk about when we go down There that the censorship infrastructure That we have today in the United States That that was exposing our 2020 lawsuit Emerged out of there that's where it Came from that's one of the important Reasons the other piece is that we need To unravel the interconnection between The financial system in the United States and the military system so let's Talk about that the financial system in The United States is focused on money Supply so the money supply of the United States is run by a couple of important Organizations the Treasury the US Treasury the Federal

Reserve and the big Banks so when you're Really unravel list what's Central to This is that the money supply of the of Of the world is controlled by three Organizations the treasury the banks and The Federal Reserve all of those three Institutions if you look at the people Who've headed them up owned them been Part of that have come out of these Institutions in Harvard University and the money supply is Central to every working person's lives Here so when you talk to Michelle when You talk to Ken when you talk to Jerry All working people in the United States The average person today is lucky if They have $400 in their savings account and the Money supply is controlled by these Three organizations and as a result of That you can create famine or you can Create incredible amount of problems for The majority of working people so in 2008 Barack Obama who went to Harvard Law School over here in 2008 it was Barack Obama who printed close to eight Trillion doll why did Barack Obama print $ trillion do to save Banks okay to save The banks that should have failed so 8 Trillion was printed to save the big Major Banks when they all should have Failed and that $8 trillion of money Supply that went into the environment Over time it affected many many working

People's lives but bottom line the Economy of the United States is run on Fumes it's not really run on any type of Fundamental principles When Donald Trump Came into office in 2016 the Eon uh the economy was actually Starting to crash aad and in order To fuel that again we created something Called the pandemic and the pandemic Resulted in 8 printing of8 trillion More8 trillion more in one term and that 88 trillion dollar of money supply Affected incredible number of people's Lives since 1970 till Today the $47 trillion of wealth has Been transferred from American working Class to the elites that's what's Happened in the last you know 50 years And the reason this has happened has Been there's been no Bottoms Up Movements against the elites right now So we've printed money we put money out There and all of this was done because An economy's Running on Fumes and the Monetary policy of the United States is Largely determined by people who come Out of Harvard Law School Harvard Business School Harvard University and The Harvard Kennedy School of government Not to say they're not other Universities involved but this is one of The epicenters of control and so the Only reason that the financial system is Important is the United States is able

To print money for one reason everyone Know why how come because of the United States maintains what's called its Reserve currency status right the United States maintains its Reserve currency Status how does it maintain its Reserve Currency status it maintains its Reserve Currency status by One approach which is the Military the military the strength of The US Military and its preeminence is How the United States is able to print Money in order to have that preeminence Um hey Jerry so the US is able to maintain that Preeminence of the US military by having Bases one of the most important bases That unit States need to have is the Bas In the Middle East and this is where Palestine and this is where Zionism is Extremely important so the reason There's been a recurring process of war In that region over and over and over Again is because that state of war is Necessary to fuel the military Industrial complex so so the United States maintain its Reserve currency Status which helps impr print money Ultimately what's happened is that this Printing of money has resulted in the Subjugation of the American workers and That's the condition we're in now so the So the American working people continue To suffer and the elites get richer and

Richer so during the pandemic 600 Billion people increased their wealth by $2.3 trillion and that's where we're at Right now so Harvard is Central to this process and Zionism and The control of Israel's use of Palestine Is what ensures the military dominance Of the United States so it can have its Reserve currency status so that's sort Of the systems connection here that Michelle wanted me to share from the Systems approach and what we're going to Do shortly and we'll come back is we're Gonna go down and John will stop this And start another live right stop this Okay fuck Na fuck off So what we're going to do is we're going To go down to the Kennedy School Government we'll do a video post it up But we're going to really talk about the Censorship infrastructure that was Started there all right everyone so Thank you everyone start right there All thank You all right Excellent fuck boys fuck off PR boys Fuck Oh All right everyone we're going to be Heading to the next location and we'll See you all there but we'll keep the Stream up and we'll resume at the new Location

