Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Trump, Booby F’n Kennedy Jr: Two Demons, Same Devil.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Trump, Booby F’n Kennedy Jr: Two Demons, Same Devil.

Welcome to the Boston reality show I'm Sean Collins the guy with a lot to say And I'm actually here with a very Special guest Mr Dr Shiva How are you doing today I'm doing good Sean how are you I'm very great I was going to give a College effort to your last name But anyways It's actually pretty easy so think about I adore you and just say I adore I adore I adoree I actually In my own mind That's okay But I appreciate you giving me your time You are actually the first independent Press presidential candidate They've had a multiple libertarian Candidates on my show now so it's cool Man if you want I will I am one of those People who will never give status an Opportunity to platform on here just Because I don't believe in what they're Spitting but uh at the end of the day Thank you so much for doing this I Appreciate your time and uh let's get a Brief bio on you because not all of my Followers might know about you so let's Start with that and go there Yeah so I'll try to keep it brief how Much time you want me to take five Minutes two minutes you know um Okay well Um

I think the uh key thing people want to Understand is Um a couple of keywords one is systems You know I'm a system scientist so I've Been studying systems all my life Medical Systems political systems Engineering systems Your body is a system every system in The universe everything is a system What is a system a system is a set of Interconnected parts and what emerges Out of those connected Parts is Something that's greater than the sum of Those parts it's called an emergent Property anyway but I'm a systems guy You know I created the first email System Um uh created a whole system recently For modeling the whole human cell on the Computer uh created the first email Management system created one of the First systems to bring artists and Creative people together Um did a lot of research on integrating Ancient systems of Medicine with modern Systems biology And that led to my Discovery a very Profound discovery that there are Fundamental principles that govern every System Um and these same principles govern your Body or they govern uh you know a Thermostat in your home Um your um you know how your body

Maintains temperature everything is Called a control system but more Importantly I find out I discovered These control systems principles also Existed about 10 000 years ago so really The integration of east and west Um so that's been one aspect of my Journey as a system scientist the second Part of my journey has been I've been a Um you could call a fighter you know a Not a booby effing Kennedy bullshit Fighter but a real fighter I've had to Face Injustice my whole life Not like someone whining about Injustice But actually had to fight it not someone Who had golden plated toilets like Trump Or booby effing Kennedy could spit in a Cop's face and get away with it or Um you know he could do all sorts of Crap in his parents and bail him out and Get him into Harvard Um so when I mean Injustice is seeing The Injustice of the caste system you Know the Injustice of Um recognizing that I would always have To work about three to five times harder Than other people because of the many Many Actual levels of discrimination you know It went from jealousy to hatred of my Skin color or hatred of the fact that Um you know I grew up in working class Towns and the fact that when you make Achievements people get upset with that

Um to the journey I took through sharing The invention of email which I never Wanted credit for Um and even now you know I was a guy who Discovered the entire Um backdoor portal into Twitter you know Um Meaning the entire infrastructure of the Government's Um collusion with big tech companies That came out on our lawsuit in fact the First sentence of our lawsuit is called The weaponization of government Well right now the Republicans are Running the charade Jim Jordan a guy Called Thomas Massey who are by the way Funded by big Tech so they bring in this Douchebag Kennedy to act as though he's A fighter to act as though he's him and The Democrats don't get along but all of These guys get along Um and we'll talk more about that but I've always had to expose Truth at a very fundamental level not What you think is truth you know so if I Want to talk about today's talk it's Really about Trump And boo BF and Kennedy to me they're the Two demons they have the same Devil father in some ways they all come From the same piece so this is what we Need to understand And once people really understand this They actually can achieve their own

Liberation we had a Um so my journey has been that Understanding right from growing up in India Coming to the United States growing up In working class towns Inventing email inventing many things Getting a bunch of degrees at MIT which It wasn't something I just pursued it's Things I went after because I enjoyed Certain things starting seven eight Different companies Um you know creating now the founder of The movement called Truth Freedom Health About a half a billion people in the World know about it about a half a Million members at varying levels but It's fundamentally a model learn teach And serve And in that model we're teaching people This very fundamental science of systems You see when you look at political Theory when I was a kid I saw Injustice Around me and I was very very curious Starting at age of four I read Everything I could get a hold of you Know from that point left wing right Wing Um uh libertarian whatever you want to Call it anarcho syndicalist all that Stuff you know so we can talk theory all Day too but the reality is most of those Theories Were built developed by some reasonably

Smart people at a time when they had no Understanding of engineering system Science which only came to really being In 1957 with the work of Ilya pagrone You know and the work that was done by Norbert Weiner and cybernetics and Claude Shannon Just like imagine you're trying to build A bridge and you didn't know Newton's Equations you may build it right and Sometimes it'll work and sometimes it'll Fall apart right You may try to fly you're probably going To jump off a cliff and die most of the Time but once you understood Bernoulli's Principle you could build aircraft and We know we have airplanes up in the sky Which have tubs and toilets and people Are playing ping pong you know it's Quite extraordinary right when we Discovered Maxwell's equations we could Create Motors and we could harness Electricity in powerful ways and Magnetism up until that point people Thought you could never do that and what I'd like to basically posit to people is That just like those great discoveries I've discovered the principles of Systems that can you can use it for your Body you can liberate Humanity And you can really get a handle of all Systems it's very profound you know so That's been my life's journey Um you know I've put together a

Curriculum on this Um by the way all the elites know the Science of systems 10 to 20 000 people Know this quite well and they use it to Manipulate people for power profit Control now if you understand the Physics of this we can use it for truth Freedom Health our own liberation George Soros is actually if you look at His academic credentials he's considered One of the leaders in system science he Did reflexivity Theory so what I've I Used to teach at MIT but like Prometheus Bringing fire to the masses right what We've done with system science is really Bring that to everyone If you have a son or daughter they can Learn it And teach it So this is probably the most profound Thing because they wanted to keep this Set of knowledge to a finite set of People But once you understand system science You go beyond uh look when Marx or Adam Smith wrote when Adam Smith Wealth of Nations or Marx rodeos Capital which I've actually read a lot of people talk About Marx or communism and they've Never even read it or bakunan's work Right when you read these The Works of These people they sort of Retrospectively gotten certain things Right but prospectively they were always

Off a little bit Um you could argue probably the works of Thomas Paine got certain things right Lenin got certain things right you know If you actually read his work like State And Revolution you know he understood Um some of these fundamental Contradictions he critiqued the So-called marxists you know Um how they try to blunt uh how they try To put under the rug the fact you have To destroy the state at a fundamental Level meaning destroy the state meaning That things have to be decentralized at A very fundamental level Um and as long as the state and this is Frankly the philosophy is very similar To Classic liberalism that's what's Funny you know it was you and the Creator and there was supposed to be Nothing in between us So but what we have when we look at a Trump and a Kennedy the fundamental Difference between them and me is I Believe In you the concept of the human being Uh having infinite power and a state you Know in the John Locke model of the State Um was it the state was there to Ameliorate class differences right okay We had differences the government would Come in and make us one big Kumbaya Right

And it's actually not true the state was Created actually to ensure that Oppression took place right you ensured That one set of people Um were elevated what I in my video I Call it the Swarm and the other set of People always look to those people who Are basically part of the state to help Them so When you get to a systems understanding And by the way Um I'll play a video for you shortly so People understand it'll inspire people But It took me a long time probably 50 some Odd years to put all these pieces Together And create a curricula out of it a Community out of it and a fundamental Understanding but a lot of our effort One of the principles is for people to Overcome the not so obvious Establishment I'll give you an example There was a A medical doctor by the way we do open Houses every every Thursdays at 11 A.M And and you should come at 8 pm Sean uh We do it 11 A.M from EST and 8 pm and go To VA shiva.com orientation and we do a Town hall for the presidential campaign Shiva for president number four slash Town hall and what we share with people Here is people come from all over the World in the United States

And we're seeing in 2023 is there is a Growing recognition that the left and The right is screwed them okay so that's Becoming apparent But what people need to overcome is That's only two parts of the deception The other part of the deception is on Another axis the obvious establishment And the not so obvious establishment so You really have a grid the left and the Right here and over here you have the Obvious and not so obvious establishment So you have the left obvious Establishment Right which includes people like the Obamas the clintons and so on right and You have the left not so obvious Establishment which includes like the Aoc's the Sanders you know the stupid Booby fucking Kennedys and over here on The right Um And you you know you have to curse at This guy because he's just an asshole Complete bullshitter complete charlatan Complete demon and over Yeah and um And I judge People's State of Consciousness if they've gotten over Trump or Kennedy if they haven't they're Sort of living this one of these grids Of what I call it the grid of Imprisonment you know because the other Models you have the obvious right-wing

People like the McConnells and the Bushes right the berry gold Waters these Kind of people but then you have the not The the right has always had a vacuum of The not so obvious establishment they Have the Tea Party and they have this Idiot Rand Paul you know Um who's a doofus you know he gets a lot Of money from Big Tech you should look It up okay Um But Trump had to be created the Maga Movement is part of the not so obvious Establishment on the right You see they had a vacuum okay so that's Why Trump was created But once you understand the physics of This Um so anyway Um this doctor guy had seen Joe Rogan's Video and Rogan follows me but will Never put me on in spite of all the People telling him because he's he's Basically a uh You know the you know he's basically a Prostitute for the establishment he's Owned by Ari Emmanuel he's owned by Spotify he's part of a multi-billion Dollar brand he watches which way the Wind blows Um and um that's how he operates right So he was promoting Monsanto during 2013 And 2014. I had done some of the most Preliminary research exposing genetic

