Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Congress, Republicans & Democrats, Kennedy & Trump, HATE America!

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Congress, Republicans & Democrats, Kennedy & Trump, HATE America!

Foreign We're going to do a co uh Twitter spaces As well as a live stream Um to really help people understand What's going on why I've made this very Very bold statement that Congress Republicans and Democrats Kennedy and Trump two clowns actually hate America And when I'm done with this you're going To understand why I'm making this Statement but we're going to go live on Twitter space okay welcome everyone this Is Dr shivaya Dre we're live on Twitter As well as Facebook as well as all Channels right now and the discussion We're going to have tonight is why Um and it's a very important discussion And by the time I'm done in this Conversation and we have a number of People on Twitter spaces will be joining Us we have Um Crystal and John who are our co-hosts On Twitter spaces we have some speakers Here and the speakers that we have here Were in the midst in the epicenter of The storm in 2020 when as many of you Know I represented myself in federal Court in the most historic lawsuit of The probably in the entire United States Exposing how the Congress the Republicans and Democrats Um destroyed the first amendment of this Country because fundamentally you're Going to realize they hate America they

Hate you they hate the American people And I use that word hate because that's What we are we all have to contend with And anyone who thinks Trump or Kennedy Um are your friends you're gonna have You're gonna by the end of this either Have a serious uh cognitive dissonance And some people who actually hear the Facts sometimes have to take two days Off and say shit everything Dr Shiva Saying is right I need to get my head Out of my ass but that's the journey You're going to go through and uh that Journey is a very difficult one if you Are looking to those From the Swarm from the Elites from The Establishment to a golden plated toilets Um people like the Kennedys who kill People murder people can get away with It to think that they care about you Is probably one of the most fundamental Errors anyone can make in their life It's no different than somebody who gets Abused raped by someone thinking that That rapist and that abuser because he Gives you a flower at the end of it or Gives you a box of chocolates it really Cares about you and that's the Discussion we need to have and perhaps a True American like myself who has gone Through the Journey of coming from India With nothing uh being born in a caste System in India who's not a brahmana Like this fucking dude Vivek who's a

Fucking bullshitter Maximus who's a butt Buddy of uh you know Jared Kushner who's Promoted to essentially make invisible The real Brown uh person which is me Which is fighting for America Um as well as a bunch of other brown People who showed up it's quite Fascinating to actually Brown out me and We'll talk about that but what you're Going to realize is that these Individuals every member of Congress Republicans and Democrats Kennedy and Trump hate you they hate America so let Me Support everything I'm saying by facts As an engineer as a scientist I like to Go to facts so they're unequivocal and Irrefutable Let's go back to the facts Um first of all before I begin I just Want Um a couple of people to introduce Themselves very briefly I'll start with Crystal Crystal can you briefly Introduce yourself as a co-host Um take uh 30 seconds who you are how You came across uh everything that I'm About to talk about go ahead Crystal Thank you Dr Shiva for letting me Letting me go I'm out of Nebraska I've Been following Dr Shiva and the movement For going on four years and I was very Present involved not only in His Senate run that was stolen from him

Which I was in Massachusetts in 2020 Yeah Lawsuit and I was present at all of Those hearings for his Federal historic Loss So thanks for letting me come in Dr Thanks Crystal thanks for serving as our Co-host let's go to John John can you Briefly introduce yourself and each one We'll come back to John and Crystal who Share with you their journey and Everyone everyone is going to realize What a what a scumbag Trump is You're going to realize what a scumbag Robert F Kennedy's and this is a time For an Awakening if we really want an Awakening not a fake Awakening like Alex Jones is talking about go ahead John Mother just campaigned videos but I've Been doing the video work for Dr Shiva Since uh the 20 2018 campaign actually So I've been working very closely with Dr Shiva for quite a while Thanks Sean and let's just introduce uh We'll come back let's just briefly Introduce uh uh Jen Bennett Jen go ahead If you can just Jen if you can just Briefly introduce yourself and then We'll come back to Jen go ahead John You've done mute yourself Hey everyone I'm at Dr Shiva back Uh vaccine Um Uh awareness of that one second Jennifer

Um someone just said Trump is a scumbag Okay bye time don't follow so that's a Woke conservative right there that's a Person who virtues signals and if they Don't want to listen to the truth you're A fucking moron and you are a woke Conservative and stop attacking woke Lefty Zen because you're part of a Maga Cult go ahead Jennifer thank you Attended your vaccine conference back Then and I was just super excited to Find a scientist who understood mothers And was willing to to stand up for the Truth and so I hopped on the wagon was Very involved Um for about a year and a half took some Time but was still supporting afar as I Was raising my children the last two and A half years Great John thanks for having me great to Have you back Um let's go over to uh Kristen Falvey go Ahead Kristin Kristen was also in the center of the Storm go ahead Kristen Hi I'm Christian Closer with Dr Shiva since the 2020 Senate uh campaign and like the others Here witnessed firsthand uh everything That went down from the election being Stolen from Donald Trump and team Ignoring the warnings from Dr Shiva and All of us with the election fraud all The way up through

Uh the historic Windex Freedom lawsuit And also I am here in Massachusetts uh Locally Dr Shiva great thanks thanks Kristen so we're going to hear from Other speakers too but let me begin so I Want everyone to wind back the clock Um if you are one of those uh and also Oh we have Frank Licata here Frank could You just say hello please Frank could You unmute and just say hello Frank by The way uh he'll introduce himself but Frank was uh literally in uh Frank you Need to unmute yourself literally you Know on the ground in the Trump campaign Not just wearing a Maga hat like a lot Of trumpers did thinking they're Trumpers but putting up thousands of Signs for Trump in the bitter cold for a Year and a half left his job and uh did Tremendous amount of work until he Figured out what Trump was really about And then support our our movement Frank Are you there Frank Licata you need to unmute yourself Um Crystal you may want to text Frank But anyway let's begin So I want everyone to Um close your eyes and think about where They were in 2019 2019. Okay think about where you were in 2019 All right maybe hard to recollect There's been so much it's about four Years ago Well I know where I was in 2019 and many

Of the people who I just introduced we Were in the middle of our United States Senate campaign I was running as a Republican in Massachusetts Um in the primary the primary was to be Held on September 1st 2020 so write Those dates down so if you went back to November of 2019 we were putting up Signs we were Um Jennifer Bennett and I were uh you Know negotiating deals to have big Banners put up Um by the end of 2019 early 2020 you Couldn't leave Massachusetts without Seeing a Dr Shiva for Senate sign as a Republican all right so you drive down Route 93 you'd see a huge billboard you Drove down Route 84 you'd see a huge Billboard you wrote down 95 and all of This was done by five dollar ten dollar Donations given by Americans Real Americans working Americans all over the United States And you would have thought that the Republican party in Massachusetts and Nationally would have embraced me The epitome of the American dream and Some people have a problem with me Speaking directly cursing Um and calling these people out well You're not an American if you do that And you're probably not a Christian And I'll explain that too but you're Looking at someone where you always know

Where I stand my personal integrity and My public Integrity are aligned I don't Kill women I don't go suddenly people Disappear I don't bang whores and pay Them off in my private life and then act Like I'm some great American uh in my Public life okay I'm I am the way I am end to end but in 2019-2020 you could not leave Massachusetts we raised close to two Million dollars by individual Americans To support our GOP Primary campaign All the facts are there 25 000 lawn Signs ten thousand sorry twenty five Thousand bumper stickers ten thousand Lawn sites all over Massachusetts September 1st 2020 The word on pretty much even the Republican rhinos and the Republican Sellouts was Dr Shiva is going to win on A landslide On a landslide there are about nine Counties in Massachusetts around 300 Different cities we were everywhere 3 000 volunteers people like Crystal flew In from Nebraska to hand out cards and Signs we have people coming from all Over the country to help our campaign Why because I represented the true Working people and I was not selected Top down by the fucking Republican party Who was in cahoots with the Democrats And why do I say that not once did they Call us not once did they support us

They didn't even invite us to the Debates in fact it was so architected so Rigged that the for the first time in Massachusetts history no poll was even Run in the Republican primary in fact What the Republican GOP did was they Went and found a fool By an Irish name O'Connor right because That's what they get that's the only Thing they could do to go against a guy Called Dr shivaya durai and this guy Maybe had one law and sign up maybe no Campaign may be raised two hundred Thousand dollars couldn't even get Enough signatures 20 000 signatures you Needed to get on the ballot he had to go Cry and whine to the Secretary of State To lower the account to 5000 because it Was coveted we got all of our 20 000 Signatures that's the mobilization we Did a Bottoms Up Movement by the working People for the working people people who Came to our campaign sixty percent had Never voted before they were inspired by What I had to say and particularly our Slogan truth Freedom health And this movement What happened On September 1st 2020. you know what Happened the election was completely Stolen from us and I never thought Election fraud would ever take place in The United States in fact we had a a guy Who drove our bus a very hard worker

Richard Giorgio said he goes Shiva I Think you're gonna the only way they're Gonna you're gonna lose this is if they Still I go Richard that doesn't happen That happens in places like Zimbabwe and Chile anyway September 1st 2020 we had a Huge party set up A lot of people showed up and we see the Results coming in and we find that we Win In the all-white working class community Of Franklin County Where all the votes 90 percent of the Votes are hand counted using primarily Paper ballots I win there by 10 points And in every other County in Massachusetts where they use machines My vote was 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40. Unbelievable and we all looked at this And we said there is no fucking way this Took place So what did we do that was September 1st The next morning Um we uh it was it was I think it was a Week it was three days later we went to The Secretary of State's office with a Video camera it's all on video And I during those 72 hours started putting On my hat as an MIT PhD as an engineer As a computer scientist and I started Studying everything about boating Machines in the United States which I

Never done before and I found out I was The first one to find out and put it out There others had done it in little click Groups but broadly that the voting Machines the depot voting machines have A feature in there called the weighted Race feature a feature where if you got 10 votes and I got 10 votes they could Mysteriously multiply your vote by a Weight too so you got 20 votes and Multiply my weight by 0.5 so I only got Five votes okay it's a long history I Can talk about why they put these Features in but we found out my votes Were debased which means brought down I Spent another week with with Mathematicians and myself as an MIT guy You know some math Um particular it's a PhD are forced to Learn a lot of math and I was able to Conclusively show through a stochastic Modeling that my votes have been cut by For every one vote I got I was debased By two and my opponent was increased by Two something on that order Um and then we went to the Secretary of State's office and we said look we want The ballot images What are ballot images and again we have To educate the public on this every Voting machine in the United States Takes a piece of paper and it takes a Picture of it and when it takes a Picture of that image that picture is

Converted to an image sorry the picture Of that paper and the image is called a Ballot b-a-l-l-o-t image the ballot Image is stored on the hard drive Typically an external drive or an Internal driver and RAM And that image is analyzed by the Artificial intelligence algorithms on The machine and it determines oh who got What vote is looking for the little Circles or the check marks all right Well by federal law by 52 USC 20701 Passed by a Democrat majority 50 years Ago it demanded because you know Minorities people felt were getting Cheated off their votes that all records In connection with the federal election Must be saved for 22 months so I Following the law as an American citizen Which America is supposed to be the rule Of law we went to the Secretary of States with a video camera went up to The floor in a Boston we said hey we Want the ballot images And the guy behind the counter the guy Who runs election says oh we don't have Those images we deleted them got it on Videotape and then I formally gave a uh Public records request and according to Law they have 10 business days to Respond well September 25th comes they That's 20 I think third or fourth comes They do not respond I send an email I Said what is your response you're

Violating law so they sent an email Saying oh we don't have to give you Those ballot images by law and I go can You show me the law that was this the Next email they don't even answer that They send me a PDF to some manuals of The of the machines completely Irrelevant I write back I said you Violated federal law this election is Null and void those four emails Subsequently On September 24th I put up on Twitter And I said Massachusetts Deleted 1 million ballot images okay And boom I'm thrown off Twitter that That tweet was going viral a fake news Organization said Dr Shiva claims Ballots were deleted I never said ballots were deleted I said Ballot images you see how clever they Are and that organization did fact Checking the fact checking a fake fact Checking organization and they said Um we contacted the Secretary of State's Office in Massachusetts and they said That they had contacted Twitter let me Repeat again so this stupid Fact-checking organization a blessing in Disguise helped us they said that the Government of Massachusetts had Contacted Twitter To de-platform or to ban a United States Senate candidate now just think about What this means the government

