Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE: Booby F’n Kennedy, Democrats & Republicans LOVE CENSORSHIP. HATE INDEPENDENT VOICES!

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE: Booby F’n Kennedy, Democrats & Republicans LOVE CENSORSHIP. HATE INDEPENDENT VOICES!

Thank you All right everyone this is Dr shivaya We're doing a live broadcast of our town Hall This evening and as you can see the Title of we're going to do two double Header Town Halls uh two double header Um Uh events for our town hall both are Going to be around the environment uh The detail one I'm going to do shortly After this is on the physical Environment of the climate scam but Before we get to that we need to put This in context and talk about the level Of censorship that's going on in the United States right now and it's getting Very very deep And it's getting deep because people are Thinking That people like Elon Musk uh people Like the Republicans and the Conservatives are for freedom and the Democrats are against it and what I'm Here to tell you is someone who's been In the trenches I'm not talking about in The trenches in the epicenter of Protecting the first amendment that this Is absolutely false in fact the title of Today's talk is booby effing Kennedy Democrats and Republicans love Censorship and hate independent voices Let me repeat that again booby fucking Kennedy Democrats and Republicans love

Censorship and hate independent voices Um many of you know about a couple of um In 2020 A United States Senate candidate was Thrown off Twitter In the middle of his campaign And that was me why For exposing the fact that the Government of Massachusetts destroyed Ballot images And then I was thrown off 10 day 30 days later for exposing the Technology infrastructure called the Censorship infrastructure that was Created by Democrats and Republicans Signed into law by Donald fucking Trump Called sisa cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency which Created that censorship infrastructure And in my lawsuit I laid it all out in Detail And I won the First Federal court Injunction against the government In a historic lawsuit which many of you Saw 400 million people saw it except the Mainstream media and the grifters like Fucker Carlson and all these Media conservatives absolutely concealed And when you understand why they Concealed that you'll realize why they Hate you and why they actually hate America and they actually are Anti-patriots and they're not Americans

Fucker Carlson is not an American he's a Selfish bastard okay None of the news media I'm particular The Democrats hate censorship okay That's obvious okay but the Republicans Who posture that they love freedom are The actual ones Who are the real demons when it comes to Censorship Because they talk about freedom and none Of them covered our lawsuit in 2020 in The middle of the most important time in World history Right 2020. Because had you exposed that censorship Infrastructure in 2020 you would have Stopped everything after 2020. the Mandates you could go down the list Election systems issues all of that but It was our lawsuit where I represented Myself in federal court without any Lawyers none of them wanted to take on The secretary of state of Massachusetts Who's known as the Prince of Darkness That's his code name literally you can Look it up That's his name Bill Galvin he's been There for 40 years he owns every Politician in Massachusetts and Beyond I Took him on The son of poor Farmers coming from India a lower caste Who wasn't born in America but who is a Citizen of this of this country

And by the way he has the same rights as All citizens and that's why he can run For president and I am running for President can be president For those of you don't understand the Constitution you should go read the 14th Amendment But I'm a real fighter And our movement are real Fighters but Booby fucking Kennedy and the Republicans and Democrats are playing a Fucking game on the American people Right now And they all know what they're doing Because what occurred in 2020 was like a Bomb went off and that bomb was an Independent voice an independent Movement of Democrats and Republicans Was exposing the depth of Corruption of American the entire American System the Swarm And I was an allied with the Democrats Or Republicans you see this is a problem Because if you're a republican exposing Something that the government is doing Then all the Republicans support you Because oh you're against the Democrats And if you're a Democrat exposing Something the Republicans are doing that One wing of the establishment gives you Media attention you follow what I'm Saying You have to get this really well So if you're Republicans exposing Hunter

Biden's laptop and all his naked Pictures all the right-wing media will Give that attention if you are a Democrat exposing What Jared Kushner did you know Basically steal two billion dollars They'll expose that but if you're an Independent who exposes the Swarm as I Did in that video Of both Republicans and Democrats you Will get no attention why because I'm an Independent voice our movement truth Freedom health is an independent voice And you have to understand that they do Not want to give credit to an Independent voice an independent Movement Why Because an independent movement Means that we have no ties We're not tied to any billionaires we're Actually going to grow the movement and That is very very dangerous to the Establishment But in 2020 in the midst of all my Activism for nearly 30 40 years of my Life we got it out to hundreds of Millions of people And so they had to de-platform me off Twitter Instagram isn't that a big deal if You're a political candidate but Twitter Is the platform for politics After they threw me off Twitter

