Dr.SHIVA: Black Cumin Seed Oil & Lung Congestion – A CytoSolve Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Black Cumin Seed Oil & Lung Congestion - A CytoSolve Analysis

Cumin seed oil and lung congestion first White is known as Nigella sativa very Dark rich black seeds native to middle And Southeast Asia and it's used in Treating various animal and health Ailments we got 36 different molecules When you get lung congestion the mucous Membranes become very inflamed and you Get a lot of excessive mucus it blocks The different Airways so anything we can Do to break this down sooner obviously Helps in a lot of ways and this has a Very different set of molecular Mechanisms there's a molecule called Pge2 that gets produced this is not good You want to lower you don't want these Cytokines they affect lung congestion Same with the cytokine production via NF Kappa beta there's two others il-6 and a We want to bring those down that's Basically two grams the next is for Inflammation one gram of black cumin Seed oil per day for anti-diabetic use Very powerful black human sealer one to Three grams of seed per day organic Versus conventional definitely take the Organic because a lot of the Conventional stuff has pesticides that Link to lung liver kidney thyroid Toxicity and a carcinogen hi everyone This is Dr Shiva adore before we Continue with this I want to just remind Everyone that because of the massive Censorship and Shadow Banning that still

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