Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Why Is India Supporting Zionism?

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE - Why Is India Supporting Zionism?

[Music] Good evening friends we have Dr Shiva Here today back with us welcome Dr Shiva how are you doinga yeah fine thank You Dr Shiva Dr Shiva as you know Friends with several prestigious degrees Including a PhD from MIT he's also the Inventor of email a scientist engineer And a candidate for us presidentship why Is it doing That okay he's spoken to us before and People like listening to him because He's the kind of leader who suggests Solutions today as Israel faces its Worst period in history Dr shivba will Discuss this and several other points Tonight some of which you may not agree But these are what he thinks is you know The the background to what is happening Now so welcome Dr Shiva there's a lot of Talk about how uh you know Israel was Least prepared when the attack from Hamas happened and uh you know I briefly Heard a girl an Israeli uh you know Officer uh saying that see even if it's Working now Right I'm sorry go ahead yeah so uh we Were quite surprised that see how Israel Did not anticipate this Hamas attack When you know a lady officer Israeli Officer said that even if a pigeon you Know stands on the you know the what you Call the net uh they get they are aware That someone has come so or something

You know is coming so how come they were Caught unawares when this attack Happened all right mea listen uh many People know that I have always exposed The truth at the right Time and uh because I take a systems Approach I don't have a um the only Thing that I the any if there's any thing I have in The game it's about truth okay Indians Need to get their head out of their Butts okay it is a disgrace that people In India are supporting Zionism and uh blindly supporting it um And to me this evokes many things just Because you go get a degree it's showing The stupidity of people who have degrees So-called educated people are actually Not that smart and the and so it again Falls upon me just like I had to do in 2020 when I had to call out the pandemic And the election systems to educate People and uh so people need to get Their act together and most of the People who probably understand this are People who actually have brains the People will not understand this are People who blindly follow stuff and Their degree is only as probably good as How much they paid to get their degree Okay doesn't mean that they're Intelligent okay um we live in a world Where intelligence is not measured by Repeating things it's actually measured

By using your brain so we need to step Way back and I've been um fighting Zionism probably since I was 17 years Old okay since 1981 because I studied What is Zionism okay first of all people Should take some notes Zionism Is a political ideology okay it has Nothing to do with Judaism the Religion Zionism is actually Anti-semitic it's Racist and in fact Zionism actually uh Has a history of not only butchering Palestinians but also butchering and Hurting Jews all right and this is all very well Documented for those people actually Want to do some research um versus simp Um watching something on uh you know Star TV or whatever okay so let's go Look at what a Zionism Zionism is a Political ideology that was created Manufactured out of thin air by a guy Called Theodore herel in the 1800s all right and everyone can go do Their own research on That in Europe you know um the ashkanazi Jews which are one set of Jews were in Europe for nearly 300 years one of the Things people need to understand is that In the 1800s everyone expected there was Going to be a major revolution in Germany a workers Revolution it's again Very well Documented Germany as most of Europe um

The Jews that were there were white Europeans okay um not from Palestine Okay not from um the land you know in That region okay Palestine existed long Before Israel existed okay and that's Also very well documented so none of These things these are all just facts Okay and no one disputes these facts Except people want to change history but Here's the bottom line um that in Europe Um there was discrimination among Jews Okay but there were various uh classes Of Jews there were the workingclass Jews Many of them who were in the trade Unions actually um uh wanting to fight Fascism and building Bottoms Up workers Movements there were the bgea Jews Okay um and they're various friends Theodore herel had this he created a Political ideology called Zionism which Said oh we're being quote unquote Persecuted um see um so this idiot here Kunu is is conflating Jews and Zionism Okay so's he's a bloody idiot okay um The reality is that uh herel created a Political ideology called Zionism and he said that should one Minute Dr Shiva so these are all my Dedicated viewers so please don't mind If you Dr she is a little you know uh Well I you know look I look I'm it's Like you know you're gonna come to a Teacher um I don't really have a lot of Patience for people who don't do any any

Stu they'd be thrown out of my class Okay they get an F So it doesn't matter mea if they're they Need to step up to the plate and and not Be ignorant idiots okay it's just like If you're going to go take calculus and You didn't do your homework you're gonna Get an F in my class so as a student sh Dr sha here see you're looking at a Scenario where all the TV uh you know From all the world all over the world Are showing scenes of babies being Butchered women being raped uh you know So it's it's atrocity all over yeah This understand yeah how can so they're Understand because because in World War I this is exactly what happened they They made Germany look like they were Evil and this was done by the mainstream Media because they wanted a war all Right again um the world is gonna uh Enter into a very large War because of Idiots like these so the idiots need to Step aside and listen unless they if if These idiots want to go fight let them Go fight them none of them will do that They'll talk a big game but none of them Will actually take weapons let them go Fight they won't but here's the deal Zionism was created it was a political Ideology that was created by herel with Lots and lots of money from some of the Most racist people in the world like Cecil Road

