Dr.SHIVA™: How Adrenochrome Is Released In The Body. The Biological Mechanisms – CytoSolve®

Dr.SHIVA™: How Adrenochrome Is Released In The Body. The Biological Mechanisms - CytoSolve®

Hello everyone this is Dr shivaya what I'm going to share with you today is a Architecture for looking at adrenochrome You're going to get from an MIT PhD in Biological engineering I'm going to arm You now with some chemistry so listen Very carefully adrenochrome what is it So adrenochrome is a stable oxidation Product of adrenaline that's what an in Vitro study showed the chemical Structure you notice is very different Adrenaline look like this it had this Benzene ring with the oh adrenochrome Looks like this you notice this Benzene Ring is folded on itself and you get This now this is what I want everyone to Focus on you may want to take notes You're welcome to take a screenshot of This so the question I started asking is Could I understand this in the context Of the observations people have been Reporting that they're taking a child Frightening it which means adrenaline And then putting it under such stress That it creates adrenochrome because as I understand and the people who know More about this than I do is that the Adrenochrome is being created by taking These kids scaring them fight or flight And then torturing them and that puts The body into a state that they create Adrenochrome so I wanted to actually Explain this and I believe I have Probably the first explanation of how

This is going on at the molecular Systems level you won't get this by the Way from Joe Kennedy or Robbie Kennedy Or Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton May actually know about this what's Going on here adrenaline when we did our Systems analysis of the research Adrenaline is released in response to a Stressful exciting dangerous or Threatening situation so here is the Bobcat chasing that Mouse it hasn't Caught him yet but it's chasing it this Is when that mouse let's say I don't Know what they're potentially doing to These kids if they're scaring those kids And chasing them around scaring the hell Out of them it's like the Bobcat chasing The mice and this starts producing Adrenaline it's increased synthesis of Adrenaline and there's enough paper Saying adrenaline response to stress so We know under that kind of stress Adrenaline is created now what I found Fascinating is I did research since People wrote to me is that oxidative of Stress which is different than this kind Of stress is highly correlated with Anxiety anxiety causes accumulation of Reactive oxygen species such as O2 minus So this was one paper that came out Which is oxidative Stress and Anxiety This was a role of oxidative stress and Anxiety disorder so let me tell you what This is like to put it simply you need

Stress and Anxiety to create an Adrenochrome if you're going to do this To an animal be it a child or a lab rat You have to put it under extreme stress And anxiety and that's what we're Talking about with just stress you don't Get it you gotta have both so this is What I would call Extreme torture Because if you just have stress you're Not going to get adrenochrome you have To have the stress and the anxiety Everyone getting this everyone clear on This so this is the example I'd like you To do the lion is chasing the zebra That's probably when adrenaline is being Released it hasn't got them yet it's Chasing him but what about when this Incident is occurring this is when You're torturing the animal you've got It this is the anxiety so this will Release adrenaline in my theory this Release is a superoxide which is the Reactive oxygen species so you need this And this you need this and this if You're just chasing it around you get Adrenaline so if we want to put it in Perspective you need the stress and the Anxiety to get this so you need both of This taking place they're probably Torturing whoever they're doing this to This is sort of torture now at least in The animal world they probably do this Quickly and get it over with but if you Assume you torture it more you're going

To get more of this species more of this More adrenal Chrome so prolonged torture More stress more anxiety is going to get You this so what I want to share with You everyone is I think I have a basis For understanding adrenochrome synthesis And it falls in line with people have Been saying they're torturing these kids This is the big takeaway that you can Say that Dr Shiva just offered you an Explanation for this an explanation so People don't think you're crazy when you Say well the torturing releases Adrenochrome so I think I have a basis For this and I hope this was helpful and This is the kind of stuff that I will Continue to do for you to take a systems Approach to take an attempt at Explaining things this is beyond left or Right now this is molecular systems Biology it's biochemistry I think we Have discovered a chemical basis for What people have been talking about with The fear and the stress thank you Everyone be the light be well let's win This fight thank you

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