Dr.SHIVA™ – Fake Citizens & Fake Patriots. THIS Is What Real Citizenship Means

Dr.SHIVA™ - Fake Citizens & Fake Patriots. THIS Is What Real Citizenship Means

It really comes down to what is Citizenship and I think it'll get into All these reasons why I'm running the Fact I'm a naturalized citizen should a Naturalized citizen be able to run the Law says you can but also this whole Thing with censorship and the people Claiming they're fighting censorship to Me they're the ones who sat on all of This in 2020 when we were exposing the Fundamental issues with the censorship Infrastructure so you have this entire Psychological operation that's being run By people like gamaktaibi this guy Schellenberger a whole Motley Crew People who are revealing to people only A tip of the iceberg and they're doing That to conceal all of our findings from 2020. so they're not really Patriots Including this guy for Carlson he's one Of the worst so I don't know where you Guys want to start well I mean Billionaire doesn't that make him Trustworthy what's that that works isn't His Association through the billionaire Marriages that he's made and the various Different intelligence asset kind of Roles that he's played make him a Trustworthy individual so when you look At that you have to say what is Citizenship and what's a real Patriot Trump what did he do he's not a Real Patriot he's not a real citizen he Didn't serve the citizens of the United

States so I want to take this broader Thing when you look at this what does Citizenship mean and the reason this is Important it's come up in my campaign For president hey you're not a Natural-born citizen so I've had to Educate a bunch of people wait a minute That was Article two section one laws Five the Constitution was written in 1787 and they never Define natural born Now the 14th Amendment comes and we say Naturalized citizen Natural Born cannot Be differentiated we also have the First Amendment and the political process Arguments so my run for president is Asserting the fact not only the legal Level hey I have every right to not only Be president but run for president and The natural-born Clause was never Defined everyone forgets the 14th Amendment but then it brings up this Much more philosophical question what Does it really mean to be a citizen now In the United States you could be quote Unquote Natural Born which is again Never defined and be a Joe Biden who Sells out the country to Ukraine or you Could be a trump who sells it out to him And his family and whatever deals that They do Jared Kushner sells out to Saudi Arabia that Clause was created because They were afraid Kings would have Children who would take over the United States while natural born citizens have

Sold out the United States and you saw It right in the lockdowns who was truly A citizen I would say I was a true Patriot and a citizen I used all the Knowledge that I gained from coming to The United States I exposed fauci at the Right time not waited a year and a half To write a book and you know plagiarize Material we expose the lockdowns we Expose the election systems at the right Time and so to me citizenship is are you Using the skills that this country gave You to fight for truth freedom and Health and are you Illuminating that now If you look back at 2020 look what Carlson did here I'm in probably the Most important lawsuit of many centuries In the United States a U.S Senate Federal candidate being de-platform off Twitter for exposing the censorship Infrastructure that I discovered in 2020 And for that de-platforming I was thrown Off Twitter and I had to go file my own Lawsuits we informed Tucker Carlson we Told Glenn Greenwald they could have use their megaphone as Quote-unquote Patriots to help us in 2020. they waited two years and they did A CIA psychological operation with all These idiots so if you're scumbag and You're moving money around all day you Are absolutely fine taking advantage of People and you think the masses are Asses and that's what Kennedy Trump bite

And think they actually hate human Beings these people are not Patriots They're not citizens they have no sense Of citizenship to one another they think We're actually individuals to be Exploited with messaging and we can say Anything to us and then you can go do Something else and this is why Kennedy's So comfortable one day saying I am not Anti-vaccine I'm pro-vaccine I want to Emphatically vaccinate the out of Everyone he says that I want full Vaccination of all Americans and then Another thing you'll go speak to a bunch A woman who had their kids get vaccine Injured and he's saying yeah the Nuremberg code is being violated and in Other instance he's out there making Sure everyone who comes to his house is Fully vaccinated these people everything Is to them they treat people Consciously if you were in Kennedy's Brain or Trump's brain he's looking at You and he sees you as how much money Can he make out of you I'm gonna tell Him I got indicted give me 10 million Bucks an old senior citizen who maybe Has 400 in the bank account is giving This billionaire has got a half A billion a check for 100 bucks and they Hate you this is a state of Consciousness they're at they see other Humans or everything in the world as an Asset to be exploited for maximization