Perfunctory wise they threw off Kennedy Off Instagram but it was our lawsuit Kennedy was never thrown off Twitter Ever Ever Twitter is like the Public Square For politics Facebook is for families And stuff right but if you get thrown Off Twitter as a political candidate Running for office think about the Damage that causes you Just think about it okay And I want you to think about that In the middle of a U.S Senate campaign Federal office the government contacted Twitter to throw me off because I had Exposed their ballot images being Destroyed and I was able to expose the Fact that the government has a backdoor Portal into Twitter and Facebook and I Won at Federal injunction Without any lawyers with all of your Support Okay We did that they didn't do shit Kennedy has a bogus law degree actually Couldn't even pass his Law School exam He couldn't even get make it out of high School his mom on Papa had to get him Into Harvard okay douchebag So today The Republicans have created the Subcommittee on weaponization of the Government if you read their report half Of it is taken from my lawsuit

In fact the first sentence of my lawsuit Says weaponization of the government That term came from my lawsuit Why isn't the guy Who discovered this invited To be the main testimony why is it Because of my fucking skin color am I Still a fucking darkie who needs to be Treated like a low-caste fucking Non-braman am I still in fucking India Is it because I'm smart and I'm Independent and they're fucking jealous Is it because I'm not a Republican or Democrat is it because I will expose the Fact both Republicans and Democrats have Colluded against you What is it it's probably all of them Because you haven't walked in my shoes I Have felt racism and I've had to fight It all my life I have felt low-cast Stuff I have felt the fact that I did Not you know before I came to MIT Invented email and people can accept That From Newark New Jersey where all you Hear about is crime So I've had to suffer all those Indignities all my life so I know you're Suffering I know the suffering of Women's discrimination if you're a poor White I know all of your sufferings Because I'm sort of embodied all of that But the fact that these fucking Republicans

Did not invite me who exposed all that Who stayed awake day and night filing my Lawsuit got the First Federal injunction Tells you everything you need to know About the Republicans So they invite booby fucking Kennedy Why Why do they give him the Limelight Because they need a white boy a Kennedy Rich white boy and you're not that You're not a rich white Kennedy boy an Upper cast royalty boy and we're not any Of those things Because they need to promote royalty and They are teeing you up with a useful Fucking idiot making him the fighter for Censorship he promoted Elon Musk Elon Musk is great so now you have Republicans supporting Twitter Democrats Supporting Facebook Republican supporting musk Democrats Supporting Zuckerberg and they're Actually going to do a fight of Zuckerberg versus musk a wrestling match Right Do you understand how fucked up this is They're treating you like a bunch of Fucking morons Zuck versus Musk They're all the same who created this Censorship infrastructure you know if You go look at the long fuse report Which is right here By done by Stanford you know it was in The base of my lawsuit I am in there as

A top six Super spreaders in the world My tweets in 2020 got the same spread as Donald J Trump who has billions of Dollars why because I would do amazing Twitter shots and these long form videos The six top Super spreader they called It I was dangerous to them It's in the Stanford report But I'm an independent voice I'm not Donald Trump who's owned by One Wing or Breitbart or James O'Keefe I'm Independent our movement's independent They hate independent voices so they Come together to censor our movement So in 2020 what did we find in our Lawsuit the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency was Signed into law by fucking Trump oh well Trump didn't know what he was signing he Was in the swamp blah blah blah oh yeah Big guys with big supposed big brass Balls and talks a lot doesn't know what The fuck he's doing Every fucking excuse these moron Republicans do these conservatives Three days ago Trump gives a speech in The speech he says The uh The Prime Minister the president of China XI is an amazing leader He knows how to run 1.8 billion people With an iron fist That's what he said And he said that

You know he was brought to the brought To China by Central Casting he used Performance terms So what he used You know why because Donald Trump Is a fucking c-list actor he wanted to Be in acting all of these people Donald Trump Elon Musk Robert fucking Kennedy All these people know one person in Common Arie Emmanuel Arie Emmanuel is a Person who runs theater A-r-i-e-m-m-a-n-u-l his brother is Rahm Emanuel ROM Emmanuel was a chief of staff for Obama Some people believe his butt buddy Probably okay And he ended up becoming the mayor of Chicago Airy Emmanuel is his brother these guys Go all the way back to like Israeli Mossad okay Israeli intelligence Look him up Arie Emmanuel owns William Morris agency Which is a number one Hollywood agency In the world you want to be an actor you Better suck off Arie Emmanuel And he will be your agent and you will Become overnight you may have no talent But you will become the greatest actor On the planet It's true don't look I've been out in Hollywood every major actor is part of Either CAA or William Marsh agency which