Had contacted a private company to ban To violate the free speech Not of just any citizen but a United States Senate candidate So to those of you who probably were Sleeping hopefully unfortunately when You took history class let me remind Everyone that the highest form of speech Protection In the constitution is not only freedom Of speech but freedom of political Speech That a person running for office an Activist has a right to criticize their Government so whether I was right or not Whether they deleted ballot images or Not by the way which they did They have no right the government has no Right to suppress the speech of a Political candidate I'm a political Opponent of the state that is what it Supposedly happens in China and Zimbabwe And Chile and all these quote-unquote Third world countries So I knew I had a First Amendment case Let me first remind again everyone what Is the first amendment and when you and I want you to write this down please Write this down Because then you'll realize why all These people in Congress Republican and Democrat hate you they fucking hate you Kennedy hates you Trump hates you these People are bastards they hate you why

What does the First Amendment say among Many other things a critical thing it Says is Congress first word shall second Word pass third word no law To abridge freedom of speech Congress Shall pass no law to bridge freedom of Speech Congress shall pass no law to Bridge freedom of speech what does that Mean the Congress Which is a legislative branch you're Going to remember in the United States We have three branches the legislative Branch which is a branch of the United States government that passes laws right About 450 House of Representatives 100 Senators they get together back and Forth they pass bills which become laws They're not supposed to pass any laws That abridge freedom of speech that is Pure pure distilled Americana You can remove everything away but if You want to be an American you will Support the First Amendment Congress Will pass no laws to bridge the first Amendment should judicial the Judiciary The courts they're supposed to interpret The laws and the executive branch is Supposed to enforce the laws so the Founders in their wisdom said Congress Shall pass no laws to bridge the First Amendment Okay That's what they said And that is being American if you are a

If you claim you're an American you will Want to crucify someone Who supported Who did allow and if they did have Congress pass laws that have breached The first amendment that is not being an American the end of America Okay so let's understand that On November 16 2018 Congress passed a Law To destroy the First Amendment and Censor every American On November 16 2018 Congress passed a Law to destroy the First Amendment Abridge and censor the speech of every American Write that down How was that done it was done by a Fucker called Donald J Trump Hillary Clinton could never have passed this law And that's why they selected Trump Because he needed to manipulate the White working class with bullshit Slogans Locker up he never locked her up With bullshit slogans during the swamp Which he never did would bullshit Slogans build the wall which he never Did and all of you trumpers and by the Way I was a Trumper I gave him money I Put up signs Frank Licata put up signs I Wasn't just a mega wear hat wearing Freak okay in fact I never wore a Maga Hat but I did the work But fucking Donald J Trump signed into

Law the creation of the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency sisa Isa and this gets even more interesting Every person in the House of Representatives it was a unanimous vote Voted for the creation of sisa And by unanimous consent it passed the Senate That's why I say these people hate America they fucking hate you they hate This country and they hate America And you're going to see how much they Hate it So wake up everyone they hate you they Hate this fucking country I love this Country everyone on this call who fought There loves this country Domo fucking Trump doesn't love this country and Surely the Kennedys don't and you're Going to realize how booby fucking Kennedy the entire shit Show clown show That they did was to ensure that I Wouldn't get in that testimony and Expose the whole thing So that's the point December 15 1791 That is when the first amendment comes Into being an amazing being an invention An innovation God's Enlightenment comes into being Congress shall pass no law to bridge the First Amendment on November 16 2018 that Was destroyed and I would even say Trump Is a fucking Antichrist that's how Vehement I am about this when I when you

Really connect the dots And you'll see probably fucking Kennedy Is this false prophet so let's talk About that why am I so vehement about This because you're looking at someone Who's in the epicenter of the fight So I'm thrown off Twitter as I mentioned On September 25th 2020. Because I put up a set of tweets one Tweet saying ballot images were Destroyed and in a news report by people Are saying I lied I never said ballots I Said ballot images but that news Organization did an amazing a blessing In disguise they said the government had Contacted Twitter I tried to find Lawyers in Massachusetts no one wanted To take the government of Massachusetts Because all the fucking lawyers you're Pussies They're all pussies they're connected They're Papa it knows the government Here and they all are they're all one Big swamp so I had to represent my co Self in federal court do I have a law Degree no did I go to Harvard Law School No have I ever written a brief no I have to learn all this Think about it and Jennifer Bennett will Tell you in March of 2020 what was going And this is September of 2020 March of 2020 we were running the fire fouchy Campaign by fucking booby effing Kennedy

Was promoting lockdowns Strict lockdowns We were the ones who took a hundred some Odd thousand signatures to Trump and we Said do not lock down this country I Came up with the protocol to save Millions of people's lives vitamin D3 Question it was probably in 2020 I may Have gotten two hours of sleep two to Three hours per day it was in the Trenches fighting for America Exposing fauci exposing the lockdowns Doing educational videos and on top of That in September 2020 now we have to Take on a lawsuit that no one wanted to Do so I had to study the law I had to Study State action I had to study the Blum test all this stuff I didn't know Anything about and I went into federal Court And I filed a lawsuit And a preliminary injunction saying that Hey and by the way you have to Understand in September 25th 2020 we had Moved our entire campaign into a Write-in campaign We weren't giving up so I was still a Bona fide Federal candidate Off of Twitter now what is Twitter Twitter is the most important platform For politicians You can get thrown off Instagram and Facebook Okay that's for pictures and kids and

Whatever but Twitter is the platform and I was thrown off the most important Platform I used to raise two million Dollars in the middle of a U.S Senate Federal campaign so we're off our most Important vehicle We filed a lawsuit the lawsuit is heard In October of 2020 and in the lawsuit What do we discover I am representing Myself a federal judge and I we Cross-examine the government the Government of Massachusetts And in those hearings the judge says how Did you throw Dr Shiva ayoduri off Twitter oh we have a special portal a Special VIP portal a tunnel where we can Communicate with Twitter and he goes What are you talking about He goes don't you believe in the First Amendment The partner support portal I discovered That Not fucking Joe Rogan not fucking tuck Fucker Carlson not fucking Matt taibi me Little o me And what we discovered was that the Government of the United States Coming from saisa that law that was Passed on November 16 2018 had created The censorship infrastructure to censor Every fucking American Thank you fucking Donald fucking make America great fuck you Trump he did that Bullshitter he's an actor

Sisa was signed into law by Trump and it Gave the authority to do this so they Had created a back door portal not only To Twitter Google and Facebook I Discovered that And on October 30th 2020 a federal judge Gave me an injunction against the Government we sent all of this to fucker Carlson to fucking bullshitter Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU they concealed it They did not talk about this is the most Important lawsuit Since 1776 or 1791. Why Is it because my skin color is it Because I'm a non-brahman Is it because I grew up in Newark Why is it because I'm not an American or Is it because that I'm independent and I Will expose both of these fuckers left And right I think that's what it is They do not want independent voices Ever Getting Any Limelight because Independent voices will expose their Fiat theater so But I didn't get put back on Twitter Twitter until November 4th after the Elections And by then I'm exposing all sorts of Stuff many of you know in America from Getting paid nothing I didn't sell pillows like Mike Lindell We expose that happened in Arizona Michigan Etc I'm back on Twitter on

November 4th on February 1st 2021 about A month and a half later I once again Share those four emails exposing the Government and this time I'm deep Platform for good we go back into Federal court the judge now forces Twitter to come in now it's me again Seven Lawyers many of them trained from Harvard and Yale And in that hearing on May many people Were on here what do we find The night of that hearing that's why I Believe there's a great God I find documents on a server in Harvard And in London the actual playbooks Actual documents playbooks they're Called playbooks that were created by Twitter and Republicans and Democrats They lay out a actual map and you can go To winbackfreedom.com which has been up For nearly three years and you can see All of this I discovered the playbooks Which say how you'll identify someone Who they consider an enemy of them the Government how you will Blacklist them How you will rate their severity how you Will track them you see so the first Time I was thrown off in September I Went on a blacklist Or brown list and they kept following me And so when I presented this in court The judges freaked out he said this Lawsuit will be taught in every

Constitutional Law class and fucking Kennedy's people were on that Zoom call Listening to it they knew about my Lawsuit This is in 2021 now 2020 they knew about it it was the most Important lawsuit of the century in fact 400 million people all over the world Knew about it because we did A bunch of videos This lawsuit was concealed by fucker Carlson by the Republicans and Democrats Why because we had exposed the most Foundational thing the violating the Most foundational principle of this Country Then the judge appointed me a lawyer he Said you've done an amazing job I'm Going to appoint you a lawyer And seven weeks later the final hearing Was going to be held this fucking lawyer Who by the way learned out was Dershowitz's lawyer so so I knew the fix Was in he told me Shiva you're going to Be a hero simply get back on Twitter but Drop all your claims against the Government I said fuck off Fired him 72 hours before the lawsuit And I had to write the remaining 2 000 Pages of the brief in 72 hours That's what I did Where the fuck was Kennedy and Trump And John medlar will tell you because he Was there thick and thin with me

So in July I had to write the entire Brief and when we went into that hearing The judge had flipped on us he just Wanted me to go back on Twitter be a Good nigga His brown nigga And I was unwilling to do that because I Fucking care for this country And it was like a pit of vipers They wanted to crucify me literally you Can talk to people people were vomiting On the call because it was so abhorrent What they were doing Because they wanted me to comply and Drop all the claims I refused the judge Sealed my lawsuit Forced me to file a lawsuit with one Claim otherwise I was going to be thrown In jail so I did and I walked away Because I wasn't just going to get on Twitter and for two years I was banned From Twitter why fucking Kennedy got to Stay there oh he was thrown off Instagram Instagram doesn't matter for a Politician Now Fast forward for the last two years Later fucker Carlson covers The Intercept saying oh my God there's this Back door portal to Twitter How come I didn't know about this you Did you fucking concealed it we have all The emails go to winbackfreedom.com he's A CIA fucking front man fucker Carlson

Intelligence Community acting like a Martyr now Glenn Greenwald covered it up all your So-called Heroes Trump covered it up and then to top it All off and we're going to go to our Speakers what happens this month The fucking Republicans hold the Weaponization the weaponization of Government subcommittee that entire Subcommittee's entire report is stolen From my lawsuit let me read the first Line of my lawsuit this case is about The weaponization of a coordinated in Infrastructure governmental and Ostensibly private actors to silence the Political speech of a U.S Senate Candidate the plaintiff Dr shivaya durai Dr Shiva criticizing a government actor Under both the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution Article 16 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights a Political candidates criticism of Government actors by political candidate For office is species of speech that Resides at the very heart of free speech Protections There you go weaponization so you have Jim Jordan who's a fucking bullshitter And the Republicans Thomas Massey Another fucking bullshitter Rand Paul All these people acting like they're Libertarians create a subcommittee to Apparently go after the Democrats you

See left versus right And in this subcommittee they call it The weaponization government committee Go read it it's all lifted from my Lawsuit but you know who's missing Dr Shivaya durai Another bunch of brown guys You know from Stanford this guy called Uh Forget his name carry Audi and this Other guy they do uh uh Wisconsin oh Sorry uh uh the Biden lawsuit they Completely don't refer to our lawsuit Two years later They want to hide Me and our movement and what we did Because we're not tied to the Democrats Or Republicans Now why do I say congress hates you Well they call fucking Kennedy in who Steals everything I've done And they make him act as though he's Some fake Heroes Fighting with Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Thomas Massey and the Republicans Egging him on as because they need him To bring some democrat voters to the Republicans but it's all fucking theater It's a fucking clown show you know why It's a clown show Because I'm being blocked from Testifying because if I testify I will Expose the fact that Democrats and Republicans created sisa Trump signed