Cciis l who was you know uh the guy who Created rhia who had very little regard For black people or brown people for That matter and he's the one who Controlled all the mines in rodesia and Cecil rhs was one of the most racist Individuals on the planet Zionism got Its funding from Cecil roads among other People so zionism's original goal was to Put their Homeland in Uganda Uganda not Palestine in fact um Palestine wasn't Even on the map there okay why was that Why was that because imagine imagine Some imagine the Vikings digging up a 4,000 year old reference saying that the Origin uh that they because you know the Vikings had come to Vermont 4,000 years Ago imagine the Vikings now saying that We own the Homeland called Vermont Okay so they had dug up a reference Saying the Homeland was actually Uganda Among many other places including Texas So what I'm trying to say this is a Manufactured Ideology all right by European ashkanazi Jews all right this very very important To understand in Palestine were Jews Living there 97% you know mo the the Palestinians were living there um there Were Arab Jews Arab Muslims Arab is a Race Judaism is a religion okay um So remember this is the middle of World War II now after World War II ends the

British say no no no we're we're not Going to give you Uganda in fact the First Choice was Uganda second choice Was Argentina okay very important to Understand this so the British said We're going to give you your Homeland in This place called Palestine now remember Britain if any Indian has ever studied any history has A rich history of creating random Borders and these borders are created to Have people fight among each other Britain did this all over Africa The the the people of Africa the great Kings of Africa had their very Particular boundaries Britain went in And Drew random you know nation states And had everyone fighting and once they Got everyone fighting they stole their Resources all right now the area in Israel is a very strategic area it's in The Middle East so again it was very Convenient for Britain once again to Create a mess there so that's what they Did but Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism And you can even go talk if if people go To Torah Judaism the U uh the uh you Know the Twitter feed of very very Devout Jews you'll see them saying this Zionism is racism Zionism is Anti-Semitism Zionism has nothing to do With Judaism so everyone listening go Study that okay it's like one plus one

Is two go study that you're not ready to Take calculus on or take a position if You don't understand that that's number One so Z ism is actually a racist model Which believes there are a set of chosen People Zionism is racism in the service Of globalism that's what you compare it With brahmanism as you spoke earlier oh Yeah big time now now you have to Understand brahmanism has done the same Thing that Zionism did so there is this Original set of principles in Hinduism brahmanism there was this Concept of the uh The Guild system right If I studied hard I'd be a Brahman if Someone else wanted to be a carpenter But the original model was was Bottoms Up it was your skills it was Meritocracy somewhere along the way Which we can have a long discussion on Which I don't want to do today that Hinduism was subverted the notion of Karma was made completely different Karma has nothing to do oh you're in the Past life you were a Brahman now you get To be a Brahman okay uhuh that's not What it was it wasn't based on Birthright it was based on your Works Coming Bottoms Up So brism Itself um what took place later on was The subversion of Hinduism and that's What Zionism is Zionism was a subversion Of uh Judaism all right they took the

Symbol of the star they took a couple of Symbols and they subverted it okay karma Is input and output it's karma and there Karma fall karma is not let me just Interrupt you here is is it something Similar to what Obama and Hillary Clinton did to Iraq and Syria we'll come back to that yeah we'll Come to that okay but I just want to Teach people the fundamentals Zionism Has nothing to do with Judaism Zionism Is a racist political Ideology just like the cast system has Nothing to do with Hinduism okay so That's why I'm saying the ultra Brahmanism or people who espousing that Are the same people are supporting Zionism and we have to stop it it needs To be shattered it's nonsense all right So so that's a background on this so Yeah um many many Arab Jews Arab Jews The Jews of like Christ lineage okay Converted to Islam because of the Subjugation they underwent okay in Palestine very much how many Hindus Under brahmanism converted to Islam or Christianity okay because because of the C systm that they felt so these are some Analogies now what we need to understand Is that um if you look at what what has Occurred in Israel is the Palestinians Have been treated like second class Citizens Gaza is an open prison okay but Most important to understand is that

