Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Fighting The REAL CASTE System: India To America

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Fighting The REAL CASTE System: India To America

Actually in fact what uh we were just Good morning everyone it's Dr shivaya Duray we're going to be doing a very Very important topic today that's Actually but it's also more than Personal effects I would say every human On the planet we're going to be talking About uh You know and this caste system extends From Indian American idea Which will be in relation to it fighting It and also exposing it and we're going To be discussing this as one of the Easiest journalists I'm going to bring Her in right now rather than perceptions Um Just go to the other tab you need to Unmute that tab first okay Then you then you see that he's uh John's helping me out here Okay all right All right Mina how are you Fine Good morning uh I don't know what time It's in India Uh it's eight What is it 8 P.M I say okay well good to Have you Can you can you hear me yes is it Audible yeah yes I can hear you fine Yeah so we were just uh discussing a Little bit about your background uh Dr Shiva you're a multi-faceted person with

A you know so many interests in life That uh I I don't know which which area To pick up because you're a scientist You're an entrepreneur you know and uh You stood against uh many things that We've been questioning ourselves uh Everything from Kobe to a lot of the Things that people always say are Conspiracy theories you you know picked It up and uh brought it in public and You will also attack for that And uh it's amazing the way you know to Watch your growth and the you know the Kind of background that you have with so Many uh you know phds you're a scientist You're an inventor entrepreneur a Fulbright scholar who holds four degrees From MIT including his uh your PhD in Biological engineering and also the fact That see you come from a background Where your grandmother was a traditional Healer and your interest in medicine Started from there So do tell us a bit more about yourself Your childhood and your roots in India Dr Shiva It's a very interesting uh by the way Amina thank you it's good to have Journalists in India who are independent Journalists And our uh doing work to discuss topics That's not conventionally discussed in The mainstream media because I think Um when you look at India India's Got I

Mean Close to 1.8 billion people right 1.7 Billion people is going to exceed China Um yes and but you know envious economy Is about three trillion dollars right The GDP the US economy is about 300 Million and it's 22 trillion Um so you have you know as a so I've Been I was speaking to another very Interesting journalist very smart guy And he said you know Uh you know you said Dr sheep one of the Interesting things about your life is Literally you represent if you want to Think about the Melting Pot Because I have been forced to integrate Um the very very deep and ancient Cultures of India in my own personal Life scientifically politically Emotionally right sociologically you can Go to all the things Um with growing up in the United States Um and I think I've successfully done That but what merges out of that Integration is Um the sum of the parts you know the Whole is greater than the sum of the Parts and that's the reason I I believe People have always wondered hey Dr how Come you knew about covid why did you Call out fauci first Um uh why did you expose the Indian Feudal system of csir right why were you Able to call out these things because I

Believe you developed tremendous power When you're able to integrate very Vastly different types of constructs you Know so in the One World I can go and Discuss with someone siddhan Arvada and The yoga system the other world I can go Discuss you know Quantum Computing and The depths of Engineering Systems and do It in such a way that it's not Um it cannot be ignored Right because typically when people talk About this they get ignored because all Your conspiracy there's not in spite of That I'm called a conspiracy theorist on Wikipedia which is by the way a racist Organization and it's an absolutely Racist organization Um and it's a castist organization so I Want to really talk about what is a real Caste system The cast and I think it's a conversation You know the brahmins in India don't Have it and the non-brehman's India Really don't understand it but there is A real caste system and it goes Way Beyond the United Way Beyond India it Extends all the way at a very deep level And it's becoming deeply instantiated in The United States right now Um and you can see it it also was Instigated by the British Well yeah so we should talk about that So let me give you my personal Journey Since you asked about you know so

If you and I did this with another Interviewers but think about you close Your eyes and you're a four-year-old kid And you're playing soccer on a hot day In India or football as we call in India Cricket And you have this very deep and loving Friend and you go to his home And his mother calls you a horrible word Spits at you and tells you to stand Outside the house and calls you shudra Okay and gives you water in a different Cup you've never experienced this you're Just an innocent child how would that Make you feel whether you're a Brahman Non-braham and it doesn't matter what You are just on a pure uh you know human Level so that was my first introduction To this Behavior so my friend and I Overnight we're no longer friends I Asked my mother what this meant my mom's Name was also Mina and my mom said oh Yeah when we used to go to the well we Used to get shoot away like pigs and Then she went to explain to me about This thing called the caste system now I Got very deeply moved by that but more Um I wanted to understand this as a Child so I started reading you know India used to have those old books of The very small comic books it's very Cool system I don't know if they have it But these comic books you could read About Sebastian they're both or you

Could read about uh you know all Different people you know it was very Cool so I started reading all of those Books about every revolutionary leader I Could get her hands on because I wanted A left-wing right wing you know and I Really wanted to understand these Systems of power as a child because it Really really hurt me in a deeply Annoyed me But in Bombay where I grew up you had People of all religions all casts Everyone seemed to get together but There was this underlying set of Circumstances and then the other aspect Of my life and a lot of Indians probably Don't get to experience this anymore but Not only did I grow up in Bombay but I Grew up in a deep south Indian village Where there's no running water no Electricity Um you know dirt roads you run I mean It's just like you're pure Village right Very beautiful very primitive and my Grandmother was a village healer in that Village you know Um and my grandmother had no degrees But her Her house every day was filled up with People on Saturdays who would come to Her asking her for help about their Health and she had learned all of her Methods from you know wandering sages And rishis where she grew up in Burma or

Here and she would empirically I saw her Help people she could observe their face She practiced an ancient system of Indian science known as samudra Lakshanam which to the foreigners caused Face analysis and the theory was Everything is reflected in everything Else so your health is reflected in your Pulse it could be reflected in your eyes In your face Etc and then she would the The remedy she gave wasn't just food or Herb sometimes it would be a mantra or a Massage right Um or prayer right or she would Channel Different Spirits right so it's quite Extraordinary I thought everyone had a Grandmother like her right yeah um but So I so I was fascinated by on the one Hand political systems but also Medical Systems what may seem like very Different things but if you look at the Archetypes In the traditional wear to someone who Heals and also a warrior So in many ways I became that a warrior To understand these systems of power and Also wanting to be a Healer like my Grandmother and if you look at many many Of the archetypes if you look at murugan Again in the Indian religion he Represents both those energies he's the Healer and he's also the warrior right Um in the Catholic religion you have our Christian religion you have the

Archangel Michael who represents both of Those deities and to me interesting Enough those are the two deities I Actually connect with So anyway I grew up in this very Interesting circumstance Um it was quite extraordinary that my Mother even ever got a degree as a woman Coming from that Quote unquote low-caste environment and A time when women in the 1940s weren't Supposed to get they're supposed to stay At home and have babies right and she Grew up in a broken home where the Father ran off with another woman and She became homeless when she was nine Years eight nine years old they the Whole family got separated so which is Also extraordinary in India you know There's no sense of divorce in India Yeah so she always felt extremely Outcast she couldn't tell children in School that she didn't have a father Because that was looked down upon right So my mom was what became an Extraordinarily independent woman and Um when she died you know I mean she she Had very very interesting views but my Dad on the other hand grew up in Burma He never saw a book until he was 12 Years old And he got trained by a local Village School teacher under a mango tree with Old you know white board and chalk and

He ended up becoming one of India's Leading Engineers I worked for a guy Called gopala singania who sent him here For training but my dad knew so much They wanted to hire him here so anyway So my parents came here 1970. and if you Think about in 1970 the United States is Undergoing massive chaos it's got the Vietnam war going on it's got the Culture Revolution taking place the Hippies right sex drugs and rock and Roll is what symbolize the United States And this very traditional Indian family Um who came to the United States for a Better life Um when I came here I asked my dad why Did we come here and he said oh there's Something called freedom in America That's all he told me I remember getting Off the plane in TWA JFK and that's what He said so Freedom the freedom to think The freedom to voice your opinion my mom On the other hand said in India you can Get discriminated nine different ways in America around three she said you're Still gonna have to work very hard Uh if you get an A they're going to give You a c so you're gonna have to get like An a triple Plus So I worked very very hard you know Extremely hard but not only academically But also as an athlete in 1975 when I Went briefly back to India that's when I Realized the Deep divisions between what

I saw in America paved roads right you Know a whole different world than what I Saw in India and that's when I decided When I went back to my grandparents Village and I saw the Stark difference That I should do something with my life When I was 12 years old then and I had a Deep deep deep inside feeling that if I Didn't do something because I would have All these privileges That my grandmother parents couldn't Even afford shoes right they were poor Village Farmers that if I didn't do Something that I'd actually be a Parasite so I was very much moved by This Injustice I saw the Stark Differences in wealth And this deep love I had for my Grandparents that's what really Motivated me and the fact that when I Went back to the United States I grew up In these very poor working-class Neighborhoods A lot of immigrants who worked very hard Were painters were landscapers but all Of them worked very hard so those things Moved me so by the time I was Um 14 I had finished up calculus was Accepted into a special computer science Program at New York University 40 Students were selected I was the only Indian kid the only dark kid the only Kid from New Jersey And in that program I graduated number