Engineered Foods Eddie Bravo's close Friend said you gotta have Dr Shivan he Couldn't do it why couldn't he do it Because he's essentially uh you know one Of the nuts of the establishment okay And he knows where's bread is buttered Um so what we have now is something Quite fascinating Since around this late 70s as workers Movements died in this country Um The Establishment from the left and The right took over And they've been ensuring that people Don't build movements Particularly decentralized Self-organizing movements independently Rising from Below And system science reveals that Self-organizing movements which means Not some union leader not some Kennedy Or some mobster coming in and say oh Yeah I'm going to run your union Naturally Bottoms Up you know and those Movements did occur in the late 1800s They occurred in the 1900s all over the World and that's what scared but the Fear of God into the establishment those Movements got you the eight-hour workday Into child labor they stopped you know They delivered certain gains not Everything but they were powerful They're the ones who gave us clean water Right to some extent infrastructure Which resulted in by 1962 most of the

VAC all the measles was gone 1963 they Created the vaccines but 99 of measles Has gone then Um but the establishment Reorganized in 1970 Because they could not have working People rising up bottoms up Self-organizing so they created the not So obvious establishment Or repeat that they created a technology Called the not so obvious establishment And that technology involved doing Theater where One Wing of the Establishment the obvious establishment On the left or right would fight against The not so obvious establishment and That's what you saw with booby fucking Kennedy fighting against the left Establishment okay But mind you booby Kennedy supported Lockdowns boobies Kennedy supports Elon Musk when Elon Musk is now running Censorship 10.0 on Twitter So you have a cabal now which is a Neo-establishment media cabal Joe Rogan Elon Musk booby fucking Kennedy Trump right and all of these People are actors They're entertainers they have no Relationship to working people in this Country and Um so anyway this doctor saw Rogan's Video with booby Uh fucking Kennedy and he was oh my God

He's saying all the right things he's Saying all the right things and somehow Fortunately I had done a video exposing Rogan And Fucking Mr steroid okay Um injections by the way steroids are Going to be a quarter of a trillion Dollar industry By 2029 they have a 10 000 times more Chance of causing blood clots in your Body Then the Mr both cause blood clots have A certain proclivity okay certain risk Factor But steroids up about 10 000 times more So here's this fucking idiot shooting Himself with steroids promoting that to Kids Right and other people which is by by The way steroids legal trt steroids are Going to become one of the biggest uh uh Pandemic the next you know Um and you can write that down Um the MRNA vaccine Um is going to be about 120 billion Dollar industry by end of you know 2029 And Um both from Big Pharma both have a Certain precluded for blood clots but Steroids cost 10 times more booby uh Freaking Kennedy Um you know when I got to know this Fellow you know as a scientist you know

My PhD is in biological engineering I Know more about this in all of these Presidential candidates combined and More I'm more than you know I'm Considered one of the leaders in the Field of the immune system Um so it was uh my work in 2019 that was Uh you know recognized by the National Science Foundation I delivered the Prestige lecture on the modern science Of the immune system you see I've been Doing medical research all my life since I was 14 years old when I did work on Why babies were dying their sleep I'm back in Rutgers medical school so It's something I'm very deeply Passionate about so when the pandemic Took place you can go look at it go look At March of 2020 I was the first one to Call out fauci I was the first one to Start organizing demonstrations in the World against lockdowns booby fucking Kennedy promoted lockdowns in fact he Promoted strict lockdowns let me repeat To everyone all you people want to suck Off booby Kennedy Kennedy supported Strict lockdowns and if you think about It March of 2020 was the most critical Time in world history Definitely the most critical time in U.S History because that decision of Lockdowns led to everything else 16 Trillion dollars in economic losses for The American public that led to

People dying on ventilators they Couldn't see their loved ones Booby fucking Kennedy promoted not just Lockdowns strict lockdowns more than Even fouchy wanted Yes and now let me interrupt you real Quick When It was right around that time in 2020 When you were speaking out against the Covet lockdowns and against the the Vaccine itself now You know for somebody like me that was a Big deal because what you were doing at That very moment was very brave and when And if people think otherwise they're Crazy because that was career suicide What you were doing yeah and I think I Think Sean it's very important to Mention look I went to the number one engineering and Technology School in the planet in the Entire universe you could say okay Um to get into MIT About a hundred thousand students Applied a thousand get in When I came to MIT I was recognized as Three of those top thousand students now The PHD program 50 you know it's even much more smaller Set of people that even make it and then After you get accepted you have to take An exam there's only a 50 rate of people Even succeeding

So an MIT PhD you know there's a there's A stupid song M-i-t-p-h-d m-o-n-e-y it's a very Valuable degree It's a very funny story right you know You can build for quite a bit of money But as a MIT guy with that MIT PhD me Coming out you're putting your entire Reputation on the line You were big time and I was exposing Fauci which means I'm never going to get NIH grants if I ever want to apply Because he essentially controls the NIH So booby fucking Kennedy was promoting Lockdowns contrast that Fucking prick to me And Trump so put Trump and booby over Here Who were locked up and Barrel with fauci Trump doesn't have any big balls he's Got very small balls so does booby now After he's taken all those injections Okay Um no seriously these guys puff their Chest out but these guys are actually You know they're not men okay they Really aren't Uh all these Maga people oh yeah well Trump you know poor Trump who's under Attack well now he's saying he's going To obliterate the Deep State bullshit he Brought in the Deep State he he didn't Drain the swamp Right so people need to understand Trump

Is a bullshitter okay Um And if you're a Christian and you talk About and if you're a woman Who cares about other women Um it's disgraceful that you you would Support any individual like this These people hate women At a very fundamental level you know Banging a prostitute while your wife's Pregnant Having affairs with 38 women And you drive your wife to hang yourself And he was fine with that so you have to Look at these people's personal and Public integrity and they have zero They're demons and but go back to 2020 And you can look at my tweets Fortunately I'm back on Twitter and you Can see that okay And you will see in March of 2020 I put Out a tweet I said this quote unquote Event the pandemic will go down in History to destroy economies okay to Destroy our freedoms and to destroy uh And to push mandated medicine I called It like that why was I able to do that Because I did my fucking hard work since I've been 14 years old studying Not fucking partying and spitting in Cops faces like booby Kennedy not Fucking playing football on skis and Getting fucking drunk and getting thrown Out of school and then Mom and Papa get

You into Harvard and then you can't even Pass the fucking bar this guy's a Fucking moron And I had some idiot political Consulting oh Shiva you shouldn't be so Angry with you shouldn't use those words Well let me tell you something fuck you They do not want us talking with these Words and if you are a human being and You've experienced not only the Injustice I've experienced but the Empathy I feel for everyone a deep Empathy you will speak with these words With righteous anger and if they try to Tell you not to use curse words tell Them to go fuck themselves because that Is part of the censorship that they're Doing they do not want you To use your natural anger They want to contain it oh you know Political Consultants what the fuck is a Political consultant that's like a Person who says you know who teaches but They can never do anything right Yeah Exactly but we don't need to listen to Political Consultants because all They're doing is trying to massage you Into the obvious or not so obvious Establishment and to the left to the Right we must curse at these people and Again if you're a Christian go look at And if you want to say you're a Christian please go look at the two at

Least three incidents where Christ took A whip and he beat the shit out of the Pharisees and the Sadducees ninety Percent of Christians do not want to Consider that event Oh well uh well you know CR well no why Did you consider that event why did he Do that They don't want to consider it because It shows and I'm sure Christ said fuck You and took the whip he didn't he Didn't just hit the whip okay I'm sure He was cursing at them but he was going Up to the not so obvious establishment The Romans were easy the bidens the Clintons the bushes that's easy but the Booby fucking Kennedys and the Trump are The real enemies and anyway this medical Doctor seen this Joe Rogan video you Know them all having a Love Fest him Promoting him right because they need Kennedy to bamboozle people sucker them Back into the establishment say all These words Hitler said of a lot of Great things right Mussolini said a lot Of great things Charles Manson said a Lot of fucking great things so if you're A dope and he goes well he said a lot of Great things then you're probably a Fucking idiot because you don't have the Wisdom to see what they actually did Booby fucking Kennedy endorsed lockdowns And he justified it in two ways if you Read his tweet which he deleted that's

He's a stalinist he deletes his old Tweets okay trying to change his history It's a stalinist he's a self self-style Stalinist and what did he what does he Do there he deletes the Tweet where he Says in the middle of the heat of March Of 2020 which is the most critical Period for leadership okay a true leader Says what needs to be done not what is Opportune and remember this idiot Doesn't know any science he doesn't even Know a lot about vaccines he got Everyone else telling him it probably Has a earpiece in his ear because he's Fried his brain and he needs that but He promoted lockdowns because it was Going to stop the spread of covet and he Said his says in that tweet oh if we Take away the lockdowns it'll spread Faster and a double whammy says this is Going to support the environment uh and Stop climate change okay So you have This fucker Who promotes fundamentally promotes a Carbon tax now We talked about anacarcynicalism let's Say decentralization in 1962 you may Want to write this down is when the Kennedy vaccination Act was passed I Call it the Kennedy vaccination act so Think about 1962 John F Kennedy And Kennedy was a fucking dope he's a Fucking dick himself he had venereal