Netanyahu Mosad which is the intelligence wing of Zionism or Israel um created Hamas how Many of the people are aware of that Hamas was Created and um by and I can share some Um some very important examples of that So people get this okay I have it here All right yeah so I tweeted this out um So here here's a very very important Piece here that if you look here Um mossad's entire motto if you can see It here can you see it here Yeah is by way of deception Thou shalt Do War okay that is mad's motto and Hamas was created was a creation of Mosad specifically Brigadier General Yak S in 1980s was the Israel military Governor in Gaza he financed Hamas all Right and you can go I have a link here To the book that you can go read It here is the former Israeli ambassador To Germany and he openly stated 5 that It was the Israeli government that Created Hamas to counteract the growing Popularity of the F formerly known as The Palestinian National Liberation Movement see there was a secular Movement okay and it was very very Rational so this is classic classic Intelligence techniques where you create Your opposition that you can control and You typically make them crazy radical Right that's the second piece of

Evidence and then you know this is um uh Ron Paul who gave a testimony Um clearly saying that Hamas was created As a strategic weapon of Israel okay and Then here is mosad Chief himself this is Just this Year um uh um you know the mosad chief Himself Yosi Cohen visiting Qatar to Tell them to continue F funding Hamas And you can read everyone should go read Their own do their own research and not Be idiots okay Hamas was created by Israel now why is the mainstream media Not talking about that including the Intercept just put you know they did a Deep analysis of it okay so number one We know what Zionism is it has nothing To do with Judaism it's anti-semitic It's racist it was a British who created This place they stole it from the Palestinians and many many Arab Jews Converted to Islam because of the Subjugation of the ashkanazi Jews so Basically these white Zionist came and There were darkskinned Jews there okay And still to this day the non ashkanazi Jews are treated as badly as the Palestinians all right so mosad created Hamas everyone write that down it's Fully documented Israel created Hamas Financed them all right so now it all Fits in let me give you a third piece of It so I've told you where Hamas comes From the third piece of evidence is a

Devil the SAT satanic individual called Netanyahu Netanyahu is pure devil okay You can find ample videos on the Internet him talking about how stupid Americans are how he can easily Manipulate Them and Netanyahu is a war criminal he Has a history of butchering Palestinians Netanyahu for the last last Two years he's been under massive Indictments in Israel in fact two weeks Before this incident took place there Were nearly a 100,000 people who were Protesting against Him protesting against Netanyahu why Because Netanyahu was on on corruption charges He was convicted he was on fraud charges There was a civil war in Israel 70% of the Israelis hate Netanyahu even among the Israeli Jews There's many many multiple parties so There's been a huge Uprising against Netanyahu by Israeli Jews by Israelis in Israel again this is a piece of fact Most of these Indians who are blindly Supporting Israel should get steud okay But why would they create a monster who Would come and destroy them and then They go and attack them how does it work Well you're so you're making the Assumption as though Israelis created Netanyahu Netanyahu is supported by much Larger forces than the people of Israel

Or the people of Palestine he's funded By much much larger forces Okay and we'll get to that okay but the Point is um Netanyahu would not exist Where for the Israeli people being able To vote him out okay he was engineered In and everyone should just go do Research you know one year ago six Months ago there's huge protests of Israelis against nahu Okay so Netanyahu what he did was he he being Prime minister he went and changed the Judiciary he was going to fire the Attorney general who was going to indict Him that's why there were protests he Was going to be thrown in jail minina Nety was about on his way to be Convicted again so so given those three Things suddenly ham Hamas flying on These little planes you know Breaks into Israel if you talk to anyone I've been to Israel for six weeks Israel Is like a police state it Prides itself On this amazazing military amazing Surveillance it's got the Iron Dome so Anyone who's stupid Enough given what I've just shared to Think that Netanyahu and Israel were not Behind this needs to have their head Checked and if you are do not understand It after the facts I've given to you Then you're just a bloody idiot Okay that the Israelis are

Innocent it's these people people the People there's a difference between the People Yeah so there are many many Jews who are Anti-zionist it's it's no different than Saying Hindus are anti- cism okay there Are many Hindus who don't believe in the Cism they are not into brahmanism there Are brahans who are not into brahmanism Okay so there are many Jews who are Against Zionism all right and if you Want I'll play you a video shortly about Would you like to see a video about so Let me play you a video of a Um Jewish person who's clearly telling People that he is not um so this was one Of the tweets I shared earlier you may Remember okay I'm going to sh and by the Way I encourage going to go to my Twitter thread because uh it's really an Educational thread okay but if there is A a number of very very devout very Devout Jews um who are uh who are um Anti zionists and in fact I'll bring you A video of one of the priests a rabbi Like um um who will talk about this okay Like the difference between Judaism and Um Zionism it's right Here I think um I have to put the sound On so you can hear it Okay so here we Go all right so I have it here one Second let me just stop the screen I Just want to make sure the sound is on