Into law and all these Maga cult fucking Idiots will say uh Trump is so great Trump Trump trump well make America Great USA well stop the cult okay Trump Fucking signed it into law And every Republican Democrat it was a Unanimous vote on November 2016. They passed a law to bridge the First Amendment wake the fuck up they hate you I love you I love this country That is why they do not want me with all The credentials with all the hard work Why am I a fucking slave still am I a Lower cast fucking beggar in this Country still I did the fucking work yes I want the fucking Credit Credit does Matter why does it matter because it Should go to people who did the work not A guy who fucking bangs 38 women fucking His wife gets killed gets hanged prays Over her coffin digs up her coffin and Buries her off I'm talking about booby Fucking Kennedy or another guy who Fucking goes bangs prostitutes pays them Off and has golden plated to toilets Trump And if you're a fucking Christian and You'd support these guys you are not a Fucking Christian you're a bullshitter These people hate you they hate this Fucking country the fact with 300 000 Followers that we are so squeezed on Twitter Speaks to fucking Elon fucking musk

Another fucking moron Another actor Joe Rogan actor Kennedy actor Actor against you they hate you They fucking hate you not sure about Trump well get fucking sure he signed Sisa Into law if Hillary Clinton was there They would never have done it they Needed Trump to rile up the American White working class behind a fucking Fool and look I did a lot of work for Him he made a half a billion dollars off My work So stop fucking sucking off Trump or Kennedy okay wake the fuck up Let me go to John medlar go ahead John John why don't you share with us what You saw in 2020 John you can get as Passionate as you want John go ahead Campaign Shenanigans where it was Obvious that they had screwed us we Immediately started doing the digging And by the way this was before any Shenanigans with Trump and Biden does it Happen in the primary Um uh but when you have one campaign That's you know On the ground as much as we were and Working as hard as we were in our and Was visibly everywhere and another Campaign that's not even trying that was Our primary opponents The Establishment Guys uh it was obvious that it it was

All it was obvious that it had been Great they so so they and so immediately We got to work Pulling up the evidence and when we Exposed the evidence Doctor she even told you what happened They banned us off Twitter And then Screwed themselves in a way with the Fact by the fact that they admitted what Went and bragged about it to that Quote-unquote fact drinking organization Bragged about it openly and then when we Got them into court Um the the state employees that we were That we had were cross-examining also Were you know basically being yeah yeah We just do this we just called up Twitter and told them to bed and they Just did it they were acting like it was Completely normal John John maybe you should tell people The amount of work that went into Writing those lawsuits and how many People helped us John who helped us John Yeah just getting to that so basically During that period Dr Shiva was like I I I spent a lot of time at the office I Worked with Dr Shiva very closely and During that period Um Dr achievement basically shut himself In his house for days and days and days Writing these briefs doing all the Research and everything no he wouldn't

Take any calls wouldn't take any Visitors I was only called in Occasionally to deliver documents to him Because he doesn't have a because he Didn't have a printer at the house so he Would send me stuff to print at the Office and then bring it to him and then He would review stuff sign it and I Would also Ferry stuff uh to the Courthouse so for that lawsuit so I was Basically you know delivering documents Back and forth uh for the lawsuit and so I was probably closer to Dr Shiva during That period than anybody because he Wouldn't let anybody else see him Um and I only got to see him during that Those those periods where I needed to Design doc uh not design um bring in Documents and so and that was also uh There during the court hearings uh he Would have me come by and um basically Help him set up the zoom and everything Yeah and I think John we had close to a Thousand people this was doing covid on The court hearings many many people yet At one point it was 2 000 people yep so Yeah so we had thousands of people Listening in this was during the covet Pandemic so they so you so we weren't Physically in the courtroom they were Doing everything by zoom and um they the The public was allowed to sort of quote Unquote in the courtroom meaning in the Zoom call let's see and they had we had

Literally thousands of people watching In so despite the uh um despite people Like Tucker Carlson refusing to cover it We got the world at work word out Ourselves with our videos and everything And through uh social media and through People just spreading the word and uh And we put up everything and we were as The lawsuit was going we were putting up Everything on winback freedom.com and But it was just a a Herculean effort Um I by Dr Shiva in particular Spearheading this whole thing And um and Like like I said during that period that Was literally all he was doing like dawn To dusk and um so so Yeah basically basically the when when He says credit should go to the people Who drew the work that's that it's Because he literally did the work and Nobody else was and and he works harder Than anybody else and I've seen it Personally many times over but during That period is uh was a particularly Intense example And John I just put up on so to anyone Listening on Twitter on our feed you can See winbackfreedom.com and we documented Every part of this lawsuit and the fact That it's intentionally being concealed Is why I'm telling you the hate America Fucker Carlson loved this country he Would have covered our lawsuit not

Concealed it for two years And the fact that they don't even cite It they're having a Committee hearing Right now on the weaponization of Government which is St which is Plagiarized from our lawsuit they don't Want to really solve this problem they Want to make it and Jim Jordan put out a Tweet saying the Democrats hate the First Amendment Republicans love Free Speech you see the bullshit dialectics They create It's a fake dialectic Let me go over to Jennifer Bennett Jennifer Um was in the heat uh with me in 2019 When she and I uh connected to talk About uh where we really realized this Bullshitter Uh Robert F Kennedy after Jen you may Want to talk about New Jersey and how we Started exposing him and Jen and I had a Big meeting for two hours one night Saying fuck this guy's a bullshitter and We said we have to expose him go ahead Jen if you can talk about that journey And are exposing them how how Kennedy Try to smear us after that Yeah so that was very eye-opening Because you know prior to all of this as A mom researching medical Freedom you Give the timeline too Jen so people Understand 2019 where we were so people Understand the context thank you

Um all right so in 2019 uh is when I met Dr Shiva because he was doing a lot on Uh vaccine Safety Research and he was Actually the first one to host a contest Which was a huge huge hit people flew All over the country to come to this Event and immediately for me it was a Red flag because I found it really Bizarre that you know some of the top People right that were allegedly leading This movement Children's Health defense Kennedy Um high wire Um didn't come to the event but we Noticed quickly that they sent some Spies to the event And so yeah Aaron Siri trumps uh Kennedy's attorney Yep Anyway ways so uh that was very telling And then you know the New Jersey event Was the first event where all these People right you big tree Kennedy Together and it was just so clear that They did not want you there and I Remember you know they were you would Think that they would have been prepared For this huge event they didn't even Like show up with microphones and so They were buying your microphones no no We we drove down with our entire sound Set and we're the ones who got those Five thousand women to do those protests To be specific but we drove that 250

Miles our our entire sound system Around that same time frame Um they essentially were forced to let You in to speak at the event because the People wanted you there because you're Like why wouldn't you let Dr Shiva go Like you know he knows everything and in Regards to Um the truth behind this and so they Were forced to let you in and it was Just uh you could feel the tension you Could feel the concern of like shit what Is what is he he's gonna throw a wrench In you know our story And um and that's when there was also Like the vax movie was going around and You know we were just censored left and Right and they there was just so much Chaos and frustration honestly around That whole process Um in Massachusetts in particular of uh You know the corruption at this like Much bigger level so for me it was just Very disappointing as a mother to you Know just realize firsthand that I Essentially was Um misled and blinded by all these People that I thought were on my side Um so I was just very grateful to you Know find this community and you know Other parents within you know this realm That truly understood Um you know the truth behind this and We're really fighting for the people you

Know to protect children as well Jen do you want to talk about you know When we started connecting the dots with Kennedy and then when I did that Remember that one night I did a video With all of us exposing all the Contradictions with Kennedy you know at Least those eight contradictions that I Tweeted out And then how Kennedy reacted yeah the Biggest one for me is that you know I Actually always thought that you know he Wasn't you know the fact that he was Just emphatically for vaccinations Um and I was like how can he be ahead of This you know organization and you know Doing all this stuff like in the face of You know all these injured children yet Really you know is doing the opposite You know the fact that he endorses People like Hillary Clinton who wants to Do the exact opposite right of force Vaccinating our children taking away our Medical Freedom Um you really you really can't have both You know you can't say one thing and Then do another but that's essentially What these people do right politicians Do what lawyers do and um I just you Know it's so so frustrating just you Know being in this country really and Just realizing the truth Um when it comes to just our real Freedom and that the people in the

Government really don't have our backs Um when it comes to this like they're All buddies and they just care about you Know their bottom line they care about Money for their families but they're Really not there to protect us and our Children Yeah I think Jen one of the important Things is if you remember at that time We made that decision to expose Kennedy And we did it I think about an hour and A half stream And Um and at that point all these mothers Loved me right because I'm exposing all This stuff but we realized that they Were being misled by Kennedy number one As Jen said Kennedy had endorsed Hillary Clinton not once not twice but three Times she's like Miss vaccine Queen Pro GMO Pro Monsanto so that's the first Thing and no one said what do you mean He endorsed Hillary Clinton no one had Ever heard of that remember that Jen it Was like news to people it's like that Was completely covered then we exposed The fact here in Massachusetts in 2020 He came and he endorsed his own nephew And raised money for him with Hollywood People when he knew his nephew was a Rabid pro-vaccine mandating guy Quite incredible then we found out the Fact that Jake Crosby one of the people Who had been working in his organization

Came out essentially whistle blew and he Shared us a video where Kennedy's saying I am pro-vaccine I'm emphatically Pro-vaccine I vaccinated all my kids With all 69 vaccines And then he went on to reveal the fact That he went on to double talk and say Oh you know the CDC is very corrupt Which is what his uncle created and his Other uncle perpetuated and that he was Now going to create safe vaccines so he Always has his double talk so when we Expose this we lost about 20 of these Followers these women who thought I was The best thing since sliced bread but we Took the head because we told the truth Jen um and I think you remember when we Exposed him he did a smear blog saying You and I that my company cytosolv is a Vaccine maker that I worked with Bill Gates That I work with the clintons he wrote a Blog post and I sued him he attacked me And Jen Smear this is classic Kennedy I took him To Federal Court sued him for about 90 Plus million dollars he kept running Away evading service Then defaulted on the lawsuit and we Have to bring it back up because our own Lawyer who was a Kennedy lover didn't File the default properly we actually Won it That's how the Kennedys work

Jen is there anything else you want to Share at that time Um I mean the the part that the trends That I've also noticed too right is Anyone that ends up underneath like his Arm and wings They just they he they get lifted up to A point and then they just like get Wiped out co-opted and wiped out And like mothers that you know have huge Followings like do did so much for the Movement and just protecting children Same thing they just end up liquidating All their stuff out for a couple of Years and that that article in Particular uh where he you know was Banishing me I looked that mother up a Couple years later and sure enough what Did she do she liquidated everything That she had created and she had Hundreds of thousands of followers Around the world Um so I thought it was fascinating so Jen I think the key thing is Kennedy is Running this medical Freedom group Called Children's Health defense fund They swoop in look for Grassroots Organized very very evil They look for people Bottoms Up Co-op Them and then get rid of them they just Disappeared Organization now if you've followed that For the last like you know five years That I've been following it that's all

Broken up on purpose you know they're Just all these sub chapters Um so like there really is no strong Movement anymore when it comes to Medical Freedom there are everyone's Quote unquote kicked off social Platforms but I think that was always Part of the play uh because the movement Was getting too big and you had you know Certain people and mothers in particular That were getting you know too powerful In their eyes Great Jen let's go over to uh Kristen Falvey Kristen go ahead Kristen give a little bit of background Of Kristen If You Give a Little Bit of Background of you Um in the middle of the lawsuit what we Discovered and then what you've seen Unravel particularly with the Kennedy Hearings recently go ahead sure so this Is this lawsuit when John was talking Earlier Um about how he was you know carrying The documents and how Dr Shiva you know Essentially was like locked inside Working in 2020 yeah in 2020 during the Lawsuit Um during that time as well that was you Know part I was working on my own side Like doing some work Um playing together some of the research And so I saw with my own eyes Um the longview's report I saw with my

Own eyes uh you know Dr shiva's press Releases and then pushed them out to my Own friends and my own network and I saw You know 400 to a thousand people Showing up at these hearings Um when Dr Shiva was going into court Again this was during 2021 during covid when Um everything was still pretty much Locked down so these Court hearings were Virtual uh so in a way that was good Because a lot more people were tuning in Uh and heard what was going on and so we Can fast forward now during that process Dr Shiva wrote emails Um to Taco Carlson and to Grant Glenn Greenwald Um probably others but those two come to Mind uh you know because we're all Seeing this it wasn't just yes Dr Toshiba did all of the work but there Were many of us regular people like Myself that were witnessing this and Couldn't believe what we were seeing and So we wanted that that information to Get out to the Mass public beyond what We could do ourselves you know we Thought okay Carlson or Glenn Greenwald You know these guys are supposed to be About about the truth they should be Talking about this this is important Information for everyone to know Um but they did nothing and we can go Over it if you'd like we had this all

