Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Big Pharma’s “Legal Steroids” vs. mRNA VAXX: Which Causes More Blood Clots?

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE - Big Pharma's "Legal Steroids" vs. mRNA VAXX: Which Causes More Blood Clots?

Foreign Everyone uh good morning good evening to Wherever people are this is Dr shivaya Durai today I want to really present Um a very very important concept and We'll probably do a number of videos on This okay Um but the concept I want to talk about Is Um uh two of big pharma's products one Are steroids anabolic steroids uh legal Steroids Um and the other and we have our town Hall today to those of you joining uh or Sorry our open house every Thursdays at 11 A.M we do an open house for the world And you can see some of the participants In the open house who are joining us Um and then at on at 8 pm we do our town Hall uh for Shiva for president so Um and during these open houses or town Halls I'd like to talk about a topic That's very very important and obviously The basis of our movement for Truth for Different health is one word which is Education the slogan Um is get educated or be enslaved and uh It's some I believe education is Ultimately the revolution Um the revolution will be when enough People get armed with the knowledge of System science to think Um how systems work and so we have Created an incredible program at truth

Freedom and health called Truth Freedom Health Um you can go to truthfriendhealth.com And you can really start understanding The science of systems and we've created A program because the only way the world Is going to change is if you become a Leader and start understanding this but Part of this understanding leads people Ultimately Um to see contradictions In so-called leaders And how these leaders are actually Misusing your trust and they Bank on you Letting them get away with their Contradictions so the question I want to Ask from a scientific perspective and Science is always about asking questions Um there's a gentleman who is I consider One of the most demonic misleaders of Our times and Demons by the way are People who you think are helping coming To save you but they're actually doing The opposite and that is booby effing Kennedy also known as RFK Jr and the Reason I want to talk about it is Several about a month ago you had this Fool Um doing push-ups and showing off his Disgusting body which was all clearly Injected with steroids in fact there's Something called uh trt testosterone Replacement therapy it's actually a a a The new way of basically legalizing

Storage when big Pharma Wants to make money they take something That's illegal and they make it legal That happened with for sample diacetal Morphine which is actually heroin okay And then they created Oxycontin so the Pharmaceutical companies know when There's a market for something they're Going to try to Legalize It So Bobby Kennedy booby Kennedy booby Effing Kennedy who Um Uh someone here just said uh thanks for Putting Um the bad taste of my mouth for the man Who pretends to save the world yeah Exactly that's booby F and Kennedy uh so If you look at this individual he's been Telling people that he's anti-vaxx right Um which we proved is actually false Because he actually tell he's told People that I'm pro-vax I'm fully probax I vaccinated all my kids right and then He goes on to lie to people telling People that he's going to once he Becomes president he's going to take the Corrupt government bureaucracy and have Them create safe vaccines so that's the Kind of duplicity that he's doing Um and the truth is when you take a Systems approach you find out that the Really if you want to really address it We have to talk about the immune system And boosting immunity

And that's been our position from day One Beyond vaccine anti-vaxx you know Boost immunity Etc and we've been educating people on How to do that Now if you look at the MRNA vaccine And you don't want to believe any of the Quote-unquote conspiracy theories if you Even go To the sheets that the manufacturers Have put out which is including Pfizer Including moderna including the Oxford Vaccine and you read their sheets They'll tell you that all the side Effects one of the side effects it's CVT Cardiovascular thrombosis Also known as AKA known as blood clots Okay thrombosis so if you read the Vaccine Side effects they'll tell you what Percentage of uh people if they get the MRNA vaccine Or even the non-mrna vaccine because of The spike protein it's a spike protein Affects pericites which is a cell in the Vasculature and it has a a chance a Probability of causing blood clots okay So they've written what those numbers Are It's out there cardiovascular thrombosis All right so assume that's true so Assume Um the MRNA vaccine on a certain Probability will cause cardiovascular

Thrombosis which is blood clots Now go over to steroids okay Um There is at minimum I'm probably Removing several zeros to be Conservative at least a thousand times More chance that you're going to get a Blood clot CVT from anabolic steroids Let me repeat that again There's at least at least and this is Being very very safe a thousand times More chance that you're going to get CVT Cardiovascular thrombosis blood clots From anabolic steroids The testosterone replacement therapy is A quote-unquote legal anabolic steroids Because now it's creating an industry Booby fucking Kennedy promotes both Promotes actually he actually did Promote both in his own home people had To be mRNA vaccinated before they came Into his home for a party And he's shooting himself up with Steroids Now I'll do a whole Whiteboard video on This but just to let you know that if You do all the research on trt and Anabolic storages enough evidence Showing what it when someone starts Getting on testosterone replacement Therapy You have to go to the reason they went On that well there's been low Testosterone levels