So I want to share with people Um Window also Shar kind of Audio Okay So all Right all right so let me play this for You nothing they do not care for Jewish People they only care for one thing Zionism they can kill everyone do not Mind kill many Jewish people they can Kill if Zionism has to win Zionism is The biggest enemy the Jewish People and they fight and this is what That's why they're bringing blood shed To the Jewish people they nothing they Do not care for Jewish people they only Care for one thing Zionism Yes all right so people can look look at My Twitter feed okay any real Jew knows The concept of Judaism has nothing to do With setting up a state all right So Zionism is not Judaism all right and I can uh there's another video that I'll Play also of another uh Jewish me these Are these are your Jewish priests okay Like our Indian gurus okay or Indian Religious leaders okay who actually Understand what this is so um this is Another Rabbi let me bring this up this is Another Rabbi sharing his views not his Views the actual teachings of

Judism um exposing how nonsensical this Is um and again so here's this let me Play for you Here we have a message for this nak day For this 75 years of occupation we want The world to know that what is being Perpetrated against the Palestinian People the oppression the subjugation The terrible cruelty is not in the name Of our religion it is not in the name of The Star of David it is not in the name Of the Jewish people around the world Who are true to the Jewish religion Because we are Jewish and because we are True to our religion we are in total Opposition to the existence of the Zionist state of Israel I call Zionist State of Israel because it is Zionist it Is not Jewish Judaism in the Torah Forbids Jews to have our own sovereignty Our own entity since the destruction of The temples and Jews true to the Torah Never Aspire or try to have our own State we also are forbidden to kill or To steal the whole concept of taking This land away from the Palestinian People it is totally antithetical and is Contradictory to My Religion Jud ISM Jews have always from day one stood up Against this Zionist entity we as Jews Continue because we are true to the Torah we stand and demonstrate and we Cry and suffer and feel the suffering of The Palestinian people we want the world

To know we are in solidarity we are Together with the Palestinian people in Their suffering and we hope and pray to God constantly for the total end of the Occupation we want the world to know That the Zionist movement is not a Jewish movement it was a political Material movement created by Heretics And they simply try to incorporate our Religion in order to intimidate and Silence people and call them Anti-semitic if they stand in opposition But this is patently false anti-semitic Is supporting the state of Israel it is A cause of exacerbating anti-Semitism by Having this occupation it is a cause of Bloodshed of the Palestinians and Jews Alike it is the cause of the oppression Of not only the Muslims and the Christians in Palestine but of the Jews Hundreds of thousands of Jews stand in Palestine have lived their prior to the State they have lived and they Continuing to live till today and Demonstrate daily and get brutally Beaten and arrested this is the sad Story of this terrible neba it is a Tragedy a Calamity and God with his Compassion we hope we'll see the Suffering and even today the last few Days how you see daily the death and Suffering of the Palestinians and the Attacks it's all Zionism not Judaism god With his compassion should bring a

Speedy removal of the Zionist state of Israel so we could once again live Together in Harmon Jews and Arabs as we've had for all These hundreds and hundreds of years and Jews could show their gratitude to the Arab Muslim countries for their Embracing Jews and giving them a home Inshah soon in our days Amain all right so to all the people who Don't understand this that's a Jew That's a real Jewish scholar so Zionism In fact you will find those people huh What is the aim then what is the aim of What of this what has whatever has Happened in the last few days what is The intention right so add it up let's Use our intelligence here so let me I I Have to finish onethird the last fact Here okay in the Gaza and the Palestinian territories Are Trillion cubic feet of natural Gas 200 trillion cubic feet of natural Gas okay let me show you this last piece That'll again we need to go to the facts And then we can talk about what's going On and I you know I've shared this Before 200 trillion feet of natural gas And two billion barrels of oil in Gaza And Palestine territories now look at This graph this is a very important Graph here me do you see this graph yeah Yeah so the United States has no more