One this is 1978 when a computer would Occupy two big buildings And Um then I got a free also were you also Following politics closely at that time Or yeah I was very I used to watch all The political shows I was very but I was Interested in hero to me people like Sebastian their Bose were interesting I Had a deep deep deep hatred for Gandhi Because I thought he sold out even as a Child I thought how could this guy talking About frankly non-violence when people Are being beaten up this never made Sense I don't think any child computes If you're seeing a bully beat up some on Your instinct is to go protect that Person not say beat me some more So so in my deep bones even as a child I Thought Gandhi was a was a fraud you Know it didn't make any sense to me And uh so I had a a temperament which Was different because it was it was Coming from this deep sense of justice You know okay and I think most young People have that and they're put through A mill of propaganda Which takes it out of them but it's deep Still in there but I never lost it I Remember when I was uh I think uh very Young Some guy came to my home and he was Telling me about these people fighting

In other Villages because they didn't Have any food And I said well that's pretty good They're fighting oh then this guy tells My father oh your son is a communist He's an axolite I said it doesn't make any sense people Have no food that guy has food what do You want them to do die And my dad said oh my son will improve You'll get better but I never did my Hatred for Injustice actually has gotten Even deeper And I have started to think about the Language that people do but my life has Been one of living this Injustice and Fighting it it's not like I'm some Politician here talking about oh I'm Going to do this for you I've had to Live it at a very so Dr Shiva yeah just A small Point here see it was at this Time that uh uh you know during this Time that the Iraq War started and the Bush well that was 19 that was 2000 and That was early 2000 okay like 2002 uh Seven in that period right Yes so so when the bush so that so and There's a picture of me actually Protesting that at the MIT graduation But The journey I wanted to share with you For the Indian audience listening as Well the U.S audience is that I was like Born into this pit of having to fight

Injustice as a four-year-old and it Never never exceeded and the interesting Karmatic thing for me is that the level Of jealousy I've had to face in spite of My hard work and I have to say that's What it is Um the level of racism I've had to face And and also all of this is profoundly Dictated on the fact I'm not a good Indian quote unquote a good Indian a Good Indian is supposed to move their Head and do good work but be a robot This is a stereotype and have your stuff Stolen from you and it's okay and be Abused and it's okay you should be like Ganga din you know in that in that movie Right so that's the stereotype no Different than they try to stereotype a Woman right who's a blonde like she Can't be smart or a Chinese person just Knows Kung Fu right these are very very Deep stereotypes and um that's to me That's a real racism but when I came to The United States I was very very Motivated by this you know worked very Hard invented the first email system Before I came to MIT in a small Medical College in Newark New Jersey which is 95 African-American and most white people Are afraid to go into Newark still to This day okay that's why email was Actually created by dark skin for 14 Year old Indian American kid wasn't done By the military industrial complex the

Fact there's not even any controversy Here the fact that many Indians question This it exposes their own white Supremacy absolutely the fact that Wikipedia fabricated a controversy and This is not 1960 it's not the 1700s This is a level of colonialism castism That's here so when I came to MIT Mina I Had more than enough credits to graduate MIT in two years Okay in fact in I think in 1982 81. uh The U.S government officially recognized You as the inventor of email right yeah I have the actual copyright what would Be the equivalent of a patent I have I'm The one called the code there's no Controversy but I never I was I never Promoted it you say yeah because Indians Do great things as do many poor Working-class Americans as do many Everyday People People on the outside are actually doing All the work and people on the inside Take credit for people's work and that Have never in fact right now you have This fool called Robert Kennedy part of The Kennedy cast system Who literally steals my material It is my work that exposed the fact that The government and social media Companies are one of my historic lawsuit And the entire media actually makes it Invisible because my lawsuit my work Would expose that Republicans and

Democrats are behind it they want to Make it Republicans versus Democrats you See but the idea of credit Mina I think Is very very important people don't You know these Bollywood actors Hollywood actors all of them fight for Their credit whose name will come first Shahrukh Khan's name or the next Person's name and then they act all Humble but I can tell you all of these People fight tooth and nail for credit Yeah but they will tell you if you Invented email oh Shiva why are you Fighting for credit why are you so Arrogant meanwhile their entire lives Are built on everything right so it's a Very interesting so I think credit Matters Mina and it's important if you Actually did the work you should demand Credit for it because you were being Taught not to take credit so others can Steal it it took me 40 years to learn This lesson because it's bred into many Of the working people's psyches to be Humble right but humility is not a good Thing if you actually did the work right And the reason credit matters it gives The child who's growing up oh who Actually created this oh was this done By someone up above or was it done by Someone like me you see and that Inspires people so credit is very very Important that credit is established Stolen credit to me is worse than

Stealing someone's money It's like can I ask you a question here It's a good question You have to take it Right you have to take what's rightfully Yours but this is not only the white man This is It's a cast issue so let me talk About that you know when I came to MIT In 1981 you know I was listed on the Front page of MIT among the 1041 Students who are coming in as three of The top students who had created email 100 000 people applied MIT one thousand Get in so that's a one percent Conversion rate out of those one percent I was three out of that one percent so 0.0003 you can work out the numbers I May be off by one decimal point So I was an extraordinarily dedicated Student and I worked my butt off I Earned what I had on my parents I didn't Like do something in school and then my Parents called MIT gave them two million Dollars to let me in that's how Robert Kennedy and the trumps and all these People get into schools right they're They're drug addicts they're thrown out Of school and that and the father that's The corruption we talking about so yeah So when I came to MIT I was deeply Interested in one of the areas I started Studying with one of the noted uh Scholars of the time was a guy called Noam Chomsky

Um so Chomsky took me as a student Um when I was uh 18 19 years old which Is extraordinary Chomsky is a second Most cited person in human history next To Jesus Christ Okay so he's one of the great Scholars And I started to study the origins of The caste system it deeply hurt me that Four-year-old child was still within me You know I was hurt for my mom my people The entire thing and what I discovered During this year project was the Indian Caste system originally first of all a Brahman is someone who actually works Hard studies avedas and works and um uh You know fights okay you could say Rahm Was a a brahmana right people fight Against evil a brahmana is not someone Who you're born into right that's not What Brahman really meant and the caste System was initially a guild system Right you had a Goldsmith absolutely That's that's the but over time this Caste system Devolved into a very oppressive system In the Indian context okay now around The 8th century Um there was a movement called the Bhakti movement and the Buckley movement Was led by people like sankaracharya or Ramanujam Um and these people asked a very Fundamental question if there's equality In heaven

Why isn't there equality on earth right Because if the goal is okay and uh that The bhakti movement was about Devotion To God okay That's what it was about Devotion to Life and that movement over time LED Um to a political and a religious Movement like the Protestant Reformation Movement and the movement basically said Hey all these casts don't make any sense Right and between the 8th Century to Around the 15th 16th century the caste System was starting to break up And the embryonic changes were merchants And Kabir for example who was a a weaver And a poet was allowed into the Mogul Courts right so you had this very Important earthquake taking place where The caste system was starting to rupture And entrepreneurialism was building in India Artisans and Merchants were being Elevated and it is at that time if you Look a 1457 right is when Vasco de Gama Comes to Um you know or 1500s in that period when The Portuguese come and then you have The French and the Dutch and the British All of those so there was a explosive Enlightenment taking place uh Renaissance post you know around that Period where people are now starting to Break out of the feudal system right it Was a decline of the Lords and the

Princes and the Kings and it was a rise Of this very new group of people called The merchants entrepreneurs Artisans Artists right and that and those people Were breaking borders they were wanting To do trade and so when people came to India at that time when you really look At it they came to trade they came to Trade with this emerging Class Called a merchant class right Artisans Etc it's quite an extraordinary time and If India had been allowed to go through That trajectory India would have had its Early capitalist movement right and from The Adam Smith standpoint it would have Had its own growth it would have had its Development of even Bourgeois democracy But what ended up happening in India was The British being the British Imperialists being who they are Colonialists they saw an opportunity They said wait a minute they because the Kings in India were still there but they Were starting to decline but the Merchant class was embryonically coming Up the caste system was breaking down And they saw an opportunity the Opportunity that they saw Mina was why Should we be supporting these Merchants Why don't why do we need these middlemen Why don't we go deals with the decaying Feudal Lords feudalism so capitalism was Coming feudalism was dying so what the

British colonialism did was something Quite quite Insidious is they went Essentially backward in history and Created an alliance with feudalism Yeah and that feudal Alliance basically Annihilated this growing Progressive Movement truly Progressive Movement Progress right and in after the battle Of Plessy in 1757 in West Bengal you What you have is the British now go from A trading Force into an occupying force And you also have to consider if you Read these books saying there was a war Between the French and the British but If you actually look at who was fighting It was Indians fighting Indians the French army was composed 95 of sepoys Fighting the British who are composed of Sepoys right so it's quite interesting I How does an Indian Give up his entire sense of his own Being for his own people to go fight for The French against the British right So this is a very interesting I mean It's a whole other topic we could have But when the Battle of Plessy takes Place Britain occupies India they become An occupying force and for the next Several hundred years what the British Do in fact after that the British Actually brought in the old Draconian Brahmatical pre-8th Century India And they re-codified in so you see the British were very clever if they imposed

British law in India there would have Been a revolt so they imposed ancient Indian law Draconian pre-sankarachar 8th Century law so the British in some ways Didn't bring in Indian law a British law They brought in Draconian it would be Like going back to the Middle Ages and Saying now we're going to bring Middle-aged law into modern democracy And that's what they did very cleverly So they resuscitated the caste system a Lot of Indians don't know this And they also did something else they Created the Indian Civil Service which Are all these babus as you call them or The civil servants and these Brown men Were more vicious to their brown people Than the white men in life yeah and they Did this throughout Africa too if you go Look at what occurred in Africa same Thing right the black People that the British put in power we Used to abuse their people there were Slave masters yeah than the white men Were because now they have some power Right So over between the 1757 to 1947 what The British did was they actually built Up this entire brown people running the Entire Indian administrative class and In fact the British decided to leave India it's very some they wanted to Transfer power this is pre-decided it Was too expensive for the British to