Documented at win.freedom.com Emails are up there yeah what I'm doing Uh to everyone if you want if you were On Twitter or Facebook if you want to See it I'm actually sharing right now The email that we sent to Tucker Carlson On October 20th 2020 saying hey Tucker We have this lawsuit where we've exposed The back door portal that was on October 20th October 30th we sent him the press Release we just said we just want to Landmark victory for free speech about The fact that there is this backdoor Portal we discovered this that's in October 30th of 2020. And and I'm uh let me share it Um so those of you who are on on um on On social media if you're doing this you Can actually see this let me bring it up Right here yeah so I so so Kristen what I'm sharing is the actual letter email Because I spoke in a taco before okay The email of October 20th talking about The lawsuit the email of October 30th 2020 saying when we when the law lawsuit About the weaponization of government This is an October 30th of 2020. and Then on May 14th another thing uh Release we sent him showing how Government makes Twitter silent speech Again this is now in 2021 nothing from Tucker Carlson and then as I'm scrolling Through if you guys want to see this two Years later on November 4th 2022 is more

Than two years later okay three years Later almost he has Lee Fang from The Intercept which is another bogus Organization and he Lee Fang against Steals our lawsuit presents a piece of It and Tucker you know as he does as Though he's very surprised he goes this Really seems like an important story Which is for some reason being ignored Let me repeat that again Tucker Carlson Who got all this two and a half years Before is now being told by Lee Fang of Intercept oh my God there's this back Door portal and Tucker says this seems Like a really important story which for Some reason is being ignored Yeah by who By you you purposely ignored it because You didn't want to a give us the Megaphone B you were jealous C you're a Fucker you work for the government Are all three probably all three Sorry Kristen I I have that up here so Everyone can see it okay And then we have the community you know Then we have Glenn Greenwald I sent an Email to him supposed Mr Fighter for Free speech Nothing from Glenn Greenwald two emails Nothing in 2021 because he wants to be What the 800 pound gorilla only he can Talk about free speech same thing to Alex berensten we sent him nothing Go ahead Kristen Thanks

Uh my computer and I think if if I Wanted to just give a thesis of what my Point is here is that what people need To understand anyone listening who's Maybe hearing this for the first time or It's kind of hard to tangentially what People need to fully understand and Appreciate is that by intentionally Concealing Dr shiva's lawsuit this whole Story The intentional concealing of this It's not just about Credit giving credit where credit is due That is huge But what you all need to understand Fully is how now now the fact that They're bringing in this movie up in Kennedy as a fighter for free speech How they're they're basically spitting In the faces of all of you It's not just Dr Shiva or just as Supporters like they're literally Spitting in your faces right now and This is why because this information That came about from Dr Shiva in this Lawsuit that again is fully documented With receipts at winbackfreedom.com and Has been fully documented and up there For over two years All to see Is showing that The people the very people like the Tucker Carlsons and now you have this Quote unquote Republican Congress that's Having earrings on the weaponization of

Government yes they're totally Plagiarizing from Dr Shiva but what's Even more Insidious is that these are The very people that knew all of this Information in 2020 and even worse than That they were the ones the Congress Who signed the law that Trump put into Place Which was decisive law Which was what it allowed this Infrastructure Censorship wandering to even exist so The very people number one it was Trump Who put that law into place And number two the Congress signed that Law they knew about this all they even Knew about it before we did because they Put it into law so now they're going to Come out in 2020 or now now 2023 and Elevate this booby guy They're all playing a circus on you They're literally like it's insulting so I think for me what I'm going off right Now it's like The people who are defending body effing Kennedy or Tucker or you know saying the Republicans care about Free Speech You're being Bamboozled you're literally Being fooled they don't care about you They never have and right now what They're doing is running a complete Theater For for eyeballs for votes and in part To intentionally to continue to

Intentionally conceal This information this lawsuit everything That Dr Chiva has been doing from day One Uh that all of us have been here to Witness firsthand Um I can talk more about the Tucker Carlson Stuff if you want Dr Shiva well I think I think I think the key thing is Kristen Look let's just go back to fundamentals Just to summarize this and and we want I Want to go over to Chris Bradley Kristen But I think you articulate as well Number one Congress will pass no law to Bridge the first amendment that is America period okay if there's one Sentence that captures America it is From December 15 1791 Congress shall Pass no law to bridge the First Amendment November 16th 2018 Congress Passed a law to destroy the First Amendment signed into law by fucking Trump That's what you should call them And unanimously Voted unanimous every fucking Congressperson voted yay and by Unanimous consent By the Senate unbelievable because They're all bought and paid for Think about that and who exposes a Freaking guy who's not a lawyer but is a Fucking fighter and a movement on

October 30th 2020 and who did they sign I mean what's extraordinary about this This is actually what's this is about The censorship of an individual who Exposed the censorship infrastructure That was created by a law To create that censorship infrastructure And on top of it to rub as Christian Said literally takes shit and rub it in Your fucking face they have a fucking Doofus scumbag booby Kennedy who gets to Steal all of our material and is Stealing my material and it does make a Difference because if you did the Fucking work you deserve the fucking Credit and that's what Owen Benjamin Said this morning and I didn't even ask Him to do that video To steal your shit and to put forward a Fucking Kennedy again When I'm Bottoms Up when our movements Bottoms up as your hero that is putting Shit right into your face Chris go ahead Bradley Yeah I Feel over and grab their fucking ankles And let this fucking asshole act like He's fighting for free speech when it Was a unanimous fucking houseboat to Pass the very censorship infrastructure It's unfucking believable and everyone In the American public should be Outraged you are getting fucked by the Democrats and the Republicans full stop

That's right that's right Chris you Nailed it and and I think you better use The word fuck as many times as you can When it comes to these fuckers And if you don't you're fucking Something's wrong because they fucking Hate you they hate America That's a bottom line these people hate This country They want the First Amendment rights for Them but not for you And you really have to get this they Hate you Trump fucking hates you the Kennedys hate you They fucking hate you and now Chris to Your point think about what they're Doing Zuck versus Musk well Republicans Are supporting Twitter Democrats are Supporting Facebook as though this is Some dialectic they're both fucking you Get the fuck up people these people are Actors they're fucking you over they're In bed with corporations they don't give A fuck about you they shouldn't fucking Gold toilets they fucking have trust Funds they don't fucking work for a Living they don't give a fuck about you And they never will Congress shall pass no law to bridge the First freedom of speech Trump the Fucking Antichrist is the one who signed That law and remember all this is if you Take a graph put left on the left side Right on the right side and then on the

Y-axis put obvious establishment and not So obvious establishment Trump is he not so obvious establishment On the right and Kennedy's on the left And so if you want to so they have two Honey pots to fuck suck you in that way And then they have the obvious Establishment which is probably going to Be DeSantis and Newsome so whoever is a Beauty pageant wins they're gonna suck You back in But all these people hate America Because if they loved America that Lawsuit would have been on the front Page of the New York Times front page of Daily Mail front page of New York Post They fucking hate you Get it through your fucking skulls they Hate America Blake Crosby says a rich laugh at the Working fools absolutely true in fact They call you star fuckers as I've said Let's go over to Heather burden go ahead Heather Heather was in the middle of this in our Lawsuit when we were doing all the Groundwork to expose the election fraud In over 3 000 counties we did ground Work Heather are you there We can hear you Heather you have to silence the Background noise I'm here but I don't think you can hear

Me yeah we can hear you Okay I I my my phone isn't working no it's Working Okay sorry yep all right so let me uh Um let me go to uh Suresh Suresh go Ahead Suresh are you there I thought you raised your hand I just invited him to speak okay Yeah go ahead Suresh Yeah thank you Dr for giving me the Opportunity uh to speak Uh I met Dr Shiva I came across him uh In 2020 uh when the lockdown was going On and I was so shocked that uh Everybody was so submissive and nobody Objected and only person who was Fighting and organizing in 2020 Educating Millions probably reached Billions of people across the planet About supplements vitamins uh community Um eating healthy food spices fruits Vegetables Uh Only person who is doing that was dog Shiva and then He got signatures to fire this moron who Was uh saying oh one size fits all total Idiot yeah I mean it's it's crazy people followed Him and then uh You got signatures uh and then you hand Delivered the protocol immune boosting

Protocol you said okay it's about Boosting immunity it's not about one Size fits all uh stupid uh whatever so Uh it made a lot of sense then I started Following you and uh What you are saying is uh that everybody Here has to be a system scientist or Else people like uh the idiot fauci are Just kind of bamboozle you along with All this uh big Pharma or uh whatever Spokespeople they have uh So that resonated with me and I've been Uh following you and now I see all these People coming after everything is uh uh The the building is burned down now These firefighters come and say with Their fake abs and fake firefighting Costumes like here we are uh and then People are like going in Celebrating them oh he's here to save us We'll give them money like these idiot Kennedy and Trump trump basically has Golden fixtures in his home And people think a billionaire is Gonna Come and solve take their trash out for Them while they are degenerating Turning into Like you said starfuckers And how are things going to solve if you Look up to these people uh So that's what I've learned from you and That's what I'm doing here in Buffalo uh I'm going out and telling people that uh It's up to us everybody here we have to

Sweep the floor under our feet for the World to become clean it's not gonna Happen by some freaking uh uh Kennedy Guy or or Trump flying in planes or this Freaking Congress theatric theater that These people uh throw at us and people Are watching these idiots as if they are Going to solve problems so I have been Working uh uh building growing this Movement uh I have not watched all this Stupid theater that these people are uh Showing uh I'm not watching all these uh Stupid Hollywood stuff I'm working I'm Focusing on building this movement so That's the only way problems are going To get solved and people watching on the Sidelines and chilling oh be great great Keep doing great work I tell to those People Enough cheerleading stop watching from Sidelines enough hiding under the desk And being afraid weakness will lead you To slavery Stop being weak stop being selfish it's Time to uh grow a backbone understand What your real uh goal is what your real Potential is who you really are Uh and time to take the right action uh Nobody's coming to save us Suresh well The person you look in the mirror is the Person who's gonna save you Suresh I Think um one of the things is to your Point to let everyone know you know what Suresh is pointing to the solution so

The bashing and ex look we know the Democrats and we know the bushes and the Uh you know the clintons and the Obamas I mean that's the obvious establishment But where we are right now in human History is to understand the not so Obvious establishment what I'm sharing Right now to everyone on social media is That infrastructure that Chris Um that Chris Bradley said that and and Um and Kristen referred to that we Discovered okay in fact uh when the long Fuse report came out which I have it in My hand a 300 page report that report Essentially showed Um validated that I was one of the top Six Super spreaders on the internet okay That they were tracking me blacklisting Me brownlisting me okay and out of that And using all the data we had I'm Sharing with everyone the censorship Infrastructure that we discovered and Published in the lawsuit in 2020 2021 Long before the Twitter files Matt taibi All this bullshit and you if you go on Social media right now you'll see this This is on winbackfreedom.com it's a Network diagram of the censorship Network it begins with layers on the far Right is saisa the executive committee The woman in Massachusetts who contacted Twitter to throw me off Michelle Tassanari was not just some random Lawyer sitting in the Secretary of

State's office she shows up everywhere She's on the executive committee of Saisa okay she's over here at the MIT Election Integrity system she's over at The bipartisan policy Center she's over At the Belfor Institute she's over Um uh at the uh sorry I can't read this But she's over at another she's Everywhere and you can see that this Network diagram represents Republicans And Democrats all funded by the Zuckerbergs funded by the murdochs Funded by Pierre omadir on the left and They funded this entire set of Elites to Create the censorship Network and that Censorship network was a government if They wanted to take out an opposition Candidate like me they would report me To this non-profit agency called the Center for Internet Security funded by Pierre omadiar who bought PayPal from Elon Musk and that infrastructure would Then use ISAC election infrastructure ISAC to throw people like me off for Simply telling the truth or opposing Government and you can see this it Included the Press AP the Brennan Center They're all involved all of this was Done in 2020 2021 people have Plagiarizes even as an academic your Supposed to the basic ethics called Citation fucking Kennedy's on the floor Of the senate or the Congress Parroting my shit without not one word

