Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – MIT PhD Explains How #ClimateScam Models Ignore Clouds

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – MIT PhD Explains How #ClimateScam Models Ignore Clouds

So we're going to broadcast this live Too and it's going to be an MIT PhD Explains so to everyone we're live here We're going to explain how the climate Scam models ignore clouds okay so you're Going to learn how this whole bloody Thing is a scam and I've talked about it But you may want to take some notes I'll Probably do a drawing on it okay so Imagine there's something called the sun Over here and there's another ball here Called the earth sun earth got it The Earth Surface temperature of the earth so if You now if you go look at the Earth Consider a ball within a ball the Atmosphere around the earth what is the Atmosphere the atmosphere is gases right It's all sorts of a mixture of water Vapor gases Um uh greenhouse gases that's that's the Vapor that surrounds us let's say the Solid ball It's not solid but a ball which contains Water on it and some land got it Is that clear So if you look at the Earth And you wanted to predict the Earth's Environment at any point you would have To understand the atmosphere which is a Gas Mixing With another fluid by the way it's a Fluid okay mixture of water vapor and

All this with another fluid called the Oceans okay But the Earth maintains a beautiful Surface temperature As long as we know of 15 degrees Centigrade okay so that's the Earth it's Like your body right your body maintains A temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus a degree Everyone knows this right Understand Now When you study everyone should go again If you've made it this far Um you gotta go study truth freedom and Health but when you study truth freedom And health you'll understand the system You'll understand there's two kinds of Systems in the universe open systems and Closed systems okay Or dumb systems and intelligent systems A dumb system merely gets an input and It puts out an output an intelligent System has feedback Your body is an intelligent system it Has a thermostat in it called a Hypothalamus The hypothalamus Knows how to maintain your body's Temperature you know if it gets a little Cold outside does your body temperature If it gets five degrees cold outside What's your body temperature inside 98.6 Degrees right what happens when when the

Temperature gets to 200 degrees 100 Degrees outside your body is 98.6 how Does it do that It has something called the hypothalamus That says oh The temperature is going here I'm going To do certain things to modulate that Person's temperature okay That's called an intelligent system Now you go back to the model here you Have the sun which is a radiating body And it puts out 6000 degrees Kelvin very Hot body okay and puts all this Radiation so I'm over here as a sun and I'm sending radiation to this little Ball here very small ball it's in fact Very minute ball called the Earth All this radiation is coming To the Earth How much radiation is coming to the Earth how much Well I'll tell you radiation is measured In energy energy is measured in Something called Watts right if I have a Light bulb here I think the light bulb Says 100 Watts 0.1 kilowatts got it And you can calculate how much you know You get 100 uh amperes of power coming You can you can do b equals ir and Calculate this I'm not going to go there But Um there's a certain amount of energy That is hitting The earth's surface in fact how much is

Hitting at 340 watts per meter so for Every square meter of the Earth's ball Okay that comes in 340 watts per meter okay you may want to Write that down so here's the Hertz Ball here's the sun 340 watts per meter Of energies hitting it it's like me Imagine I took a big uh heating lamp and I was uh put a fan on I'm sending all This heat onto your body you're going to Start sweating right what is sweat Sweat is your body releasing that heat So your body maintains 98.6 right does That make sense so your body has a Feedback system it goes wow it's getting Hot outside I better sweat dogs pant Right or dog hands out his tongue and he Starts panting because he's trying to Cool himself Okay so you got all this heat coming in 340 watts per meter And all of that energy Has to be dissipated why because if 340 Watts per meter was hitting your body And you didn't get rid of it what would Happen you would burn up agreed That's called the law of thermodynamics Right energy cannot be created nor Destroyed so 340 watts per meter hit This little ball that 340 watts per Meter has to be dissipated In order for the Earth not to burn up Is the earth burning up right now no Okay