Zero It has this is the number of days of us Strategic petroleum reserves the US has Depleted all of its petroleum Reserves and according to this graph Which is on September 22nd the US has 17 Days left that's exactly on October 9th When this nonsense Started Okay so people just need to isn't this Something what they did in Ukraine as Well who did in Ukraine us Yeah what my point is is that the United States has no more strategic oil Reserves okay on October 9th 2023 as you Can see 17 days and this is from the US Department of energy okay yeah 17 days From September 22nd you added up right Eight days in September left that would Be September 30th and then you add nine Days exactly on October 9th okay so Again um the point here is there's two Trillion do two trillion Cub feet of Natural gas and two billion barrels of Oil so why is this important well Obviously it's important because it's Multiple they can kill multiple birds With one stone Netanyahu is about to go To jail the other many many parties in Israel don't like him he calls up Hamas Which he Created and it's amazing because we know Egypt two days before and multiple People told mad there's going to be an

Attack they and this is all well Documented now so you know someone's Going to attack you you know that you're Going to be thrown in jail Netanyahu Okay massive protest in Israel against Him by his own people forget the Palestinians okay you know that by the Way this is something everyone another Piece of fact the fifth piece of fact People need to understand Anthony Blinkin who's a secretary of state of The United States that would be like the SEC that that would be like the uh Minister of uh India foreign foreign Affairs imagine if he was also an Israeli citizen India does not allow Dual citizenship okay well the minister The secretary of state of the United States Anthony blinkin whose grandfather Was instrumental in setting up the state Of Israel is an Israeli Citizen okay in fact the Department of Homeland Security is an Israeli citizen Uh kamla Harris's husband is an Israeli Citizen there are at least 20 major Officials in the United States Government who are also Israeli Citizens and they have more loyalty to Israel than they do the United States it Needs to be understood to the Indians Wanting to put this in perspective Imagine if um Mod's right-hand man was Also a citizen of Israel all Right so Anthony blinkin

You know and by the way you know um this Guy netan studied in the United States So there so the Israeli zist Lobby is Like this so think about what's going on In the United States here's the sixth Piece of fact the United States economy Is tanking okay it's going down everyone Know there's supposed to be a major Crash in the United States any day so The financial system of the United States breaking down the entire US Economy is running on fumes Obama printed $8 trillion doll Trump Printed 8 trillion they basically print Money to keep the stock market going Up and the reality is that the United States Financial system is Breaking massively downward and I can um I I I think your audience should and I I I shared this you know at one of our Open houses um several uh days ago okay That if you look at the multiple Different economic indicators Okay the United States economy is Completely tanking in fact it's a Repetition of 19 the crash of 1987 is Taking place in the United States right Now Mina okay the exact same set of Circumstances the trucking industry is Going down like this credit card debt is The highest it's been since 1987 it's all the same signals so if You're the US elites and you know the econom is

Going to crash again you know your Friend Netanyahu is in trouble you're The ones who created Hamas okay Ukraine didn't work they Thought they would get all the American Public distracted with Ukraine they were Thinking of starting another fake Pandemic but what better way to Manipulate people than showing Israelis Being killed and tortured and these Babies being beheaded was tone to be Actually false right so it is very very Israel's remember mossad's thing you Know deception Thou shalt win through Deception War okay deception that is Their slogan the mission statement of of Mosad so you had Israel create Hamas Suddenly their amazing surveillance System which they spent billions of Dollars on the United States s sends Isra about a hundred billion dollars Okay doesn't work are you crazy they can Watch a fly on a you know elephant butt From the technology that they have and And and you have to ask where did these Paratroopers train with all their Different things they no one saw that Come on you have to be an idiot you have To really use your brain so this was Orchestrated and you know this World War I was orchestrated by the British to Make uh Kaiser wilham look crazy we know World are the Arabs fools to fall into The game are the Arabs fools to fall

Into their Game what do you mean are the Arabs Fools because see they they putting Their people you know uh at the stake Because they are the ones who are Attacking and getting killed isn't it no No no but Hamas was Created by Qatar what's that by Qatar country is Like Qatar as well isn't It no mosad funded it yeah that's in the That's in the beginning isn't it no even Now I just showed you that thing just Last year the head of mosad remember the Way they do is they they fund it through Second parties is telling Qatar to keep Funding Hamas how would it be if the Indian intelligence was going to some Radical group in Pakistan and saying Keep funding them what would you think And then suddenly there's an attack from Pakistan to India we have to understand There's an age all technique when a when A leader has problems internally he Points to someone else this has been Going on for 10,000 years okay So in everyone knows in India there's a Concept called communalism if a Hindu Goes to among the Hindus and say the Muslims don't like you you can start a War Muslim leader can go among the Hindus yeah to sorry right it's very Very easy in these ancient cultures to Start a war overnight people need to use