In the human public over time because of The foods Many many endocrine disruptors Um and and nutrition is a lot to do with This okay Um there are many many nutrients that Are now missing in people's uh Uh uh you know plate that used to really Support Um proper testosterone levels okay at as You age I mean you shouldn't be Declining so rapidly so that's one of The important things and there are foods Which are precursors and compounds that In in the case of a male that your Testes will produce testosterone one of Them being cholesterol your body needs Cholesterol it needs to eat eggs okay Cholesterol asterol becomes a steroid Okay And by the way the entire theory on LDL And HDL and all these cholesterols Causing heart disease is is one of the Most biggest lies and the guy that uh Exposed it really showed it has to do With inflammation and finally after 30 40 years he's getting recognition for it All right but sterols are very much Needed for creating steroids Um eggs being one of the most profound Foods on the planet okay So and there's many many other I could Do a whole video on teaching men how to Naturally increase testosterone in their

Bodies okay So Instead here's boobie effing Kennedy Um wanting to act as though he's healthy He's going to be the president of Health He's a chairman of the Children's Health Defense fund now if you are a 15 18 20 Year old kid and you see this fool Getting jacked up on steroids you're Going to say oh I should also take Steroids right But the reality is and I'm going to give You some numbers Um big Pharma makes money off anabolic Steroids there's the ones who make it Big Pharma makes money off mRNA backs But let's look at the numbers by 2029 The anabolic steroids or Androgen Industry is going to go up to a quarter Of a billion dollars okay 200 plus Billion dollars So by 22 this is an explosively growing Industry Because of what's being done to the Environment so big Pharma is going to Make handsomely out on this the MRNA Therapeutics industry is also going to Grow but it's going to grow to about 119 113 billion by 2029. so you have the Anabolic legal steroid Market which is Going to be nearly double that of the MRNA vaccine market and moreover the MRNA vaccine Market I mean the anabolic Steroid Market has a thousand times more

Chance of causing CVT cardiovascular Thrombosis so you tell me how why I call Them I call call them booby effing Kennedy And he should be called that he should Be cursed at and I think I'm being kind When I use Fufu at him five times I Should be using it all the time okay and Everyone should be because this guy is a Complete scumbag His family is a history of Mafia Scumbags but they have gotten away with Thinking That everyday people are actually stupid And you can say whatever you want to Them And they will you can say words over Here and you can do your Deeds over here And it doesn't matter so you have this Fact that the anabolic steroid industry Is going to grow to about 200 250 Billion dollars by 2029 explosive growth And the underlying reason the system's Reason for that explosive growth Is the fact that it's not any one thing Uh men are under more stress we've Destroyed the Health Care System we've Destroyed the food system it's not any One thing so men are no longer men okay If you define it as the amount of Testosterone pre-form testosterone in Your body And instead of addressing that issue This guy's injecting himself with

Steroids Which are going to be one of big Pharma's biggest profit profitability Centers because oh you how let me test Your testosterone level boom let me give You some trt okay oh you're fat let me Give you some ozempic right which is Another drug so you're making people fat And obese and you're going to give them Testosterone replacement therapy and Also another a drug which burns up their Fat okay It's quite extraordinary and booby Effing Kennedy is part of the big five You might as well make him an Advertisement for Big Pharma anabolic Steroids because that's what he's saying And then on the other side let's look at The MRNA vaccine the MRNA vaccine boo BF And Kennedy said it violates the Nuremberg code it's awful it's not been Tested He promoted it For anyone coming to his home had to be MRNA vaxed he talks about it causing you Know releases causing it blood clots but He doesn't talk anything about steroid So I want to just let this is just the Beginning of a series of talks I want to Do but the key thing everyone our Movement that we educate people on it is These fundamental contradictions that we Cannot give one millimeter to and let These people get away with it because

Once you let them get away with these Contradictions you're basically saying Yeah I'm a doofus you can abuse me you Can take advantage of me And you can't allow that to happen and That's why our run for president is so Spectacularly important is because the First time in American history you have Someone who actually understands these Things can articulate it Um and we have a massive movement that We're creating of other people are Learning to articulate this and Challenge what I call the not so obvious Establishment Everyone needs to keep repeating it is Not the obvious establishment someone Said Um they helped Biden out um before look Biden is easy In some ways he's actually much more Honest he says this is where I stand for And this is what I'm going to do and he Does it I'm going to get bribes from Ukraine and I go get bribes I'm going to Go regime change in Ukraine I'm gonna go Do that but it is the trumps and the Boobyff and Kennedys who are the real Snakes because they tell you they're on Your side And meanwhile they stab you on your back Right and those people are far more Dangerous than the guy who tells you to Your face I'm going to punch you in your

