Dr.SHIVA™ – Every presidential candidate, except me, $u¢ks Z!0n¡st ¢0ck.

Dr.SHIVA™ - Every presidential candidate, except me, $u¢ks Z!0n¡st ¢0ck.

Every presidential candidate except me Suck Zion Hawk that may not sound Presidential but in fact it's very Presidential because I represent the American worker who does not want us to Be zuckers of Zionism Donald Trump Sucks zionis Nikki Haley sucks Zionis VI the snake sucks zionis Chris Christie booby Kennedy Joe Biden all of these people The only people that don't suck zus Coocher the American workers are being Screwed I'm an American worker I'm one Of us but Donald Trump is no different Than any one of them they all serve Israel Bernie Sanders for example is an Israeli citizen Anthony Lincoln is an Israeli citizen the head of the CDC is An Israeli citizen all of these people Are Israeli citizens all of these people Work together against the American Working people there's a lot of liberal Zionists are out there saying ceasefire Peace now I've seen that for 40 years Doesn't get us anywhere all that Ceasefire does is let Israel pull back Then go bomb the out of the Palestinians again the only way to end This is we must end the occupation Ending the occupation means beginning With ending the occupation of America by Zionism zionists have taken over every Seed of power of the United States if We're going to free Palestine we must

End the occupation of America by Zionism If there's anyone who should get Military aid it should be the Palestinian people I'm not talking about Hamas by the way all those morons who Think Hamas represents a Palestinian People Hamas was created by Israel so When you see Hamas replace it with Israel we need to build a Bottoms Up Movement go to Shiva Forescan

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