Dr SHIVA™ Exposes The System of the Elites – HOW the Few Control the Many – What WE Do to Break Free

Dr SHIVA™ Exposes The System of the Elites - HOW the Few Control the Many - What WE Do to Break Free

Good evening everyone it's Dr shivaya Duray how a very small set of people Control eight billion people this is What I call the elite let's say there's About 10 000 of them how is it these People are able to manipulate the 8 Billion people here if you talk to a lot Of naive people they think oh it's the Rothschilds over here or it's the aliens They don't understand it's not any one Individual it's not any one organization There's something called swarm Intelligence if you watch all those Birds flying together not any one of Them is in control they move together as A unit that closely knit their Quote-unquote telepathic but they move With a singular goal the goal of the Elites here is power profit and control This is a goal so if we look at it from A control system what are the inputs They're sending into this system to Achieve their goals and what is the Output that they seek so if you're an Elite over here and you're looking at Those eight billion people how do you Know you're achieving your goal are People getting fat meaning unhealthy are People getting dumb which means ignorant Are people happy which means are they Being entertained are people divided are They isolated disconnected they don't Want people here connecting with each Other or people feeling helpless are

People looking to the elites to save Them and they like that they like when People here are looking to them the Enemy here for their saviors they really Love that they want people to be Disorganized and they definitely want People to be helpless this is what they Want if you do not want to unite among People here and find who your own Leaders are from below they are quite Happy they're achieving their goal power Profit and control now how do they do This you're going to realize it's not Any one group it's an interconnected Tightly knit group they're all closely Interconnected in fact they all go to The same restaurants they have all their Kids going to the same equestrian shows They all shop at the same place they all Go to the same parties you're not part Of that so who are these people and what Are the institutions of power that they Have well first of all they have Academia Harvard Oxford Yale MIT IIT in India the top 100 University presidents These people are on Boards of companies But it's about a hundred people who run The major universities in the world ngos Or non-profits these are people run These huge non-profit organizations like The Clinton Global initiative wef World Economic Forum Center for foreign Relations and there's many other Institutions like these but it's the

CEOs of these institutions and these Guys know each other they definitely Work together the next thing you have is You have government U.S senators Prime Ministers of countries advisors to Government think tanks the Belfair School at Harvard the Stanford internet Observatory they created the censorship Infrastructure this includes CIA right Intelligence organizations and again all These people know each other they're Interconnected they're a swarm they're Tightly knit they're not divided like These people over here they're not Disconnected they're highly Interconnected so these people are Focused on power but then you also have A whole nother people the CEOs of the Global 2000 companies other big Organizations like big Pharma companies Pfizer big agriculture companies like Syngenta big investment companies JP Morgan we put Deutsche Bank here you'd Put Epstein down here okay he was Involved in all this we also have the Fed the central banks all these people Party together when I say party together I mean literally they party together Guys absolute close-knit friends and in Fact the CEO of a global 2000 company Will easily move to one of the Investment companies down here if you Look at Target big companies like Anheuser Bush and Exxon you'll find that

One point they were in one of these Investment companies and these Investment companies sit on the board of These companies and they Shuffle back And forth so this is all about making Money right these people are about Making the dollar these people are all About power this is profit and then Fundamentally you have control Hollywood Over here this includes celebrities you Have their agents Hollywood agents like Ari Emmanuel as I've talked about who's A guy who controls most of Hollywood he Controls worldwide Wrestling Federation The MMA et cetera media media companies This includes Disney Viacom this Includes now Facebook Twitter Youtube These are large media companies Google You can put in there also you also have Big news stations CNN Fox and combined With this now we have another group Social media influencers this is like Joe Rogan Tucker Carlson these Characters who have come in but they do Not exist without support from these Guys if you notice overnight a bunch of Social media influors have come out of Nowhere and these people are created by These people so when you look at this The academics the ngos the government The think tanks the investment companies That fed the big Pharma the CEOs the Hollywood celebrities media social media Influencers and the News companies and