Fight these wars in India and skirmishes Around the world so this is where Gandhi Was very very instrumental Gandhi was a Racist he was a castist he did nothing For the people in South Africa he was Fighting for trading rights in the Transvaal region for wealthy Hindus he Wasn't fighting for the poor blacks or The poor Browns so please don't let's Not revive this person and write false History and so when he was came when he Was parachuted in India if you Um look at the even if you look at the Stupid movie Gandhi that was done by Attenborough in that movie you can see He's hanging out with gokule Gold clay was one of the Bootleggers of Indian history right he loved the British it was an anglophile he brings Gandhi into his home he gives him a Spinning wheel they resuscitate him from A man with a suit and a tie to a white Robe call him Mahatma right it was an Entire theater production that was Created and the goal of that theater Production was because in 1920s there Was a huge movement coming up to oust The British like to actually have a good Revolution which India never had Um and those leaders were destroyed and Put down you know people like Sebastian Their most wanted to you know violently Throw out the British you know just like The American revolutionaries had done

Um keyword suddenly blows up in an Airplane right Um and so what you see is 1947 it's not A declaration of Indian independence It's really the Declaration of the Transfer of power in fact that's what The document is called So you transfer power from white men With grounds to Brown men with white Hats and and you have nehru who was Literally You know his consort was Edwina Mountbatten right this is how close they Were okay yeah uh and we need to mount That to those of you know was the wife Of The Last Emperor of India which was Lord mountbatten so the prime minister Of India quote unquote who became a Prime minister nehru was actually Banging you know mountbatten's wife okay Um and then there's all sorts of very Interesting Intrigue between these People right but the bottom line is that India's caste system perpetuated in These Indian Civil Service India had This very stratified feudal class right Um and I would say probably Modi is Probably the first one who did some Breaking from that on some level okay Um even though BJP really really needs To understand that there is a caste System don't say there isn't just like The United States the white uh right Wingers oh there's no racism and that

Opens up the opportunity to the left People to talk about racism but never Really solve it in India you have the Same with the dravidian yeah they take Advantage of the cast but they don't Really want to solve it and then they Have the other people saying there is no Cast and then they create this false Dialectic so the problem never gets Solved so the real issue is when I Studied all of this it became absolutely Clear that Uh the cast system was fully live in India but it was exhibited by the elites Of India who were the Indian civil Service so do those people outside of India if you go to India every Government office is run by the Bureaucrats yeah and you have to get a Civil service exam to go through them Interesting enough my father-in-law many Now fast forward that's what I realized As a kid and I figured all this out I Became an activist you guys can see me Fighting for Food Service workers at MIT Organizing massive five ten thousand People's protests so I've been a fighter All my life in addition to being a Scientist and an engineer because I Really hate these people okay once you Figure out what they're about in 2000 Fast forward to 2007 when I finished MIT I did my thesis I did four degrees at MIT in and out started about seven

Different companies Um very successful companies uh built a Company to about a quarter of a billion Dollars in the in the AI field called Email management Um and many other things so in 2007 I'd Done a very very important thesis which Was mathematically I created a complete New technology to eliminate the need for Animal testing and that could integrate Eastern and western medicine that's what I did the ability to understand complex Diseases on the computer and discover New products and but I right after I Finished my thesis I was deeply Motivated to understand Indian systems Of medicine now I had all these degrees If I did the research without them People say oh you're just into India Blah blah blah anyway I went back to India I did a two-year Fulbright and did A major breakthrough I actually Discovered that the entire system of Indian medicine is actually not a Medical system it's an engineering System And um when I came back to MIT I created A whole course at MIT called systems Health which has now become you know Worldwide program it truly integrates Eastern western medicine but anyway 2007 To 2010 when I finished my 2009 I'm Sorry when I finished my Fulbright as I Was getting ready to come back to the

United States the prime minister of India's office had discovered heard About me Um and they called me the director of an Organization called The council for scientific and Industrial Research which is the biggest Scientific organization in India it Includes you're talking about Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister then his uh direct report was a Guy called Samir brahmacharya and by the Way this organization is called csir Council of scientific Master research Research it is the only other Governmental organization that the prime Minister is the president of and this Was by 1947 nehru the Prime Minister not Only is the prime minister of India but He's a president of csir that's how Close to one level below him is a guy is A director General And the director General invited me to His office and I didn't know why and he Said look you're going back to the United States in 72 hours we want to Make you an offer why don't you help Your motherland and you're an innovator You created email you went to MIT we'd Like you to come in and now help unleash Innovation across India And I didn't know anything about this Organization I was married to a woman at The time whose father was a guy called

PC hota who was who had been the former Head of the entire civil service and he Said wow he goes I know so the the offer I Was Made was to become an additional Secretary in the Indian government which Is a very high position Um and I was given a scientist level uh I think H position or a whatever it's The highest level position you can get Which people typically wait until their Mid 60s and I think I was 42 at the time My father-in-law is sort of jealous and Blown away and he said you'd be a fool Not to take this it took me until I was 60 to get this Um so I take that position I'm given Command of unleashing innovation in India made the CEO of this organization Called csir Tech So I proceed right away to start and I I Was like to me it was like wow I could Contribute back to this country Um the work you know that my Grandparents had done so I'm given a Beautiful Bungalow in morani bug I mean People haven't been in Delhi they're Like the centers of Delhi where all the Elites live so in that Elite area in a Seven acre compound I'm given a bungalow Cars right treated like royalty And um and within two months I figured Out the entire plan And um and then the director General has Said you know we're going to give you a

Budget so you can execute this plan and That was my agreement I said I need to Be able to do this Never got my budget they just wanted me To sit there like the MIT guy be there At their brand ambassador because csir Was under massive scrutiny because there Was embezzlement of 35 million dollars For nearly since 1947 the people of India like where did all this money go Why isn't there any Innovations in India Why is it up billions of dollars there's No real patents many of the patents were Found to be fraudulent so there was a Lot of scrutiny Um director General himself was under Scrutiny for embezzling 35 million Dollars okay So here I'm there and I realized that They didn't really want me to do Anything I was a window dressing but I Actually wanted to do stuff I went and Visited all the labs I would be rolled Out the red carpet and I came up with a Very strategic plan how we would support These scientists so you know across These Labs there's nearly 4 000 Scientists very very smart people And what I kept hearing the common theme Was in across all of these Labs there Were really good people doing great Research but their bosses the directors Of the labs were feudal Lords like the Old British feudal kingdoms they would

Suppress their own people they didn't They were jealous if someone invented Something they thought they would get Credit so they would actually annihilate Them and I'll give you one example Gobind korana everyone may want to look At his name by the way to the Indians Listening prior to 1947 India had two Nobel Prize winners After 1947 India has zero Nobel Prize Okay so why is it during British Colonialism India had CV Raman and Bose Right two people won the Nobel Prize But after the British leave India zero Nobel Prize winner yeah forget the Stupid climate change that thing we're Not that's not even a Nobel Prize okay I'm talking about scientists okay in Medicine physics zero Just think about that so India had two Nobel Prize winners during British Colonialism but zero afterward And this occurred because all these Indian Who took over these scientific Institutions were incompetent they were Very very jealous of their own people so I'll give you an example Gobind korana Who was Who ended up winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine at MIT For medicine couldn't get a job as a Lecturer in India Okay which is one of the lowest

Positions He had to leave India To go to the United States and then he Wins a Nobel Prize because of the Typical system so what I started seeing Was every lab I went to I'd see amazing People doing great stuff But they're the director of the lab Would suppress them because they were Part of a uh I think there was a Of Bengali so all he did was put all of His Bengali guys in right yeah so it was This kind of feudalism and so Um I I decided I would write a report on What I saw And I wrote a report talking about the Good things and what I observed and then I I did a draft report and I wanted all The scientists Who I'd met because I had all their Email addresses To get their feedback when I send that Email out exposing this corruption I'm immediately banned thrown off my Email account has stopped and within 72 Hours how long did it take for you to Find out about this and act About five months Okay five months I figured it out right I mean I I mean I move very quickly I Mean people who know me you know I work I need about five hours sleep I figure Out stuff very very quickly so within Three months I figured out I put

Together I rolled out my plan of how we Would give small very small grants to People who are doing stuff if they went And got a customer they would do more I Have a very different model of Innovation doesn't wait for VCS you go Get one customer you Work out if your product works or not Then you get more customers a very very Powerful entrepreneur model in fact I Think they started adopting that Recently when when uh Modi came in all Right so anyway So I saw all these ills so I after Putting out that report I get thrown out Thrown out of my uh uh Told that to evict my home and my dear Mother shows up to Delhi from India she Goes you fight because I've experienced This corruption my in-laws at the time Run and they have more connected to me So they had no patriotism for India but Because of my deep patriotism not only For India but these people of India who You know I was a son of in many ways Um I decided to fight for them I was Under death threats So my father-in-law said they're going To come arrest you the day before that I'd given an interview on Prime Time India TV you can go find it and I Exposed all of it exposed a report Everything Hindustan times did a front Page article I think it said something