But this is a censorship Network that we Exposed in 20 20 21. it's right there go To winbackfreedom.com Okay here's another fucking idiot sorry Kathy this is what you are I don't think Tucker had a lot of choices after he was Fired would rather have a concerted Voices you're fucking an idiot Tucker Carlson was fired Because Internally he was texting people saying There is no election fraud this is all Bullshit and then when he saw the the Maga people saying there is election Fraud then he went on Fox News and he Started beating the drums of election Fraud but he didn't believe it Internally To get views and then he rightfully got Fired because in defamation law there's If you're a public company like dominion And you're suing Fox for defamation you have to not only Prove that something wrong was said Right which is liable or slandered or Written but you have to prove it was Through malice you have a higher Standard for public figure What Tucker did was malicious he was Internally sending text messages saying There's no election for this hahaha this Whole thing's bullshit and externally he Was saying oh yeah there's election Fraud and Dominion was part of it

That's why he was fired and then Everyone thinks oh poor Tucker fuck poor Tucker 20 30 million dollars a year and Then he goes to Maga and hangs out with Alex Jones and says ooh you know they're Martyring me no you fucking Fucked over your company because you Were internally lying You fox would have owed 1.5 billion Dollars treble damage is likely 5 Billion dollars to Dominion had it gone All the way through so they decided to Get away paying them 750 million dollars Because of fucker fucker is not your Friend fucker concealed the most Important lawsuit now he's acting like He's exposing stuff any fool can expose The truth delayed truth is deadly I can expose all sorts of steps I can See a rape taking place and I wait two Years to write a book about it that Doesn't make me a hero So for God's sake Kathy Scott Schneider Get your head out of your ass I don't think Tucker had a lot of choice A lot of choices he's making 20 fucking Million dollars a year Suresh are you making 20 fucking million Dollars a year Chris are you making fucking 20 million Dollars a year No okay and we still do the work so why This is a mentality of a fucking slave Your kissing ass and you want to suck

Off a guy who's making 20 million and Fucking bullshitted you That's called a Slave Let's go over to Frank Licata go ahead Frank Tell your whole story take your time Talk about how you work for this guy What you discovered now to all the Trumpers you're going to hear from a Real Trumper who busted his ass for Trump go ahead Frank you got the floor Uh yeah Dr Shiva plays my video a little Bit sometimes and um Basically in 2015 Um I stumbled across Trump at the Escalator ride and uh I did a year and a Half with him all the way up to the Inauguration in 2017. uh at the time he Really did seem like the outside agent Had changed so Very busy building stages setting up Sound systems and doing multiple roles Within the campaign but then on my own I Let a Grassroots movement doing Doing science you see me doing the big Four by eights thousands of them we Traveled tens of thousands of miles all Around the Northeast doing them myself And other other fellows uh other other Contractor type people Um so it was it kind of seemed really Exciting Um Shortly after inauguration I met Dr

Sheba when he said he was running Through a senate against Elizabeth Warren I thought that was very exciting Trump always talked about her as Pocahontas I thought it was great but One thing I did notice is um one thing That just popped up in my mind is how we Went to go visit the main GOP and Donald Trump Jr was there uh he greeted Dr Shiva he took his card and he sort of Laughed at him he said you know oh we Got a real Indian versus fake India you Got a good sense of humor and I remember That to that striking me saying well why Don't you fucking help us I mean your Father you know calls calls her Pocahontas like he wants her gone he has A guy that can take her out and uh you Just think it's a joke you know that I Remember I remember that that really Stuck with me and then other things that Sort of didn't stick with me too uh the Um the DNA challenge uh Dr sheaver Actually put his money where his mouth Is uh and as a challenge and then then Trump of course had to copy it in the Sun uh copied copied that challenge uh Monetary challenges and uh just things Like that we were always on The Cutting Edge you know so it was a it was a it Was an amazing campaign it was only a Few small people I wasn't so much Involved in this his next one in 2020 But I did follow it uh with the lawsuits

That I watched online and I found it Fascinating and I just I can't believe It it's just like it's it's surreal Almost like is this really happening in My country Um well anyway I brought the same Passion toshiba's first campaigns I've Left in Trump's campaign But I I eventually realized that Trump Was not the outside Agent of Change and I didn't even know about this concept of Uh not so obviously establishment that's One of the things I learned from from Dr Sheena's course and then came the Pandemic and everybody's freaking out About that like the sky is falling and He taught me about vitamins my immune System and um I didn't do any Vaccinations I did I took the vitamins Religiously exactly how he said it and Everything And I got through that no problem I Didn't get sick my family didn't get Sick we made it through I did witness People die from taking the vaccination So I'm really kind of glad that I didn't Do that because it could have been me so You know very grateful for the education Really that we're getting here it's more Than just a political it's a it's just a Big education package in a nutshell so And um so what I was feeling down and I Was thinking okay well he's you know we Lost two campaigns and um you know he's

Going into another one and like what you Know what are we gonna I was thinking to myself what is the Definition of victory And he described it to me as uh well What is that definition of victory well So uh in 2018 we weren't Victorious as Far as making him the U.S senator However we were victorious as exposing Elizabeth Barnes hypocrisy her lying About her Heritage and then in 2020 well He wasn't he wasn't Victorious and Unseating Anarchy but even bigger than That is he was Victorious about Um exposing the election fraud in the Primary which I would say is was the Microcosm for the electric fraud in the Jungle so it was like it was like a Prediction like it's just like this four Told what something much bigger that was Going to come for the whole nation uh You know Charlie So likewise with this brunch for U.S President There'll be other things that are going To be exposed I just know it so for that Reason I'm excited Um I can't wait to see I think Frank I Think one of the I think I think it's a Very important Point look when we ran in 2020 and 19 you know just to summarize Frank because I think you went through a Lot of stuff but just to tease out some Of the key points in 2018 when he ran

Remember Frank we wanted to run as Republicans and the Republicans party Yeah Yes and and His own party rejected him like Vehemently right I mean I was Yeah so this is a GOP Um did not want a real bottoms up person Because they knew that we could not be Controlled and our campaign in 2018 was Only the real Indian can defeat the fake Indian we sent Elizabeth Warren a DNA Test kit I offered even my building I Said I'll give you my 10 million dollar Building if you take the d we put up 4 000 signs faking in real Indian she took That DNA test because of us and then Trump tried to hijack credit for it That's what happened in 2020 when we ran The big victories we got was we're the Ones who exposed fauci we saved millions Of people's lives with our protocol and I'll have Jen talk about that uh General Talk about in March John Jen if you Remember let me bring Jen in Jen can you Remember March of 23rd 2020 Jen we wrote That letter to Trump Um I sent that letter to him to not do The lockdowns to fire fauci in fact Marla Maples uh Trump's ex-wife Contacted me and we did a podcast she Said oh me and Tiffany love you Dr Shiva And she delivered that handwritten Letter to Trump saying don't lock down

The fucking country meanwhile booby Fucking Kennedy was promoting lockdowns And the Tweety since deleted Scumbag it's like stalinism right you Delete your old tweets so you cover Your Tracks Booby fucking Kennedy please everyone Say that together booby fucking Kennedy So you should call him booby effin Kennedy He he was promoting strict lockdowns And it's the lockdowns that lost America 16 trillion dollars 600 billionaires Made 2.3 trillion dollars they hate you They hate this fucking country booby Kennedy hates you he hates America Trump Hates this country he hates America make America great means make him great That's what it means it doesn't mean Make America great Jen do you remember when we did that uh Letter I don't know if you remember Jen Information right to the general public Of how to actually protect themselves Um and so from that going viral They have intentionally were forced to You know Acknowledge that your protocol right and Some of the you know particular things Like basic stuff like vitamin D actually Does save lives and we didn't package Any of it Jen and sell it zelenko took Our entire protocol Yeah and Mercola and all these guys

Started selling it I must have helped Generate other people a billion dollars Let me just ask and anyone can answer This someone I guess after an hour and a Half Um either is very thick or stupid all of The above or as a troll is asking why do They hate America Someone want to explain maybe Chris you Want to explain why they hate America Why these people hate America to this Woman Chris go ahead They hate America Because if In front of Congress and he would lay Bare this whole entire uh system for on His face that it's totally corrupt from The top down and so It it's so Insidious of them to have Someone like Robert Ethan Kennedy come In there and now they're you know you Know and you see them all over social Media like overnight he's just Everywhere they are intentionally Bringing this this clown out for the Clown show to conceal Dr Shiva and the Truth for you to help move it because we Are real people on the ground that and We we are uniting together and we're not Waiting for anybody to come save us and That's what they fear the most and That's why they hate America because if They really gave a shit they would Elevate this movement and we would

Actually be able to solve these problems Yeah I think the key thing here is Tina If you don't understand what hatred is If they loved America they would have me Right now the guy who discovered the Weaponization government infrastructure Be testifying and the reason they do not Want me to testify is because I will Expose the fact that the entire Congress Voted voted passed a law in 2018 for the Creation of sisa which can which censors Every American do you get it Tina And Trump signed that into law they hate You what is America America equals the First Amendment December 15 1791. that's The definition of America I just had a friend of mine here who's An American citizen Chinese background He works in China As a professor he's on a work visa They don't have the First Amendment over There okay And he's thinking about he he came here And he said you know he was away for two Years and you goshiva there's so much Censorship of you I may bring you to do A conference on censorship in America in China can you imagine the irony uh Chris Imagine if I have to go to China to Deliver a talk on censorship in America Of a U.S Senate candidate And we here in America the Republicans China is censorious

Think about that Chris think about the Irony of that What do you think Chris if I'm invited To China to talk about American Censorship Well honestly to even consider the Thought So I am being censored right now by the Fucking United States Congress And the boondoggle that they're doing is Bringing fucking doofus heroin addicted Fucking demon Kennedy to act as oh he's Your Warrior when he was for censorship He thinks musk is against censorship Musk is the one who's continuing this Censorship infrastructure you see One Wing of the Congress is supporting musk And the other Wing is supporting Zuckerberg and all of you are thinking Oh yeah the Congress is so great It's split they have you playing a Fucking game Do you understand they hate you satina Elen says I love what you stand for I Really don't understand why they would Hate the greatest country on this planet Legitimate question oh why they would Hate it why do you think they would hate It The reason they would hate it is because They love money more than this fucking Country go look at each one of those Congress people where they're getting Funded from who funds them

You can find one to two degrees of Freedom right to Silicon Valley because Silicon Valley has negotiated a deal With Congress to get Section 230 Immunity and in return for Section 230 Immunity Congress said we are going to Have backdoor portals into your social Media companies that's why Every single one of them is bought and Paid for All right let's take a few other Speakers we've been speaking now it's uh It's been about an hour and a half so Let me take um Bobby L you can ask a question Bobby I'll go Ahead Bobby L Bobby L go ahead Bobby L Hello Okay I don't hear him Um let's go to uh Curious Curious gazelle Go ahead curious Curious gazelle Hi curious what's your question Um I just wanted to know Um at what stage in your life did you Kind of transcend the Left Right divide And what pushed you because in the Beginning you were sort of with the Republican party you supported Trump uh Bannon even sort of endorsed you but now You've transcended all of that and You've got a movement of your own and

How do you stop this movement of yours Becoming engulfed by the same system Yeah so we have curious gazelle and uh I See your profile investigative reporter Queen of deep dive scrutin died a Muslim Sorrows supported Trump yeah so let me Uh answer that's a great question so First of all curious let me sort of give You the backdrop of this okay Um everyone in our movement particularly In 2023 comes into it says a very very Unique history because they have to Overcome forget the obvious Establishment curious but the but the um But the not so obvious establishment Trump and Kennedy once you overcome Trump and Kennedy you're at a state of Consciousness of understanding you You've essentially overcome all the Bullshit but let me give you my journey I've always been interested you know the Movement we have is truth Freedom health And we teach people how to look at the World from a systems perspective now I Got interested in systems because I grew Up as a Non-braman low-caste Indian Vivek is a Fucking bullshit brahmana no one's Bringing this up and if you look at this Guy he's a fucking bullshitter he's Literally telling people one thing and He did another thing he supported Vaccine mandates now he's saying he did He supported mask mandates and he said