Like want to keep Talking Hello Everyone uh just a moment while they Transition to the next Space You are Muted oh can you hear me yes there you Go Perfect that was a good stream but uh Unfortunately some people don't Want truth to come out they want to talk Over and uh that's the unfortunate Situation uh yeah I I it got a little Chaotic but thankfully Dr Shiva took Control of the situation and yeah uh Yeah and so everybody uh uh if you're Joining us today that uh Dr Shiva and Other truth Freedom Health members are Heading uh down to march on Harvard uh So thank you for joining so we're we're Just waiting for them to get there if You haven't already uh please go to Shiva4 president.com to sign up to be a Volunteer we're trying to get uh or no We will get Dr shiv on the ballot in all 50 states and so we need your help uh Also while you're there you can pick up A bumper sticker you can show your Support because we know everyone's busy And this is the least you can do is pick Up a bumper sticker put on your car and This is a this is a middle finger to the Zionists that run this country and uh

It's the least you can do you can also Print out a free flyer uh that that Shows you the real problem in America That is that your children's lifespan Will be lesser than you so please please Go there Shiva number four president.com Under the free download section uh pick Up this piece of paper uh and take it Out to your neighbor share it with your Neighbor share it with your community And educate them that your their their Children's lifespan is actually going to Be less than theirs So anything you add s thanks for that Chris yeah please jump in dive in um Don't expect Dr Shiva to do everything Uh it's up to us it starts from us uh we Need to to uh work together support each Other Collaborate uh so remember that uh DOA Is doing everything in his power uh like You saw he's putting himself out there But what about the rest of us the 8 Billion of us have to step up uh get our Feets wet roll up our sleeves put our Shoulders to the wheel and help Uh nobody else is going to do it for Us Yes and if you're out there on the Ground uh we encourage you to be tagging Uh hashtag truth Freedom Health hash Shiva number4 president uh and and also We have a email I believe it's action Truth freedomhealth.com you can send any

Clips or videos of you uh doing Demonstrations and getting active in Your community and then we use that to Uh create our social media content uh That empowers people that makes you Realize you're not alone and when you Get on the ground yes you're going to Run into some assholes like that who Just want to scream in your face but for The large part it has been my experience That many people all all Races all Religions they understand that we're Being screwed over they understand that That this line that that the people in Control are leading to an early demise To our children yes and also on this Fler uh is a good entry point is the Shadow of the Swarm video right here This is a really good Icebreaker for Someone in your family uh that that is Kind of on the fence about this you know Dr Shiva is has four degrees from MIT He's a scientist and he he breaks down How this whole operation works so this Is a really good one to share with your Uh family and friends to to get them Introduced to the Movement yeah we'll wait for do Shiva to Move to the next location um so today's Um stream is live workers march on Harvard Square free Palestine free America workers T night um Dr Shiva put Out these tweets uh a few days ago there Will be no free Palestine without a free

America since 1948 Zionist occupation of Palestine occurred alongside Zionist Occupation of every major institution of Power in America to end the occupation In Palestine we must end the occupation In America Zionist hoodlums Ben Shapiro B lman Robert ubby effing Kennedy Jr are pissed Students defied Harvard headquarters of Zionism uh so now we the people march on Harvard to end the genocide to free Palestine free America and free the World yeah and I'll just add to uh I Think it's important for people to Recognize that uh Zionism has nothing to To do with Judaism and they're in fact Far more Christian zionists in the world Than there are Jewish zionists and you You do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist uh the the king of Saudi Arabia Is a Zionist there are something of 60 Million Christian zionists in America Who who support the butchering of Palestinian people and it's unnecessary Uh and you notice that the agitator that Came in uh he was saying uh ceasefire Now uh no the real the real problem is Ending the Occupation the these were the indigenous People of that land who are in fact Actual semites who who Trac their Lineage back to that land and they now Live in a worse than a South African Apartheid