We're still here we've been here for Billions of years how when that 340 Watts per meter comes remember I said You have the ball now it has a surface Or the outside atmosphere and then the Inner core right That we live on right now and there's The oceans all part of that surface all Right So of that 340 watts per meter right Away 140 watts per meter literally Bounces off the atmosphere boom okay it Hits and it bounces off so how much do You have left that you have to deal with 200 watts per meter okay it would be no Different than me again taking a heating Lamp and shoving it at you And you had Um some cooling blanket around you and Um 140 bounced off so you have 200 watts Per meter left So what does the Earth do how does the Earth get rid of that 240 watts per Meter how does it do it Because remember the surface temperature Of the earth is 15 degrees Celsius Because If it allowed that Um 200 watts per meter to come in and I Forget the exact number I believe for Every three watts per meter the Earth's Temperature rises one degrees that could Be off here okay but for every let's say

Let's say it's five watts per meter the Earth's temperature goes up by one which Means if all 200 watts per meter was Never dissipated the Earth's temperature Would go up by 40 degrees We'd all be dead okay Does that make sense so we have to get Rid of that 240 sorry that 200 watts per meter so How does the Earth do it the Earth again Is not a dumb system it doesn't just Take an input and put out an output and Raise the temperature no it's a smart System and this is what these stupid Idiots don't know people don't study Chemistry science systems they don't Know the Earth is as Intel it's a living Being So what does the Earth do When that 200 watts per meter does Remember it's coming into the radiation Is now coming into the atmosphere the Atmosphere is composed of what's the Atmosphere composed of Yes there are greenhouse gases CO2 among other things there are clouds Right vapor And through the interaction of the Atmosphere and the oceans That other 200 watts per meter is Dissipated you ever take a pot of water And you heat it and you suddenly turn it Off you see all those beautiful clouds

Go up you know the steam right it's like A steam vaporizing and that gets Dissipated so the remaining 200 watts Per meter gets dissipated Now the climate scam bullshitters have Created models mathematical models and They're saying that two of the 200 watts Per meter that comes in the sun we're Going to increase the Earth's Temperature by two degrees because we're Not letting all that 200 watts per meter Escape Got it and how are they calculating this Everyone uh with me so far Any questions okay So they they ran mathematical models the Mathematical models they created were Modeling the oceans Which is a very turbulent fluid mixing With the atmosphere another turbulent Fluid And they have done apparently these Complex calculations on supercomputers And they have said that the Earth's Temperature is going to go up by two Degrees because we can't dissipate Around 5 watts per meter okay I'm giving You rough numbers They're saying of the 200 watts per Meter that comes in we are only going to Be able to get 195 watts per meter up The other five watts per meter is going To remain in the atmosphere And it's going to increase the surface

Temperature of the earth and they say That's doing that because of the CO2 Gases In the atmosphere which are going to Trap in that extra energy you guys got It Now every scientist radiative physics Will tell you yes CO2 is a greenhouse Gas yes It greenhouse gases can increase Temperature but the issue is how much That is science Well all the models that they've done Have never taken into account one of the Most important phenomena on clouds None of their models include clouds None of their models have taken into Account clouds form and they dissipate They grow tall Etc So dick lindsen a professor at MIT in 2002 Did some initial works on the clouds It's fascinating and he called it the Iris effect everyone know what the iris Is if you look at your eyes in the Mirror you will see your whites of your Eyes and then you'll see a little pupil And around the pupil is a big brown you Know that's the color of your eyes blue You know Green that's your iris And if I were to shine a very bright Light at you your pupils will get very Small right they know how to close

If the lights get very dim your pupils Open it and your iris knows how to do That and what dick lindsen discovered Was that the clouds Actually form And they move like the iris So they can control how much radiation Stays in or out Billions of years ago the Earth's Temperature the Sun's temperature is 30 Percent less than it is today So if the Sun's temperature is 30 Percent less what would you think you Would think wow the Earth would be an Ice ball right it would be an ice cube Was it No there were Waters flowing on the Earth And The idiots guys like Carl Sagan said oh There was a lot of greenhouse gases they Trapped the radiation well when they Found the ice cores they don't find Anywhere near that much CO2 it was the Clouds It was a cloud use the iris effect To keep the radiation that came in and Kept the earth warm when the earth gets Too warm the clouds reform In very spectacular ways to let more Radiation out you guys get it So no one has included clouds And in fact clouds have such a powerful Effect that even raises in greenhouse