Of power profit and control you as a Working person don't even think like This you can't even fathom them thinking Like this no different than the Native American or the dravidian who couldn't Fathom that land being mine it doesn't Compute but to them you are a asset that Must be milked exploited and told Whatever the hell you want to hear to Get Capital out of you and they hate People who work for a living they hate The fact that I did all those reports on The election systems they hate the fact That I represented myself in court they Hate the fact that we win on Fair Grounds they hate fair play because They're all cheaters and you Have to really get this they do not play Fair and they actually think it is a Nobility not to play fair if you look at All of these candidates none of Them know what citizenship is and none Of them are patriots to me citizenship Is actual service so what is citizenship What does it mean to be a real Patriot Citizenship begins with service what do Did you contribute to the country you're Living in did you actually support its Citizens did you elevate people's Consciousness did you actually make Stuff did you help your neighbor what Did you actually do and a part of Citizenship is do your words match your Deeds part of citizenship is did you

Tell the truth at the right time well Delay truth is deadly did you act at the Right time and these are to me very Fundamental things did you put your Money where your mouth is now let's take A Kennedy he's not a citizen of The United States he's a citizen of the Devil he's not a real Patriot because When in 2020 lockdowns were being Imposed on people which resulted in 16 Trillion dollars worth of losses he was Promoting lockdowns he was saying that We need lockdowns because they're going To save the environment we need Lockdowns because he's going to stop the Spread of covet Donald Trump promoted Lockdowns fauci promoted lockdowns and In 2020 when it mattered DeSantis Promoted lockdowns and all these other People promoted lockdowns who was the Only person who served the public among This group was me I was the first one to Come out put my scientific reputation on The line I said these lockdowns are Ridiculous what did Trump actually do to Hillary Clinton I'm gonna lock you you Up in fact he said I'm gonna get special Prosecutor go look at his videos he did Within 72 hours of being elected President people are saying lock her up What did he say he said well that was For the election Now we move on this is The kind of he said that's not a Citizen of the United States truly not

Presidential quality that's not a Patriot move forward to 2018. you have Saisa the cyber security infrastructure Security Agency gets created by Congress Unanimously voted by both unanimous Consent on the Senate side Congress Shall pass no laws to bridge freedom of Speech that is written December 15 1791. One of the most important phrases that's Ever been said in humanity Congress Passes a law to bridge the freedom of Speech and Trump make America Great Signs it into law and that's the Infrastructure that we are all living Under right now none of these people are Citizens in my view all of those people Should get the out of the United States every person who voted for saisa Trump should get the out All these people they're not citizens They're not Patriots let's go to Carlson In the Heat of battle we're in The trenches we have discovered the Censorship infrastructure sure that in The United States we find it in federal Court we get an injunction we write to he's got a big megaphone he Conceals it that's not a citizen of the United States that's not a real Patriot Glenn Greenwald he had it in 2020 is when the should have come Out but they all concealed it they Concealed the censorship infrastructure They supported lockdowns election

Systems bear view we find that they are Deleting ballot images the United States We have them by the balls we have the Signature verification issues by the Balls what does Trump do he doesn't talk About that he makes a half a billion Dollars I met with him for two hours Where did the money go what the did you do with this money they Came up with crazy and they hid the Real issues you're not a U.S Citizen you're not a patriot Mike Linda sold pillows all day he did Whack-a-doodle it so you look at Elon Musk he believes in apartheid South Africa he believes in apartheid in the United States Free Speech will not equal Free reach get the out Elon you're Not a U.S citizen you're not a patriot And all these other conservatives right Now who want to suck elon's Dinesh D'Souza James Woods name all all of them Were bowing down Elon thank you very Much thank you very much really he just brought in a wef to run Twitter and the back door portal exists I discovered it but you're bowing down To him because you want your views you Want to promote your movies and your Products you're not a Patriot James Woods same with from Kennedy Saying oh we're fighting censorship Thank you Elon are you feeling serious These people are not United States