Like hired and fired in five months Something like that you know So anyway Um when I knew they were going to come Try to arrest me I took a third class Train all the way from Delhi to the Border of Nepal walked across and then Came home and when I came home the Editor of nature India Asked me to write an article of my Experience which I did nature is one of The most important journals in the world I said why America innovates in India May never And what is to be done and I shared in June of 2010 I believe or nine forget The ten I saw the half of the building The csir central headquarters burned Down And because the oh director General was Under Suspicion of embezzlement The entire accounting area burns down And the three bookkeepers are killed Very convenient for him okay oh good so I wrote about that in my article I said This is what I observed this is what I Saw I said there's amazing people in India but they're under the Yoke of this Feudalism And that article gets published then the Prime minister's office of India Threatens the editor of nature India and She calls me and she says they're Threatening me I have to pull down the

Article okay I can I can just imagine Threatening someone Yeah his office you know his office did It right absolute fact it's all recorded All right yeah so I had come back so so That's the context of India Um there were various articles written You can go look at it Um but that's the truth so I could have Sat as my Former father-in-law said he goes why Did you do this you would become the Next Um you know uh science minister of India Just shut your mouth just hang out party Hang out just be but I couldn't do it it Would have been one trajectory in my Life so you have to understand it would Have been a very very lucrative Trajectory it would have been a very Post trajectory Um you know it would have been quite Interesting you know Um but I chose not to do that because Of who I am you know that I Believe In Truth freedom and health you know so I Came back to the United States in 2000 And late 2010 Um the head of the department at MIT Doug laufenberger gave me a lecturer Position I went back to my company Cytosolv and we decided we were going to Grow that so I was doing a lecture Position MIT for free

Right Um and I was teaching a course called Systems biology and traditional medicine It was the most powerful elective course And I was showing people the integration Of eastern and western medicine to MIT Phds MIT Engineers Outsiders very very Powerful course Um and in the middle of that course Something interesting happens I was Teaching it for several years in 2011 my Dear Mother Mina is dying of a horrible disease Called pulmonary fibrosis Three years to live when we first came To the United States my mom worked in a Factory where there were these Asbestos-like fibers And so in a suitcase my mother had Organized my entire uh history of the Invention of email you know all the Copyright the editor of Time Magazine Wrote an article Um after reviewing it called a man who Invented email and you can go look at it Front page Time Magazine on their online Edition it goes viral on November of 2011. because the facts are obvious when I was in that medical school as a 14 Year old kid I converted the entire Interoffice Mail system We're not talking about simple sending Of text messages into the electronic Version named it email and in August

30th 1982 I'd already been given the Copyright but I never promoted it but in 2011 33 years later this journalist was Very interested he wrote an article Called a man who invented email And after that article went up to Smithsonian the number one Museum in the World for history or in the United States at least wanted all my materials They did a big ceremony in February of 2012 it went into the Smithsonian February 16th and that day a big report Comes out in the Washington Post Dr Shivaya Dre honored as the inventor of Email the next day The hits the fan and what do I mean By that well it should it should have Been an occasion for celebration I'm the Epitome of the American dream right Instead a racist historian writes an Articles that this guy didn't invent Email he's a fraud because you already Put this other white dude who had Glasses and a beard who didn't invent Email he did simple text messaging And which is like a early caveman Version of WhatsApp which they had Conflated to be emailed because a Company he was later working on was Raytheon one of the biggest defense Companies in the world and they used the At symbol as their logo and they had Made this guy as their brand ambassador When he in fact admitted that he only

Spent 15 minutes adding text to the Bottom of a file it was never called Email it was never emailed it was at Best a caveman version of Facebook or Whatsapp that's it I created email the System it was deployed you don't need The Internet for email you don't need The arpanet and they had created a fake History like they always do so when my Stuff went in the Smithsonian it was Like a bomb went off it was like finding A skull in Africa that put reoriented The true origin of human history So when this happened all these phone Calls come into MIT Mina saying how dare This guy saying invented email fire him And I wasn't even getting paid at MIT Okay but I was running one of the most Popular courses Um and I'm looking at this I'm saying Okay I got four degrees for MIT I've won Every award I've been on the front page Of MIT for inventing many other things I Never wanted the Famer Fortune for the Invention of email but I see the vitriol The racism yeah one one person's um Gawker media said that called me an and a dick Another blog said this Curry stained Indian should be beaten and hanged Okay this is And what's really interesting and not One Indian said anything about it not One Indian

Yeah and that that is revealing unto Itself out of the 1.2 billion Indians Not everyone was uh I don't know if you Invented email you know brown people Don't invent things they work for a White man that attitude Oh I thought That white guy did it it is truly white Supremacy yeah the Indians are more White supremacists every working-class White person who read it obviously meant An email yeah but Indians couldn't Accept it because it's cognitive a small Interruption here so at touch moments Such frustrating moments How did you feel when all the attack was On you well it's a very you're asking a Wonderful question So you have to remember when I look back At my history this is 2012 and I'm Looking back at my history okay I fought For Indians in India fighting Cs and this Was two years ago I exposed the whole Feudalism and then before that I Protested against U.S Iraq War I ran Massive demonstrations making sure Food Service workers got proper wages at MIT Then I look back I was the one who ran The biggest protests at MIT to make sure Women And poor whites and blacks could get Into MIT I created help create programs You can go look at it it's all there so I've always been a fighter for others

Mina now this was an interesting Journey It was a very very the reflection was Very deeply painful no different than That four-year-old kid why why is this Woman spitting at me It is a very different thing where you Can fight for others but now you have to Fight for yourself but you can Justice That is being done to you It is a very very deep Journey because You have to start Because oh okay am I fighting for my Credit you go through all these mental Things oh did I invent email and I've Talked to women who get raped when a Woman gets raped she thinks did I do Something wrong wrong did I wear the Wrong clothing no you go so I was being Physically raped of my credit Yes and I was starting to question Myself wow and it was very interesting a Young student of mine very smart kid by The name of Devin Sparks He was my student Mike he was very upset He said Dr Steve I'm going to help you He went and read every paper scientific Paper that had been written from that From 1978 backward maybe I didn't invent Email maybe this fool did invent it and Lo and behold he spent like three days In the MIT Library sleeping he finds a Document written in 1977 written by one Of my quote-unquote rapists who's Attacking me in 2011 saying oh he didn't

Invent email this was a collaboration of The military no one person could invent Anything that's the other way they take Away your credit Okay no one person can do it Right he finds a document written by That guy his name is David Crocker I Call him David crock of David Crocker in 1977 had presented himself as A leader of electronic messaging and it He had written a paper In 1977 saying it is impossible to Create a system like this You see they were doing Simple text Messaging they in fact thought Secretaries could never use a computer They didn't think you could create inbox Outbox folders into it was too Complicated you would have to create a Easy to use interface but that's what I Did these old white dudes who were in Their lab coats thought what I did was Impossible so when we found that Document we exposed them then you see Even more vitriol come people go on now They have to go to Wikipedia and Destroy Everything I'd ever done Yeah it's like stalinism Absolutely and then you have the Indian Community which is absolutely silent if I was Jewish and this has been done to a Jew every Jew would effect on ballistic This is anti-Semitism this is horrible Right

And then I have to reflect maybe if I Was white and I had blue eyes and my Last name was Einstein I'd be on every stamp on the planet Because I did invent email as a 14 year Old kid and why is it people accept Mozart Oh Mozart was six years old and he wrote These symphonies And I had to start wondering I never Considered myself a genius or a prodigy But the reality was I did but were I was Pretty smart kid But I was born in this brown skin which Gave me a serious disadvantage And it's wrong And I and I did it in Newark New Jersey Which is poor black people are there and I did it at a small Medical College I Did not do it at MIT but I won every Bloody award at MIT I was on the front page when I won the Fulbright when I won you know Um uh Echo mail my first AI company Front page news but when I said email Was not done at MIT not in this cast System what uh what sort of Freedom are We talking about what do you mean In USA when they can't give you your new Credit what sort of Freedom are you Talking about it so let's talk about it Let's talk about this so and what kind Of Freedom are we talking about right Now while there's a hearing taking place

In the United States Congress and I'm The one who discovered through my hard Work the entire government collusion and They invite Robert Kennedy to give the Testimony when he's a drug addict he Hates women he's a philanderer and They're trying to make him a hero Because his last name is Kennedy that is A caste system That is a bloody caste system And I deserve the working people in this Country you can relate it with the Baboos right that's that's the babus no Different no different now the problem They have with me and as during 2020 Because as a scientist because I could See the future I exposed fauci I was the One who saved I would say hundreds of Millions of people's lives I got a Friend of mine in India I'd spoken to a While she said Shiva do you know your Video on vitamin D went everywhere in India through WhatsApp and I still get Hundreds of emails still today people Saying thank you Dr Shiva your vitamin D Protocol saved my life so I did that While Robert Kennedy was promoting Lockdowns why Trump was promoting Lockdowns wait while they were promoting Masks Right I was the first one to put my Reputation on the line and I saved Millions of people's lives I was the one Who said fire fauci I was the one who

Exposed the entire election you Recognize yes because I did the hard Work I work as an engineer as a Scientist these people don't see the Future they watch which way the wind Blows so the point is can I ask you can I ask you a question yeah yeah what do You think about Bill Gates He's the obvious establishment I mean I Exposed him back then right Bill Gates Did not invent anything you go back look At his life in 1980 he's part of the Caste system Okay Bill Gates Robert Kennedy Bill Gates was had written a compiler for Basic His mother was on the board of some Company that knew IBM they said hey do You know an operating system he called Up a guy bought it for ten thousand Bucks and then recoded it okay That's a resole that essentially was More of a Trader all right and But then he gets elevated as though he's Some genius all right but they are all Part of a caste system and we're not Part of that the real caste system so The real caste system to all the Brahmanas who get upset when I say Castle oh you're attacking us now really Shut the hell up and listen By the way I would like to actually Create an actual Brahmin certificate I'm Thinking of doing that Brahman you get a