Became endeavor Look I've been I I've hung around with All these people I know the details That's why they hate me because I've Learned everything about them Arie Emmanuel owns every major Hollywood Actor Guess who was his guess who he was the Agent to he was Donald Trump's agent he Is Joe Rogan's agent He was Obama's agent You want to be a Hollywood actor you Better play games with Ari Emmanuel so So that's Endeavor Endeavor is the Agency they own every major Hollywood Actor Then Endeavor brought UFC the boxing Guys so they own now boxing Entertainment so they keep the masses Glued onto TV with Hollywood Theater Then they have boxing theater Two months ago they bought Vince McMahon's Worldwide wrestling entertainment for 6.7 billion dollars so think about what I'm saying one man owns Hollywood Theater all the movies you see the Actors he owns boxing He owns worldwide wrestling and then Political theater they got it all and Elon Musk was going to be appointed on The board of endeavor Robert Kennedy's wife and all that clan In Malibu knows Ari Emmanuel

We are all being played it's all a Script And our movement and our existence they Never expected it So they literally steal our materials And shove it in the fucking demon Bobby Kennedy's mouth and he spits it out Literally And you will see it Three weeks ago we announced on that's Why I believe there's some Scumbag who's been coming to our open Houses and Reporting back to him We announced that we are going to start A network a video that we're going to Deposit he literally put out a video Today saying we're going to talk to Defender of democracy Network we will Take videos you can download it and put It up it's literally our strategy They have spies watching our movement Because we are independent so they have To steal and steal this has occurred Historically Bernie Sanders used to steal from the Actual workers movement oh I'm gonna Fight for the workers yeah and you gave All your votes to Kennedy uh to Clinton Remember that Donald Trump drain the swamp oh you Brought in John Bolton who is a fucking Swamp of of the century you brought in Rex Tillerson You brought in your

Idiot daughter and his son-in-law who Ran slums in Somerville and you ensured That he got a two billion dollar loan From the Saudis Trump just made 555 million dollars from his golf Courses he's never made that much money And all these stupid Maga cult people Think that oh Trump sacrificed a lot of Bullshit all of his companies were Tanking he wasn't making any fucking Money He's made so much money after the Presidency So today they have a hearing in Congress Which I should have been delivering that They invite Kennedy and the Republicans Make him a hero Oh my God the Democrats do not want him To talk so they fight it's all theater It's all fucking theater So I tweeted out oh really because who Created the censorship infrastructure in The United States it was done by Donald Trump Democrats and Republicans so what They've done is you'll see all the Conservatives thanking musk thank you so Much Elon Musk as we know still has a Backdoor portal to Twitter to government Wide open because he's a government Front man And Facebook has the same you see Democrats are supporting Facebook Republicans are supporting Twitter you Guys get what's going on

Does everyone get this And you guys have to be able to Articulate this and that's why our Movement exists number one you got to Get educated you got to understand the Dynamics of systems Couple of um weeks ago in fact three Years ago I did a video on adrenochrome Explaining the chemistry of it And then about two weeks ago we made a Four minute version of that two-hour Video I did you know three months ago uh Three years ago well that video started Going viral millions of views in spite Of the Shadow Banning and today YouTube Says they took it down because John what Was it was a reason given Is John here Can someone get medlar on Because he has a reason The reason they gave for taking down That video Was because it was Um Cyber bullying Okay and we were inciting violence John Are you on Are you on John Okay you're coming on the zoom I wanted To show that reason why YouTube took us Down That image thanks so so we get a message From YouTube which I've never been Thrown off of because we were practicing

Bullying policies I'm sharing a chemical Equation That occurred two weeks ago Three days ago all of our live videos That are on Twitter have disappeared Okay So that is so the censorship is Occurring from the left and the right Against an independent movement and Booby fucking Kennedy steals all of our Stuff talks about Jefferson and all this Shit doesn't know what the hell he's Saying and he's saying he's a fighter Against censorship but will not say one Word against Elon Musk Elon Musk has Made Twitter now a monetization platform You say good things about him you get Advertising you get money given to you Literally it's a Banana Republic of Elon Musk It's an online banana you attack him and You expose the fact who he is which is What I did our views went from 400 000 Views per day down to five thousand Views per day okay We're living in slavery ladies and Gentlemen But the danger is you're being told that You have liberators like Trump and Kennedy This is like the devil it's like what People have predicted But the problem they have is we exist John can you bring up that thing that