Disease You shouldn't have never gotten into and I say this because people need to Recognize this guy was Completely a reckless individual He was unqualified to get into the Navy His father had to make the phone calls Because they needed a Kennedy to be President So his father gets him in the Navy he Blows up a ship which is considered one Of the biggest blunders they retool that Spin that to say he was always a great War hero And then they write a book for him find Some ghost writers to write a Pulitzer Right his entire life was orchestrated By Joseph Kennedy uh essentially a Mobster fundamentally a mobster okay And Kennedy his recklessness almost got The world blown up his recklessness is The one that escal he's the one who Started Vietnam and his brother RFK Booby says oh my father was a man of Peace bullshit your father was a fucking Warmonger he's the one and we it's in The Senate he was on the floor of the Senate Supporting LBJ Oh would be Bench what people forget It well well they these people not only Bank on people's Amnesia they just lie They just fucking lied they have Spin

Doctors so booby fucking Kennedy's Father RFK was a prick Both of them were banging Marilyn Monroe And God knows how she died right she Dies too all right But booby fucking Kennedy's father on The floor of the Senate He didn't say oh my God we should stop The war in Vietnam he goes oh this would Be Um uh reprehensible if we pulled out Okay And his brother's the one who got him Into the war So we have to understand the Kennedys Are assholes and all these well how why Did John F Kennedy die who the fuck Cares Why the fuck do you care how he died They're Mobsters you'll never figure it Out mob cheray may have used the CIA Mobster B may have used the FBI because They're all one right they're all legal And illegal Mobsters they're State Capitalists they're one So if you're trying to be a peasant here And I give this example Sean go back Thousand years you're living on You're living in some Kingdom you're Living in one Kingdom I'm living another King we're both serfs my the king there Comes and rapes and pillages my family He steals you know seven horses right

And your king does something else right To you and we're both sitting around and Saying well the king isn't that bad he's A nice guy because he gave me a little Bit of wheat today and he let me take a Shower today he gave me some hot water And this is a fucking kind of peasant Slave mentality Actually to what we're living today Booby Kennedy supported lockdowns write It down fact Write it down please what What Let's get another way Kennedy I know He's not your boy I'm just saying that To be funny but your boy booby Kennedy Comes out and says you know X Y and Z Against the pharmaceutical industry and The vaccine itself now you have receipts Which you have posted on social media of Him saying hey I believe in the vaccines my family's Vaccinated you know and and and vaccines Are okay pretty much you have that video Yeah the way I got that video was a guy Called Jake Crosby who worked for Kennedy a young kid a young Epidemiologist who realized booby Fucking Kennedy was brain was fried and He was a fucking moron left booby Kennedy and he sent me that video with Booby does not want anyone else to find And in that video it's about a 10 minute Video and he says I am pro-vaccine I am

Emphatically pro-vaccine I vaccinated All my fucking children all seven of Them with all 69 vaccines and then he Pre and then and then the Kennedy cult Members or Star fuckers they said oh Well you left off the other part of the Video well the other part of the video Is even worse because then he goes into Saying the series is corrupt you see Fork tongue they're so horrible blah Blah blah blah blah but I'm gonna get Them to make safe vaccines Think about the fucking ludicrousness of What he's saying And how is he going to get them to make Safe vaccines he's going to create more State apparatus that's how he's going to Do it now you got to understand The government should not be in our Bodies period Period period there's no like like gray Area here the government should not be Dictating what you eat what goes into Your bodies what you get injected with Fucking John Kennedy John Kennedy a prick he's not Camelot He's not King Arthur he's a prick okay That's what he is John and we're we were All brought up to zahal John Kennedy Great photographs PR machine in India When I was growing up every every Hut There was a fucking picture of John Kennedy that's the level of PR that they Did okay like putting chairman Mouse

Picture up everywhere right But 1962 Kennedy signs into law the Kennedy Of 1962 vaccination act that gave the Right for government to stick shit into Your body Mandate it and it created an entire Government state apparatus Now think about what I'm saying prior to 1962 there's nothing about jabbing you With something okay and making it a law Now after 1962 the fucking Kennedys the Fascist Kennedys Are the ones who created that They were the fascists they were the Imperialists John Kennedy fucking wanted To invade every country in the fighting Communism you have no right to go if the Vietnamese people want to choose their Way of life who the fuck are you to go And send poor blacks and poor whites Over there to fight the yellow Man Okay Who wants to choose his own way who the Fuck are you to do that the Domino Theory You're Gonna Fly halfway around The world and who did they send they Sent poor blacks and poor whites And children to do this yes Yes They're Wars and Kennedy did that Eisenhower but Kennedy's the one when You started getting military action on The ground

And Robert F Kennedy escalated that war So we got to get the history straight Please take notes because if you listen To booby dickhead fascist prick Kennedy He's gonna create a new story because Remember the Kennedys are PR Masters They can take Charles Manson and make Him look like Jesus Christ Kennedy himself his wife booby Kennedy's Wife has hanged herself very few women Hang themselves And she hanged himself after she saw his Diary talking about how other women Mugged him he also blames women that's The level of misogyny here Talks about his quote unquote sexual Conquests okay the wife is distraught Hangs herself after she hangs herself They hold a ceremony a funeral Sean and In the funeral all the Press is allowed To see imbowing over his wife's name The next day they dig up the body Without any permits and move it Elsewhere That's how much they hated her so please If you're a woman please go tell your Women friends That you're a fucking idiot that if you Support this guy Have some fucking love for women real Love Real love for the mother principle you Know real love for your sisters But if you support this fucking guy it

Means you hate women You despise your fellow women And if you're a man it means you despise Your wives You despise your girlfriends you despise The notion of women That you want them to be treated like Whores and prostitutes So please think about what I'm saying Really think about it and then you put Fucking Trump over here He bangs where the fuck he wants he Bangs a woman while his wife is pregnant Pores and then pays them off okay and if You're a fucking Trumper I don't give a Fuck about that I'm well I'm a Christian I'm forgiving him well great forgive him But that's the best standard Bearer that You have And then we're not that's just basic Principles of human values Now you get to the point of policy Kennedy and Trump supported lockdowns in March of 2020 the most critical time in Human history I sent Trump a letter on March 23rd as An MIT scientist is an expert in the World on this Marla Maples delivered it To him she called me if she goes me and Tiffany love you Dr Shiva you're doing All these videos to try to help us all These health videos I used to do two to Three videos a night on vitamin D3 on Quercetin zinc I never sold this shit

Like Alex Jones or zelenko I'm sure I Drove a billion dollars in sales And we helped millions and millions of People all over the world God knows how many lives that I saved I Still get letters to this day my son was In the ICU I followed your protocol for 100 grams vitamin C drip otherwise it Would have been killed with a cytokine Storm okay that's what I was doing Canada supporting lockdowns fucking Demon Right in the middle of the most Important time you judge a leader by did They say and do the right thing at the Right time then the motherfucker steals All and by the way the next on April I Started the hashtag firefoxy campaign Because I knew this guy was full I had No no vacillation Kennedy didn't say shit against fauci Zero in March April he stole all my Material His ghost writers and they write the Firefoxy book plagiarist on many levels Plagiarizes all my material today why Because they know I'm the real Agent of Change they know the movement for truth Freedom health is a real agent And so they have to create the false Idol that's what the devil does to Sucker people back into the elites That's why fucking Kennedy has been Created

He's a moron I've asked him to debate me In April of this year But Well not only that not only that he has His little boy he's like fucking Rogan Fucking this tool Russell Brand Who's no means spiritual he's another Demon protecting him because all they All get views and clicks now Sean it's a Cabal it's a media cabal Elon Musk Drives views to people who support Kennedy Kennedy sucks him off Kennedy Praises musk oh yeah you're fighting Censorship are you fucking serious the Level of Shadow Banning I'm under I'm in A digital cage Now worse than it was in Many ways than Jack Dorsey so people Need to understand if you want a real Fighter you're looking at him right here Because I've been fighting all my life Kennedy's never had to fight for fucking Anything Trump has never had to fight For anything he's had to fight after he Went bankrupt he fucking lost most of His father's money he's not a Businessman he's made more money after Being president Oh well you know he gave up a lot all of His business for fucking tanking come on It was just licensing deals he had no Sustainable business his live golf Course his golf courses made 500 million Dollars this year he may never made that Much money

Truth social a big valuation Jared Kushner Two billion dollars free loans right and Then you know whether it's Biden or Jared Kushner they're the same Trump Pardoned Biden's father Who had done blackmailing getting a Prostitute to Blackmail his own Brother-in-law I mean think about the quality of these People Assange did not get a pardon the January 6 people didn't get a pardon but A fucking blackmailer who hired a Prostitute to Blackmail his own Brother-in-law gets a pardon you got to Look at the filthy nature of these human Beings these are demons They're not you or I you or I do Anything these people have done we've Been in jail for 20 years And the funny thing is He he trained the swamp he didn't drain Shit he didn't drain the goddamn thing If we're being honest he didn't even Drink shit No he didn't drain Nuts Right he hasn't done anything credible Besides rile up a crowd now was the Economy good under Trump I will give him That yes but the government does not Make the economy people do and that's What people need to realize well we need To we need to realize what was going on

