Dr.SHIVA™ – From Overcoming All Odds to Inventing Email: My Journey of Defying THEIR Expectations

Dr.SHIVA™ - From Overcoming All Odds to Inventing Email: My Journey of Defying THEIR Expectations

When I came back from India I decided I Would excel at everything yeah Became a great baseball player people Said I could have gone to the majors Became a great soccer player I finished All of the calculus mathematics in ninth Grade I had to rely on myself I had to Do good for the suffering of my parents My grandparents and those teachers who Did so much for me by the way many of The teachers in the 1970s would hold Three jobs they did that because they Loved teaching exactly there's not many Teachers like that my eighth grade Teacher a guy called Mr Summers he let Us Advance as much as we could my high School has no more math courses another Incredible woman comes a woman called Stella Alexia she just passed away about Five years ago at the age of 93. she Said this kid there's no more math Courses there's no more science courses So she created the concept of Independent study which was unheard of In the 70s she set up a program where I Could get a job while I was finishing up My Humanities courses we were looking For different jobs I could do but I Needed skills interesting enough in 1977 78 and article came out in a small Newspaper and my mom now is working as a Mathematician on a school a friend of Her gives her this article in the Article they say in New York that there

Was a professor at New York University Called Henry mullash whose recent Memorial I did a couple years ago Henry Mullash was going to select 40 students 40 students who would get to come to New York University this is 1978 and learn Computer science now in those days a Computer would fill up this entirely Yeah I know I know but he had the vision He realized that one day we would need Software Engineers this guy was a Visionary 40 students were going to be Selected you had to apply you had to get Recommendation letters you had to submit Your grades you have to be the top of The top of the United States and it was Only open to 16 year olds I was 14 I Think 13 and a half 14. so we applied People wrote letters saying why I should Be able to submit I get accepted and I Was the only Indian kid from New Jersey So my mom would drop me off if you've Been to Newark at this train station Called the Newark Penn Station I would Take the train into New York as a 4 14 Year old child most parents are so Protective of their children they won't Even let them walk down the street right Now yeah so I would get to take that Train ride drop me off at 6 a.m arrive About 7 30 a.m and 8 AM to 8 P.M it was An intense it was like a Navy SEAL Training program because they selected These very smart kids and six seven

Programming languages digital circuit Theory this is in 78 worked on a Supercomputer and graduated number one In that class won the honors award it's All documented that's when this teacher This independent studies teacher really Loved and cared about me that's the kind Of teachers we used to have she said This kid can't go to waste we got to Figure something out for him so I ended Up getting a job in Newark in a local Medical College where they hired me as a Full-time research fellow at the age of 14. a guy called Dr Les Michaelson the Agreement was that they would treat me Like an adult there were people minimum 30 years older than me the oldest guy Was like in his 60s a physicist this was In a small Medical College where Computing was just coming people were Starting to use computers in medicine I Get given the opportunity to work among These illustr serious people I'd go in With my briefcase dressed up clean had My own desk I really want you to ask What the was Trump and Kennedy Doing at that age and I really want you Guys to walk in my shoes it's a Hard-working kid man but to me this was An amazing opportunity that could only Happen in America Dr Michaelson believed In meritocracy saw my grades a pluses And everything I worked my butt off Because I had no fallback I didn't have

A Kennedy name I didn't have my father Who was running slumlords like Trump my Parents are hard-working class people so I had to also be hard working better Than them but I learned also when I came Back from India how to meditate I Learned how to connect with God pray and Meditate oh my grandfather taught me how To meditate you see prayer is always Begging to God for something meditation Is where you listen to God you listen Yes and you get intuition you get in Your direction you get your mission in Life and you get connected so I learned How to do that at a very young age to Give you an idea how very interesting This was from the age of 12 to 16. it Was many of these sages or Saints talk About these extraordinary experience is To tell you the fact I've had all of Those and I don't talk about them when People say they see in the universe in Your body have seen that when people Talk about the seven Heavens I've Experienced that first time I'm sharing A lot of this I learned this at a very Very young age so by the time I was 14 I'm working full time at a medical School here by that time my parents had Moved to Livingston New Jersey to give You an idea what Livingston New Jersey It's for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Lived okay that's where Chris Christie Was a catcher on my baseball team who's