Effect or minuscule In fact CO2 is not a pollutant all the Potheads when they build a greenhouse Will pump CO2 in there it was because of High CO2 levels that life even came at This level when CO2 levels go below About 180 parts per million everything Dies on the planet in fact about 100 Years 200 years ago or a couple thousand Years ago that CO2 levels were very low We could handle CO2 levels 50 times five Times I'm sorry five times what it is Today easily So the entire thing is it's Just pure now I've been talking About this for 10 years A couple of days ago Nobel Prize Scientists at a conference in Korea said The whole thing is and he said It is being done to depopulate the Planet because once they promote the Climate scam Then we're start I mean I just spoke to A friend in uh Poland he said they have windmills everywhere and solar And they're all falling apart They're all falling apart And because of that people aren't going To be able to have food you say Because you need to burn And we've gone very good at burning Fossil fuels and the issue is not CO2 It's pollution

China now pollutes the hell out of the World And that's what the Paris Accords allows China to double their pollution that's What booby Kennedy supported Booby Kennedy supported the Paris Accords So now the problem with science and the Problem with what I'm sharing with you Is we are having less and less people Who want to sit their ass down And study the they're all lazy So you guys fortunately have again Without any arrogance someone like me Able to explain this in hopefully simple Ways and you can explain it to others But the bottom line is they have not Included the clouds it's like removing Your iris out of your eye and saying oh My God if you get so if you put someone In a bright room they're gonna get Blinded no your iris knows how to Control it we're an intelligent system The Earth is an intelligent system Okay It's a very powerful intelligence system The reason people are doing Geoengineering Is because they actually want to This up They actually want to up the Earth's natural the Cloud's natural Process someone's asking that That's why they're doing quote unquote

Spraying stuff because they know the Earth knows how to take care of itself What they're doing will actually screw Up the radiation being released So this is all being done because they Want people attached to fossil fuel Getting away from fossil fuels it's not Because I'm into fossil fuels or not I Don't get paid by the fossil fuel Companies but the bottom line is they do Want to destroy large uh amounts of People on the planet that's what this is About and again You know booby Kennedy supported Lockdowns saying that it would save uh You know would protect code you know Would stop covid and it would save the Climate Okay and so where we are right now is They are going to rapidly move to carbon Tax and every one of us is going to be Taxed the forest fires burning in Canada They love forest fires because it Justifies Carbon tax they're going to say oh it Was the heating of the planet that Caused these fires see we got to put out These fires meanwhile they they don't Spend enough money on Forest management They fired all their workers who could Put out the fires because they didn't Want to get the vaccine they don't buy Enough infrastructure of the of the Airplanes to put out the forest fires

And then they stop Farmers from stopping The forest fires you see they want the Forest fires Because then you go oh my God the forest Fires we got to stop the forest fires we Need to be carbon taxed Again booby Kennedy supports Carbon tax Elon Musk supports carbon tasks Greta Thornburg supports carbon tax It is about subjugating people and the Working-class people of the world that's What this is about but the bottom line a Simple thing like clouds they did not Include in their model And if you add the clouds there is no Big deal All right so that's the carbon that's The climate a scam uh because it include It completely ignores models All right everyone out on uh Twitter World or a Facebook world uh please Review this video and I hope you enjoyed It and Um all of you out there become a truth Freedom and health Warrior Um you know I I do a lot of this Knowledge but the way you can support Yourself and our movement is go to truth Freedom Health contribute become a Warrior scholar and also go uh you you Understand that I'm running for President go to shiva4president.com Support this historic campaign get a

Bumper sticker invite your friends to Our town halls and get involved Contribute and donate there's nothing Like us out there period Um they steal our content right but they Can't steal our movement they'll try Though all right thank you everyone

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