Let's talk about the economy okay What was going on is And this is very important globally India was growing at 67 per year the American economy is growing and it's not Because of fucking Trump I mean if you come in two years oh it's My because of me are you fucking Retarded what the fuck are you talking About And I mean that in a way that your brain Cells are fucked up okay I mean that Because what that means Is that the economy goes through Cycles But it was a small businesses which were Fueling incredible growth globally and The elites do not like growth you know Why why don't they like growth bottoms Up because what that does it increases Interest rates Because they're because because if a Business is growing if you and I are and We're growing which is a good thing We're going to take more loans to grow Our business the price of money will go Up which it should be natural the cost Of money should be around six percent it Shouldn't be one percent okay and so all The elites rely on low interest loans Because they don't have any real Businesses if you look at most of the Elites businesses none of their business What they're doing is moving money from Here to here so they had relied on low

Interest loans You know Jared Kushner he doesn't know How to make money Trump doesn't know how to make money What they do is they rely on oh I want To build that skyscraper okay That's going to be a billion dollars I Have a building over here that's worth Half a billion dollars I'm going to Leverage it take 80 percent of that I'm Going to get 400 million dollars in Loans and I'm going to buy that building You see the entire real estate market is About taking one asset you have Using that asset as collateral to raise Money at a low interest rate all of the Real estate and all of the quote-unquote Hyper capitalists need low interest Rates they do not want small businesses Creating a real economy so what's Happening was In a very legitimate way Entrepreneurialism was starting to grow Small businesses were growing and they Said fuck we can't have this all my my I Won't be able to get loans Trump Wouldn't be able to get low interest Loans Jared Kushner wouldn't be able to Get low interest loans so they needed to Break the economy which means so you Have you know you have You know you you can how you control the Money supply can be a gas pedal right Um or breaking on the economy right

So they need to break the economy what Better way to break the economy than Create a fucking pandemic and do a Lockdown Think about what I'm saying It was a perfect scenario right because Or who understand Understand Right but but more than that more than That Sean the ability to explain this is What I do all day long I want to make This easy for people to understand Because when you really think about it's Like a gas pedal And a break in your car so that's what They can do they needed to slow down They said holy shit we got to break the Econ we can't allow this growth because Interest rates are going to get to their Natural state around six percent because Small businesses are growing we're Thriving real businesses would be going Where the these people are running fake Businesses What business is Jared Kushner running Can you tell me what he's doing Like he's not running a business he Doesn't make anything he relies on low Interest loans then using mama and Papa's money Google gaga he takes that Money and goes by shit over here and Then he says oh I'm a great businessman Well any fucking fool Could Be a Real Estate Mogul if you have mama and papa

Feeding you money you you know they feed You first money second money and you get Loans from your friends so that's what It's about so they need to slow slow Down the economy in order to slow down The economy they did a pandemic they did A lockdown this is why Trump and Kennedy Supported lockdowns in that critical Period Because they're billionaire friends Needed them to support lockdowns get it Through your head these people serve Billionaires I used to live in Malibu I Used to be married to some a Hollywood Actress out of there Malibu there's a Place called billionaire Road they all Live in one Circle they all go to Nobu The same fucking restaurant You see so I've been on a fly on the Wall and more of that more than that Which many of you will never have the Opportunity I've been an Insider but I Never became one of them because I Always remembered where I came from These people hate you and they need it To serve their billionaire friends they Created the pandemic they created the Lockdowns And therefore they slowed the economy Put the brake on it they kept the Interest rates low which is what they Needed Right and who fuck got fucked small Businesses who were thriving

Small businesses You're talking to me it was I've been Always a small business okay everything I've built all my companies are my own Innovations my own patents and I built a Company I never even took Venture money Okay my bottom line is this they hate Real Innovation they hate you they Freaking hate you so that's why they did The lockdowns Kennedy supported Lockdowns repeat after me Sean let Everyone know Kennedy supported Lockdowns Kennedy supported yes Trump so And they're both probably bang the same Women together okay And they're all part of the same Incestuous click and that's why you have Trump now praising booby and booby Saying yeah I like Trump if you notice They're praising each other That's what they're both doing Yeah quote-unquote opposite side of the Fence oh I respect him yeah I'm so glad He Praises me You're all being played guys wake the Fuck up so both individuals Supported lockdowns which caused the United States economy 16 trillion Dollars And during that period 600 of their Billionaire friends I bet you if you Look at all their billionaire friends And I know many of these people who they Know there's a one degree of Freedom

They've probably been to booby or Trump's house for dinner they probably Hung out with them they probably got a Jeffy Jeffrey Epstein's Island together All right it's the same click so 600 Billionaires increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion dollars follow the fucking Money And then to to put to put shit in your Face Kennedy writes a book called the Real Anthony fauci arm against lockdowns So he makes money fucking you over During the lockdowns Promoting lockdowns and then he makes Money against the lockdowns he goes oh President Biden and Trump were for Lockdowns you were for lockdowns Motherfucker You lying piece of shit And that is what he is Forget these things yeah they want they Want people to uh have amnesia someone Says Yeah Bang the same women together That yeah they did I'm being serious I Bet you they they have the same women Many women they bang together I'm Telling you guys Their children go to the same equestrian Clubs they all go to the same Restaurants they all go to Ibiza to Party they're all the same fucking Clique And there there's not too many degrees Of freedom

And they have certain center points Arie Emmanuel Who is the biggest agent in Hollywood Owns Endeavor he knows the Kennedys he's Trump's agent he's Joe Rogan's agent he Used to run William Morris agency which Now got renamed as Endeavor Elon Musk Was asked to be on the board of that Airy Emanuel runs political theater he Knows all the politicians these are Agents he runs Hollywood Theater he runs UFC he owns UFC and then he just bought WWE do you understand They treat you like freaking stupid Masses and that and in fact What's that we're a bunch of jabronis When it comes to that and they in fact I've heard them say face to face the Masses are asses And that is how they treat you so they Say okay for these groups of masses We're going to give them WWE wrestling Arie Emmanuel owns he bought Vince McMahon's for seven billion WWE oh these people okay they're a Little more sophisticated in WWE I'm Going to give them UFC There is no coincidence that Trump you See him at UFC matches because he's part Of the theater And then for people want Hollywood to Give you Hollywood Theater and then they Have political theater This is all theater it's all scripted it

May be hard for you to believe this They're all one they all hang out they All and with their one chat text message Away from each other And you're not on their phone book They're all together 600 billionaires Because of those lockdowns made 2.3 Trillion dollars now where else are you Gonna ever hear any kind of analysis Like this that I'm doing I'm the only Guy that does this analysis Who has had a reach until I I discovered The backdoor portal to Twitter I was De-platformed and they don't reward me With the attention I deserve because They don't want to give me attention Because it'll be over for them so they Must make me invisible Among Trump gets indicted makes money Negative publicity is good he loves it They called oh Bobby is blah blah blah They they create their own internal Dualities But once you understand this then you'll See so anyway this guy his medical Doctor saw rogans Podcast and he was going to give this Guy he was going to give Kennedy like 25 Grand And then he went and saw my little video I did Where I'm exposing Rogan exposing Kennedy and he said for two days he had Cognitive dissonance like I said

So what's really interesting is There are people who are truly Intelligent who do not want to suck Kennedy off they do not want to suck Trump off They have self-dignity they're willing To do some retrospection when I present The facts Kennedy supported lockdowns he Endorsed pro-vaccine mandate queen Pro-gmo queen Pro Monsanto Queen Hillary Clinton not once Not twice Three times Then he endorsed his nephew here in Massachusetts had him come out to LA Raise money for him with Hollywood stars This is again in the middle of the Pandemic when his nephew is promoting Vicious mask mandates and vicious Vaccine mandates and I'm running He endorsed his nephew who wanted to jab The shit out of everyone who's running For U.S Senate and wanted to mask Everyone then in his own home in December of 2022 he has a party in his Home everyone had to be jabbed before They could enter his house Which job the MRNA vaccine jab the one He said oh my God it violates the Nuremberg code I'm so against it fuck you you just yeah And then he blamed his wife I mean to Get really fucking fucked up he blames His wife how many people do I know where

The husband and wife Had disagreements they got divorced over This issue they put their lives on the Line they lost their jobs Right and he is supposed to be the Leader of the medical Freedom Movement Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit this Guy's a fucking lying piece of shit That's the only thing I can do say lying Piece of shit And the Republicans just this past week They know that I'm the one who Discovered the back door portal to Twitter I'm the one who discovered the Entire censorship infrastructure filed My own lawsuit got the First Federal Injunction Put everything out there in 2020 fucker Carlson concealed it And then they bring booby Kennedy to Testify when I'm the one who knows all Of it I'm the one who in the first page of my Lawsuit it is called the weaponization Of government Why don't they give credit to the person Who did it because if I was put on that Testify if I testified it's going to Expose the fact that Jim Jordan takes Money from Big Tech These so-called Republicans Robert uh Massey Thomas Massey and Rand Paul take Money from Big Tech and I would expose The fact