Bradman certificate if you actually Follow the great ancient Vedas which Said you fight for other people you know You actually study you know what and Then and then you decertify all the People claim they're brahmins and in Fact many non-brahamas should also be Decertified as non-bromins because they Behave like brahmins do you know what I'm saying so it's a funny thing I want To do but the point is that we have the Real caste system is a finite set of People who actually don't work for a Living they steal other people's stuff Yeah and then it's an inside game you Look at Tucker Carlson the United States He's part of the caste system you know He acts like he's fighting for others Him and Hunter Biden are like this so They create this fake dialectic Jared Kushner has done as much Corruption as Hunter Biden but then he You know they create a dialect against Trump versus Biden they're all part of The same cast And that doesn't include you and that's The real caste system so you see they Thought they would Co-op me Mina that I Would go to MIT I would you know I'm Like a perfect candidate if I follow Their rules for Republican or Democrat But I can't follow their rules because You figure out they're part of a caste System

But how would you how would you be able To challenge such a vicious system Well you go back and look at history And you have to apply scientific Principles there's a book I have called Right there called system and Revolution Okay So my life has been trying to merge Remember go back to that four-year-old Kid why is there the caste system and This medical system now the biggest Discovery I made out of my Fulbright When I returned to India was that the Entire engineering system that you learn At MIT and PhD work called Control Systems principles there's nine of them Match one to one with Ayurveda and siddha araved and siddha Are not Medical Systems And yoga is not a medical system it is An engineering system to understand the Whole body so I was able to merge and Create a new science which integrates Ancient systems of Indian medicine Believe It or Not which engineering System science and that became this Program I created called systems health And so first of all if you want to if You go back thousands of years Mina And you told someone we are one day Going to build something called an Airplane it's going to be flying in the Air there will be toilets up there There'll be food they'll you'll be

Serving chicken curry and uh having wine Up thirty thousand miles would anyone Have believed that Absolutely not right what do you mean Flying only birds fly And then if you had told people you know We're going to have one day in our homes Electricity and light they'd say Absolutely not that is created by God Right well when we understood Bernoulli's principle We did The Impossible we created flight When we understood Maxwell's equations We brought in we created electricity and Motors and all this quite extraordinary What people would say was impossible Today people say it's impossible that 8 Billion the the oh there will always be The condition That 0.001 of people that's just the way It ishiva you just have to accept that There will be a caste system there will Be the Kennedys you know no different Than saying you and I can't accept that So my journey like Bernoulli like Maxwell like Newton I have figured out The fundamental scientific principles How to destroy that concept and to Create A movement You know and I say this in a very Profound way just like Bernoulli just Like Newton without now I have to learn How to speak not with humility but what

What I've done and that has been the Truth freedom and health system that I've created you see truth freedom and Health are no different than Pitta Vata And kapha And are no different than transport Conversion and storage comes in so I've Created a new science which gives us the Foundations of human Liberation truth Freedom and health it's not a movement It's a science and when you understand The science and you link it with the Other six principles You become a warrior you become a Scholar no different than you becoming An aeronautical engineer or a electrical Engineer and that is what so truth Freedom and health is fundamentally a System which is founded in science and That's what I used to teach but when I Ran for politics so I was able to Integrate the system of RV than the System engineering physics but when I Ran for politics I said wow I see these Same principles occurring in the Political system so if you look at the Political system fight for Freedom if You look at the engineering and medical Systems or the Engineering Systems we Use for innovating you know an iPhone or Everything and you look at the health Systems that we have in India they're All the same principles these nine Principles that I've uncovered and when

I uncovered those principles I realized Wow when you look at the great Revolutionaries whether it be Thomas Payne or Lenin or Che Guevara or uh the founding fathers All these people are revolutionaries you May disagree with them on their Particular viewpoints but they were Revolutionaries of their times they Never had an understanding of system Science Lennon did either he made some Interesting observations and when you Bring in system science now you have Scientific principles to shatter the Swarm And uh I could play a video for you I Don't know if I can share a video here But there's a small video I can share For you that really describes what I've Created would you like me to play that Yeah sure I don't know if I can share Here Yeah Um I think Um hey John Can I share a video I don't think I can Can I share a video on her oh I can Present right yes So I should probably hold up I should Stop Sharing here right And I should go back to hers and share

My screen right yeah so I share my Screen this is that right is that me That's the other screen that's yeah yeah That's your screen this right yep Samina you can see my screen here Yeah you can do that John should the sound automatically play On this yes yes okay so mean I'm going To play you a video which really is a Video that I did when someone said what Is this thing so let me play this for You ready Um can you we have allowed our country Can you hear that Mina were you able to hear that Hello Loser No no but when I played that video were You able to hear it Oh okay hold on let me play it here we Have allowed our country to be taken Over from within and the end goal is you Will have a homogenized world where we Will become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating

Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and health look I've been A student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because the educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas things Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us

And our body You Can't Fight For Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is a not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is a not so Obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker

Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees in the shadow season screwed Him up his own quote unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum Where people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory you need to

Have physics and I've created that Curriculum people need to get educated We need to get educated fast and within A half an hour an hour I can teach People two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I Apply it anyone can understand it and Then you say oh I gotta build a Bottoms Up movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement the Senate campaign's expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a truth Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to truthfreedomhelp.com Thank you Thursday so what's happened is we've now Surround the covet time period I must Have done three to four videos a day About half a billion people know about Our movement now they can't suppress it That's a problem that they have so when I was de-platformed off Twitter right

For exposing the government backdoor Portal and Twitter is the most important Platform for politics right now on Twitter my It's it's a new type of censorship Elon Musk is not fighting for free speeches Worse censorship than ever before they Put someone like me on but they put you In a cage it's a digital cage it's an Apartheid cage that he has created but The fascinating thing is we already got The story out if I travel anywhere I was In Dubai random person comes running Over to me they go oh Dr Shiva they we Know what you did right thank you for Your covered stuff so the word is out There we just had a woman recently who Was um in uh what is she was in um she's From uh New Zealand Christchurch New Zealand and um she said something Interesting she said she went to a Political event And at that event Um She asked people there must have been a Thousand people there how many people Know Dr Shiva this is in New Zealand She said over 50 of the people raise Their hand you see what they're afraid Of is we got our word out there and so The only solution they have is to make Me invisible So that the the uh oops did we lose you John what happened here

And we lost me now did we lose her Look at the other tab this one that's Her Yeah you're not in her broadcast which One is her broadcast I think it's there one second Um we're still alive oh no that's our Broadcast you're not in her broadcast Anymore Oh that's what I'm saying yeah Is that Us free space to continue Some features on streaming art Oh okay let me look at that but um yeah You're not in her okay so let me come Back to us right yeah so we suddenly Lost her so anyway Um we may have to get back into her John So so anyway everyone listening we lost Our journalists from Um Mina from India but we'll continue We'll wait for her to join right no no You need to get back in her broadcast Okay John yes Um She doesn't join ours we have to join Hers so oh I have to enter back into her Studio okay great So one second everyone I think we have To enter back into her Studio Right there No that's ours again So I'm in mine right yes so where's hers John I don't know you somehow got out of it

Or something Um you need to get the stream yard link From from I had it from the calendar Okay all right everyone just hold on one Second can you just send it to me John Okay so Um so while we're waiting for mina what Um I wanted to let everyone knows those Of you listening is that Um the bottom line is we have a a huge Opportunity because the movement for Truth freedom and health exists because We are known globally Um People understanding these Concepts People really getting to understand what Is a movement how do we build a movement Is something that people do not want People to understand because once you Understand how to build a movement you Have a very very different opportunity Um to uh I'm trying to do two things Everyone here Um uh we have a very very different Opportunity to win because you start Understanding the physics of how to Build a movement and that is what we Want to offer people so the important Thing is we don't have to waste our time Trying to figure out what to do or how To do it because Um we have fortunately been able to Create that one second I'm going back Into Mina's broadcast

Um so that's why I wanted to play that Video and in spite of the problems that We have understood we need to also I mean sorry something happened there Yeah no worries I think we're back let Me see if I bring you back in yeah there You are okay can you see us yeah so yeah I'm sorry about that no worries what I Was just telling people is that the Fundamental realities that we have Created Mina the reason I wanted to play That is that over the last Um you know three years we have created This movement and the movement begins With doing the work of a scholar right You have to understand the physics of How these movements work without Understanding that physics people will Say oh I'm going to support this guy or That guy the goal here is for the Individual to become a leader so we've Created you know truthforedomhealth.com I all that stuff I used to teach at MIT The system science Which people pay hundreds of thousands Of dollars for I said give it away for Free and no one wanted it so what we did Was we said okay pay you something a Little money about 100 bucks and then if You take the course you can give it to As many children as you want I went to India in March of last year and I gave It away to 1500 Village students we want To make people become philanthropists so