Oh the reason I suppose Mass Madness Because I was a Libertarian and I wanted To be anti-establishment because fauci Was Um against Mass complete bullshitter but That's how the grammatical Race is in some ways they bullshit People well I grew up as a lower Castle Lowest cast in India my parents should Never have made it here so I got very Interested curious in systems like why The fuck is there is this caste system So I studied every political Revolutionary Lenin Marx Thomas Payne You know Che Guevara everyone I could Get a handle of Left Right Center you Know right wing Etc so I was very deeply Interested in political systems but I Was also interested in medical systems My grandmother was a Healer in a small Village that had Um you know no running water but she Empirically used an ancient system Medicine I've been involved in systems Now came to the United States when I was A kid did a lot had the opportunity to Create email you know go to MIT but in 1981 when I came to MIT one of my Mentors was a guy called Chomsky okay And I didn't agree with everything Chomsky said but he was a good Theoretician to talk to and I understood The origins of the Indian caste system And then I went on my own and I had

Problems with Chomsky because he was Really supporting the left and in 1984 Curious is when I realized that the Establishment has the head of the Establishment and then it has the two Shoulders the obvious Um left and the obvious right like in The United States the obvious left Establishment is people like the Obamas And the clintons Um and the Nancy Pelosi's the obvious Writer people like McConnell and the Bushes but at that time Um the left was losing the left Establishment when Mondale was running Against Reagan in 1984 was losing its Grip on the left and as a young idealist Student there was a guy called Jesse Jackson running who's by the way part of The Reform Party where Trump came from And Jesse Jackson was talking all this Movement building stuff you know we're Going to build the bottoms up movement But He was directly connected with the Democrats very very important he was a Left wing of the shoulder of the left Democrats does that make sense uh Curious let me unmute you does that make Sense Um I can't unmute her for some reason but If you can unmute yourself curious so That's what I realized

Okay and I was and I was tricked by Jesse Jackson and then I saw something Interesting the way the reason I I was Strict is Um a lot of us write oh my God Jesse Jackson's anti-establishment but on the Floor of the democratic convention he Gives all of his votes to Mondale and I Heard he got a airplane out of the deal A private jet I haven't been able to Verify that's what the hearsay is Um uh and he basically gives this long Speech he says we have to support the Lesser of two evils and I said Fuck this I'm never ever going to vote again At that time the right had their right Wing which was a tea party so I never Voted in my life because but I started Building movements at MIT I created a Radical newspaper revolutionary Newspaper which exposed the left and the Right we attacked the administration we Organized the Food Service workers Um there's a picture of me burning the South African flag on the steps of MIT We made sure more women MIT only had 20 Percent women in those days uh very few Poor people if No no no no no because there were there Were three Trends in South Africa okay So again you can't get into the Dialectic because there were three Trends in South Africa okay you have to Let's go to the I mean bottom line there

Was the the white elite Trend which was Suppressing a large majority of the Blacks then among the blacks there were The fake black activists Nelson Mandela Was created you know he was not a Fighter for the black people in fact After Mandela came to power the Conditions of black people in many ways Worsened because you had a black Bourgeois come in and then there was a Third Trend which was truly the Revolutionary Trend which got suppressed At that time involving revolutionary Whites and blacks now in the United States on the left movement People like Jesse Jackson people like Bernie Sanders and now AOC represent That left wing Now so when when uh to answer your Question when Trump ran if you remember Curious he said Enough he was on the stage he did Something very clever he was hitting the Republicans and the Democrats right and If you remember at that time the Tea Party is essential and this is the blind Spot I had because I forgot the Tea Party had been absorbed but they had Been absorbed so a lot of us said wow He's attacking the Republicans and he Said enough things but in about a year Frank and I will tell you when I Connected the dots I said whoa whoa whoa This guy's full of shit especially when

We saw that he didn't do anything to Fauci when he's when we saw that he got A a million dollars from Pfizer and I Had to again do this Unholy task curious If you saw the video I did Trump was Trump the swamp and again we lost 30 40 Percent of my followers okay got a lot Of vitriol but after we did that is when We realized and we saw as Frank said None of these guys supported us so we Realized that Trump was the Trump was a Bernie Sanders of the right wing and now In the United States they Consolidated Power with the obvious and not so Obvious establishment So now asking about our movement so our Key thing in the movement is I wish I Didn't have to do all this hard work but We trained people on a systems approach We go back to fundamentals that were Ignored we take an Engineering Systems Approach and the goal here is not about Starting a political party it's about Raising Consciousness for people to Understand that historically when the Slaves started rising up like in the 1920s In the last since 1950 the technology That the elites have created is Something quite interesting the Technology that they've created is this Following technology they've created a Technology which is the not so obvious Establishment and they have it on the

Left and the right Kennedy and Trump Represent the epicenter of that and our Goal my running Is to give people a true alternative say Don't choose a lesser of two evils but More importantly to give people like Chris Bradley to give people like Suresh To give people like Frank Licata and and Kristen and young people all over the Planet to understand this physics Because curious frankly There's a physics to building a bridge There's a physics to building an Airplane where is a physics to building A movement and that is what I've Uncovered as a scientist and an engineer And that is a legacy that we're leaving Here in engineering a scientific Approach to recognize that we have to Build a Bottoms Up movement and it Cannot rely on one individual but Decentralization does not mean Anarcho-syndicalism it has to be raising People's Consciousness to understand These very fundamental concepts and when You get them you will realize that the Establishment in a recurrent process has A dynamic so if it isn't Trump today They'll create Tulsi gabbard and if it's In Tulsi gabbard they'll use this guide Vivek and if it's they have a whole line Of people set up who come from top down And I think the critical thing to think About is what is the origin of these

People what did they do all their lives So hope that answers your question let's Go to Kim Kim Um Kim let me see Kim McGee Smith Chief Data something Um go ahead Kim Great thank you thank you so much I Appreciate your time Um my question to you is given the Recent discussions around systemic Racism and social inequality in the United States how do you think you're Understanding and experience with the Caste system in India May influence your Stance on affirmative action policies in America if you were to run for the President like would you support or Challenge the current models of Affirmative action based on your Personal cultural insights yeah yeah Yeah and a brilliant brilliant question Look so what's happened is this is a Very powerful question look Um let's again we have to look at the Historical context right so The left wing Um defines racism and I've experienced Racism okay Um And I'll explain what that is the left Wing defines racism in a very very Narrow way oh they called him the n-word Okay

Um oh my God you're a racist right to me That's ignorance and I've been called That word and worse things So the left has defined racism in a very Narrow way in fact the left is one of The most racist groups the right denies Racism so they've created the dialectic Of there is racism there's not racism And then you have these warring factions But when you look at it racism is Ultimately a pillar of imperialism Um and we have to understand this racism Would not exist if there was not Monopoly capitalism right not you know Uh Monopoly capitalism imperialism could Not exist without racism same with true Sexism we're not talking about more Women in in you know in um corporations That's not what I'm talking about Feminism okay there is the fact that Those in power have historically wanted To divide people you know when the American uh Elites you know first came With the King to the United States they In fact divided the blacks the slaves From the Native Americans from the white Settlers they had the white settlers Hating the blacks hating the Native Americans they had the Native Americans Fearful of the blacks and the native White settlers and they're the blacks Hating the Native Americans and the White settlers because they need power Needs division very powerful uh British

Concept so to me the quote-unquote Racism is dividing people into these Little bin and if you step out of your Box you're then slapped into shape let Me give you an example if you're a Blonde woman you must be quote unquote Dumb if you're a Chinese person you must Know you know Kung Fu right if you're an Indian you must move your head left to Right and be like Gandhi and uh be fine With getting your head whooped and be Into non-violence right I'm a I'm a bad Indian okay I'm not a good Indian Because I and this is the hatred Particularly the liberal Elites have Because I challenge them and I expose Them yes I fucking invented email I'm Not walking away from that that's what Really bothers them they can't Articulate it so there is racism but the Racism I'm talking about is this idea of Putting people in boxes and the liberal Elites are the ones who do that very Effectively And the white supremacies that they Create they're actually the white Supremacists so they create white Supremacy and then they call the poor Working class whites white supremacists So it's a very powerful psychological Operation that's done but ultimately the Goal is to pit poor blacks against poor Whites now if you look at the Civil Rights Movement when the Civil Rights

Movement was coming up Um like in India and we'll talk about it Um and it's very interesting parallel to 1967 the lower caste in India people Like my parents who were supposed were Called pigs and called the n-word in the Indian word couldn't go to the well Without being shoot away Um they were considered sub-humans by The brahmins the fact my parents made it India is quite extraordinary you will Not find a lot of Indians like me here Vivek is not a fucking Indian he's a Fucking brahmana and he's actually a Brahmana among the brahmanas that's why He can go be Jared kushner's butt buddy Okay and that's why he's getting so much Play they found another Brown guy to Hire to hide the real nigga if you want To say it me okay that's what they Needed him for but the reality is in the 1960s whether it was India or the United States there was an upsurgent movement Against addressing the fundamental Issues of race and poverty and the Fundamental call of the Civil Rights Movement was infrastructure in the inner Cities infrastructure be it an Appalachia or the inner cities And that was a Bottoms Up movement in India The brahmins used to say oh you you Non-brahmins are dumb and you're stupid You you can't be Engineers you can't be

Mathematicians well there was a civil Rights Leader by a true Bottoms Up guy By the name of comrade he said the Reason why people aren't making it to School is they don't have any fucking Food so he demanded a school lunch Program where everyone got Protein That's how my mother even to this day She's one of the few women who got a Math degree from her background got a Statistics degree an extraordinary woman My dad had never seen a book until he Was 12 years old he became an engineer Unheard of my parents are extraordinary People That's why I'm here and that's why I Fight like this because I know where I Fucking came from you go to the United States there was a true Bottoms Up civil Rights movement and then the fucking Kennedys Robert fucking Kennedy picked Up Martin Luther King who was a black Bourgeois and they anointed him to be The leader they suppressed the real Bottoms up leader some of them were Whites who were fighting for Infrastructure Malcolm X was sidelined And they promoted this rapist this guy Who's a drug addict was banging Everything Martin Luther King Name was Michael King by the way right Just like Mahatma Gandhi his name was in Muhammad the great one so the elites

Created these top-down leaders promoted Martin Luther King but and there were Massive protests in the United States so As a Band-Aid solution they gave Affirmative action now if there wasn't This movement poor blacks wouldn't have Gotten anything so but affirmative Action was a gain of those protests but It was a Band-Aid it did not address the Infrastructure in the inner cities which Was a real solution so they threw a bone Okay we got to make sure because of the Systemic issues we have to make sure We're going to allow a certain quota of People into these institutions and then They'll figure out their way now at MIT When I came in 1981 most of my friends Were poor whites from poor blacks Um who identified with and they they Were some of the early people who came In on late 1960 early 70s MIT ladder on 10 or 20 Black students at MIT they occupied them It Faculty Club they were allowed in on Affirmative action they said you know What we're all going to fail here Because our inner city schools never Even taught us calculus or Advanced Algebra so you just brought us here to Make us fail we'll all uh drop out of Freshman year a lot of 50 drop out right And then you'll say see you you black People are dumb so those students had Protested MIT to create the

Infrastructure at MIT that should have Been done in the inner cities So they had MIT set up tutoring programs Teach them calculus all the stuff they Should have had in their high schools The bottom line is infrastructure was a Solution but the fucking Kennedy racist Kennedys didn't want that they did it For window dressing just like Chris Bradley said you saw Um you saw this fucking heroin addicted Fucker booby Kennedy acting like he's a Fighter the Kennedys are masters of PR Robert effing Kennedy senior Totally loved the Vietnam War they Painted him as a man of Peace bullshit He's the one who anointed uh Martin Luther King and the end goal has been a Band-Aid solution called affirmative Action so the right wing doesn't like it The average blacks had never helped them And now you remove affirmative action And now the the whites feel they got a Victory and the blacks hate them and This is all about creating race war Those in power do not want to address The fundamental issues which is Infrastructure nor do they want a Bottoms Up leader to come up below be it Me be it our movement or be it someone Like you know Malcolm X that's what this Is about Let me uh Go ahead yeah no thank you