That on November 16 2018 It was Trump who signed into law the Creation of the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency which Created that censorship infrastructure That I discovered which essentially Destroyed the First Amendment Congress voted unanimously every fucking Person of Congress has blood on their Hands the blood of those American Revolutionaries who fought for the first Amendment that we got on December Um 15 1791. Congress shall pass no law To bridge freedom of speech Trump is a fucking Antichrist and Robert Fucking Kennedy is his false prophet and That's what you're being hit with you're Being hit with two Devils to sucker you Right back into the establishment You know and look what Trump did Trump Printed 7.9 trillion dollars in one term Oh he had to do it because of the all These trumpers are like abused victims They always have some oh well yeah he Beat the shit out of me but he did it Because his father didn't give him his Birthday cake when he was a child That was more money than Obama printed In eight years yes Obama printed eight Trillion dollars Trump printed 7.9 Trillion dollars and ninety percent of That money flowed to Wall Street And 2.3 trillion increased those 600 Billionaires

That is when Elon Musk was worth nothing Elon Musk became the richest man in the World thank you Donald Trump While friends of mine's business is Tanked right people had to sell their Businesses well people with principles Nurses who I know didn't wear the mask They weren't like well my husband said My husband forced me to do it my wife Forced me to do it booby fucking Kennedy Take steroid injections which we know as A hundred thousand times more chance of Causing blood clots and by the way legal Steroids are going to become a quarter Of a trillion dollar industry for big Pharma quarter of a trillion dollars He's like the Paradigm of getting Fucking shots What is he telling a young kid yeah take Trt therapy don't figure out how you Could boost your natural cholesterol Right don't forget or your natural Steroids he's saying support big Pharma It's going to become a quarter of a Trillion dollar industry and that's what He's supporting which causes blood clots So you're claiming you're against a Vaccine which is is against one day is One day he's against he's all over the Fucking mat On purpose so then he can say well yeah I said that and I said this and people Are in foolish because they don't hold People to principles anymore your

Leaders will be reflected by your state Of consciousness Your leaders are reflected by your state Of consciousness Your leaders are reflected by your state Of consciousness So now you have someone like me you can Look at my whole fucking history Look at where I came from I earned Everything I have and it's taken me a Long time to overcome this false Humility that the Indian culture teacher To say yeah I did fucking invent email Fuck you you're not going to steal it From me yes I did that work yes I busted My ass in 2020 and I did video after Video after video to say millions of People's lives Yes I'm the one who ran five ten major Demonstrations against the lockdowns I Did that yes I'm the one who did all the Work exposing signature verification and Chain of custody issues well Mike Lindell was promoting wacko shit about Election stuff and selling fucking Pillows There is real issues on Election systems That have not been resolved and it was My work again was awake maybe during 2021 to 2022 I used to get maybe three Hours sleep a day the lawsuits I filed Were historic lawsuits without lawyers Me against seven lawyers from Twitter And government

So who deserves to be president who Deserves to be your leader a fucking Bunch of people with golden plate a Toilets who come from Mobsters or one of You decide do you want someone like me Was a history of fighting Injustice Or do you want them And if you choose them then you're going To get that kind of world nothing's Going to change And it's exhibited in one little graph And that little graph is a graph that I Keep showing when I launch my campaign a Graph of life expectancy going like this It's going like this It's a freaking parabola It's going like this and someone said oh That looks like a flaccid penis when I Did the drawing yeah it is it's looking Like this And why is that because since 1980 till Today the policies of Democrats and Republicans left and right Obvious and not so obvious establishment And it's not any it's not the vaccine It's a whole bunch of things it's a Systems problem We need a systems overhaul And what would I do as president well The presidency is corrupt the Legislature is corrupt the Judiciary is Corrupt I faced all of these guys I would do as president what I'm doing Right now Sean I would do video after

Video but I would do to a crowd of eight Billion people and we would educate People like I did with that swarm video And I would educate people why you need To understand system science why every One of you must become a truth freedom And health Warrior Shawna I just need to get some water I'm Just going to play play a quick video if That's okay because Yeah yeah Let me um I think I can share right on Your Zoom Can you enable sharing Yeah what you do is you click on where It says participant you see that You see where it says participant on the Bottom if you move your mouse down you Say Okay click on that and on the right You'll you'll see my name come up click On my name and you'll see a little more And where it says more say make co-host Yeah co-host No I see May Coast not make hoes oh Really All right then I'll give it back to you That's fine Yeah I'm you're talking to a tech chart Here my wife does all right so make me Host and then I can share this video so You can see Okay Good and I'll bring it back to you so I'm gonna play you a video

Um which will give people the fact this Fundamental thing and I want people Listening out there number one thing is You know hey John can you bring a bumper Sticker what can you do to support our Campaign Um can you bring me a bumper sticker Right there John so one thing people can Do is you know we all work for a living Right we're not running non-profits and Crap you can go to cheaper for president Get a little bumper sticker this little Bumper sticker less than five dollars Right You get it in the mail you put it on the Back of your car a hundred thousand People see it more views than we'll get On Twitter and Facebook in a day It's a simple exercise of activism and It's Dr Shiva supporting Truth for Health the other thing people can do is We're you know as I went back Sean Nothing is going to happen unless we sit Our butts down you can't be a civil Engineer or an electrical engineer you Got to sit your ass down and you have to Learn the equations you know in electric Feminine's equivalents you have to learn Circuit Theory you have to learn the Principles of electricity and magnetism You say Now how are we going to change the world And I would argue there's a physics to Changing the world it's not just going

To happen because I every once in two Years I vote for somebody We have to understand the Dynamics of Creating a movement Do you follow what I'm saying there's an Engineering set of principles to making A transistor right an iPhone there's an Engineering set of principles to making An acoustical microphone okay similarly There are these principles and that is What I've uncovered Sean yes the Invention of email something big that I Contributed say to solve all these other Things but my legacy I believe will Ultimately be the fact that I understood The Dynamics of human Liberation and These System Dynamics so I want to play This video Um so your audience understands what We've created and hopefully inspires Them Um you know to uh I gotta share the sound here here we go Okay So let me share this here And I think I have to Put this over here But let me share this video and this Video really came out of I was doing an Interview I think with uh one of the uh Uh one of these guys and he asked me What are you doing and this is just Freeform okay so let me play this for You

Um Here we go We have allowed our country to be taken Over from within and the end goal is you Will have a homogenized world where we Will become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and help look I've been a Student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because the educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three

Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us And our body You Can't Fight For Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our

Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down in the fourth part of this Principle is the not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is the not So obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and

Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees and the Sadducees who screwed Him up his own quote unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum Where people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory you need to Have physics and I've created that Curriculum people need to get educated We need to get educated fast and within A half an hour an hour I can teach People two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I Apply it anyone can understand it and Then you say oh I got to build a Bottoms Up movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement the Senate campaigns expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign

In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a true Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to truthfreedomhelp.com [Music] Foreign [Music] So let me uh so I hope that was valuable So the reason I wanted to share that With people is that you know it's one Thing bashing people right which is I Believe you have to do unfortunately Right the other is offering people a Solution the ultimate solution is the Individual Um you know when you think about Anarcho-syndicalism or self-organizing Systems once you understand these Principles you know there's a book I Have called system and Revolution took Me about 30 years to write that book but In that book I really help people understand anyone Can take this content and understand What is a system What are the principles of every system In the planet And then once you understand these nine Principles you realize wait a minute Those same principles are awakened in my

Body And so you can use those to figure out What's right for your body and I've Created a tool for that you can use Those same principles to figure out how You build a political movement Bottoms Up You can use those same principles to Build an iPhone okay These are all the same fundamental Principles because the universe must Operate on these same principles and This is sort of the foundational piece But it's truly the science of everything And so we go to that foundation and one Of the things that emerges in a very Practical way is that every system has Something called the disturbance you're Heading towards your goal something Stops you you're trying to lose weight You're doing well you're working on a Bunch of friends from high school maybe Show up and tell you to go drinking and Eat 20 pizzas right that's a disturbance To your body so you have to have How do you handle with that you we want To truly achieve truth Freedom health And then a Bottoms Up movement is Awakening so they create the trumps they Create the Kennedys so we say oh they're Going to take care of it for me I don't Have to do anything and the point here Is You know as an educator as a catalyst at

Best I can do set an example provide the Knowledge but ultimately people have to Get educated on their own they have to Decide do they want to break free And that's and when you have enough Particles in the atmosphere doing that Then you have an event take place a Phase transition that's called the Revolution And you don't have to have every Particle You know you just have just enough and The entire thing crystallizes it's what Happens when you're boiling a pot of not Just water or something right you just Have to get enough happening the whole Thing starts to boil okay so that is What we call a phase transition so our Movement Is about educating people about raising Your consciousness And you get enough people raising there Like this doctor I mean it's pretty cool Right he sees a video before I had to Spend five ten hours convincing people Why Trump's fucked up where I Kennedy is But now because there's people are ready You know unlike 2020 2021 people said oh Thank you Dr Shiva you helped save my Kid from The Backs or this or that okay That's fine but now we're getting a Whole new set of people Who are recognizing at a deeper level Wait a minute