You take the courses and you give it Away everywhere but once people Understand the science of systems it is Literally like I keep saying this like Prometheus bringing fire you see the Elites have nuclear a nuclear weapon Which is a knowledge of systems and We're walking around with sticks and Stones So that's the first step second is People need to get on the ground they Need to start talking to their neighbors Oh Dr Shiva yeah what is your vision for a New a kind of USA Yeah it's a good question so let's or For that matter a world right if you Think about it this way going back to The invention of email So a 14 year old kid In Newark New Jersey with a little bit Of infrastructure creates email now what Were the conditions of that and that Will answer your question the conditions Where a loving family The conditions where very dedicated School teachers People who made sure that I could leave High school and go work For 10 hours right they changed the Rules they fought for me Fighters So a loving family who's supportive is Giving you you know not only a loving Family but the disciplined family a lot

Of the families today don't even teach Their kids any discipline Nothing they just put the kids out there They don't you know so a a construct Where you have some structure Um teachers who actually cared and then The third thing was infrastructure Through a mentor I had this Mentor who And but that was a triangle it's not the Triangle the military-industrial Academic complex it's not I had to go to MIT to invent email it's not I needed to Have you know right now they say Innovation occurs from the Military-industrial academic complex in Fact there's a guy called Walter Isaacson who wrote the book on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and all these People in the middle of the fabricated Email controversy he writes a book And he's a racist he writes a book Talking about the digital Revolution In knowing this controversy is going on By the way just to FYI in 2016 I found a Lawyer Charles harder who looked at my case and We sued Gawker media sued all these People and I won a million dollar Settlement and all those defamatory Articles were taken down by the way no One will talk about that either okay Because we won they don't want to talk About the victories of people from the Quote-unquote lower caste right

So anyway The reason I bring that up is email's Invention took place in the middle Of Newark New Jersey where nothing's Supposed to come out of you would call a Swamp right Of crime Etc but it took place because I Had the support of a family you know the Support of good teachers and some Infrastructure I was given access to Some computers it wasn't billions of Dollars Venture Capital Money this is Why when I was at csir I said we don't Need to start Innovation centers in Gurgaon or Delhi or Bombay that's not How Innovation comes Innovation is a Weed it's a weed if you want to Genetically engineer food you're going To get crappy food so we don't really Have great Innovation anymore so in fact Here I'll just make a small interjection A lot of the sages in India very wise Sages would say that genetically Modified food is very bad for you and That's exactly what you said so uh That's another Point that's very Important that you've caught for I fought for in 2012 to 2016 I did four Major five major research papers which Exposed at the fundamental level what Genetic engineering does And all the major news people including Joe Rogan who follows me had two Opportunities to put me on and he

Suffocated it you see because they all Are part of their upper caste they're Part of the same cast that spans from India to America let's be honest here That is a real caste system And so But they are trying to genetically Engineer everything genetically Engineered food genetically endure Innovation genetically engineered Health Genetically engineer the economy Genetically engineer everything and what You're getting is a very controlled Artificial system yes and so the genetic Engineering is not how great Innovations Come by the way a 14 year old boy is the One who invented TV Philo Farnsworth Which RCN Stanford and he didn't have to Deal with the skin color but he dealt With the fact that he did it outside of Stanford right he did it in a small farm A 14 year old boy invented TV just like A 14 year old boy you're looking at him When I was 14. invented email but the Circumstances of that is what we need to Understand it didn't occur in the Umbrella of the upper casts about you Know their ground you see when I went to MIT MIT really didn't do a lot for me I Did more for MIT Because by the time Harvard MIT Yale bring people in the Students have worked their butts off They actually put the label on and they Benefit from these hard-working high

School students that's what's really Going on it's a racket And so when I went to MIT I had already done all this in fact I Was so bored of my computer science Classes they were it's like a mechanic Building a car and then you're talking About you've already done it but what I Did learn at MIT was how to fight The Establishment that's what I learned who The establishment is and I learned their Ways of how they operate and I've been Fighting them ever since so that's the Important thing to understand so the Kind of world and the country we need to Create whether it be the United States Or India is a world where you create the Conditions For Bottoms Up movements to take place And that is what we're trying to do with Truth Freedom Health my running is a Catalytic event because people before Have the obvious establishment which is One part of the upper cast and the not So obvious establishment you see they Create their own theater Trump is as Though he's fighting bite and They're all the same right If you take Kennedy as though he's Fighting them you know during covid he Promoted lockdowns Robert Kennedy promoted lockdowns but Then they parachute him in because they Don't want this my face out there

Because I'm the real fighter they have To create a fake fighter like they did In India with Gandhi like they did in The United States with Martin Luther King he wasn't the real fighter Malcolm X was so they create the fake Fighters Mina that they can control so what I Want people to happen through my run for President is number one for people to Realize that they should have Self-respect for themselves and overcome This Dynamic of how the upper cast the Real caste system works that is what my Run for president is about it is for People recognizing oh there is a caste System it's not just occurring in India Brahmanas versus non-brahamas it's much Deeper than that it is a finite it's a It's a global caste system now it's a Very as I did in the Swarm video it's a Hundred University presidents working Together with a hundred actors be they In Hollywood or Bollywood right working Together with a hundred hedge fund Managers it's a global swarm and they Make sure that they create the theater In fact they create their own opposition They create the Trump Kennedy opposition And what's powerful though Mina is a Movement like ours has never existed in History which is exposing this true Imagine if a movement like ours had Existed in 1920 in India we would have Exposed Gandhi

Yeah India would have had a real Revolution if there's something more About Gandhi that you know should come Out but it's not being allowed to come Out there's a book about it well well The reason it's not allowed to come out Is because it'll expose it that he was Part of the problem he created the Problem okay yeah and they do they want To keep the dialectic left and right or Obvious establishment and their own fake Fighters they create their own fake Idols they ensure that the true people Represent the bottoms up movement are Actually made invisible they'll in fact Create controversies among their own Crowd right because as long as a Controversy is created you get Visibility Right That what they do is they want to make The real people invisible now the Historic opportunity we have is I got my Name out there in spite of them because Of all the things good things I did we Ran our movement so they can't suppress Dr Shiva our movement now so the only Thing they can do is make us invisible And that is why what is the kind of Support you have Well I just told you you know if you Look at visibility by the way you know Here's a here's a bumper sticker we have We have millions of people starting to

Get these and they're going to put it on The back of their cars okay so millions And millions of people know about us I Would say nearly 70 to 80 percent of the American public has heard of Dr Shiva Period and so they so so they have to Make that if I was there I would vote For you Well I don't I think if you're a working Person thank you if you're a working Person Um And you think your choices are the Following the obvious establishment on The left or the right or the not so Obvious establishment now what's Happening is Mina they're so afraid Because typically The not so obvious establishment Manipulates the masses whenever people Start rising up bottoms up they bring in The not so obvious establishment you see First as they just shoot people like They did in India right or they did in The United States or they did it in Germany fascism but when that doesn't Work anymore they actually create their Controlled opposition like the gandhis Right like the Martin Luther Kings but When you raise people's Consciousness to This Dynamic it's over you see what I'm Saying I had a very interesting guy was A medical doctor very smart guy he had Seen an interview with this fool with

The charlatan Kennedy with a guy called Joe Rogan okay And he said oh my God I thought Kennedy Was a great fighter because they say all The right things and then he saw an Inner then I did my own podcast exposing Rogan and exposing Kennedy as this upper Cast people And he said after I saw your video goes I didn't sleep for two days he goes I Had cognitive dissonance he goes Because I was going to donate money but Everything you said was absolutely Truthful but see that truth has always Never been the fake truth comes out you Say So that's why it's so powerful we're Doing our movement is global now we have People in India we have leaders in India And Europe and Africa all over the Planet and this movement now is Expanding where we're so you know every Thursdays um you know 11 A.M and to your Audience 11 A.M we did it for people in India and Europe and also eight Piet for People in the United States and Asia Pacific I do a two to three hour open House it's a lot of time but we bring People from all over the world and you Can go to VA shiva.com orientation and People come there and you start Realizing wow there's these other really Incredible people who get the subterfuge Of Gandhi did who understand that Trump

And Kennedy are really part of The Clique and that is a very enlightened Crowd of people Mina and people in India The 1.8 billion people in India should Wake up because it the generation needs To overcome the obvious and the not so Obvious establishment we need to really Write the true history of India the true History of America right and that is What my candidacy really represents Because I represent A real indian and a real American in Some ways yeah you know a lot of our Viewers are from USA and uh a lot of our Viewers are from USA oh good Yeah One of the other people are challenging Me now is The United States Constitution when it Was first written Said that you had to be a natural-born Citizen meaning you had to be born in The United States but that was in 1780 1787. But then the Amendments came and then The 14th amendment was passed Which said a naturalized citizen is the Same as a natural-born citizen you Cannot discriminate So I have every right to run so that's The big thing I'm the first time a Naturalized citizen is running and Educating people that the constitution Is absolutely clear on this and again

People have been afraid to run be like Oh you can't run no absolutely I can't Run and I filed a preemptive lawsuit in Federal court already And in that lawsuit I've clearly Asserted that the Articles of Confederation said that but the 14th Amendment so what I'm doing will help The other 22 million naturalized Citizens in the United States recognize Oh I can run for office for president Even And this is quite historic too so again I'm fighting to educate people that the Constitution already so a lot of people Are ignoring oh he can't run we don't Want foreigners running our country they Speak like that right but if you're a Naturalized citizen you're equal there Cannot be two you cannot have a caste System in the citizens you can't say oh Dr Chavez an actualized citizen he's Here and I'm a natural-born citizen all Citizens are equal that's what the 14th Amendment the equal protection Clause so This caste system is very very elusive You know it's very Insidious it weaves Its ways in and people That's what we really have to fight Kennedy and Trump Joe Biden all these People are part of the upper caste And they do not represent the rest of us Right so there you go What do you what do you think of early