They showed Yeah so this is what they said zoom in On It said uh this video which is a Chemical equation says content glorifies Or insights acts of violence isn't Allowed on YouTube How is a chemical equation John you can Bring up the Twitter thing that I Recently posted and I post and I tweeted At the president of YouTube and the President of Google okay when did a Chemical equation showing how Adrenochrome is formed from adrenaline Plus Plus during oxidation by a guy who's a Member of Sigma PSI which is where 200 Nobel Prize people belong to and I was Just accepted into that it was one of Fulbright who's got it when does that Become What did they say John He's fighting violence So for seven days we won't be on YouTube And more importantly none of our videos That we're streaming now right now Will remain on YouTube after the alive Is done this has never happened before That's why I'm telling you the future is Offline And booby fucking Kennedy Is a fucking demon He knows what he's doing and he steals Our words

I wish you could have duels like you had In the old days man I really fucking do That's how angry I am I really do get a Fucking boxing ring and fucking knock Him out Because his family has killed so many People they killed he probably killed His own wife We know his uncle killed another woman They're Mobsters they get away with shit And they're talking about them being Fighters for Freedom are you fucking Serious How much brainwashing have Americans Been put through to think the Kennedys Are our Fighters John Kennedy was a douchebag he had Venereal disease As a teenager He couldn't get into the Navy He was turned down His father had to make phone calls after He got into the Navy he blew up ships And then his father redid the story to Make him a war hero and then and he got Hired ghost writers to write him the Books or he could win a Pulitzer Marilyn Monroe suddenly dies one day Right I mean you go down the list Why is it people think Kennedy's are so Great why do you understand how much Brainwashing has been done every three Months the Camelot the Kennedys the Camelot is fucking brainwashing

Trump what the fuck has Trump done Any other person would have increased His wealth by a factor of 10. He was a rich Doofus Who banged whoever could get banged Whores paid them off raped women by all Accounts No different than Hunter Biden all these Guys are pigs But we are shoved down our throats to Bow down to them to respect them And it is done deliberately and to keep People like me who work my butt off who Do actually the hard work I mean I actually have to ask how have Things changed since I was in seventh Grade I did a tweet I was a number one Student Aced every class And the school system did not allow me To take an exam to determine who was Going to be the number one student my Mom and dad went in and ripped the School system I've had to face this Fucking discrimination all my life it's Like jealousy my skin color the fact That I do hard work they do not want one Of us they do not want real talent Do you understand that They hate you they hate me They really hate you guys they hate Independent voices and once you have to Get that

So it's occurring right in front of you Is the Republicans are running a sham to Act as though they're fighting Censorship but they're not inviting the Guy who defined in the 21st century The entire true Fighter for free speech Everyone should be freaking disgraced You should be making I don't you know we Should be all on the streets It's disgraceful And they're putting they're creating in Front of your eyes a charlatan Kennedy What the establishment is doing they're Creating a Kennedy it's like they're Running a pageant show and they want to See and this is what an election is it's A selection they're seeing who can most Fuck you up to believe they're gonna Fight for you Among The Establishment Will trump fuck People up Will Kennedy fuck you up to Think he's your fighter or to be DeSantis or Newsom whoever They're trying to find the best actor It's a casting call That's what's going on Right in front of your eyes So the question is what will you do About it What will you do about it Well you only have one fucking choice Right now because our movement exists And we have created this powerful Movement to teach you what I'm teaching

You behind what I'm saying is a physics Is a science and that's called the Science of systems and you have to study It and you have to sit your butt down And study it you have to let go of your Oh I think I know it all no you fucking Don't know it all because if you did we Wouldn't have to be doing this I Wouldn't have to be doing this There is a science to what they're doing There is a physics You can't go build a motor you can't go Build a transistor chip I'm sorry you Have to go take the courses on Electromagnetism you have to take the Vlsi course and then you can build this You want to build a movement you got to Go to truth Freedom Health period All these books behind me I could have been a professor at MIT 10 Times over but I've become a professor Of Revolution engineering and that's What we've created And my job is to educate as many people As possible to have great students and We build a movement Because we're headed rapidly towards a Slavery like you've never seen before And it will be brought to you by Donald J Trump and Robert Kennedy to make you Feel good as you're getting fucked Kennedy just promoted Bitcoin as a Backdrop of the currency Blockchains are going to be the it's

Like orwellian oh it's so decentralized Really Who owns 52 percent of the block of the Bitcoin mining China it's centralized Because the amount of energy it takes to Do prime factorization Kennedy doesn't Even know what the fuck prime Factorization is He knows what diacetamorphine is heroin Okay He knows how how to have contests with Other people saying how much fellatio he Can have with women he actually had a Contest Really dead he's a scumbag Disgusting fucking human beings It's just disgusting Foreign Because you should and you should Understand why the fuck I curse so much And it's probably good I curse You know rather than take this out in Other ways it's to get cursing and to Educate you a good friend of mine told Me don't get pissed get organized and That's what we're doing But it was our movement that saved Millions and millions of people all over The world in 2020. why booby fucking Kennedy was promoting lockdowns he Promoted lockdowns in March of 2020. Lockdowns cost the United States economy 16 trillion dollars 16 trillion fucking Dollars he promoted lockdowns Trump