Focusing on infrastructure as one of the The key things to kind of normalize These race relations here so is there Any specific policy that you would Implement as a president in order to Address this because I know there's Something that says hey there's systemic Racism and you have to do something what Specifically are you promoting is it Just more money into inner city no You're asking a great question look Um if you come to every Thursdays we do A town hall and the town hall involves The following areas Health Care Environment education Innovation Governance and economy you have six Areas and what we do at our town hall Look I'm a systems guy we already have Solutions for these let's be very very Honest let's be absolutely honest Judiciary is corrupt I've seen it with My own eyes The legislature is corrupt Right and the presidency is corrupt so My winning what would I do differently You know what I would do I would do Nothing different Uh the goal of a president in my view in The current century 21st 22nd century is To use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to as a megaphone to educate Eight billion people that's what the United States President should be doing So if you saw the Swarm video

That's a policy video That video got out in spite of the Shadow Banning and everyone should go See the Swarm video Um to about 20 million people what is That swarm video in 15 minutes In a very simple way the little blue Marker and a whiteboard I explain to Everyone what who are the elites it's Not just one person it's not like the Jews or the Rothschilds it's not any one Individual it's a swarm that uses That their goal is power profit control They use their infrastructure which is The 100 University presidents Hollywood It's a whole network they operate in Some ways through telepathy they input Fake leaders they input Um uh you know policies which ultimately Are making people fat dumb and happy and Making people reliant on that swarm so That little video is a very powerful Video what does that do ultimately I Believe in decentralization and I Believe in raising of Consciousness and This is something I learned watching the Breakdown or the attempted breakdown of When real change occurred how did my Parents break the caste system they got Educated you raise your Consciousness And the modern Consciousness raising is Going to come from people understanding This dynamics of systems look the 10 to 20 000 Elites who advise

The leaders in many of these countries They go learn system science George Soros is one of the leaders in Reflexivity theory which is system Science I used to teach system science System science which we teach at truth Freedom health Is like bringing fire to the apes or Bringing fire to the Primitive people We're walking around trying to change The world with you know bows and you Know sticks but system science is what Henry Kissinger knows system science Says what the elites know but they use This very powerful knowledge to Manipulate people so my view is that Ultimately it's educational how do you Solve the real issue of racism well Racism is never going to get solved Unless we solve the fundamental issues Of really deep income inequality you Have to address that and this is not a Left thing or a right thing when you go Look at the data it shows that as long As you have this rapacious income Inequality which is what we have now in America the average American only has 400 in their bank account for a rainy Day they're fucked if they have a couple Of rainy days they're screwed and if you Go look at gun violence it's not the Guns that create violence nor is it what The Republicans say oh it's drugs it is Income inequality and we did a whole

Analysis on this we have to address Income inequality because during 1900 to 1970 In the United States when the GDP grew The entire economy the wages grew for Every person why and this comes down to The central issue it grew because there Was a Consciousness among 120 million Workers in the United States there were Nearly 11 million strikes the fear of God was put into the elites you fuck With us we will strike on you and there Was massive massive Bottoms Up movement Not controlled by the Democrats not Controlled by Russia but true organic Bottoms that moved in the United States By 1970 following the McCarthy era those Bottoms Up movements were wiped out the Republicans called those Bottoms Up Movements Communists and marxists and The left took over those movements Kim And what ended up happening was by 1970 Till today so just just and you can go See the Rand reports the beautiful Report 1900 to 1970 the GDP grew for America was a Heyday of America Everyone's wages grew 19th contrast in 1970 to 2023 the GDP has grown but the Amer American Pie sort of went through Mitosis one pie for the elites another Pie for Um the broad mass of Americans that pie Didn't grow its shrunk so the wages of The first and second income quartile in

The United States have shrunk and the Wages of the larger income quartile Expanded case being in during the Pandemic 600 billionaires increase their Wealth by 2.3 trillion dollars in fact Poor whites is average median wage has Gone down to around you know dropped by Nearly 50 percent So there's been a consolidation of Powers never before and the only way out Of this is through building a mass Movement That's it So my running for president Kim is to Give people an alternative to say oh It's not left or right it's not democrat Or republican it's like we have to build A fucking movement and that's and how do We build a movement well we have to Understand the Dynamics of how to build That movement And that is what we're doing It's the only way there's there's no Messiah coming So let me go to the uh next person it is 11 27. let's take a couple more Questions Let's go over to uh I'm just gonna Choose Um we have someone here called uh Chris Philby Chris philby you're as a speaker hi Chris how are you good evening good to

Have you Chris filby Chris Hi good evening Chris or good morning Wherever You Are Go ahead Chris Yeah okay Josh Gotcha I really appreciate you The opportunity to ask you a question uh First I wanted to Let you know that uh Just You know blown away with all the work That you've done and sincerely Appreciated And second uh to obligence make you Aware that You know other people are following your Footsteps and uh we're in the process of Trying to make people aware of this Programmable Uh Central Bank digital currency and There's a movement afoot to try to uh Under behind that process Which you you know we'd be happy to help You learn about what we're doing I guess my question would be since We're kind of limited on what our Eventual choices are going to be Is there anything that That Trump could do to Get you back in his good graces or to Get him back in your good graces rather Um

From the standpoint of whether it's in Mia Copa or whether his the uh reversed Some legislation in Reverse this Legislation or doing something in in a Positive direction To uh Uh you know make a difference in your Eyes that would Indicate that he's seen the light So so Chris thank you for asking that Question so Um let's have a conversation on this Because you know by the way every Um I I haven't talked about this because I've didn't uh but every Thursday's Chris at 11AM And at 8pm okay every Thursday is 11 A.M 8 P.M you can go to VA shiva.com Orientation we do an open house okay and We go through the details of these kinds Of questions Um you can also go to the town hall we Do Shiva for president.com but let me So let's look at I really Um when when someone asks this question I always like to go to the foundation of Why they're asking the question okay And I think your question comes with Sincerity but it's premised on this Notion That Trump actually is committed to Wanting to change something in the Interests of the working class of this Country do you follow what I'm saying

Chris that's what it's premised on like He actually cares about America meaning America not for the elites but for the Broad mass of Americans So that's the presumption And what I'm here to tell you is that's A false presumption and um you don't get To these positions unless one of the Things a friend of mine who was in Um was a very interesting person Um and he said you know the most Dangerous people people can fake Sincerity And these people spend their lives About messaging you know when I was Meeting with Trump for the two hours I Reluctantly went to meet him because I Was very pissed off with him what he did To our election you know he praised me Called me to Mar-A-Lago I didn't go then He called again and we went and in those Two hours what I saw I saw a very frail Old man who was basically like an actor In The Backstage I didn't see this Brass Ball guy talking there's a you know this Guy's sitting in the backstage And what's fascinating was during that Two-hour conversation he kept taking Notes oh that's a good message oh that's A good message I think I can use that Now why am I saying that you see these People are actors They're given a role And the role and it's like a beauty

Pageant that's being run right now who Can convince the American people that They are going to bring them to the Promised land and that person Whatever they say it's all an act it's Pure theater that's taking place And the Thea it's a it's a casting call That's being done in fact it's Interesting Trump said a couple of weeks Ago ooh Jeeping you know the guy in China he goes he was pulled out of Central Casting I love him he runs China With an iron fist all those 1.7 billion People it's interesting he was casting But these people have no interest in Advancing the American working class They don't And you can only look at it by their Actions look at his actions if you are a Revolutionary if you are saying lock her Up and drain the swamp well that means You're a revolutionary now that doesn't Mean you're going to burn buildings out But when you come in you come in with The force of that hundred days mandate He brings in John Bolton John Bolton is As War Monger says you get he brings in Every fucking swamp creature in there And then everyone's excusing him they Have the Q movement excusing Trump for Four years it was a psychological Operation waiting for the Messiah to Come and during those four years Trump Did what Hillary Clinton never could

Have gotten away with He did Operation warp speed he made sure You know 7.9 trillion dollars in one Term were printed Obama took him two Terms to print a trillion he made sure That money was funneled to Wall Street His own son-in-law got two billion Dollars from the Saudis you just have to Look at the facts and you're talking to Someone who sincerely supported him You're talking to people like Frank who In the bitter cold put up thousands of Signs for him but at the end of the day You have to face the reality He is not one of us Chris he's not one Of us Kennedy's not one of us so the Presumption to think That is wrong and it's just going to Lead us into this lesser of two evils if You look at the graph I shared Chris There's a graph that shows since 1980 The American life span is going downward Every other industrialized nation is Going up that means if you have a child Today your child is going to live less Number of years than you and that metric Tells you the systemic issues and that's Happened since Kennedy to Carter to Ford To uh uh you know Reagan to bushes to Trump to Obama all of these people left And right have destroyed the American Health it's not the vaccines it's like 10 different issues integrated It's A

System's overall is needed how do you Get a system's overhaul well we need to Build a movement That movement cannot no longer be lesser Of two wheels you have to come to the Fact that whichever one of these Tweedledee Tweedle dumb guys in fact the More you think you're going to vote for The guy's gonna help you he's going to Fuck you even more So right now when you look at the Centralized Um you know digital Bank currency cdbcs I'm not sure if you know Chris we can Have a longer discussion a very small Company got funded two billion dollars To merge digital currencies with carbon Tax And Interlink it and it's going to be Interlinked with your social media site And you just had boobie fucking Kennedy Say Bitcoin should be the back end For our currency Bitcoin is not some Savior the blockchain is not some savior Because the blockchain itself needs to Run on Computing which is highly Centralized and this is what a lot of These people don't understand the amount Of computing 52 percent of the Bitcoin mining takes Place in China in centralized servers so Decentralization through centralization Is never going to occur so people are Looking for these Solutions when the

Only solution is Raising people's Consciousness and building a Bottoms Up Movement and in order to build a Movement you need to understand the Physics of that movement Truthfruitive andhealth.com is the only Movement that has done that if someone Else exists I I will retire right away But it doesn't it should have been done By our parents So we need to build a movement because All of these issues are interlinked and We cannot do this thing oh you're gonna Vote for Trump he's a little bit better And DeSantis they're both fuckers Both of them are we need to focus our Efforts on why getting me on the ballot Is important because we will build a Movement out of that Why is it that I'm running because we Want to give people an alternate to the Lesser of two evils but it's about Raising people's consciousness This is about the individual recognizing That these people hate America Trump doesn't love America as Frank Frank said if he did he would have been All out there supporting our campaign Against Elizabeth Warren he did shit If he loved America I went and met with him first for two Hours he said what do you want what do You want I said I want anything from you I said You fucking supported a guy in

Massachusetts who committed election Fraud The next meeting I went and I said and You know what you should allocate some Of that 25 million dollars of the half a Billion dollars you raced off my back Off my work to creating a real research Powerhouse which could expose election Systems issues he did nothing Please get everyone through their head Trump's businesses were all fucking Failing all it's all bullshit oh he was Such a great businessman he sacrifice he Just made 555 million dollars out of Golf courses he didn't make that kind of Money Everyone listened very carefully The Swarm doesn't give a fuck about you We have to let go of this ethos that They are going to come and help us They don't give a fuck about us it's all Theater Okay we'll take one last question let's Go to uh Uh in divide Um in divide is a network engineer of Thinker truth Seeker go ahead and divide In divide Hello can you hear me yes how are you Good evening hi Hi yeah I just have a real two quick uh Questions One on this uh on this space I would Like to know could you give us a real

Quick summary on your uh religious Background And uh the second uh quick question is Are you going to be participating in the The debates thank you yeah so let me Just ask you one question on that in Divide can you just come back on Um so one of the reasons that people Left what was the reason that people Came to America initially Because of religious persecution right Uh yeah right that's one yeah yeah it Was a very important one right and one Of the foundational principles where was The religion was supposed to be very Personal to somebody you know Um and government and the state should Be separated from that not that people Should not bring their views into but But uh so to me my relationship with God Is very very personal And uh you know very close friends of Mines were Evangelical Christians we'll Say you know Dr Shiva has the Christ Mind you know he sees things he's Connected And I um so we can talk about Christ and I believe 90 of Christians don't even Know who Christ is Um particularly the evangelicals get uh Manipulated by the zionists which is Unfortunate This last seven years in America We're we're drifting