Why is it we always get fucked over and Over again it's the it's a Bernie Sanders It's the trumps Bernie Donald Trump is a Bernie Sanders of the right the obvious Establishment tells you we're going to Stab you but the not so obvious Establishment comes from behind and they You know put their fangs into you from Behind but they talk all the good shit You know and that's why you have people Saying oh he said that he said that Booby says a lot of good things he Speaks truth to power Any fucking moron can do that So I hope that was valuable so you know People understand that we fundamentally Have to build a movement and movements Don't get built without understanding These principles and ultimately those Principles have to be manifested in the Individual human being I can at best be An example right so our running for President is we're very open about this We know they'll steal elections we know They'll try to do all this shit but you Know what We are at minimum raising people's Consciousness we are not offering them Just the left or the right or the Obvious Or the not so obvious established we're Offering them This possibility that they have to

Become leaders and how do they become That we're giving them this framework so That's what it's about I totally dig that but uh moving on a Little bit You know I wanna I wanna I wanna see and uh some very important Things in our policy right now when it Comes to the United States government is Foreign policy And at best We are a murder call that is what I Would like to portray our government to Be is because that's exactly what they Are they go everywhere on the other side Of the pond and go kill ground people as Much as they feel like in the name of Whatever they feel like Now They're they're known for Crypto right now in Ukraine is provoked Behavior by United States government What happened with the Iraqi situation And the Afghanistan situation was the United States government provoking that To act the way they did Where are you on that standpoint what Would you do to stop the provoking and Bring our troops home to get us out of This nest because not only is it costing Tens of thousands of lives it's costing Trillions and trillions of dollars Yeah so I think the best way I don't you Know remember I said look at what not

What someone says look at their deeds So if I were to give you my resume on The issue of foreign policy you can go Back to 1984. you may remember Reagan was doing The Iran Contra remember that whole Thing You may remember this okay well I Organize one of the biggest protests in Massachusetts against that okay We expose what rate when Casper Weinberger came to Uh remember him another warmonger we Chased him out of uh Kennedy School of Government when Henry Kissinger tried to Come to Tufts we put out a flyer ten Thousand Flyers just simple flyer he Said this flyer was so abusive I decided Not to show up we made sure that these People recognize that we have to build a Movement if you look at the U.S foreign Policy Of the concept of the you know started Actually by Kennedy you know Kissinger Is the one who led Kennedy into the Fucking White House he let this demon Into the White House and Kennedy's the One who did the entire construct he had A very interesting philosophy if you Read he took German kantian philosophy And he put it on its head and he said Relative uh relative truth basically Basically you can bullshit people there Is no truth you make up shit as you want

That was Henry Kissinger's model and The End justifies a means period And so Therefore well we want to expand U.S Imperialism those are just a bunch of Brown people down there we're just going To go annihilate them okay if you look At what happened in Guatemala uh El Salvador the entire all that area and You look at my life my probably you know I went into MIT with having enough Credits to graduate MIT in two years I Would say the reason I graduated one Year after it because I was involved in Spending most of my life fighting All these guys in the Boston area Whenever they because you know all of These imperialists would come to Harvard Or MIT to speak So we did some of the biggest Mobilization against these people In on the day my PhD graduation there's A big poster out there I know I'm Getting my PhD and out of my gown I pull Out this huge poster it says us out of Iraq again very unpopular to say that in 2007. all right and I was the one who First called out the Iraq War half the Crowd booed me and the other half crowd Supported me now why do I say this Because of who I am I grew up in working Class neighborhoods with blacks and Whites Were my friends and I knew they were the Ones who went to war when I came to the

United States in 1970 What did I I grew up in the era of the Vietnam War as a child all you saw on TV Was body bags coming home people getting Shot in your neighborhood someone had Gone into Vietnam someone came in with Their legs blown off right And There's this little country over here Called Vietnam And we this Imperial power go all the Way over to Vietnam to try to annihilate Them it never made any sense Completely ludicrous under this thesis Which John Kennedy there's a video that A guy called the Michael Tracy just Found him promoting the Vietnam War and It's up on my Twitter feed everyone Should see it The Kennedys are war mongers and and so My life in action has been against this Kind of imperialist War Um you'll see another major Demonstration a good friend of mine was A physicist at MIT young kid he went Back Um to Sri Lanka as you may know the Israeli uh Mossad and U.S imperialism Was supporting the annihilation of the Tamil people genocidal War He went back Um you know to fight he was tortured he Was thrown in jail when the prime Minister of Sri Lanka came here we

Chased the guy out we finally got him Out of prison all right so I've been Fighting this stuff on the ground And now you take it to Ukraine and uh What's going on there if you go look at My work you know I was the first one to Say wait a minute 2013 Condoleezza Rice Puts forward this thesis that we must Move Um Europe on to the U.S oil platform Away from Russia this was she gave this As a speech at some University Shortly thereafter Obama with the Leadership of Hillary Clinton And John McCain overthrew a rightfully Elected government in Ukraine and they Put in a Nazi now who did that Hillary Clinton who also did regime Change in Libya she did regime change There and fucking Robert Kennedy Endorsed Hillary Clinton not why it's Not wise three times okay and this Fucking guy in his speech he goes I Believe we're in Ukraine for all the Right reasons and then literally Sentences later but we shouldn't be There for regime change Okay but you just endorsed Hillary Clinton Three times who murdered a duly elected You know Gaddafi and then you overthrew And you installed a Nazi you see you've Got to understand history and a guy like Me studies history I study this shit all

Day long I've been studying since I was A kid I nerd out on this stuff and I sit my Ass down and I study it but people just Like to see the Kennedys It's like or the you know the Kardashians This fucked up culture of elevating People and bowing down to your oppressor Is really fucked up okay it's like Saying I want to be a fucking abuse Victim so Kennedy endorsed Hillary Clinton who wanted regime change and she Pulled off regime change in Ukraine so They actually installed a fucking Nazi There now the eastern part of Ukraine is Run by people And by the way if you go study Russian History let's also be very clear to the Fact America did not win World War II The Russian people won World War II the Credit goes to Russia it was a Russian People who were fighting the fucking Nazis go read the battle of salingrad I mean the Nazis are coming in two Million people Russians died in one Fucking battle fighting the Nazis with Pots and pans So if someone deserves credit for Beating Hitler it's a Russian people so Please we have to recognize the amazing Sacrifices of the Russian people so Those people in the eastern part of Ukraine their fathers fought the Nazis

They remember fighting the Nazis so now The United States deploys a Nazi in Fucking Ukraine what do you want them to Feel they feel like they're being Stabbed in the back They voted unanimously to separate they Have every right the United States Charter called the rights of national Self-determination Even Lenin when in 1917 Finland wanted To relieve the Soviet Union he said Great That's a policy of national Self-determination a culture of people Who no longer feel they feel more Associated with themselves can create Their own State okay So they left they had a vote a Referendum And this has nothing to do with us Caring for the Ukrainian people Exxon Shell were all in the eastern part of Ukraine and they got thrown out they Were there digging up oil and they Thought initially they would build that Oil platform from within Ukraine and Pump it to Europe Putin got an angle on This and he kicked him out so what they Did was the goal was the reason the North stream pipeline was blown up is Because they wanted liquid natural gas To flow from Louisiana up there So we blew up the pipeline then we made Germany highly dependent on U.S oil

Finland And they achieved their goals which is To make sure Europe is no longer Dependent on Russia U.S is dependent and By the way Condoleezza Rice was on the Board of uh Chevron okay So let's make this very clear this has Nothing to do with freedom and by the Way if you look at the Vietnam War you Have to really give it to the Vietnamese People I mean 85 year old women were Building weapons to bring down U.S Fighters Because they mobilize against this Imperialist invasion And you go also look at Afghanistan Fascinating in Afghanistan to women out There again Afghan women have the right To vote 10 years at least 10 years Before U.S women You will see Afghan women in mini skirts And western clothes before British went In there and brought in the Taliban and People like that We supported this cultural nationalism There and as recent as When Trump was in office The Afghan women Freedom Fighters were Saying please give us fucking weapons They were out with RPGs they needed more Weapons They begged Biden We didn't give him anything we in fact Let them die Because we wanted the Taliban ruling why

Because the amount of rare earth Minerals that were discovered in Afghanistan huge piles of it so you need A fascist to control the people so you Can go mind that let me talk about also The Iraq War you know Fascinating we think Saddam Hussein was Against the United States no he was put There by the United States to control The Iraqi people a very interesting Person that I met his father during the First Iraq war you know let me tell you Why the Iraq Wars actually started In 13 provinces in Iraq people were Rising up there were major Democratic Movements against Saddam Hussein you see The United States imperialism does not Look like democracy because when people Rise up U.S imperialism loses its grip So there were Democratic movements in Iraq coming up against Saddam Hussein The puppet Thug put in by the United States We went in there not against Saddam Hussein we went in there to mow down Those people And this friend of mine said Shiva I was There I literally saw a massive Demonstration against Saddam Hussein and F-15 Fighters came down and mowed those Iraqi citizens Down shot them down And then he goes with my own eyes after America won the war we gave all the