Promoted lockdowns 600 billionaires made 2.3 trillion dollars you better write These numbers down so rolls off your Tongue when you want to expose these People And you have every fucking douchebag From Alex Jones to Mike Adams promoting Kennedy promoting this fucking Brahmin Upper cast dipshit vivac Who promoted he created the Infrastructure for to track all covered People Deep State shit he's like this with big Pharma he promoted by vaccines he Promoted masks everything And no one calls him out Mike Adams a health Ranger is promoting A big Pharma guide think about this It's up to us guys and our movement's The only game in town Kennedy literally on his Defender side Put truth Freedom Health we're going to Sue him steals our trademark Yes Everyone needs to wake the fuck up We call our program The Warrior scholar Program Warrior means you better have Heart to fight and Scholar means you Better use your brains to understand This physics The black people in this country have Been really fucked over They shot people like in fact gay this Is the way they did it here they gave a

Lot of priority and and the Limelight to A douchebag called Martin Luther King He wasn't the leader of the black people He was a black Bourgeois who was Dr you Know taking drugs banging everything he Could get a hold of he was like this With the Kennedys and they suppressed Malcolm X who was one of us Malcolm was one of us Not Martin Luther King Drew statue just like Gandhi was not one Of us The Establishment has been doing this Engineering Process for the last hundred Years They promote and these People who look and smell like they're For us but they're not And they suppress the people come Bottoms Up And you have to get this And once you get this and you tell 50 Other people they come here and they get This and we spread this it's over That's an independent movement so as I Said in today's talk It's booby up and Kennedy the Democrats And Republicans love censorship You know One Wing Republicans and booby Kennedy love Elon Musk well he supports Massive censorship he censors me the Democrats love You know Zuckerberg And Google they support censorship

Someone says why did they kill MLK and JFK well use your fucking brain Use your brain JFK was part of a mob he Was a mobster all right wake up if two Mobsters are fighting you're never gonna Know who shot who and why they're Mobsters you shouldn't give a fuck about Them You should ask what happened to the Civil Rights Movement what happened to The infrastructure in the inner cities Why don't you ask that who the fuck Cares about JFK Why He was a mobster his father was a Mobster Has anyone ever said what happened to Mary Jo kopechne the woman that Ted Kennedy killed Why are you asking these fucked up Questions You see it's a slave mentality when you Ask these questions Malcolm X when JFK got shot said the Chickens have come home to roost It's a good statement They're Mobsters fighting against each Other yeah they may have the CIA or Their or the D it doesn't matter they're Mobsters they buy people off Joe Kennedy Bought off the entire Chicago you know politicians and if you Watch the movie Nixon Spiro Agnew tells The Nixon you know dick they stole the

Election from you fair and square The Kennedys they stole the election From you fair and square So people are asking slave questions It's like the slave you know there was a House nigga and the feel nigga okay when The house when the Master's house was Burning the feel that the house nigger Would be running around oh my God masa's House is burning down why why the fuck Do you care That's by the way a quote for Malcolm X Do you guys want to be house niggers or Field niggers do you want to get off the Plantation And that's what it's about it's not About skin color Who the fuck cares about JFK Should ask what happened to Marilyn Monroe why don't we care about her Why do we care about all these women That suddenly died around the Kennedys Why do you care about JFK why think About that mentality We have to look into ourselves what are The questions we ask Martin Luther King Well there's a very powerful story in That the guy was a total scumbag All this shit was going to come out on Him they created a great martyr out of Him They make Martyrs of their useful idiots Martin Luther King was one of their Useful idiots okay

Compare his life to Malcolm X's life It's a big fucking difference okay How does a black guy in 1950 get to go To BU and get a PhD how does that happen You're a black Bourgeois Southern Baptist preachers were considered the Bourgeois of the time So we need to get our heads out of our Ass and we need to recognize that we Have a very powerful movement truth Freedom Health we figured all of it out We have the infrastructure we know how To fight them but we're going to go on The ground that's what we're going to do And to all of you listening you know Those spies out there Who are listening tell Bobby Kennedy to Go fuck himself So I'm going to end this broadcast on That and we're going to start our next One thank you everyone everyone stay on In the town hall but um

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