Dr.SHIVA LIVE ITALY: Happy May 1 – WORKERS UNITE! International Workers Day. TruthFreedomHealth.com

Dr.SHIVA LIVE ITALY: Happy May 1 - WORKERS UNITE! International Workers Day. TruthFreedomHealth.com

[Music] Thank you This is All right ciao everyone this is I'm here with my friend Maria Colombo Who's a trooper to the mouth Warrior Here Italy hello and we're also at a Wonderful restaurant what's the Restaurant's name [Applause] Michelle you may just want to show People what the hotel looks like and We're here with a lot of friends [Music] Some friends here All right Which means truth Freedom health so I Just arrived in Italy Are getting us to be specific yesterday Morning so I'm still a little bit Jet-lagged but Maria tell us about this Building that we're in Because No no in English in English tell people What this is You have to wait okay Shelter yeah In the second world war it was a Function So this was a bomb shelter right yes Built in the second world war yes Anything else oh it's a restaurant we Usually come here and have our dinner or Lunch but it's a very nice place to have

To to eat where to eat now one of the Things you'll see all of Maria's friends Michelle There And over here more Maria's friends Yeah and the reason we're showing is Because friendship and Community is a Big part of being Italian right yes it's A part of our life right the Friendship Is the most important things in our life So one of the reasons people know is you Can translate to them in Italian Um in the United States when you start Unity Um the left and the right the Democrats The Republicans Have destroyed The health of the American people today As I shared when I announced for President about two weeks ago The if you look at the life expectancy Rate of the average Americans It is actually going down Every other country is going up Maria you're you just went to your Grandmother who's 99 years old right That was her birthday today yes right Yes Right the first of May 1924. right we'll Come to that first of May we're going to Talk about the first play but she just Went to her grandmother who just turned 99. in the United States I know five People

Died at the age of 60 or 61 in the last Two months 60 years old so Anyone listening to this must recognize That Quest since 1980 The health of the American public has Been going down So if you want to vote for left and Right you are going to die earlier and Your children will die earlier And your children will die earlier Foreign and that's the reality This is A result of policy Of both left and right Of every Hollywood Entertainer Every politician Every every academic Every media person In the main street For the last 60 years They've destroyed them the health of the American people These are the facts questions so why Would you even ever think about voting For left or right Republican Or Democrats There is we need a complete systems Overhaul Overhaul the complete system's overhaul So that brings us to May 1st Where does May first come from What's the origin of May first

What is the origin the origin In 1887 United States Four American workers For fighting for the eight-hour workday Haymarket Chicago Market Chicago Haymarket hey Mark that's a city But Four workers were hanged in the United States In the middle of a massive protest and Then Yeah they were hacked okay for fighting For the eight hour workday Many Americans don't even know this Yeah and Because of those four workers were Hanging Laboratories Every other worker throughout the world Foreign [Music] Why And the reason is Because the American workers Is the only citizen of the world That has the First Amendment Freedom of speech And the Second Amendment the right to Bear arms [Music] That makes the American worker the Tip of the spear Uh the

Fighting Force For the entire working class Because they have the first amendment I asked in Italy there is no First Amendment right no no no right Michelle Asked just turn it over to them is there The first amendment in Legally no no Over here is there the first amendment When you're doing no we have a Journalist here okay so think about what I'm saying Only in the United States So they have made the American working Class Knowing its own history They don't want American working people To know that May 1st Was because of the massive bottoms of Movement took place in 1800s in the United States Children in high schools are not tacos Children and colleges And most American mothers and fathers Don't know about makers Okay Because the American working class Has been attacked By the media By the Academia the university by the Stupid Hollywood entertainers And by the politicians To suppress them To make them forget That the only way that you can win

Is a Bottoms Up movement Not Kennedy from Talks about No Bush and The way things Ever in history Is what people mobilize Bottoms Up That is why May 1st is a dangerous Holiday for those Official Right so if the American working class The 1800 stood up The American working class in 1800 stood Up to the forces of power profit and Controls Yes now in 303 A.D 303ad Yes If you was a Roman commander In the and he was sentences A Roman Commander was beheaded It was beheaded We had it in Sardinia Very nearby here By the Roman army Roman army Because again Because he betrayed Betrayed the Roman empathy castellino Right Now what happened Christianity He had an epiphany Get a vision and that Vision made him a Christian

Ity And he he refused to obey his orders And because of that the Romans the Roman Army beheaded him That occurred in 303 A.D it In 1652 [Music] There was a pandemic a place In Sardinia In Sardinia people were dying nearly Half of the population died So they prayed to Saint officials And they said if he saved him That they would honor him And that's what happened in 1657 the Plague ended So every day since every year since 1657. On May 1st People take a statue 80 kilometers which is 48 miles for Americans who don't know how to convert They they walk his statue thousands of People to Laura So so the sardinians on May 1st honor a Man who also stood up to the forces of Power and profit and control Right control so many years May 1st has A Christian significance But it also has a worker's right Significance Ultimately Christ Ultimately Christ see was fighting Was fighting for everyday working people

Right Christ said the meek shall inherit The earth Like working people should win the Earth Right yeah Obreros so win the Earth It's okay it's okay okay we'll say later But the bottom line is [Music] Um When you really look at May 1st It's a very important day Um For working people today we saw Thousands of people marching Yeah somewhere barefoot Barefoot no no shoes Yeah and they were walking 80 kilometers To honor a man who stood up against Power profit and controls Right and today May 1st millions of Workers all over the world Also parts to honor those four American Workers who were hanged up So we need to so the only way that Things have ever changed is when you Build the bottoms up movement I'm running for president of the United States for one reasons To raise the consciousness of Us To raise the consciousness of every Citizen on the planet To make them realize That if we have to win back

Through freedom and health And it's not going to come From above It's going to come from below So stop looking to this idiot Kennedy Kennedy Stop looking To see called Trump Stop looking to an idiot called Biden [Music] Stop looking to any member of the elites Stop watching these entertainers Right look to people your neighbors And and it's time that example there is We have to do two things Learn how to build a movement And you can go to truthfreedomhealth.com And learn that I put the science there How to do that And then we have to build community Friendships The the future is offline Elon Musk owns online Mark Zuckerberg owns online Google owns online Google online and They all work with the governments of The world So the only way out is one way And that is Even for president is Out there Yes that's what we have to do Yes yes We have to build a movement for True

Freedom helps If you are serious about changing the World And then when they asked him why did you Have people vaccinated in your own home Foreign I'm sorry Sadducees and Pharisees they're the ones Who crucify Christ yeah that's what Robert Kennedy is An enemy of the people The whole candidates are enemies Their Mafia Donald Trump isn't any better He didn't fire apology He promoted vaccine mandates He supported he printed 6.2 trillion Dollars Obama printed 8 trillion in one term S I'm sorry Obama printed 8 million in two Terms Trump printed 6.2 trillion in one terms [Music] These people are not be friends of Working people I come from one of you Everyone here Are working people We have a doctor we have a landscape Artist we have a lawyer we have a Policeman every ordinary people Who have self-respect And elect one of your own bottoms up

Anyway So we say Workers Unite at Karl Marx Doesn't own that term that is not a Communist term That's a term that existed thousands of Years And we build the bottoms up For president.com And through Freedom All right thank you [Applause] That's it [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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