Their brains but again many educated Indians are idiots because they just get A degree they're working in an IT job You know maybe they go to Temple once But they don't study anything they're Morons okay so but the reality here is Number one Zionism is racism it has Nothing to do with Judaism number two we Need to understand that Hamas was Created by Israel we need to also Understand that you know uh I just Shared with you among the true Jews they Have nothing to do with Zionism we know There's 200 trillion cubic feet of oil I'm sorry gas and billion and two Billion barrels of oil in the Gaz a Strip okay and the Israeli Zionist and His beautiful beachfront property so and Netanyahu is under indictment these are Just facts now you put it all together Suddenly this people come on Paratroopers you know with their little Miss I mean it's crazy and it it breaks Through the Iron Dome right that Israel Prides itself on and boom what happens The next day Netanyahu gives a speech Saying okay we must all unite you see Classic so all these people who are Against him suddenly he's got them Scared they're uniting okay then they Say 40 babies heads were beheaded was T To be absolutely False all right and then you have idiot Indians suddenly supporting Israel not

Using their Brains so who profits from this I'll Tell you who profits from this number One the United States Zionist Elites Profit from this because they because The Zionist Elites control most of the Financial systems of the United States They know the financial system is going To go down how do you protect the Financial system from going down as it's Going down you're going to sure that you Make money and then you print money to Bring it back up how do you print money It's called quantitative easing and That's what occurred during the pandemic Right the economy was going down in 2019 Trump comes in suddenly they create this Thing called a pandemic the next thing They're printing 8 trillion dollar and It boosts up the stock market okay so Now you create a crisis so the real Crisis which is a financial crisis goes Into the background so now with the Israeli crisis Israeli Hamas War which Isn't even a war right how can it be a War there's two the United States has Given them two major aircraft Carriers right hundreds of Aircraft I mean can you can someone tell Me how many aircraft carriers of Palestinians have how many aircraft Carriers do they have how many tanks do They have this isn't a war it's a Massacre there nothing to do with war

There's no Israel Hamas War it's Israel Versus destroying the Palestinians Period And if you're into the Hindu Muslim you know nonsense you're a bloody Idiot that means you're falling in to The concept of race and religious wars And that's what people want so they can Distract you from the economic issues so That's what's going on so Netanyahu Overnight has all of his the 100,000 People are protesting they're gone all The Israelis now he can say we need to Unite and he teed it up so in the United States as this war goes on Biden and Whoever it is are going to be able to Basically say oh okay let us print more Money to help our friends Israel and the Only reason they're printing money is Because the US econom is running on Fumes so it's running on fumes they need To bring it back up and what better way Than to the only way the United States Economy is surviving right now is with Printing money because they're the Reserve currency that's the bottom line So that's what's really going on so People need to understand that Zionism Has nothing to do with Hinduism not no h to yeah going back to The point where isn't this the same Thing that Obama and uh Hillary didn't Did to Iraq and Syria yes yes so let's Talk about that so so whenever there's a Crisis you create something right what

To Libya uh it was Yeah they created Isis um it was Obama And Hillary Clinton who butchered Gaddafi butchered him in the streets Okay imagine someone coming and Butchering any us leader in the streets Of India or Delhi that's what they did Um and it was if you go look and we can Even go back to Bush times 9911 right Was created it's very very obvious that Okay the two building Towers go down no One even knows why building seven went Down no one can even it's a mystery Right another building that collapses And there's enough evidence so this was Essentially you know a uh a military Operation and that was used to go into Iraq I mean they're going to Saddam Hussein when they has nothing to do with Iraq right and what did the US Do They Seized all the oil of Iraq that's what They did right um World War I occurred Under very also the kind of atrocities That they did with the aidi women is What Hamas is doing Now well whenever you hear yeah yeah Well first of all you should look we Should you know it's is very dumb you Know people don't look at the atrocities That have been done to the Palestinian People and the Jews lot of people don't Understand that during the time of Hitler when the Jews were fighting those The in the Warsaw Ghetto against the