Face Right you can you can understand that Guy you can deal with that guy but the People who say one thing and come stab You in the back those are very very Dangerous people And the sooner we learn how to identify These people you'll save your own life You'll save your children's lives so Make it very personal it's about you So if you think about a booby effing Kennedy he's telling kids now to take Legal steroids he's telling men to get Ready to take legal anabolic steroids And he's not telling people that the Chance that they will cause blood clots Is about a thousand times more Than what the MRNA vacs will cause you And none of these medical doctors by the Way if you notice the same medical Doctors who were quiet when I was Calling out These issues in 2020 who are now writing Books against the MRNA vaccine you Notice they've been silent also Um you know testosterone replacement Therapy or the legal anabolic steroids Okay why because many of them are Actually administering legal anabolic Steroids and they're making money off of It So we have to go down to much more the Guts of this to really understand The physics here and the science here

And the medicine here of the risks Everything we're talking about medicine Is the right medicine for the right Person at the right time that's what Real medicine is you can take mercury Into your body and under certain dosages It'll support your actual thinking brain You take too much of it it'll destroy Your brain you take certain amounts of Arsenic it supports cardiovascular Function ancient Medical Treatments Included this you take too much it'll Kill you okay It's about the dosage and that's what we Need to train people about to write Medicine at the right time for the right Person with the right amount okay so now That's a very art and a science and it's A physics It's not one thing that's good or bad so That's what we need to start training People and the only place that teaches That is our movement for truth Freedom Health so anyway I wanted to make this Talk short but I'll be doing a whole Series of molecular systems videos where I will start educating you about how What a steroid does what testosterone Replacement therapy does that the Molecular systems level inside your body We'll also look at how the uh s protein How it affects the parasites vasculature And then we'll compare how the blood Cuts levels are both we'll do a series

Of videos I can't do it in one video but For God's sakes if you have people out There who are going to support this Kennedy booby F and Kennedy you need to Invite them to come to our orientation You need to Save them in some extent because they're Being taken advantage of and that's why I want everyone to Um dude a couple of things before I sign Off today number one you can become a Truth for an unhealth Warrior scholar Um today we have about 60 70 people on Our town hall meeting Um they're all learning about the truth Freedom Health movement you can see some Of them here Um but you can go to Truthfrinthealth.com to do that this Evening I will be doing another open House and a town hall to educate people About how the climate the Earth is a Very very smart mother it's a very smart System Okay it knows how to protect itself all Right Um when the Earth's temperature about Several billion years ago or million I Forget to say hundreds of millions of Years ago we're 30 percent cooler okay Think about that the sun wasn't putting Out as much heat Do you know that the Earth still had Running water and everything

It wasn't like the Earth froze because The cloud cover modulated itself to Sustain the heat on the Earth's Planet The clouds are a controller if you study Any one of the books here on control Systems theory which is we teach to People you will understand their stupid Systems and there's intelligent systems The Earth is a highly intelligent system It understands how to use itself clouds To modulate the temperature and we'll be Talking about that Um this evening because I want to Educate you all that the The Establishment survives on one Fundamental three fundamental Um words fear Uncertainty and doubt fear uncertainty And doubt f-u-d Fear uncertainty and doubt is how IBM Salespeople would sell IBM they would Scare you into buying IBM you say look They would say look we're big blue that Other guy's a small company right Uncertainty you don't know if they're Going to be out of business right doubt Can they really do the work right so Fear uncertainty and doubt are a very Powerful way to manipulate people and That is what the climate scam is all About and I've been talking about this For years nearly a decade so but we're Going to keep doing the education but Booby F and Kennedy by the way supported

Lockdowns in March of 2020 and he gave Two reasons he said we need strict Lockdowns because they will make sure Coba doesn't spread and on top of it we Need lockdowns to ensure that the Climate is protected okay the Environment is protected so that's what This guy is he's a complete I don't even Want to say fork ton I would say Multi-tongued serpent that's what he is He's an absolute serpent anyway everyone On everyone on the town on our open House for Maine but that's what keep an Eye out for that but the bottom line is When you look at big pharma's legal Steroids and the MRNA backs you know the Legal steroids the steroids have a Thousand times more chance of causing a Blood clot at minimum than the MRNA vacs Both cause blood clots but it's how much They do it and you have someone like Kennedy who's taking legal steroids from Big Pharma and he had everyone in his Own home get vaccines before they Stepped in the MRNA vaccine and then he Tells people that he cares for your Health this guy's full of shit anyway Thank you everyone Um keep an eye out for Um this evening but we all need to Wtfu and recognize that we need to build A movement and the only movement that's Doing it is Shiva for president.com you Can go to Shooter for president.com

Become a volunteer and support this Historic campaign donate but when you Donate I give you lots of knowledge in Books or go to truthfridomhealth.com and Become a warrior scholar those are the Two ways you can support Um the work that we do Thank you everyone be well

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