Dr.SHIVA: Dong Quai & Lung Congestion – A CytoSolve® Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Dong Quai & Lung Congestion - A CytoSolve® Analysis

Hello everyone this is Dr shivaya durai We're continuing our lung congestion Series and now we're going to move over To looking at dong Kwai and its effects For lung congestion some of you may have Heard of it some of you may have not but We're going to jump right into it what Is Don quirut it's known as Angelica Sinensis and Angelica sinensis is an Herb that's indigenous to China it Belongs to the at the ACF family and It's widely used in traditional Chinese Medicine you're going to learn today the Chemical components as we normally do There are five major molecular Pathways And then we're going to look at the Effects of the Don Quai root on lung Congestion very high level from a Systems perspective you have the lungs Here over here we have the normal Airways as you can see they're clean Nice and thin walls over here when you Have congestion you have very thick Walls or scarred mucus and the Airways Are expanded the entire process of Understanding this comes through a Technology at critical cytosolver Cytosol is a very powerful technology That allows us to do this kind of Systems level understanding we don't Have to kill animals and do stuff in a Test tube long before that we can look At what research has been done aggregate That research together figure out the

Molecular Pathways and all of this is Done using the computer software that I Invented for my PhD when I created Cytosol the idea was how do you discover Pathways and then how can you actually Use that Discovery to figure out how Combinations of molecules work within That because if we can do that then we Can do complex analysis of things that Pharma companies cannot do and that was Really the development of cytosol you're Going to learn about how the components Of Don Quai affect lung congestion There's about 1044 research articles That have been written on it over the Last 43 years there's about 26 clinical Trials done on it a herb or root or food Is a multi-combination drug that means It doesn't just have one chemical Compound in it it's got a mixture of Compounds that's why food is medicine I Wanted to let you know that we use the Technology here we've helped many many Companies over the last 16 years a lot Of smart innovative companies but we Decided with all the mathematical models We've created why don't we try to use This to compute the best product we Could think of from the science out There for reducing pain and inflammation Pain and discomfort and that resulted in Us creating mv25 using cytosol we're Going to have more products that are Going to be coming but let me just show

You what mv25 is about for those of you Who haven't heard about it but this is Using cytosolving a beneficial way not To just do research but find combination Therapies hi I'm Barbara Ann my hands Would cramped up So that I couldn't hold cards or knit or Crochet and they would go like that Not have to use this when I played cards With my grandkids and I started taking That Mb25 after a bit I was able to hold Cards in my hand very very little Cramping hardly at all anymore MV 25. hi My name is Sandy I'm a Taekwondo Instructor I told my ACL during Taekwondo I had a lot of pain and Limited Mobility I've been taking the Mv-25 for about six months now after the First week I noticed a big difference After the second week almost literally No pain my name is Jeremy and I suffer From a lower back problem hurt my back At work years ago and I can go to the Chiropractor do all kinds of different Things and nothing seems to help me and I decided to try mv25 I didn't notice a Difference immediately but within a few Days the pain went away and it stayed Away I've continued to take it and even When I do things that I shouldn't do it Seemed to go away a lot quicker than Ever did before by the way all the Proceeds go to support our research and

Our movement Etc if you buy six bottles You get six bottles for free please take Advantage of it because first of all It's going to help you it's going to Help our movement and it really supports The fact that we want to take Science-based approaches to Natural Products you can get mb25 if you go to VA shiva.com right on the shop you'll Click there or you can go right to Mb25.life what I'm playing you either Way and then from there you can click on The bottle and you can order so donkey Is composed of 70 different compounds Coumarins polyacinylenes Cal cones Sequisterpenes polysaccharides and Phytosterols these 70 compounds can be Classified into a whole range of Molecules and here are some of those There's ferulic acid bulletin Umbellafarone ligustylide Carbocryol and beta pinene these are the Six that have been well studied in the Literature now there could be many Others we're talking about but they're Not as well studied and when we do our Research here we can only base it on What's out there and we'll come back to Cytosol but cytosol is a technology we Use for understanding this so let me go To look at the biological effects the Biological effects of Don quite it's Antioxidant it's antimicrobial Anti-inflammatory and vasodilator which

Means it opens up your vessels so what Are the health benefits well Hypertension right because it's a Vasodilator infertility in Chinese Medicine donkey is really really Powerful used for infertility for Women's you know sexual health issues it Also supports alleviation of joint pain Ulcers anemia constipation and allergies So those are sort of the broad health Benefits of Don Quai these are the five Pathways that are involved in lung Infection so if you can figure out how To use different foods and medicines to Interact with these some of them you Want to accelerate others you want to Get rid of then you can eliminate lung Congestion get to better lung Health Let's start with the arachidonic acid Metabolism pathway this pathway uses Fuel-less arachidonic acid and with that Arachidonic acid your body will produce Pge2 a prostaglandin which causes Inflammation another is cytokines some Cytokines are inflammatory molecules Which are signaling molecules but Through a series of Pathways your body Through this map K process will produce Tnf Alpha and as you can see right here Il-6 which are also known as cytokines Then another pathway is via NF Kappa Beta right here which passes a nuclear Membrane and creates il-6 also and then Mucin production this is how your body

Through all these little mechanisms of Molecular reactions produces mucus you Can get it from cigarette smoke you can Get it from other sources But ultimately This pathway leads to the actual Production of mucus and then finally When you have smooth muscle relaxation When mlcp is upregulated okay through This pathway that's a good thing you get Muscle relaxation but if you go down This pathway blocks us okay so there's Various ways you can get mlcp which Produces mlc that leads to relaxation But if you don't get mlcp you don't get Muscle relaxation smooth muscle Relaxation in particular is very very Important for limit dating lung Congestion so visually you can think About this as you got seven different Chemicals six of them you want to bring Down because that helps in lung Congestion and one of them you want to Bring up we have all this machinery and You have to look at this and say okay I'm going to take this serve what will This herb actually do for me and now This starts giving you a strategic way To figure out what to do now cytosol Helps us figure this out mathematically But I'm giving you the intuition on how To think about this so let's continue With our cytosol analysis we're going to Walk through step by steps as you can See five different chemicals are

Affected by Don Quai across three Different Pathways two of them Pathways Involved in lowering these four Cytokines and one of them lowers mucous Production il1 is definitely lowered When we tested it on cytosolve again Without killing animals il-8 is also Lowered as you can see and then il-6 is Also lowered okay and then il-8 is also Lowered these are all inflammatory Cytokines these first four but one of The cool things is a donkey has a pretty Good effect in really bringing down Mucous production as you see here so When you put all this together what you Find is that Don Quai is a powerful herb For affecting reduction of cytokines and Reducing mucus production so if you go To the drugstore you can get something That just reduces mucus but it may dry You out it may have other side effects Here when you take a combination which Is an art and an information science We're hitting multiple Pathways and that Multi-pronged effect is very very Powerful at modulating across a bunch of Systems and having a synergistic effect So you start getting into the Understanding of a systems approach to Looking at how you mix things and this Is a much much deeper way of looking at Things than just saying I'm going to Take this and it's going to have this Effect and that's the kind of work we

Have the infrastructure to do so please Take advantage of it go to Truthfreedomhealth.com become a truth Freedom Health Warrior and let's win Thank you everyone have a good day and I Wish you all well thank you Foreign

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