Weapons back to Saddam so he could Continue I mean you go look at Chile the United States supported Pinochet because he was Mining all the copper mines and then When the students protested Pinochet Literally shot these students and buried Them into the walls of the stadium So U.S imperialism not the U.S people Is very brutal And that brutality was heightened by John F Kennedy he was pure distilled U.S Imperialism and to say that the Kennedys Were Peace So anyway my position on all Of this and then you can we can talk About what British Imperial colonialism And U.S imperialism has done in Israel And Palestine Right it was the original notion of Zionism Which was cultural nationalism was they Were going to take people or Discriminated in Europe and move them Somewhere the original choice was Uganda Homeland there were many choices in fact One was Southwest Texas And the British said no no we're going To put you over here So they dug up some you know 4 000 year Old reference said oh this is Israel it Would be no different than the Vikings Digging up some reference in Vermont Saying oh this is our land it's like What the fuck are you talking about 4

000 years ago okay but the Zionist Movement's original Homeland was Many places the British colonialists put Them in this place where there were Palestinians in fact there were Arab Jews there So these Europeans come in And these Arab Jews are so upset they Convert back to Islam And wherever Britain goes It goes to Africa people are living in relative Peace the tribal leaders had their zones You know Britain comes and randomly Draws lines creates nation states And everyone's fighting against each Other then they go rip off everyone And that's what they did with Palestine And Israel So my position is U.S out of Palestine And Israel look you meet one of the key Things is Jewish people believe they're The chosen people of God great You may or may not be but great but Israel has a lot of smart people Cut all funding to Palestine and Israel Militarily and financially let let the People of Israel as Moses said let my People be free let Israel and Palestinian people by the way we're all Semitic people they're the exact same Race Let them be free Democrats and Republicans keep using Israel oh what are you gonna let them go

Let them be their own let them figure it Out That's what I believe They want Israel to be the PowerHouse of The Middle East it's all about capital Utilization and taking over Israel needs To be in charge of the Middle East the United States needs that in order to Keep their bases everywhere yeah and That was part of the Iraq War the goal Of the Iraq War was planned out to Create the biggest military base in Iraq And that's what they achieved Um No Saddam Hussein was a U.S Ally oh yeah Yeah look I met a general I met a General Um who actually had a meeting with Saddam Saddam came over the Border in His helicopters and he was starting to Move and they said look your role is to Stay there so the U.S had a role for Saddam Hussein which is to control that Region and he wasn't supposed to get out Of that okay And he was getting a little bit too big For his britches the point is the United States imperialism loves dictators is Against democracy in other countries we Have to get this principle think about This Afghan women just Google it you'll See it we're fighting we're begging Trump and Biden please give us weapons

I mean Afghan women I mean these women Are Fighters And we stabbed him in the back we Ensured the Taliban came back to Power It's just it's disgraceful We left we gave them weapons so they can Suppress their own people just like we Did to Saddam Hussein Well that's Exactly on the other hand that a lot of People don't know Or if I ran you know who's funding Iran On the other side Israel yeah I can believe that yeah Israel blew up if you remember the first Iraqi nuclear reactor that was in the 80s if you remember that they did that Bombing yeah so there's a very close Relationship between Israel South Africa And the development of a lot of nuclear Weapons and you can go look at about This look the bottom line is that When it comes to U.S policy in the Middle East Um why are we why don't we let these I Mean why don't we let Israel and Palestine be free leave them alone let Them figure out their own stuff And and and because the the claim is We're very smart people great you don't Need us figure it out And that's the only way out of this let These people not be used as pawns U.S Out of Israel U.S out of Palestine

Financially and militarily period So I have a very clear view on this Picture Would you be willing to bring your Troops home and let things be what they Are over there because what is really Happening over there is none of our Business Well it is it okay I think the key word Is used a very interesting pronoun our Business okay We need to get these pronouns very clear Okay when we say Yeah that's what I keep saying there's It is US versus them okay and stupid Fucking Kennedy says Oh we must Heal The Divide when he says Heal The Divide what He's actually saying is let's shove all The contradictions under the rug and let Oppression continue no we have to Recognize it is US versus them There is a small minority of people Point one percent of the people who Control eight billion people and they're Them and we're the US okay And when we say our business yes we I Think you met the business of working People work not not the business of Robert Kennedy or Donald Trump for Robert Kennedy and Donald Trump and Their friends that is their business Right this is why Robert Kennedy is you Know and by the way people need to Recognize that being a Zionist has

Nothing to do with being part of the Jewish faith This is like very important to Understand you don't have to be Jewish To be a Zionist And the concept so Zionism Israel and Judaism are three very different things One is a political ideology Zionism Israel is a notion of a particular place Judaism is a religion There were in Palestine many many Arab Jews Arab is a race of people Judaism is A religion a lot of people don't even Know this difference you know it's Amazing So we need to recognize this all right So when you put all the pieces together Um you have a lot of PR taking place uh Where people conflate Zionism Israel and Judaism altogether In uh when you go back and study the History of Germany Um Germany was where people expected a Bottoms Up movement was going to take Place the first truly workers movement Everyone in the world is expecting that Um and in in Germany in the late 1800s 1900s there were some very very powerful Jewish Um Fighters you know working-class Jews Who are fighting there were also a lot Of bougie Jews okay Who many and you know and and there was Let's say discrimination in Europe

And there were two ways to deal with That one was you fight or you do a Marcus Garvey type thing which is what Uh Theodore herzl did which said oh Let's all leave back to our homeland It's called cultural nationalism Now Hitler's the people that Hitler First knocked out if you go study were The labor union leaders who are actually Organizing these bottoms of movements And many of them were Jews and you also When you really study you'll find out in The Warsaw ghetto fights Between Jews and the Nazis the zionists Collaborated with the Nazis and disarmed Their not their own people but they Disarmed the Jews So Zionism Judaism Nazism three very Different organizations as different as You would have in the United States Let's say you had um a Liberation civil Rights movement of working people blacks And whites and you had let's say white Supremacists or black supremacists right Very different organizations Uh very different political ideologies And and this this is not just a Nuance This fact needs to be understood so when People say I support the state of Israel And Zionism you're like mixing all this Shit together because even in Israel You know I visited for six there's like All these different trends A lot of Jews are against Zionism

Okay so they conflate all these things Together I'm supporting Zionism on the State of Israel and they wave the flag Look many of these people wait waved the Flag of any country actually hate that Country and their people And let me sort of end on this Sean if It's okay Is this point that's very very important To understand And this gets down to why I say every Member of Congress hates America Donald Trump hates America And Robert fucking Kennedy hates America Biden hates America and why do I say This oh my God what are you saying he Hates America okay what is America let's Just follow it very logically What makes America different than any Other country that I've ever been to I've been to 56 different countries Probably more okay is the First Amendment and the Second Amendment but Let's start with the First Amendment What does the First Amendment say it's As Congress shall pass no law to abridge Freedom of speech Congress it's very a lot of people don't Even like they hear it but they don't Really understand what this means Congress what is Congress it's a body One of the three branches of the United States government one of the three

Branches and the purpose of that branch Is to create laws right that's why you Elect your representatives In the lower house to the people in Other countries listening and you have The upper house called the U.S Senate 100 senators and around 450 plus Congress people representing every Little County in the in in the United States they all come together they draft Bills you know make laws okay a law for When you can get Um recruited into the army right it's a Law But Congress said but the Constitution Says that Congress There's a Judiciary over here with the Judges who interpret the laws there's The enforcement uh sorry the executive Branch which is supposed to enforce the Laws but they made it very clear think About the profoundness of this statement Congress shall pass no laws to bridge The First Amendment Congress this one of The three entities which has a right to Pass laws can never pass a law illegal Unconstitutional To pass a law that abridges the first Amendment is that clear That is America when I at seven years Old I got off the little airplane you Know the or the TW of the big airplane I asked my dad why did we come here you Know why did we leave India he said

Freedom and what my dad was talking About was the first amendment And remember the first amendment is Freedom of religion freedom to assemble But when it comes to freedom of speech Congress shall pass no laws to bridge Freedom of speech this may seem like I'm Hitting it over that but a lot of people Don't understand this So that was December 15 1791. on November 16 2018 the Congress passed a Law to bridge the First Amendment which Is called the creation of sisa Yup and who signed that bill Sean 2018 November 16 2018. whose son Know who signed it into law Oh Donald J Trump Yes okay so think about what I'm saying It's like it's like Darth Vader man it's Like the Death Star gets created To destroy the First Amendment Congress Shall pass no laws to bridge the first Amendment is the one that created that Entire government infrastructure to Censor every American speech which is What I discovered to Blacklist people If Hillary Clinton was President and she Did that we would have had a revolution In the United States But they got a white dude who talked Lock her up who talked drained the swamp This was by Design Donald Trump was put there to destroy

The First Amendment that's why I said He's the Antichrist And And I use that in double quotes Okay Um you can apply it if you want Religious I haven't done the research on That but Every congressperson it was unanimous I Just looked I went and looked at the Congressional Record And you can go look at it on Roll Call Every House of Representatives person Voted I it's like freaking Hitler every Person and then the Senate was unanimous Consent does everyone get what happened Under Trump's Administration he printed 8.1 trillion dollars Him and booby Kennedy promoted lockdowns Together And the destruction of the First Amendment took place Think about what I'm saying The First Amendment I mean it's right in Your face they destroyed it and then They invite booby Kennedy to do the shit Show when I should be testifying and the Reason they don't want me to testify Sean Is because I will expose a Jim Jordan Thomas Massey everyone up there was Running a charade oh the Democrats are Against free speech and we are fuck you You guys all voted for saisa you created The censorship infrastructure that was