Citizens they should all be thrown out The out of this country they're not Patriots here's my litmus test if you're A citizen of the United States a real Patriot if you are supporting Elon Musk And think he is fighting censorship False that's one litmus test if you Support Zionism and you think that it is Okay to butcher the Palestinian people You're not a patriot you're not a Citizen of the United States if you Believed in lockdowns or you support People who supported lockdowns in 2020 Like Kennedy then you're not a citizen you're not a patriot Because you went against the American Citizenry 16 trillion dollars was lost So I have a very different definition of Citizen and we need to go to a new Definition of citizen it says what are You doing for now not like my great Great great grandfather came off The main flower who the cares what Are you doing now that's like you get The birth Lottery you get to be a Patriot because your great great Grandfather shut the up the real Citizens the real Patriots put their Butt on the line at the right time not Just exposed stuff Carlson was Texting all sorts of against Election fraud it doesn't and then when He saw the Maga movement buy into it Then he goes out there oh yeah there's

Fraud but the reason Fox News was going To lose probably four billion dollars Was because of him because they had Defamation probably with malice because He didn't believe it and then after he Gets fired he wants to act like a martyr That is a that's why I call him Carlson so for Carlson is not a U.S citizen in my view he doesn't Believe Services citizenship he has no Balls he's part of the swarm he's not a Patriot these people hate America and they're selfish Muskates America they hate you they hate The First Amendment Tucker Carlson hates America Joe Rogan King hates America Donald Trump hates America and Kennedy Hates America and you can go down the List this little cabal of people are Part of the swarm they hate the Fundamentals of the First Amendment if They were patriots they would be Exposing what we Expose and still exist That the government and big Tech are an Unholy Alliance we don't have the First Amendment this is not a Left or right problem choosing the Lesser of two evils you're gonna kill Your children go get a bumper sticker You haven't had someone like me running For office while I'm here and we are Truly the opposition put this out on the Back of your car proudly and that's a you to them and that's what we got

To do we got to go bottoms up and people Have to awaken to realize these people Are not U.S citizens I'm a naturalized Citizen by the 14th Amendment I have Every right to run for president be President because if you're still Supporting people like Elon Musk Robert Kennedy Donald Trump and all These people and you think they're Fighting for you they're part of the Swarm so be a real citizen expose these People at the right time and be a real Patriot right now the order of the day That we need to do is to expose the fact That all of these people people that I've mentioned are part of the swarm so Here's a bunch of things people should Do number one get off your butt go to Truthforedomhealth.com become a warrior Scholar you need that found National Knowledge don't be lazy but if you are Lazy go to Shiva for president.com and Get a bumper sticker and it's easy put It on the back windshield of your car You're a walking Billboard 100 000 People will see you and if you're a Little more activist go to cheaper for President.com go to the download section Get this amazing flyer and hand it out To millions of people because that is How we're gonna shatter the Swarm shiver For president.com truthforedomhealth.com We've built the movement you just need To grow it everything's done we have the

University we have the community we have All of it done so you have no excuse Unless you want to be part of the swarm There's no reason for you to compromise Anymore I hope that was valuable so Remember let's be real Patriots let's be Real citizens support truth freedom and Health support Dr Shiva for president And get off your butts and build this Bottoms Up movement we've created all The infrastructure for you go to Truthforterhealth.com by the way go to Shiva for President we need you to Volunteer volunteer volunteer we need to Get on the ballot in every state so help Us do that truthfredofhealth.com cheaper For president

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