Dr.SHIVA: Chondroitin & Joint Health – A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Chondroitin & Joint Health - A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Welcome everyone it's Dr shivaya duray We're going to be having a discussion Today on chondroitin sulfate it's part Of our joint health Series so what is Chondroitin sulfate what is it so you Can see chondritin sulfate is a Supplement that you can buy at Whole Foods you can buy it anywhere you want In most supplement stores Amazon Etc but It's a polysaccharide consisting of Repeating disaccharide units of D Glucoronic acid as well as n acetyl d Galactosamine so here is a chondroitin Part and here's a sulfate part so the Reason is called chondroitin sulfate It's got two points two parts here the Soo group is a sulfate portion over here And this is a chondroitin part connected By this oxygen bridge over here but it's A polysaccharide related to certain Types of sugars in some sense and it Enhances the shock shock absorbing Properties of collagen in the cartilage So if you look at your cartilage Wherever you have in your shoulders and Your knees it really enhances a shock Absorbing properties and it's clear Technically shown to have symptomatic Relief of joint pain and to protect Cartilage and there's no known to the Side effects or adverse effects and this Is from the distillation of the research That we did through the bioinformatics Review of cytosol so you can see the

This is what the molecule looks like What's cool about these molecules is They actually have these wonderful Structures it's fascinating studying Them from a chemistry standpoint so Chondroitin soft sulfate what's a source Where three sources you can get it 21 Dolphins is a measure of the molecular Weight the trachea of bovine which means Literally the trachea which means the Throat the second is you can get it from Pig trachea notice it's a little bit Higher a molecular way and you can get It from the chicken Keel bones meal Bones of also from chicken right so There's three different sources of it so If you ever are eating chicken bones on The ends of it some cultures eat that Some cultures make soup out of that Great source of chondroitin sulfate so When we look at chondroitin sulfate if You look at the Articles here there are Art is quite well researched yes there's Nearly 27 903 research articles that's a lot of Research close to 28 000 articles Written on Conroy very well researched Nearly 429 clinical trials over 74 years Of medical research so it's a Well-researched therapeutic molecule Some of you may know we talked about MSM Which had about 693 articles written on It but chondroitin has close to 27 000 Articles are nearly in order of

Magnitude or more 40 times more research Has been done on chondroitin sulfate so We're going to talk about that but the Issue is how do you handle all of this Research do you does anyone here Actually have time to go through all of This and what we're able to do let me Just bring this up again what we're able To do with cytosolvers we're able to Look at all of that research distill it And do what we call a bioinformatics Approach to that research so first we're Able to really understand what is in That research get the relevant papers And I'll show you the process that we Take outside to solve it this is the Technology capability I built so we're Able to take in a field all of those Papers from those papers figure out the Relevant studies in this case we're Looking at let's say humans and then We're able to extract from these little Ball and stick diagrams called molecular Pathways build an architecture of it and Then integrate it to present the Bioinformatics and with cytosol we're Also able to do computational analysis Which means we're actually going to Understand what occurs at the molecular Level and I'll talk more about that so Cytosolve is a way without killing Animals we're able to take bodies of Research and understand what's going on At the molecular level and very very

Different than how big Pharma works this Is this was this is by the way very Different than what we call the Reductionist approach that takes place In the world of unfortunately Reductionist science where if the Elephant for example represents the Whole right I wanted to let you know That we use the technology here we've Helped many many companies over the last 16 years a lot of smart Innovative Companies but we decided with all the Mathematical models we've created why Don't we try to use this to compute the Best product we could think of from the Science out there for reducing pain and Inflammation pain and discomfort and That resulted in us creating mv25 using Cytosol we're going to have more Products that are going to be coming but Let me just show you what mv25 is about For those of you who haven't heard about It but this is using cytosolving a Beneficial way not to just do research But find combination therapies hi I'm Barbara Ann my hands with cramped up so That I couldn't hold cards or knit or Crochet and they would go like that Not have to use this when I played cards With my grandkids then I'd start taking That Mv-25 after a bit I was able to hold Cards in my hand very very little Cramping hardly at all anymore MV 25. hi

My name is Sandy I'm a Taekwondo Instructor I told my ACL during Taekwondo I had a lot of pain and Limited Mobility I've been taking the Mv-25 for about six months now after the First week I noticed a big difference After the second week almost literally No pain my name is Jeremy and I suffer From a lower back problem hurt my back At work years ago and I can go to the Chiropractor do all kinds of different Things and nothing seems to help me and I decided to try mv25 I didn't notice a Difference immediately but within a few Days the pain went away and it stayed Away I've continued to take it and even When I do things that I shouldn't do Seem to go away a lot quicker than ever Did before it's clean food certified It's made in the US if you go to VA Shiva.com right on the shop you'll click There or you can go right to mb25.light Either way and then from there you can Click on the bottle and you can order Please take advantage of it because First of all it's going to help you it's Going to help our movement and it really Supports the fact that we want to take Science-based approaches to Natural Products now the biological effects of Chondroitin there are three that we have Found from the bioinformatics review Anti-inflammatory antioxidant free Radical Scavenging and chondro

Protective which means it protects Cartilage all right those are the three Things that we found from distilling all Of those 26 000 papers as I talked about So when you look at all of those papers We found out that at minimum chondroitin Effect has been shown from all when you Really look at all those papers Anti-inflammatory it's anti-incioxidant Which means it eats up those free Radical scavengers and is chondro Protected which means it protects your Cartilage very very valuable so you Don't get cartilage degeneration we'll Come back to this hi everyone this is Dr Shivaya duray before we continue with This I want to just remind everyone that Because of the massive censorship and Shadow Banning that still continues on Social media platforms I'd like you to Click the link to continue watching this On our own platform of

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