But this country was founded It's on the uh The the idea that uh our our rights are Given to us by God right so I I think That uh any candidate that runs going Forward I think this is going to be a Very important decision for a lot of Voters Um based on I I think the candidates They're gonna they're gonna need to have A strong Uh uh religious beliefs well well I Think you have to look at these people's Actions I can tell you I think you Should judge me by my actions you know I Could tell you you know I have a deep Relation to very personal relationship With God but you should look at my Actions And you know I was brought up you know You know I went to Catholic School the Hindu religion is interesting because The Hindu religion believes actually Christ as a Son of God and they believe God sends his Messiahs at different Times you know I've gone to every Christian Church you can imagine but in My study Um ultimately all the greatest spiritual Leaders no matter how much they talked About Extra corporeal events ultimately was About service here and now uh I would Say 99 of Christ's life in in my view

And my connection was exposing the not So obvious establishment the Pharisees And the Sadducees And yet I find so many Christians Having these major contradictions Massive contradictions So I don't like to talk about because I Will have to go off on a lot of people Who claim they're this religion that Religion because I find them actually to Be bullshitters and particularly people Who use the word of Christ And uh in my view the thing that Resonates with me with the founding of America was some of these rights are Inalienable rights they are an Independent of some individual right They come because of our Who We Are And um And so I have a real real problem Um and I've gone off you know if you Look at the Life of Christ and you Really study it in my view and I've Studied for many many different Vantage Points it's like doing particle physics Because you can only see it by the Actions I mean seven days before Christ Is crucified Um he was exposing the the Pharisees and The Sadducees and he whipped the shit Out of these people multiple times and No Christian ever wants to talk about Those incidents That's what I find fascinating oh yeah

Christ died for your sins okay well Let's talk about what he did right Before he got crucified oh that was just An anomalous event when Christ took the Whip and he bit the sh that was just Something he was angry no that is to me The central event of Christ's life That he connected Heaven and Earth in a Very profound way And if you're a religious person and you Claim to be whether you're Hindu Muslim Christian whatever you are look at your Prophets look at your Messiahs what they Did their actions and you will find Ultimately they fought evil on this Planet and ultimately they exposed the Wolves in sheep's clothing as someone Just put up And that is what we're doing fucking Kennedy is a wolf in sheep's clothing Same with Trump And to me that's being a good Christian You expose that you're a good Christian If I could just add one last thing here To this but that that's that's you know I want to bring it down to a very Grounded level you know you have the Look I saw the film sound of freedom I Know Edward who did the film before but All these guys are Catholics and not one Of them is exposed to Vatican Like come on the Vatican is a center of Pedophilia Why haven't you talked about that

So the contradictions are so fucked up So yeah I go watch a movie okay I give a Hundred make a hundred million dollars And the Catholic church is a center of Pedophilia which is a foundation of Child trafficking and you lead the Catholic church out of it Because all three of them are Catholics So I got a problem with that Because we're moving into this world of Artificial intelligence And a lot of these Tech tycoons they Look at the world as Um their their own Gods right uh let's Just be honest about it right they they Think that their talents don't come from God they come from themselves yeah but I Know that you're a big Trump supporter Let me ask you how can you support Trump When he banged all these women and paid Off the prostitutes you know so you got It you're asking me about God but I Really think you should ask about your Support for Trump When he's a vile human being and I Supported him So you got to think about that before we Talk about God any further thanks So anyway I really really want people to Stop this bullshitting talk bringing God Into it when you're supporting Trump or Kennedy who are scumbags they're vile Vile human fucking beings okay so I just Got a little thing sorry to cut you off

Man but I can't take you seriously You're supporting four to eight more Years of trump when Trump fucking had Prostitutes bang them fucking his wife Being pregnant Took money from Big Pharma didn't lock Up fauci how the fuck can you support Him and talk about God to me Talk about God to me if you really want To talk about God and we'll have a real Discussion But don't talk about God to me in some Fucking owner fucked up way when fucking Trump has nothing to do with God okay Everything he does is bullshit same with Kennedy ah they're all demons There's some very interesting work done On the symbolism with Trump how one Could say Trump is the Antichrist and Kennedy right now is a false prophet and There's some enough data to show that So let's if you're a Trumper and you Claim you're interested in God would Then really go read the Bible go Meditate go pray to Christ and find out If Christ what he tells you So time for some fucking reality and With that I want to end with John medlar Who's a very I think John just left it Was a very devout Catholic John why Don't you end this thing because you Truly you and I have had a lot of these Discussions John go ahead Yeah you brought up the Vatican a second

Ago and any any faithful any faithful Catholic believes that the Catholic Church is the church that Christ I Founded through his Apostles once the Church urged of all these pedophiles so If you're in serious if you're a serious Catholic or a serious Christian you Don't do you you don't accept these Contradictions particularly in people Who claim to be princes of the church I'm talking about the Bishops for Example like we need a Bottoms Up Inquisition is what we need in Christianity basically uh but there Needs to be an absolute Bottoms Up Movement in the church that what whips The hell out of these people and I think I think John in Closing one of the Things we fundamentally need to talk About is ultimately the leaders of a Nation or country reflect the Consciousness of the public So right now the the people that we have In power say one thing and they do Another their words don't match their Deeds Congress shall pass no law as we Close right To abridge the freedom of speech Congress passed a law to destroy the Freedom of speech on November 16 2020 2018 signed into law by Trump who claims He says I love America waves all these Flags all these people wearing their Little

American flags they all hate America Because they all of them was a unanimous Vote a unanimous vote and they all talk About God God God It's like my mom said you know my mom Really despised people who are these Evangelicals talking everything about God because most of them were banging People in the back room they were Banging their congregation and then they Go out and talk about God I don't really want to talk about God I Want to talk about Deeds Let's talk about Deeds Because you express your connection to God by your Deeds not by talking about God Your Deeds You want to be a good Christian then Walk in the path of Christ you want to Be a good Hindu walk in the path of Rahm Who was a warrior a noble Warrior walk In their paths Don't fucking talk to me about God and What my religion is Let's talk about your actions and right Now we're at a point We haven't Americans have a huge Opportunity they have a real American With us we have Real Americans on this Call Crystal Ellis you know John Um Kristen Suresh Heather you know many Of you who are listening here and then On the other hand you have these people

Booby effing Kennedy literally said a Few days ago They asked him about Herschel Walker and How on the outside he says he's he's Pro-life and then he has two abortions And then they say yo you know your uncle Also was a philander and your other Uncle killed a woman and he's squirming In his seat he goes oh well you know I Don't think personal integrity and Public Integrity they're two different He goes they are two different things He's telling you to your face I may Murder people I may do steroids I may Bang people over here I'm a lie cheat But you should just that's my private Life but over here except my public face So if you are willing to buy that Then you're going to get that kind of Leaders you want to see someone who is True and says it like it is in a Movement that the person the private Emerged into one That's what we're doing Most working people do not have the Luxury of spitting in a cop's face which Is what baby Kennedy was taught to do at The age of 17 and have Mom on Papa bail Them out you spit in a cop's face you're Going to jail That's the laws we have to live by So it's time we recognize that personal Integrity and public Integrity have to Be one you can't be the Vatican talking

About Christ and fucking running a Pedophilia rink You can't be Donald Trump waving the Bible in one hand and taking advantage Of Christians in the other hand you Can't talk about you're against your for Free speech and supporting Zionism which Has nothing to do with Judaism which Fucking subjugates the Palestinian People into an environment if they can't Even speak come on So it's time for truth Freedom health You have to have freedom to get to truth And with truth and freedom we get to Health and with health we can have the Wherewithal that's why this movement's Important so in closing Everything that I'm talking about here Are deep Concepts go to Truthforedomhealth.com become a warrior Scholar go to shiva4president.com Volunteer support our movement get a Freaking bumper sticker If you're Working hard put it on the back of your Car hand out flyers make up your own Things Poster boards we had a guy called Jason Long out in the middle of a big Highway Basically giving the finger to Elon Musk Because they Shadow ban us I mean a guy With my stature with 300 000 followers Only gets 40 people on a Twitter space Come on where Shadow band the fuck out Of it by Musk

But we don't care because we have Hundreds of millions of people know our Movement we're going to be on the ground And if anything here resonates with you At minimum Go to Shiva for president volunteer go To truthfaredomhelp.com come to our open House but this is about you Your consciousness Will be reflected in the leaders you Have you have a a low Consciousness and You accept booby fucking Kennedy taking Steroids which by the way have a hundred Thousand times more chance of causing Blood clots created by big Pharma a 250 Billion dollar emerging industry MRNA is going to be about 120 billion Which also causes the blood clots but Legal steroids steroids cause about ten Thousand times a hundred thousand times More chance These people have contradictory up the Wazoo So I want to thank as we close Um our host Crystal did you want to say Anything as we close Crystal Ellis Oh geez I don't want to keep anyone on Um but yeah there's a lot of things that We could say about these characters We're trying to talk about to everyone Here that they want to hold on to these You know false idols and False gods it's time to completely let It go they're they're obviously here to

Mislead you like Dr sheep is just trying To show anyone can do this research on Any of these people it's it's right There it's to the public if you don't Think that he endorsed Hillary Clinton Look it up you know if if you didn't Think he uh knew Epstein look it up both Of them did both of them Trump and Kennedy They support big Pharma look it up these Aren't things that these are just facts So when people want to act like it's Something emotional Not really but sure sometimes you we Have to get angry in order to get People's attention why why isn't Everybody angry I mean that's the Question we have to ask ourselves and And who's doing God's work a lot of us Believe that we're doing God's work and Dr Shiva is doing God's work we're not Sitting around talking about it actually Doing it and everybody needs to do it Otherwise if you do think there's a Messiah coming you're in big trouble Because you're just sitting around That's not what God wanted for people Just to sit around and wait so I I I Also ask everybody go look at Truthfreedomhealth.com just read the Content that's there Absorb it understand it come to open House especially for anybody here who uh Wanted to speak and we we could be on

Here for 10 hours right Um come to open house so you can Introduce yourself there uh you can ask A question there we do that like Dr Steven says twice on Thursday you're Never gonna find a presidential Candidate or anybody who spends this Much time with the public This transparent uh you're not gonna Ever find it Um so I hope everybody joins us you know Comes becomes a volunteer we have Meetings about volunteering for the Campaign on Saturdays I mean Dr Shiva Probably spends a minimum 9 to 12 hours Per week with every like public publicly So take advantage of it you can Um yeah that's about it Dr Shiva I could I could great thank you Yeah thank you if you guys want to watch I'm just going to finish just with a Video that we created people those People are new my background in history It's a video that John and I put Together on my run for president let me Just play that for you guys and then who Would have ever thought I'd be running For president of the United States of America I was born a low cast Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayadure I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and

Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote 50 000 lines of software code to Create the world's first email system And was awarded the first U.S copyright For email recognizing me as its official Inventor at a time when copyright was The only way to protect soft for Inventions I did that long before I ever Came to MIT revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace By anybody growing up I saw politicians Dividing Us by race and religion in both America and India to have us fighting Each other while they remain safe in Their gated communities and in their Playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and exposed their Imperialist wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America

And why America existed lawyers Academics billionaires celebrities and Politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys Bidens Obama's bushes black and white Have hijacked America they've printed Trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transfer Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out one Set of rules for them and another for us We deserve a warrior with a history of Courage in putting everything on the Line for you who believes in you not Them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed Their lies at the right time never Waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed her Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system Saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize A fire fouchy campaign when others Remain silent when they stole our Election we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 Federal Lawsuit exposing in Bear view the Government and big Tech censorship Infrastructure the Unholy alliance

Between government and social media Companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their are Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need

Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya Dray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president We will do more of these Twitter spaces Uh I wish I'm just going to sign off on Social media I'll be right back on Twitter space and be well everyone go to Shiva for president volunteer support The movement in any way you feel uh Makes sense to you be well thank you So to everyone

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