Nazis the zionists disarmed the Jews and they got butchered okay so There's Zionism and then there's Judaism Okay Zionism is a bunch of European White people who call themselves Ashan The Jews were zionists they butchered The people within and they continued to Occupy Palestine so we have to step back Okay 1948 since 1948 today even if you Look at the United States nearly $70 Trillion wealth has been transferred From from poor people to very wealthy People has all to do with Zionism the Financial system that that is run by so We have to look at the big picture here Yeah this has been going on for 80 years It's not like quote unquote Hamas went And attack people first of all Hamas was Created by Israel Hamas was created by Israel Hamas was created by Israel Everyone should say that as a mantra to Un-brainwash themselves okay Hamas Suddenly gets into Israel overnight Violating all their surveillance doesn't Make sense overnight Netanyahu is Cleared right he's protected now okay he He he was he's a convict he's convicted He's a war criminal he should be in jail Now so overnight and there was I repeat There was a civil war brewing in Israel Not because of the Palestinians but Among the Israelis themselves yeah Underst you've been reading about that Yeah yeah yeah but but people need to

Put this in the thing it is very easy Let me ask you this in the last 72 hours We've seen supposedly more Bloodshed Okay of babies pictures and supposedly Hamas killing these people can we see as Much Bloodshed in Ukraine where are all The pictures of all the babies dying in Ukraine I mean 500,000 people supposedly Have been killed in Ukraine right or Something injured and killed so why was That not Shown I'm asking you I mean this that war has been going on For a long period where all the crazy Bloody pictures on mainstream media but Within 72 hours the small group of People who break supposedly funded by Israel and we see their pictures Everywhere why would you do that on Mainstream media because you because we Know the mainstream media is propaganda It has an intention it has a goal okay To get a bunch of idiots it looks like The idiots don't want to use their brain They got over the pandemic crisis which Is a fake Crisis and now they want to go to the Next Crisis in the next Crisis right um but by the way let me Tell you something fascinating the United States Military um there's data coming up many Or most of the Military Officers do not Want to go fight for

Israel all right so in spite of all this Propaganda there's a lot of smart people In the army of the United States okay The dumb people are the Indians who are thinking Hinduism um has something to do with Zionism as though the Hindu is going to Fight the Muslim and we're fighting you Include also people like Modi Modi has political means Okay he's not dumb he has a he has a Goal okay very as much as nety has Leaders love to point unfortunately I'm Very disappointed with Modi you know I Think he's surrounded by more and more Idiots okay um people need to recognize That it's about consolidation of power Profit and control the Indian stock Market is very very high it's a bullshit Stock market everyone knows this it's Just hyped up okay it's madeup stock Market and Modi is writing his his Future on the Indian stock market the Adis and the ambanis and all these People I mean come on go read on a Friend of mine is a very very smart Financial guy looked at that guy abani's Perspectives because you can't even Understand it okay so um very important Someone just said Zionist sa Hindus Definitely okay Zionism is racism in the Service of globalism Zionism is not Judaism Zionism is Anti-Semitism this would be me telling

Uh you know the castism cast system is Hinduism it's not it's not true right so That's what they've done so they take Great teachings just like the Catholic Religion is not Christianity the Vatican You know just like the Vatican is not Christianity Zionism is not Hinduism and Brahmanism and cast system is not Hinduism okay so they've taken these Amazing teachings and they subvert them And they hijack them so it makes a lot Of sense why the probably the racist Casst Brahman brahmanism wants to Support Zionism because they're the same People same idiotic ideology of Separating people out So we need the same um um Dr Shiva you Know in Ukraine they see it's very rich With resources and that's why they walk You know There interest one of the important Hypothesis here Mina is that Um the last nons Subjugated um country is Russia okay Russia has its own National sovereignty Russia has close to1 trillion dollar Worth of minerals oil natural gas you Know precious metals everything diamonds As much as Africa did but what did the British do in Africa they went they Randomly Drew borders they went to one King had him fighting against another King like they did in India okay and Then the British essentially raped all

The resources of Africa divide and Rule So that was the intention in in in the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union broke Up in 1991 George Bush said that NATO would Not go one inch east of Germany but they Have the goal was always to for the Elites for the Western swarm as I call It the trillionaires the last um area That they wanted a gmany over is Russia and so you start a war in Ukraine To bleed Russia now you want to start a War on another Russian Syria because They know Russia defends Syria and then Iran so you think about where this is Going yeah yeah the goal is to have Russia fighting multiple Wars and that's very very valuable Especially if your economy is going down We know War always boosts economies the United States economy I repeat is Running on Fumes Elon Musk is not running any real Business okay his business exists Because he got government subsidies SpaceX he didn't create anything and any Indian who thinks Elon mus is some great Innovator also should have their brain Checked the guy is an actor he was Created okay SpaceX is got $7 billion From the government Tesla would not be Profitable but they got $1.5 billion in Carbon tax credits otherwise they'd be Word zero Twitter also is runs on the