You can even take the top 10 of each one Of these they all know each other Everyone and in order to manipulate These people they need front men to Manipulate these people with policies Because what comes out are policies These are the inputs they put into the System propaganda they feed these people Purposely people who they tell them are Going to save them like the Elon Elon Musks or Trump or the Kennedys now who Are the people part of the swarm that Does that they have the obvious Establishment and these people are like The clintons or the McConnells or the Obamas or the bushes or the Queen of England typically people say oh yeah Those guys are part of the establishment But one of the things we teach a truth Freedom Health the most Insidious people Are what I call the not so obvious Establishment these are the people that Are created to make sure that the eight Billion people look to the elites to Save them Trump he's got a golden toilet Marlago Kennedy's completely bogus Family you can look at historically People like Gandhi or people like MLK These people all came and were endorsed By the Swarm these people do not exist They live in Malibu they live in the Places of the elites and these people Are the ones that are used to send the Inputs of this controller in system

Science these are the controllers these Are the people controlling the inputs That go in and remember their goal is to Make sure people are in the state of Division disconnection helplessness Particularly they're observing all this They have their sensors and one of the Features that they notice is that as Long as people are in dysfunction and Diseased mentally physically emotionally They're happy well what are those Diseases these days we see obesity we See endocrine disruption men with low Testosterone and people questioning Their sexuality we also see people with Cancer the world's populations life Expecting is going down the United States is going this way and this from 1980 to 2020. they like this this is Life expectancy in fact when they see Dysfunction you know what they do they Put another input in which is normalize The dysfunction eat sugars and high Fructose Foods well over here people Have been literally getting fat it's led To obesity or they've been putting in Foods that are affecting people's gut Microbiome that's what I call from Policy to biology people are getting Worse and worse they're actually making More money because the Obesity now Creates obesity drugs the endocrine Disruptors let's talk about this this Will really explain what's going on with

Bud Light about 20 years ago there was Research done at the universities that Clearly showed the use of restricted use Pesticides like atrazine and other Chemicals in the atmosphere actually Cause endocrine disruption which could Reduce male testosterone which could Also affect enamels where the sex organs Can change and this was done by the work Of Tyrone Hayes so if you're over here At a university and you find out one of Your research has discovered that and You are playing golf with people over Here at syngenta syngentas who want to Produce atrazine they're going to say Hey man we don't want this research Coming out because you have to Understand something the investment Community here is investing in all of These companies so if you're one of These large investment companies you're Moving trillions of dollars 600 trillion Dollars by the way moved through the Economy every day you as one of the Elites managers of money you're moving All this money you know all of these People you know the CEO of Target you Know the CEO of Anheuser-Busch you know The CEO of Pfizer and syngenta and Imagine that you see wow the stuff that We've been creating is causing sexual Disruption changes you're seeing a Phenomenon where more and more people Are questioning their sexuality and what

You want to do is you want to make sure That the general public doesn't Understand this because if they did they Would awaken to something that's going On from the decisions you made so you Call up your friend but lady goes hey Look let's run a campaign let's Normalize trans let's exploit a willing Person to be exploited like this Dylan Mulaney let's put them on as a poster Boy for Bud Light and let's push him out There because we want the attention to Normalize a dysfunction because the goal Is to make sure they don't lose their Trillions over in syngenta they're Willing to take a billion dollar hit Over here but they want to say they're Trillions in big Pharma and big act Because they're all part of the same Family they all do favors for each other And then again you would go do it a Target you try to normalize it because You don't want people over here to Understand the bigger picture but you Are interconnected you could strike Deals left and right let's do a Marketing campaign in here let's Normalize same thing if you can look at What's going on Obesity all these Pharma Companies are making big money from Obesity drugs but there's movies on Netflix and Amazon promoting fat people As a norm what's happening over here you Have people who are pro-fat and people

Are anti-fat people your people provoke And anti I woke and they don't care so You have a bunch of these idiots writing Books against woke companies and Anti-wolf companies you have people Creating apps only shop at anti-will Companies don't go to will companies but You guys understand that these guys Don't give a damn they're making money Anyway the investment bankers are going To make money from rope companies and Anti-wolf companies but what's occurring Here is people are being divided these Guys are happy because they're inputting Policies and propaganda people here Being divided and that is the goal to Achieve power profit control so as long As these people work together as a swarm To control the policies and the Propaganda and they provide false Heroes And they're using the trumps and Kennedys and God these all of them who Talk a big game their goal is to make Sure that you never understand this that You keep thinking oh Kennedy's going to Solve the problem Trump is going to Solve the problem they don't want you to Be leaders in your own communities they Want you to Outsource your future to People like Trump or Kennedy because They're part of the swarm and you keep Getting more hun I'll be more ignorant More entertaining but most importantly You are divided people here don't