State so we need to educate people on The facts here that uh the real issue is Not a ceasefire CU all that will take Place as they ceasefire Israel will back Off Israel will back off for a little Bit and then continue to come in and Kill these innocent civilians and as They All right all right you there yep all Right all right everyone uh We're mute yourself you want to mute Yourself okay it is all right no mute Your Volume Okay there all right so Uh by the way uh to let everyone know The the three people that showed up There which screamed the government of Massachusetts is very closely involved With always disrupting protests and they Did this to us back in when John August 2017 we organized one of the biggest Free Speech demonstrations in the Country some of you may remember that And the government Michelle waser John Was there some of us were there okay and The government had 40,000 people show up Calling us as Nazis Some of you may remember this 40,000 People showed up and it was actually a Free speech demonstration and this is What I want to continue with because This issue of Zionism has gone Way Beyond not just Israel and what it does

To the Palestinians it's gone on to a Global system of censorship does Everyone understand what I'm saying yes And so this global system of censorship Was exhibited literally three days ago When the president of Harvard declared That Anyone in Harvard on their facilities if They use the phrase from the river to The sea that she is condemned that That's a violation of one of the basic Tenants of free speech right oh yeah Absolutely all right so she is condemned Now what and it's a four-page letter Everyone should go study it and so let Me just step back a little it a little Bit the presidents of universities are Brought in for one reason you know what That reason is what is that reason Mone To make money every university has What's called an endowment look it up End WME n the endowment if you young Kids are listening the endowment of Universities is what is grown every year When you pay tuition to these Universities so when you go to a University you take out a student loan And you take it's really should not be Called a student loan your mothers and Fathers are co-signed those loans loans Right and if you don't finish your School and you don't pay up your they're Going to take your parents home but the The money that you pay to the

University um goes to the university to Grow their endowment they take the Tuition money and then they invest it in Wall Street all right and they grow that Endowment so Harvard last year they Grewed their endowment by 33% it is Close to $60 billion right now $60 Billion and with that endowment Harvard By more and more land as I mentioned Earlier before we were interrupted they Own about 10% of the land of Cambridge That's a lot of land it's nearly 27 uh I think million square feet close To 600 acres that's what Harvard owns And that money when a new president Comes in their job is to grow the Endowment and if the presidents don't Grow the endowment guess what happens to That president what happens they get Fired so the presidents of universities Have actually become money managers all Right they're not Educators they're Money managers their job is to grow the University endowment so when these Students protested Zionism at Harvard When they protested the butchering of Palestinians and they used the slogan From The River To The Sea what did the Press and subsequent after that we put Out our flyer I don't know if Jason has One which said let's do a protest on Harvard working people every one of us Here Works he works He's a truck driver healthare worker I'm

A scientist an engineer Jason works at Whole Foods we have everyone here works For a living so when working people come Out to protest this is very dangerous to The Establishment so right after when we Put out that flyer what did the President of Harvard do she immediately Put out a four-page letter basically Saying they're going to form a Gestapo Group quote unquote an Advisory Group at Harvard and that Advisory Group is going To bring everyone to heal under quote Unquote Anti-Semitism Right and come on over yeah uh and uh And so that's what they did right so They um and and the reason this was and In addition a scumbag and everyone Should write this guys name down Bill Amman AK M an a rabid Zionist wrote to Harvard along with the support of booby Fucking Kennedy Jr Ben Shapiro all the Biggest zionists Zionist alumni at Harvard and they said we're gonna pull The plug of Harvard's Donations all right and they knew our Protest here was going to take place so That's why what's that that's why they Sent those disruptors Okay and Uh all Right No don't give any No Fu