Agis of government okay due to section 230 immunity so what we have to Recognize that the United States economy Is not the vibrant economy of true Bottoms of innovation it's running on Fumes and this is why in 2008 it crashed Under Obama and they should have allowed It to crash versus a gave all the Bankers eight billion eight trillion Dollar and they saved them then the Economy should have crashed again in 2020 Trump came in and saved it it's on Its way to crashing again and now They're creating a war that's what this Is about people have to follow the money Follow the money don't be an idiot and Get involved in you know Islam versus Hinduism or oh we're protecting Jews Stup so what's happening doctor in America does Trump stand a chance now or What is happening can you tell us about Well as everyone knows you know I'm Running for president of the United States our campaign has had a very Powerful effect in exposing all these Fake leaders we we've had to do the job In exposing Trump you know booby Kennedy Right all these people what's happening Is the American working public who works Very hard are all being taken advantage Of the economy is running on fumes and Every time they print money they create Inflation and the costs are are going up And up and up okay so the opportunities

A lot of people are realizing that Trump Was part of the problem he wasn't their Savior they're realizing all these Republican candidates are part of the Problem we've had to do the dirty job in Exposing this you know idiot uh V who Was created okay we call him V the snake Okay I mean this guy's a complete snake He's never created anything he if Anything did fraud okay he took $5 Million from somebody he went and found A drug this is VI PR I call him VI the Snake he took $5 million and everyone Should listen take notes again he took $5 Million started a company then went to The largest pharmaceutical company Called glos Smith Klein which had Created a drug for Alzheimers they did Clinical trials it not only failed once Failed twice failed four times this drug Failed clinical big clinical trials it's Done he went and buys that failed drug Mina okay puts it into his company then Has his mother his mother look at the Data for the failed clinical trial this Is called classic accounting massaging Throws away all the data where people Didn't complete the clinical trial and Then writes a paper in a very not even In a major journal not even in a speaker Session but in a poster session which is What a child can do high school student Can do says that the drug is a success

His mother uses his mother's data and Takes the company on the public market Makes raises money cashes out 50 million And then when they do the actual Clinical study guess what it fails the Stock goes from it loses 99% of value I'm sorry as an Indian this guy is not a Good representation of Indians who work Hard he's a scam artist he knew it was a Useless drug so overnight he's promoted He's created he's manufactured we need To understand yeah is this guy location Right V is a wef hack a Soros puppet Yeah so then he claims comes from a very Elite Brahman family went to a prep School he's against affirmative action Affirmative action is a plan like we did Quotas in India right to help the Schedule cast in the United States it's Called affirmative action now he had Made $2 Million the year Before he applies to Yale law school you Know and he applies for one of those Affirmative action Scholarships takes money that poor People when he doesn't believe in okay You see what I'm saying so so these are The kinds of people but we our campaign And our movement truth freedom and Health has been exposing these people so It's becoming so we've created a massive Disruptive Force because we have very sincere

People like I've articulated here who Are starting to use their brains they're Not oh my God you know let's support We're we're Hindus let's support um Against the Muslims you know it's going To come back to you know you know the Chickens will come home to roost and India it's kind of Idiocracy okay so we Need to be far more intelligent we need To use our Brains and we need to look at the actual Facts Hamas was created by Israel how the hell does these people on Little bicycle planes break the Iron Dome when there's satellites Now Everywhere that can watch you know you Can watch a little Yeah it's this the whole thing is Nonsense Netanyahu is pure devil if There's a syon it's Netanyahu so if you want to really look At some spiritual things you know the Whole goal of Hinduism and the goal of Shiva in Hinduism shite Hinduism is Shiva has his thr and he pierces Darkness which is ignorance and you know Maybe that's what I my job is here um But that's what we're doing here the Goal of Hinduism is to remove your Rosecolor glasses and to overcome Maya And illusion and to see things as they Are we live in the age of KH very Interesting indeed Dr Shiva because uh This is one side that we did not many of

Us didn't uh really look into and uh It's good that you explained this side Because many of our viewers now will you Know uh think about it in different ways It's uh what you say has a lot of sense To it and uh yes these are also things That we've been following so what Happened to Nathaniel before and the Kind of protests you know he faed so There's a lot of Truth to what you're Saying and we're ending our session so Thank you so much for this wonderful Talk with you and wish you all the best You know in thanks Mina just people Should go to truth freedomhealth.com and Shiva numeral for president.com if they Want to volunteer thank you m thank you So much and good night be well good Night Good night Dr Shiva thank you so much

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