Organize themselves to smash this people Up and this is the history of human Oppression they have it down to a system A goal they have a controller they have Specific inputs and they manipulate Billions of people to achieve this state They produce dysfunction they don't give A damn if you die the life expectancy in The United States your children are Going to die sooner than you and they've Achieved their goal they don't give a Damn do you understand these people are Eating organic foods they get the best Restaurants they get the best insurance They get the best health care and this Is what they want to achieve and that's How they're controlling people the other Way they're controlling you is they want You to keep looking to the elites like Trump and Kennedy and all these people To save you they want you to look to the Swarm they do not want you to ever Support a Malcolm X or a Dr Shiva or you They don't want you to become leaders And this is a goal as long as you're Divided as long as you're looking over Here you're going to achieve their goal Of power profit and control so what's The way out how do we win the first way We win everyone's got to be aware of the Science of systems without this Understanding there are goals their Controllers or systems their Intelligence and their dump systems you

Are never going to break out of this Because you will think everything is oh My God we got to talk about aliens and UFOs and Flat Earth or this all those May be interesting topics but they don't Come down to the fundamentals of Understanding this and the only way out Of this is people here have got to Understand the principles of system Sites and the good news is you can learn This at truth Freedom health so first of All learn these principles at truth Freedom Health that's the only place This is my gift to people we've made it Accessible to all your children any Person who goes through the course you Can give it to your children anyone can Learn this but the goal is go to Truth For health and you will understand the Science of systems so we've created that Weapon and with this weapon this is a Hammer here we have a way to smash this Swarm but without the understanding of This without you understanding this System science without you understanding That knowledge of systems you will never Break out of this please volunteer go to Shiva4president.com volunteer and by the Way when you you donate I don't like to Take people's money for nothing I give You books and courses and access to the Entire community at Truthforedomhealth.com so please take Advantage of that if you want to donate

But if you don't want to donate Volunteer we're going to be getting on The ballot in all the states so we need People on the ground so go to Sheba for President numeral for president.com and Volunteer volunteer volunteer our Campaign is about mobilizing you we have A whole program that we want to train You to be a leader so we get connected We're no longer helpless we stop looking To these pools like Kennedy and Trump And all these other people because where Have they gotten us they're part of the System to increase power profit and Control this is why a small set of People the elites to keep getting richer And richer off the backs of people this Is why these people are able to control You because they make you disconnected And divided in a very very systems way This is the science of systems that They're using there's about 10 000 People that learn the science this is Not accidental everyone what I'm here to Tell you is once you understand the Engineering physics here here we can Smash these people and make a society Where people are decentralized but Connected we're no longer divided but We're United with the interests that we Have to face their propaganda and Destroy them and to no longer follow False Heroes and that's what this is About because the way we're going now as

I've talked about those in power want to Kill you it's not a hyperbole they want To kill you the movement for truth Freedom health and our campaign for Shiva for president is about making sure You live long and prosper and the only Way to do it is you have to become aware Of this recognizing that there's a Systems process fortunately Truthfreedomhealth.com exists I wish I Didn't have to go do this in fact our Parents should have done this for us but Anyway truth Freedom Health exists our Campaign exists so go to Shiva4president.com become a volunteer Become a warrior scholar Truthforterhealth.com every Thursdays at 11 A.M and at 8pm I do a open house and We have our 8 PM town halls for our Campaign please join them you can RSVP At VA shiva.com orientation the other Important you can do where we start Taking control all of our lives that you Start supporting one of us I'm one of You leaders Bottoms Up I didn't grow up In a Kennedy Compound I didn't grow up With golden plated toilet seats I grew Up like you guys and as a part of that Make sure that you share this video hit The share button make sure you retweet It make sure you click the notify make Sure you put comments on because you Know that I've been exposing their false Heroes Elon Musk and the Kennedys and

All their not so obvious established From people so their retribution is to Shadow ban me my tweets used to get 500 000 views per day today I'm lucky if I Get 5 000 views per day and then they Put keywords if something starts going Viral to stop that so the way you can Help is sign up as a volunteer so we get On the ground the future is offline I Need you to go share these videos get it Out there and become a truth Freedom Health Warrior that's the ways you guys Can help contribute anyway there you go So anyway I hope this is valuable be the Light Shiva4president.com Truthforedomhealth.com thank you Everyone be well be the light have a Good night have a good morning good Afternoon Wherever You Are [Music] Foreign [Music]

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