Now running for president he wasn't a Fat then but I was a pitcher our Team won 13-0 in a very high division Probably the number one division a team So I was Center halfback what's your Favorite baseball team those days I like The Yankees so there we go we have to Understand is so Livingston New Jersey Now put your hat on going from Patterson Then to Clifton yeah then to and then my Parents move into this because they Wanted me to again public school there Was a private school we didn't go to That yeah I remember moving to Livingston I felt so out of place all These people were wealthy yeah the kids Had cars we had nothing my parents had a Pretty modest home and it's Predominantly all Jewish okay now Jewish People think they're the chosen people Of God yeah I would see my Jewish Friends who are like normal kids go to Israel and come back wanting to kill Every Arab I was like what the just happened to my friend became a Fanatic yeah a normal 15 year old kid Coming back from Israel wanted to Annihilate yeah and burn the out of Palestinians I said this is up Yeah now it is up so 4 000 kids In my high school one of about 800 900 Students I would win every award I was American Legion Jersey Boys State they Select two kids you have to be an

Athlete and a good student I got Selected I got 800s on my SATs we didn't Have tutors like Bobby Kennedy Gives his children or Trump gets his Children I just do all the exams it was A problematic for some of the Jewish Mothers I give you a very interesting Story yes so remember I'm meditating I'm Working hard the school at the end of The year gives Awards out my mom wanted Me to win all these Awards because she Came from nothing well that year I win The mathematics award I win number one Student award so in the student Auditorium the teacher gets up now the Night before my mom was supposed to come To that award sermon she had a horrible Accident was hit head on by a car all of Her teeth are knocked out she's in ICU Oh my God so me and my dad very very Sadly go to this award ceremony the Teacher of the school gets up Mr summer And he goes typically we give the award To two kids but in my 36 years here There's no one that came close to Shiva No one and he goes he's not only one the Best student in the world but also the Matt's award Standing Ovation by the way I had visualized that in my third eye The year before nice so it's like a Dream yes I get the awards but it's a Very sad moment because my mom's in the ICU and I wanted her to be there yeah I Get the award I'm walking out of the

Student Auditorium and this crazy Jewish mother comes running up To me and says you're a son this Doesn't mean anything my son Eric Greenberg could have done that but Eric Chose not to work this year I'm like Looking at this I'm saying what the Yeah the jealousy yeah the anger yeah Pure unadulterated jealousy and anger at The fact that I had worked so hard and That I'd been recognized now the year Before let me give you another story I Had aced all my classes this is in Seventh grade every class A plus the School teachers decide to hold an exam To decide who's the best student I Already won everything yeah so they have An exam and I'm not invited to Participate in the exam just like I'm Not invited to debate just like I'm not Invited to the Senate subcommittee Hearings and all you guys you All old white boys who sit on the Judiciary Committee I'm calling you old White boys yeah that's why people call You racist yeah that is racist Yeah it's classus it's racist it's not Only classes because you're tailing all The working class kids so you see I've Had to deal with this thing all My life because they're jealous of People who actually work hard yeah They're jealous of people actually do The work these people don't do any work

And they try to steal credit so they Wouldn't let me participate in the exam they don't let me Participate in my exam I'm home my Parents are seeing me upset my mom says What happened it was PTA night my mama Just worked a 16 hour overnight they get In the car they go to see that teacher And they go why isn't my son allowed to Participate they don't have an answer my Dad's like do you know you're going to Create a Hitler out of my son he's going To hate all of you what did you Say that's anti-semitic my dad said You're going to create a fine Hitler Yeah they let me participate iasa to win But all of you listening I have had to Deal with the fact that I worked hard And did the good things maybe because I'm born in this color skin maybe They're just so jealous I think It's a fear thing people who are Educated who could articulate things who Have the facts to back them it's much More simpler than that they hate people Who work hard yeah they hate America America was built on people work their Butt off and they think there's a free Ride they think you're going to get Success because of your name of some Neighborhood you live in and you can get A free ride you have to understand when I grew up in Jersey I grew up among Hard-working Italian immigrants and made

Money Landscaping I made money painting Homes as a child I was trained by a Yugoslavian painter you paint a trim you Better paint it right I know you Cut the hedges you bet better cut it and Clean up all the raking all the material These people would get so pissed if you Didn't do that right demanding people Who had Excellence that's these people Taught me these people were my great Teachers so when I did a work I did it With perfection I did it with Excellence Not for me because I'd hear their voices I'd hear their toil how much they Suffered to get to what they had it was In honoring those people but anyway so Seventh grade you have that incident Yeah then you have this into this crazy Woman literally telling me my son Eric Could have won that award but he chose Not to work hard this year this is a Adult yeah I was more concerned about my Mom we went to the ICU I didn't even Share my mom the award I was more Concerned about her but this is a level Of Injustice I grew up around yeah this Kind of every day well I got a Job full-time job as a 14 year old kid Working at that medical school in the Heart of Newark New Jersey most white People are still afraid to go into Newark in the parking lot people get Mugged I wasn't afraid I would take the Bus down right into Newark I would work

