Dr.SHIVA™ – Gun Violence – What Neither Side Wants You to Know

Dr.SHIVA™ - Gun Violence - What Neither Side Wants You to Know

This weekend in Milwaukee there were 30 Shootings school shootings have Increased as well Democrats blame easy Access to guns what do you believe is The solution to this problem yeah as so Those of you listening this is again an Opportunity for all of you the American People those of you want to really lead And get involved to recognize that when You start looking at the world as a System you yourselves can start answer This question okay about I think 6 Months ago we did a whole 4-Hour Workshop on gun violence you may Remember Chris and we really did this Deep systems analysis so the leftwing The Democrats say oh gun violence is Because access to guns right and they Want to destroy the Second Amendment on The other hand the right-wing Republicans say no no no I want my guns This is being caused by these kids are Watching too many video games or they're On drugs okay and so you have this issue And the the reality is both Wings Of The Establishment will then send out emails To raise money off of that okay Rand Paul will send out email oh they want to Take away our guns right it has to do With people on anti-depressants or Whatever right and he'll get cha-ching Cha-ching ch- Ching money because they Split the working people in two the Democrats send money saying oh my God

These right-wing Republicans you know Want to kill all of us give me money so You see it's a money raising exercise They do not want to address the real Issue of gun violence they don't now if You really go read some of the wonderful Research papers done on this and you Connect the dots the real reason for gun Violence is income inequality period no One wants to talk about that because Neither wing of the establishment wants To address income inequality though Democrats will talk about but they don't Want to solve it the Republicans may Talk about it oh my God we need Innovation we need entrepreneurs we need Market economy but they don't create Market economies they create monopolies So both Wings Of The Establishment do Not want to address income inequality And enough research has been done to Show that if you go look at nearly 95% Of these School shooters particularly The kids they came from neighborhoods Where they had massive income inequality So there would be a city here and Another city here wealthy City poor City And these kids would experience this Income inequality and over time it Builds up tremendous amounts of rage Over time there was a very interesting Clinical study done interesting enough Looking at violence on airplanes okay And they found that a significant number

Of those violent events took place of Where a guy in economy class would walk Into first class and back okay and he Said wow they have it really good over There and I I'm living like in a sh hole Over here the point is when people Observantly see these Market differences It starts affecting a certain percentage Of the population it may not affect Everyone you're creating a percentage of The population which becomes very Sensitized to this so if you look at the Last shooting in Uvalde that kid was Working at a Wendy's he wasn't just some Nobody right he was trying to hold a job And over time this rage builds in people That that rage May then lead to people Taking drugs or whatever right but the Core of it is income inequality and That's what we need so if we really want To solve gun violence we don't need to Get rid of the Second Amendment right And it's really not about drugs or video Games it's income inequality and no one Wants to address this because it'll Expose the fact that both Wings Of The Establishment are part of the swarm they Don't want to help everyday working People they're fine with having a Pandemic where 600 billionaires increase Their wealth by 2.3 trillion this is a Fundamental systems issue right so how Do we resolve that there's only one way We have to build a Bottoms Up movement

The elites aren't going to give us Anything so if again if you look at what I said between 1900 and 1970 as the Economy grew everyone's wages grew Between 1970 till today as the economy Grew the first and second income Quartiles their wages shrunk $47 Trillion got transferred that is a Reason for gun violence income Inequality period let's go solve that Systems issue or we just divide people Along left and right all day long which Is what they want excellent answer it's It's very interesting so you're saying You're not going to become president and Wave a magic wand and magically gun Violence we actually need to be active And proactive in changing our Community's Bottoms Up that's Interesting and the reality is people Have to recognize everyone listening to All the American people we're at a very Critical point do you want to be Bullshitted too and hear sound bites and And see who will you better cuz Many of these clowns up there literally Are watching me every day and they Literally take my sound bites CU they Know this is I stand for the truth and We actually I walk the walk and I'm one Of us I'm one of you so they literally Will they know right now Chris they're Watch they have all the data of all 330 Million Americans they know people are

Pretty pissed off and they hate both Wings Of The Establishment and they know The movement for truth FR and Heth in Our campaign is grabbing people for Wildfire so what they're doing is first Making me invisible on their media and Amplifying the fake Heroes by stealing My messages and that's what's going on Right now and so the issue is do you as A person watching this share this with All your friends do you want to continue To be Bamboozled by these fools by these Fools who know nothing about your Suffering I know about your suffering Because I've had to fight Injustice all My life since a four-year-old kid Fighting the cast system making sure That if I created something people Didn't steal it making sure that food Service workers got a fair wage while I Was at MIT making sure any person could Go to an institution like that four kids Four white kids black kids Etc I've been Fighting all my life because I'm one of You so these people are not one of us so That's what we need to recognize so they Will never take this system's approach Because they actually want people to They they like gun violence they don't Want to solve gun violence this is why We need a systems overhaul because Things are not going to get better we Cannot be voting for the lesser of two Evils for the first time in American

History in a long time you have someone Like me one of us trained engineer Trained scientist mowed lawn played Baseball came Bottoms Up one of you and So the real choice is why is it that I Had to leave the Republican party and Run as independent and obviously a guy Of my skin tone should have been Embraced by the Democrats but neither of These parties serve any of us anymore so It's time for us to build the bottoms up Movement and that's what Shiva for President's about it's about us it's About you and me uniting Bottoms Up and Letting go of these idiots and many of You know we have this movement called Truth Freedom Health you can go to truth From health.com and check it out we need To build a Bottoms Up Movement we need To shatter the Swarm the Swarm or all Those people on the debate stage Republican and Democrat black brown red White color it doesn't matter they're Multi-racial Global decentralized bunch Of that do not give a About you what can you do well go to Shiva for president many of you work Hard so we made it easy go get a bumper Sticker get get this bumper sticker put It on the back windshield of your car Why 100,000 people will see that that Will be Defiance I no longer believe in Your lesser of two evils I'm supporting A guy who's one of us if you're a little

More adventurous go on to Shiva for President download one of these flyers Hand them to your neighbors it's in the Download section if you want to donate Great but I cannot take your money Without giving something back when you Donate to me I give you books I give you Knowledge I give you courses so you can Become a truth Freedom Health Warrior This is about us and it is truly US Versus them and they do not want you Living long and prosperous I do so Anyway everyone thank you shafor President.com truth Freedom Health to All of you and I want to thank our host Chris Bradley today by the way we need To get on the ballot in every state go To Shiva for president.com volunteer Volunteer volunteer this is our time it Is US versus them and we must shatter The Swarm thank you Chris thank you Everyone be well be the Light

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