Off fuck off Folks so what we're gonna do is we're Gonna come back right after joh let's go Back to uh these guys [Music] Okay As you can see yes they're everywhere They just spout out uh Buzzword uh they never talk all of these People never talk about real issues We're talking about real tangible issues Your children have a shorter life Expectancy than you your that means your Children will die sooner than you if This is allowed to continue this is the Policies of the left and the right they Only want to talk about bullshit issues That actually do not look at the root Cause and the root cause is the Establishment the ruling Elite of this Country have been killing your children The the numbers don't lie and that's why You need to go to Shiva number4 President.com Grab this flyer off free downloads and Spread this far and wide pick up a Bumper sticker support the only true Independent candidate that has ever Ever challenged the system and and come Out against anti-Semitism look at most Most mainstream candidates if they were To take this stance that Dr C has taken They would plaster him all across the News calling and labeling him all of

These derogatory things but they can't Even give him negative press he is death To the system and so that's why we need You to get on the ground educate your Neighbors pick up a bumper sticker pick Up a flyer this is a movement of working People we we work all day throughout the Week and then we do this on top of that So please join the movement go to truth Freom health.com sign up uh become a Member get educated on the Sciences Systems learn how you can be empowered To take back this country and free Palestine free the world free America And free the world SES I'll give it back To you Absolutely Dr Shiva was touching upon Censorship um and uh touching upon money Uh the Harvard President uh publishing a letter saying Oh certain phrases are banned and when Dr Shiva wants to talk about it we have Some lunatics why can't they have normal Conversation right why do you have to Speak over other person let him speak Come and challenge Dr sha is open to Speak with you the only reason you're Doing that crap is because you are Stupid you are ignorant you don't want To challenge ideas with your ideas but You want to just come in silence and Censor all the chance I didn't hear Any one proper word from these guys that Made sense that's relevant to the to the

Situation or that's the solution for the Problems that we're facing today the Chaning stupid stuff and working people Like Dr Shiva and others want to go and March for uh freeing America freeing Palestine and freeing basically the World freeing the humanity from the Point0 person wants to censor People but they unleash these cowards to Be honest why don't they come up with Their mic and they the world is such a Big place that Harvard Square is a big Place you can stand there in in another Spot and speak but there's no reason Because they don't have anything to say They just want to shut another person Down It's Ridiculous yeah and it's interesting I Noticed them coming in with chanting and Calling calling our movement proud boys And then calling us transphobes it's Like yet they don't want to talk about The real issues they never ever want to Address the elephant in the room and That's how you can spot a rra is they Always want to talk around the actual Issue uh so thank you everyone for Coming if you uh I sesh I don't know if Is John going to continue the live yeah Yeah they are moving to the next Location and uh they should be back on Um awesome so if you haven't already uh Please share this far far and wide on

All social media platforms and uh also Feel free to share any of your local Experiences on the ground when you pick Up when you pick up the flyer when you Pick up the bumper sticker uh email Email that uh your interactions or your Photos to action truth freedomhealth.com And and there you will be included in Our promotional materials where we Empower people to get on the ground to Break them out of this mind control Their numb state of thinking that oh I I Don't know if I can do this like I you Know people especially through the Pandemic have been uh been put in a Fierce State of Consciousness where They're afraid to go out and and speak To their neighbors and but I'm here to Tell you when you get on the ground and You reach out a hand and you say and you Hand out this flyer and you connect with Your neighbor this is a personal thing Th this graph right here showing that Your CH children's life expectancy is Shorter than yours this is a real Icebreaker here this helps really Connect you to anyone black brown why Yeah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter Your color it doesn't matter your Religion we are united uh against a Common enemy and that is the point oh 1% That divide and Rule us and have been Subjugating us you know and like someone Has said before

It's but it's it's here tomorrow so We're gonna go back to live right now Thank Freedom freedom Help freedom help TR Freedom help Tru Freedom help truth Freedom Help freedom Truthed Trued Tru Freedom the river to Thea will be free from The River To The Sea will be free the river [Music] Toaa palese will be free from The River To The Sea Palestine will be free [Music] Riva palese will be free from the river To the Seaes will be free the [Music] Riverae From The River To The Sea palese will be Free from The River To The Sea will be Free from The River To The Sea palese Will be Free from The River To The Sea be free from the river To will be Free [Music] [Music] True

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