Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – My run for President is about educating YOU to know, what is a REAL LEADER?

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE - My run for President is about educating YOU to know, what is a REAL LEADER?

It's really really important to Recognize the importance of hard work We're creating an educational world Where we're not doing that so you have To look at your leaders did booby Kennedy work hard did he no he Did drugs all day all right That's what he did he couldn't even make It through school he got thrown out of Private school very few of us had the Money to go to private school and then His mom and papa had to call Harvard to Get him in did Donald Trump ever really Work hard you have to look at these People before they're going to lead a Country what is a leader think about What a leader is a leader is able to see The future you're leading people are you Going to lead them to hell are you going To lead them to The Gallows are you Going to lead them to True Freedom Health Liberation and if you look at Frankly my history and our movements History we've always called things I Would say we have 110 hit rate right now And I give that 110 because when we call Things we expanded knowledge and we help People so think about what it means to Be a leader there's that very famous Story you may have heard about this big Piece of Machinery a very complex Turbine in a very big power plant that It failed nothing was working Electricity was shut off for a whole

Town so they called this guy in an Engineer and he comes in and he looks Around and about five minutes he goes oh You gotta take that particular screw and You have to tighten it and it gets going And he goes okay here's my bill for five Hundred thousand dollars and they go Wait a minute you only spend five Minutes yeah he goes I may have spent Five minutes telling you what to do but It took me 50 years to build that Knowledge to tell you that in five Minutes so this notion of building an Expertise in an area to look at Something and quickly know what to do Comes from knowledge experience and Emotional intelligence it's those three Things and all of them require a Commitment now what we do at truth Freedom health is to give you all those Things we have created the framework to Deliver you knowledge experience and Emotional intelligence emotional Intelligence comes from talking to other People physically looking at someone in The eye meeting people offline and Building relationships experience comes From doing something repeatedly not just Once oh I went to the train station I Handed out a flyer no one wanted to take It it sucks now you got to go back again Maybe you didn't look at anyone in the Eye Maybe you didn't smile right you Have to understand that the knowledge

Comes from the knowledge of systems Thinking we have created a framework of System science and nowhere else in the World can you get this yeah you can go To MIT when you can pay them a quarter Of a million dollars and spend 20 years That's what the elites do and we want to Give you this very powerful knowledge And it took me 30 40 years to organize It put it together write books but People who take this knowledge and study You'll find out are the same people who Are good at something else they put in The time people who are dilettante well I sort of learned it I took the Course Once I get it all no you probably didn't Get anything you think you got it and That person's actually more dangerous Because they're what I call an Unconscious incompetent they don't even Know their incompetence so our movement Is going down to this very gut level Going back to the highest values of what It means to be a human being and what Kinds of leaders do you want do you want Leaders who bang 28 women cheat on their Wives and that's in their personal lives And then give their wives their Diary of All the women that they conquested and Then when they woman hangs themselves They don't feel any remorse in fact they Bury their body in front of the press And pray and then they dig up their body And they move it somewhere else that's

Robert Kennedy is that the kind Of person you want and the same kind of Person who says my personal integrity And my public Integrity are two Different things he's telling to your Face he's a disconnected human being is That the kind of people you want in the Ancient Indian systems of knowledge you Had instinctive knowledge you had Intellectual knowledge and you had Intuitive knowledge these were three Very different kinds of knowledge Intuition was the highest form of Knowledge and intuition is something That occurs in lightning speed you can Look at someone and you know what They're about you can look at a Situation you know that's what I have to Do right now and the intuitive knowledge In the Indian system or some of the Yogic systems comes from your highest Centers the instinctive knowledge comes From your lower centers like an animal Who smells something and runs and then Your intellectual knowledge is one level Above the instinctive but the Intellectual knowledge is a very Dangerous knowledge lawyers use Intellectual knowledge they can Rationalize anything they can take them Murder and make him look good it's sort Of the devil's knowledge you can use it For solving a very complex mathematics Problem but you can use that same

Intellectual knowledge for justifying Why it was okay to kill someone why it Was okay to do something horrible but Make it all look good in your brain and In fact convince others that it was okay All right that's intellectual knowledge But intuitive knowledge is coming from a Very different point of view at truth Freedom Health we want you to build your Intuitive knowledge that's what we're Doing so why is it everyone in our Movement looks at Trump and Kennedy we Say boom because you have this intuition And that intuition can be backtracked to Particular knowledge and experience and Having an emotional intelligence you Recognize these people are scumbags They're here to take you off the path They're here to manipulate you a lot of The world is at this instinctive Knowledge another side of the world that Is intellectual knowledge they Rationalize stuff that is where the Lesser of two evils comes that is a Rationalization of he says some Good things what do you want me to do Vote for you you're an independent how Can you win so you convince your brain That the lesser of two evils is a good Path to go and if you look at the last 60 years what is the lesser of two evils This intellectual rationalized thinking Delivered people the lifespan of Americans now is going like this your

Child's lifespan will be less than yours And that comes from this intellectual Devilish type thinking justifying and the intuitive knowledge is Of course we need to build a movement of Course we should spit on people like Trump and Kennedy they're bamboozling me And that is what our movement is doing If you want to raise your Consciousness And by the way one person who has an Intuitive knowledge can affect billions Of people and you've seen that Throughout the ages one Buddha one Christ one very deeply connected leader Influences and leaves a wonderful Fragrance for the rest of humanity so You have to get that and what we're Trying to do here is to create gurus of You teachers I'm just a catalyst I Happen to have created the knowledge System to enable you to do that but our Movement is about truly raising your Consciousness that is what this movement Is about and that is what my run for President is about it is about you Wanting to raise your Consciousness that Is is what this is about

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