A full eight hour sometimes 12 hour Sometimes 16 hour days then I go back And I had to do my Humanities courses Initially I was given a job of using the Computer with Advanced algorithms Mathematics mathematics that people Learn and PhD level that I was Developing to understand why babies were Dying in their sleep I had sleep data of Baby sleep patterns and I was creating Predictive algorithms that you'd call AI Today we just called them har and Walsh Transforms pattern recognition Algorithms this is again 1978 in fact I Ended up discovering some very powerful Ways to predict when a child would Suddenly stop breathing many years later I wrote a paper on this did that before MIT okay in Newark New Jersey where Nothing is supposed to come out of in a Small Medical School the point is the People I worked around were amazing People you had loving parents and a Teacher it was in that triangle of love Collaboration people caring and hard Work hard work freaking I'd work until Two in the morning like I said that's Where I discovered the fundamentals of a Sudden infant debt syndrome in that Place in Newark New Jersey I was given Another challenge many of you guys were In your 30s may not remember that if you Looked in any institution in those days Any large organization or small or large

How did people communicate well they Surely didn't have the cell phone faxes Were just coming but they had the thing Called The inter-office Mail system and The interoffice mail system was a very Powerful system it was a paper-based Mail system where every secretary in Every little office interconnected set Of offices connected by pneumatic tubes Little tubes ago from office to office Every office had a secretary always a Woman because women could only be a Secretary a teacher or a mother or nurse In those days this woman had on her Desktop a very particular box called the Inbox it was made of metal another box Called the outbox another box called Drafts three sometimes they were wooden Or metal sound familiar folks then a Physical desk called a desktop Underneath that desktop was a trash can On top of that desk was little paper Clips wow you getting the story oh I'm Hearing it and you had a thing called a Typewriter up until 1982 I'd use a Typewriter she would type something Called a memo the boss would come up to Her and say Charlotte take this message She'd have to listen and you go to Dr Blah from Dr Michaelson subject hiring Of John medlar attachment let's attach His resume and write to the head of HR Dear Dr but we're thinking of hiring John attached to his resume please tell

Me what you think please review it and Then he would CC carbon copy five other People who John would be invited for an Interview and maybe he would BCC his Boss CC literally meant you take a paper Take a carbon paper attach another paper Type it then after she did it she would Put it in the drafts folder the the Doctor would Redline it she would have To go a couple iterations when it was Ready the memo would go in an envelope Addressed tied in and put into these Pneumatic tubes which shot out sometimes A local Postman would come the inner Office Postman take it out out you can Do registered mail this is a complex System yeah now those old mainframes you Can do simple text messages like little Text messages that's not what we're Talking about no I was asked to convert This entire system no one had done this In human history before this entire System into the electronic version People thought this was impossible in Fact doctors why are you wanting to do That I love just using you know my Secretary just tell her what to do you Want to make me a secretary is that what You want to do kid yeah you got a way They attack me I love these women who Are at great respect for them I had to Write down all those features if you go To inventor of email.com you'll see Everything's documented then I had to

Write all the code for that in a Language called Fortran and eight Kilobytes of memory I had to write the Memory management work with the old HP Operating system I wrote 50 000 lines of Code as a 14 year old kid to transport This entire paper-based system not just A simple exchange of text messages which Goes back to Samuel Morris in this Environment which had a network Environment between Newark Piscataway They had different computers and created And named that system email in fifty Thousand lines of code I captured every One of those features because these Secretaries were going to leave the Physical interoffice Mail system to the Electronic unless it had all those Features inbox outbox folders BCC CC Registered mail first time anyone in Human history had done that it was done By 14 year old kid in Newark New Jersey I named that system email a term that I Created so not only did I create the Code I also created the term to name That system if you created something Called a car with the motor the engine You called it car you're the inventor of The car yeah explain and simple plain And simple there is no controversy it's Time to shatter the Swarm it's time for Us it's time for one of us truth Freedom Health achiever president period

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