Leaders like modiji you've met him what Is your opinion about him and the way He's yeah so so you know India has Uneven development of capitalism so Let's if you go back again you have to Go back and study history because you Have to understand this as a movie right My life is one frame In a frame that goes back to my parents Their grandparents and a whole bunch of People your life is one frame so if you Look at the election of Modi today right And you go back to what I just shared With even the Short History going back To the 8th Century right caste system Was breaking down the real the the real Purpose of yoga and spirituality was to Fight It was to bring Heaven on Earth in many Ways it wasn't just there to talk about Some yoga and meditate meanwhile go back And have Injustice if you follow that All the way through Um the Gandhi Dynasty was part of that caste system in Many ways right I mean nehru I mean is This right in front of your face nehru Indira Rajiv you know some skips and Bumps there and then this cocaine head Rahul I mean the guy's an idiot complete Bloody idiot you know they're trying to Make him as always an intellectual night Grows a beard does these marches it's so Foolish to watch this right they're

Trying to create an idiot now what I do Like about Modi and is that at least There's a sense of nationalism Indian Nationalism never existed it was Bled out and I believe you have to go Through the process of nationalism Before you can even talk about Internationalism it's like more saying Hey I have to take care of my physical Body it's one thing going I'm going to Help everyone meanwhile you don't even Take care of your own physical body So India now the nationalism can take Two Paths cultural nationalism which is oh Let's go back and you know it's like a Backward nationalism or a progressive Nationalism where you say hey look we're A people who are beat up and suppressed We demand our light in our day that's a Progressive nationalism a cultural Nationalism would be okay let's go back To the days of blah blah blah when Whatever right it's a backward Nationalism so I think Um You know Modi coming to power was good To the extent that it destroyed this old Uh feudal castism of the gandhis right And that's what they were Um so in that sense there's some Progressive pieces you know when I Um Modi at least had the uh courage to Recognize me Asian manner of email when

I came back right and every Indian Should recognize this because if you're An Indian growing up today what is your Mentor of who's an inventor oh Elon Musk the guys everything he's done He's puts his name on stuff oh Bill Gates Why isn't the picture of that 14 year Old boy On an Indian stamp or for that matter on A stamp and every Indian must ask that So you have to always have pictures of White people or some or in fact even Chinese people's names aren't on Anything why is it all white people And more importantly why is it an Indian Person who gets if when I show the Picture that boy you invented email you Can see people they get all they start Moving around oh what do you mean he Invented email I would say the visceral Reaction to my pictures of 14 year old Boy inventing email and if you have a Visceral reaction to that you're a white Supremacist and you don't have to be in A white skin So if you're an Indian and you're Watching this And you're reading Wikipedia's And you have a visceral reaction more Than likely you're a white supremacist And that is my definition because you Know John medlar who's A working class Kid he sees the facts he'll say yeah Dr

Shiva invented email it's obvious but I Would say they're more Indian White Supremacists there are whites who are White supremacists in the United States Just by pure numbers and so that's a Very very important thing to understand So Modi at least you know in a big thing He said yes it was a uh Indian from you Know at least he's doing that right So I respect him for that I respect him For the fact he's talking about yoga you Know he created a center to do research In alternative medicine you can't I Didn't see Indira Gandhi do that I didn't see any of these other guys do That so I respect him that I don't know The infrastructure of the entire party But I do like the fact that you know Certain elements of RSS stood up against A caste system that's a good thing Gandhi was supporting the caste system So but we have to look in the long frame Of Indian history India's had this Uneven fight in 1900s had we had a good Revolution had we kicked the out of The British like America did and Throwing them out had every Indian lost One son or daughter fighting India would Be in a very different situation today But India didn't that Revolution never Took place Yeah so that's why you know we have this Deep set sense of lack of nationalism And lack of why an Indian when he looks

At another Indian walks the other way You know seriously and hopefully I think The youth in India will change that but The invention of email is very important To this it's not about me it's about Whoa This was done outside of MIT You don't have to go to MIT or Silicon Valley To create something Innovation can occur Any time any place by anybody Mina and That's the central thing and Innovation Is about your Divinity creating Something is your expression of of God In many ways so if you only say a few People can innovate that's a real caste System If you say oh you have to go to MIT and Then you become a nerd or you can become A Dropout out of Harvard or then you're Cool then you're a brainy guy that's the Real caste system or you go to IIT and Then you're an innovator Yeah Innovation is occurring every Microsecond it's in everyone's DNA so That's really the core of this so when I Expose Kennedy when I expose Trump my Hatred against them is because they are Really the upper cast And people bowing down to them Is your but you might as well go bow Down to the devil you're bowing down but At least but at least people say that See Trump is a rich man so he doesn't

Care about money he cares more about the Nation Is there any truth to it Well that is a theater that's not true Though okay let's look at the facts That is a very interesting story you see They do not want real leaders coming From below so they create fake Heroes Let's look at actually Trump I used to support Trump and I actually Connected the dots I had to expose him Trump number one and this is in 2020 I Had to do this dirty work he Insured that fauci never got fired he Made sure lockdowns took place he made Sure 7.9 trillion dollars got printed in one Term Obama took two terms and most of That money went to the elites 600 billionaires why small businesses Were getting destroyed made Um you know 2.3 trillion dollars I wrote A letter to Trump his ex-wife delivered It to him I said do not lock down the Economy do not shut it down quarantine People and give them vitamin DC it was All laid out He said he was against big Pharma he Took money from Big Pharma for his Inauguration okay So the point is when you add up the Facts you can say whatever you want look Charles Manson who killed a bunch of People said all sorts of stuff

Anyone could say anything this is what People think what did you actually do Though what did you do when March of 2020 was taking place You have to look at people's actions And you have to stop having amnesia People have a lot of Amnesia well he Said that then people forget so those in Power bank on your forgetting And they make Heroes of the people so You're always looking above for your Savior to come okay Yeah everything comes from below you Plant a seed you don't plant it in air You plant it in the soil it comes from Below okay everything comes from Below Everything comes from mother earth right So that's what we need to understand Things come from Below Um Martin is asking you uh what does Dr Shiva State called Putin and zip yeah so I mean this is again long but if you Look at Russia as a people it was a I Have great great respect for the Russian People you know it was a Russian people Who defeated Hitler it wasn't America Who won World War II right it's the fact 20 million Russian people fought Nazism Two million people died in one battle With pots and pans finding the Nazis so The r in the in the blood of people in Russia they know the fight against Fascism it's in their epigenetics so When you look at and if you look at

Putin's family so to the extent but to The extent that you see when the Russian People in the eastern part of the of Ukraine were very upset when the United States installed they did a coup the United States did a coup in 2014 and Installed the Nazi there right in Ukraine and so the Russian people rising Up and the fact is that Russia look at Russia and Africa Russia is mineral Rich It's got oil it's got gold it's diamonds Everything so the Imperial powers Look to Russia As British imperialism looked to Africa And and they would love to rape and Pillage Russia in my view they would Love to rape they've already raped in Pillage Africa they created all these Nations and they have everyone fighting And that's really their goal for Russia That's why after 1991 the United States Was never supposed to Nato was never Supposed to go east of Germany that was A promise George Herbert Walker Bush but They kept going more they act the goal Is to surround Russia and remember it's Not like Putin is some Angel right but The reality is Russia represents a huge Opportunity for imperialism to dominate It now China at least had a good Revolution Yeah Uh Russia had a good Revolution you know The bolshuk revolution you may argue

Some of the things that took place Because of U.S imperialism and World Imperialism but at least the working People at one point industry rose up Chinese Revolution was a little bit Different Jeeping Um you know he runs State capitalism It's not communism or socialism it's Where the government has completely Fused with corporations and that's what The US is headed towards openly So he runs a state capitalist Organization a fascist organization Right which surveils and watches every People and China is going to have Difficulties because you don't have any Freedom there right at a very Fundamental level Um so that's what I think about you know China but Russia is intriguing because Um in the blood of Russian people is Their history of as a working people Fighting fascism that's a good thing Dr Shiva do you believe in astrology Well Um You know the Indian system Uh does a lot of mathematics and Understands these patterns Um what I can say with my own personal Experience there is some very Interesting patterns okay Um we have to understand there's an Interaction between information matter

And energy and I'm speaking from a Systems perspective okay information Matter and energy our thoughts Energy the subtle energies of different Things influence us Um you know in physics we say there's These four energies right the weak Forces of gravitational forces yeah Electromagnet so we have probably no Fully I when we haven't integrated them So there is some very profound things You see in how the Indians were able to Predict things understand planets Etc so I could say that there's a lot of Research that should be done there and There's some interesting observations That exist and empirically some things Are quite fascinating you know yeah so That's what the reason why I'm asking is Because if you've consulted an Astrologer perhaps he could have told You is your future Well so here's a second part of that so You may have these subtle energies which Influence you as if you believe you are A being of information matter and energy Your Consciousness affects that now There's another aspect to this once you Raise your Consciousness and you vibrate At a different energy you can also Shield yourself from these gross forces Too Okay where you determine your own path In your own destiny so both are taking

