Dr.SHIVA™ – Every Child Must Learn the Science of Systems

Dr.SHIVA™ - Every Child Must Learn the Science of Systems

So on every one of these issues Healthcare environment education Governance Innovation and economy the People come to our movement actually Learning actual skills so they can take Care of their lives economically leaders All these things so how they decide to Use that Clint it's wrong for me to Predict if I taught you civil Engineering today you may build a bridge You may build a house you may build Stuff I hadn't even thought about but You've learned civil engineering I'm Saying there's a science of everything That any human citizen can learn Jay Forrester was one of the professors at MIT who's one of the leaders in this he Wanted to make sure he was taught at the Kindergarten level you learned Reading Writing and arithmetic why aren't you Learning system science our campaign is About involvement get a bumper sticker Put it on the back of your heart go to Cheaper for president.com go to the Download section we've open sourced this You can print this on a black and white Print or get it out or go to Truthfreedomhealth.com where you will Get the knowledge and I used to teach at MIT for many many years you'll get the Knowledge that the elites had about how Systems work but that knowledge is what Everyone needs to get Glenn anyone can Learn it that's where you can become

Your own leader you become the teacher Truthfreedomhealth.com Yeshiva for President.com

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