Used to silence me in a U.S Senate race In 2020 Everyone needs to understand there's Only right now of all the presidential Candidates you only have one guy right Now it's me That is exposing this Has been through it Physiologically emotionally on the Ground fighting All this is Theory to all these guys It's just words my Deeds show what I did So it's about time we had a fucking Systems overhaul And if you want that system to overhaul Go get a goddamn bumper sticker it's Really easy Put it on the back of your car download Our flyers and start handing them out Because these bastards have destroyed The First Amendment Congress should I Mean these guys should all be in jail Every single one of them They violated they passed a law that it Bridges the freedom of speech it's the Destruction of the First Amendment it Took place under Trump if Obama did it Oh my God uh if Hillary lit it oh my God They needed Trump to sell out the war White working class because the white Working class in the United States is a Tip of the Spear of the movement for Freedom globally So they needed to cut castrate the white

Working class So they brought in Trump and then they Brought in musk it was a one-two punch And the punch with musk was oh wow musk Is free free speech absolutist I'm sorry Twitter And that's what I'm saying but they did A one-two punch Trump and musk and all these Conservative numbnuts they all bowed Down to him And there is no there is no more First Amendment No I mean they're trying to kill it as We speak it's dead no no no no no no no No no no no stop let's have the right Verb they killed it November 18th I've Literally been my buds pages on social Media have been de-platformed Twice now I heart radio has taken off sorry I have Radio I know you guys just put me back On they literally just had to put me Back up they took me down for Misinformation but they couldn't prove To me what was misinformation so they Put it back up Sean and on June of 2021 July of 2021 Stanford did a 300 page Report I was deep platformed in the Middle of my United States Senate race Because I exposed the because I exposed The government of Massachusetts Hey John

Can you bring that diagram over here I Just want you to hold it up and in my Lawsuit I was the one who exposed all This fucker Carlson waited he had Everything in his hand Matt Tybee shellenberger this is a Diagram that was in my lawsuit John will Hold it Up Lift It Up John this diagram Illustrates the entire censorship Infrastructure every person here you Have the murdochs pier omadir on this Side okay John can see it here okay it's up on Winback freedom.com I exposed the entire Network the technology everything It was created at the Harvard Belfor School in 2018 and I was thrown off for Two years in the middle of my Senate Campaign and now I'm back as a Presidential candidate the censorship I Undergo is what a political dissident Would undergo in any other country The reason they put Kennedy on all these Shows because he's a fake hero if you're An American understand this that I'm Like a political dissident that you Would give a Nobel Prize to for exposing What I did And that occurred in the United States a U.S Senate candidate was de-platformed By the census infrastructure that I Exposed Wow man I wish we had more time for real Because I was

We're just gonna have to do this again On a different day we're running out of Time Dr Shiva I really appreciate your Time it's been great Um you know until next time you know Let's uh let's tell let me give a couple Of action points for your people please Make sure they go to Shiva for President.com They can volunteer they can donate and If they donate by the way I don't just Take people's money I can't do that I Give you books I give you courses I want To educate you on how to build the Bottoms up movement the second thing is Go to truthfridomhealth.com and become a Warrior scholar but volunteer because We're going to get on the ballot in Every state and that's going to blow Their mind so we need volunteers on the Ground And we need every man woman and child to Recognize in the United States these People hate you they hate America they Just despise you And you have to recognize that Kennedy And Trump are demons they are put Forward to say all these right words and To sucker you back there actors they are Literally and they all live together They're one incestuous crowd they're the Swarm and if you want to get fooled Well you've been warned but the good News is we have a lot of people are

Getting this not the real Awakening not Like oh we're Awakening like Alex Jones Says now Alex Jones is a fucking you Know part of this problem And he's promoting Kennedy he took my Swarm video which is going viral put it On his page and then he promotes Kennedy Okay so you got to understand that the Only people that are going to change the World are People Like Us One of us coming from below all of us Coming from Below and it's not going to Be easy because our parents should have Created these movements and now I've Created the framework for it we have our Presidential campaign so we made it a Lot easier all you need to do is get Involved just put a stupid bumper Sticker up on the back hundred thousand People see this per day You you do this for 300 days you get More views doing this than you do online Because the future is offline Sean That's great okay Because Um when it comes to the Elites in the Duopoly they don't want anything to do With debating Independence and or Libertarians if I were to moderate a Debate Would you be willing to debate Libertarian candidates at least you guys Could have a voice together Yeah I mean I think

Um my position on this is that I view The you know when you look at what's Going on right now the real enemies Right now are Trump and Kennedy because They're abusing people you know and I Think Well well look here's the bottom line Okay there's more of us than them And I've mobilized movements my entire Life and look at what we did in 2020 by The way our stuff got out to about a Half a billion people And that's why they fear what I'm doing In our movement because we have many Many victories Sean we're not like oh my God we lost we lost no we have many Victories And Um guys like you anyone else listening If you are an independent podcaster That's one of the things I really uh Want to support because I believe the Independent podcast as I rather give Them my time and give them views rather Than you know others so if you go to if You email me at VA shiv at VA shiva.com Um we'll give you the opportunity okay So that's definitely one thing Sean but Thank you Sean Thank you for your time Be well thank you be well I think I'm going to hand over I have to Hand it over back to you Okay oh you did okay great okay Sean be

Well Yeah I appreciate it thank you be well Um so to everyone listening here I just Want to let you know so that was a Independent podcaster Um Sean um that I did this uh podcast With uh but I want to recognize all of You you know as you know I've been it's A it's a hard job exposing the not so Obvious establishment but the good news Is that a lot of people are starting to Get it so please share this video as you Know we're massively Shadow banned Um everywhere on the planet get it out To people please recognize that every Thursdays Um every Thursdays we do an open house And you're all welcome to it oops where Is this the open house is here every Thursdays at 11 A.M and at 8pm EST you Can go to VA shiva.com orientation for Truth for mouth alternatively you can Come to Um uh the 8 PM Town Hall Shiva for President.com Town Hall Get involved you know you can go right To Shiva for president which is right Down there and you can volunteer and Donate but recognize that we have a huge Opportunity here because you have one of Us someone like me Who actually has figured out these Dynamics we've created the framework for All of you so you so all of you can get

Raise your Consciousness and um Literally become leaders in your Community but that's what this is about This is really about you this is really Um I am essentially a minor player in This a catalyst but for the first time In human history of one of you who's Running for president of the United States so get involved Um so go to truthfredamhealth.com become A warrior scholar contribute there and When you contribute you get courses and You can become a warrior go to shoot Before president.com contribute there Um volunteer Um and every Saturdays we do all Volunteer meeting so get involved and Again let me just um play our closing Video which is our video that'll really Give our mutual Journey That binds us together to fight Injustice so let me play this who would Have ever thought I'd be running for President of the United States of America I was born a low-caste Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing

Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote 50 000 lines of software code to Create the world's first email system And was awarded the first U.S copyright For email recognizing me as its official Inventor at a time when copyright was The only way to protect software Inventions I did that long before I ever Came to MIT revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace By anybody growing up I saw politicians Dividing Us by race and religion in both America and India to have us fighting Each other while they remain safe in Their gated communities and in their Playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and exposed their Imperialist wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America And why America existed lawyers Academics billionaires celebrities and Politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys Bidens Obama's bushes black and white

Have hijacked America they've printed Trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transfer Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out Once set of rules for them and another For us we deserve a warrior with a History of courage in putting everything On the line for you who believes in you Not them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've Exposed their lies at the right time Never waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed their Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system Saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize A fire fouchy campaign when others Remain silent when they stole our Election we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 Federal Lawsuit exposing in Bear view the Government and big Tech censorship Infrastructure the Unholy alliance Between government and social media Companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their

Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think will Fall in line and vote again for their Lawyers celebrities billionaires and Chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all this saying it's our Time it's time we had one of us it's

Time to win back truth Freedom Health to Win back America be part of this Historic movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're An American citizen Pledge Your vote now For Dr shivaya durai the independent Candidate for U.S president no matter Where you live you can be a part of this Volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day Don't delay this is Dr shivaya Dray and I approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president Oh by the way any you can also go to Sheba for president.com Town Hall every Thursdays at 8pm we host Our Town Hall So please uh join us you can meet some Amazing people the great thing about Everything we're doing is you won't feel Alone [Music] Um you get to meet incredible people all Over the country all over the world so Get involved it's really a gift for all Of us including myself as well as you so Anyway I hope this is valuable Um I want to thank Sean uh for Participating but be the light again if You know podcasters that you think would Be good that would um support we're Doing and we can have a good Conversation let me know and we want to Give them the opportunity to interview Me and get access so I'll get involved And you can email me at VA shiv VA

Shiva.com all right everyone be the Light have a good night and uh we're Gonna win this fight thank you be well

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