Place Destiny is taking place and your Creation of your own destiny both are Occurring it's not one or the other Um and a lot of the works of Ilia Pogroni you know won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1957 exposes this So we seem to think that we live in a Deterministic world or in a chaotic World the reality is both is taking Place out of chaos uh determinism can Occur under certain conditions so I Believe both are occurring and there's a Unification of science that's what System science allows us to do you know Yeah so I learned to meditate when I was Uh 12 years old And I do meditation almost all the time Now okay but there are different types In a certain God Um I believe in energies you know So one you know I have a great reverence For the energy of Christ But you know the concept of an avatar Right I have a great reverence for Certain deities you know like the deity Murugan you know Um because they're both the fighter and The Healer and I identify with that I Think eat within each one of us is are These different archetypes Uh and their energies I believe Yeah yeah

Could you please speak about SSR or Bollywood yes uh uh yeah What's happening in Bollywood is very Similar to what's happening in Hollywood Uh I don't know whether you're aware of It it's the same kind of dark uh you Know a dark secrets that you find in Hollywood and this movie sound of Freedom is reflective of what happened What's happening in Bollywood as well so In case you'd like to answer yeah I Think look I think the reality is if you Go there's a swarm video I did you may Have seen that it's a 15 minute video If You haven't seen it see it but we have To recognize that there's not one point Of where the quote unquote the elites or The quote unquote the upper cast are They're everywhere and they're Distributed they're telepathic They communicate from Hollywood to Bollywood from India to America You know they're a swarm but there's Only a small set of them and what I Wanted what's that Is that the illuminata I don't know you I call them the Swarm okay okay okay you Know I did a video on this because it's A systems approach to representing this Okay Um We've watched that huh I mean watch that Yeah it's a good video everyone should Watch it but yeah at 15 minutes everyone

Understand it but the issue is how do we Overcome it right Um the reality is this and the re and Then that's why truth Freedom health is So important because we've created the System to do that But yeah so if you think about Those in power will do all sorts of Insidious things right be it child Trafficking one of the interest things With the movie sound of freedom Um you know I was the one I I talked About this three years ago Um when this come out people said hey Dr Shiva is a scientist how could Adrenochrome get created and I actually Did these a systems biology Model of it where if you have stress Your body creates adrenaline and if an Anxiety your body will create Um well it'll create Uh oxidative species and when they Combine you will create adrenochrome It's interesting enough that video's Been up for three years I did a short Version of it YouTube took it down okay After the sound of Freedom movie came Because they don't want an actual Science Yeah well they don't want people in my Position as a statue as an MIT PhD to Talk about that right but I think the Realities there are a billion different Ways the elites abuse Us by the way when

I came to India on my Fulbright there Was an interesting guy He was one of the top five billionaires Of India he invited me into his home and He had been in jail for something right And I said and he said look Shiva in my World It's not about money he goes the trading That we do is women's weapon and drugs That's what he said okay he said women Weapons and drugs is the Commodities That we trade in yeah and I thought it Was quite interesting women weapons and Drugs so you said it's not money that we Trade in yeah There's one more issue that uh Rashmi is Speaking about with the hope uh Requesting you to take up the issue of Animal abuse especially farm animals Yeah so Um look there was a time When you know by the way uh if you look You know in the hunting model you hunt An animal and you eat it right Um you Um you know you don't abuse animals one Of the reasons I created cytosol which Is this technology is to completely Eliminate animal testing and we're doing That we make discoveries In science and medicine without you know Killing animals and that's what Cytosolve is all about we want to Eliminate there's no reason frankly to

Kill animals even perform a certain more And more even the FDA saying animal Models have nothing to do with human Models The factory farming which is you know It's very sad when I'm driving through India or even here A friend of mine just Sent me a picture and you see all these Chickens stuck in these coops driving in These smokes and then people are going To eat those it's just garbage so I'm a Big proponent in one of our you know our Campaign for president number one is Healthcare In the healthcare model very simple We're not going to wait to be president You take care of your immune system and Everything resolves itself up on the Environment we tell people to support Local farmers local farmers you know Local Dairy not these big factory farms Number three when it comes to education We have to teach people the science of Systems number three when it comes to Governance we have to educate leaders New leaders and we teach people Leadership program when it comes to the Economy people have to understand how to Save What is a balance sheet what is a profit Loss and we teach people every Wednesday Every Thursdays at 8 pm we actually Teach people one of these things so That's our political campaign we're not

Waiting to be elected when it comes to Um you know Innovation I actually teach People how to innovate So in all of those areas our campaign is Not waiting to win we're teaching people As we go now winning the presidency I Will just I would probably do interviews Like this we educate people a president Cannot do anything because it's all Corrupt but what a president can do Someone of my background I can educate Eight billion people all day with that Bully pulpit people have to Rise Up Bottoms Up Mina In fact that's exactly what people are Commenting on they're saying that see What you're speaking is so educative and Uh the way you're speaking is so Informative uh so thank you for that Dr Shiva you have a very uh lovely chat and Uh so so nice to see someone being so Explicit about things uh thank you to my Viewers let me just say Mina Um Das Narayan is a uh an independent Journalist in India at sir she's a rare Breed so I decided to do this interview Because I think it's very very important To support independent journalism uh Anyone listening to this if you know Other independent journals and Podcasters I would rather drive views Their way into the cabal of the grifters Right now you know the Joe Rogan's the Tucker Carlsons all these people are

Basically part of that upper cast They're not independent journalists they They may put the word independent but They're not and it's evidenced by the Fact they're so afraid to put me on Their shows I mean I have all the credentials but They are the upper cast You know denigrating Me and all of you when they when they Make me invisible they're actually Spitting on everyone And that's why I want to drive views to Everyday other people so Mina if you Know other independent journalists Absolutely let them know I'm into anyone Listening and that's what you want to do And uh Dr Cheba we don't want this to be The only one on the interview we would Love to have you uh speaking about Different topics and also uh telling us What uh what you would do be doing you Know in in the future in or USC yeah What we can do Mina we should do another Uh just we can focus on the platform Okay yeah I think this Version will I think give your audience A deep understanding of who I am and now We can talk about real solutions Um and those Solutions can be done Everywhere here or in India everywhere Look The world is becoming a very closed World right now very very tightly knit

And it can go into serious Darkness or Serious light And what we've created here with our Movement for truth Freedom health is Very different than the force of power Profit control and that is why they want To make me invisible but we're not going To allow it so this podcast other Interviews and it's going to have us Doing this podcast is a Bottoms Up Movement right we're not waiting for Coverage by mainstream media they're Never going to do it because I want to Destroy them so why would you want to Cover me when I want to destroy you okay You're not going to do it So so it's great to hear you at the way You speak it's it's very very uh not Really interesting but educated and Thank you once again thank you be well Thanks to you and your audience be the Light thank you Um so to everyone um listening thank you Amina be well Said everyone listening that is Mina Narayan and she's a wonderful Independent journalist and to all of you Listening please know that we have to Build a movement my running for President and the way you can support by The way are running for president Um I do not like to beg for money Obviously if you want to give money Great but I want to ask you to do

Something much more simpler okay Something everyone can do Um and that is you go to Shiva for President.com and get this bumper Sticker why is this bumper sticker Important well first of all it's about Five bucks but more importantly you put It on the back of your car And the back windshield and you can be Anywhere in the world because You know I'm I'm running for president But it's really powering a massive Global movement for truth Freedom health And that's what that little swoosh is Right there sorry right there and you Put this on the back of your car you can Be in India you can be in Africa you can Be the United States but this is about You Um becoming an activist because 100 000 people per day will see this more Views than you will get on quote unquote Social media so that's the opportunity For everyone if you go to Shiva for President.com Um John's working on a wonderful shop You can get all this great merchandising You can get a t-shirt get a bag why is That important because if you're walking In an airport and you see another Truth For an unhealth person you can build Community because look here's the bottom Line when someone's wearing a Nike shirt You don't say oh my God you're into Nike

No but when you see one of our stuff You're gonna get excited because you see One of you so get a t-shirt get a hat But do it because it's a way to build Community But more importantly Volunteer get on the ground hand out Flyers we have some wonderful Flyers Coming out you can hand these flyers out In your local Community start engaging People tell them hey there's this really Cool guy that's running he's one of us And we have this movement truth Freedom Health That's what everyone here can do and It's simple and it's easy but for God's Sakes do not give money to these Freaking not so obvious establishments Scumbag charlatans because that's who They are and that's why our run for United States president is so historic So get involved Um and be the light let me finish up With my uh video which will inspire you To get involved for Shiva for president And Truth Freedom Health who would have Ever thought I'd be running for President of the United States of America I was born a low-caste Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayadure I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and

Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all races as a 14 year old I Wrote 50 000 lines of software code to Create the world's first email system And was awarded the first U.S copyright For email recognizing me as its official Inventor at a time when copyright was The only way to protect software Inventions I did that long before I ever Came to MIT revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace By anybody growing up I saw politicians Dividing Us by race and religion in both America and India to have us fighting Each other while they remained safe in Their gated communities and in their Playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and expose their Imperialist wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America

And why America existed lawyers Academics billionaires celebrities and Paul politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedy's bidens Obama's bushes black And white have hijacked America they've Printed trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transfer Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out one Set of rules for them and another for us We deserve a warrior with a history of Courage in putting everything on the Line for you who believes in you not Them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed Their lies at the right time never Waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed their Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system Saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize A fire fouchy campaign when others Remain silent when they stole our Election we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 22 money Federal Lawsuit exposing in Bear view the Government and big Tech censorship Infrastructure the Unholy alliance

Between government and social media Companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need

Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya Dray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president All right everyone I hope that was Valuable Um be well be the light get involved and Let's win this fight thank you be well Most of these supplements are

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