Dr.SHIVA™ – Arm the Palestinians

Dr.SHIVA™ – Arm the Palestinians

So now let's talk about what's been Happening today then with with Supposedly maybe a current War taking Place possibly yeah look I since in 1981 I organized one of the biggest protests Against a guy called Mir kahane who was A rabid Zionist and when I first came to Boston what's occurring today is that America is on the wrong side of history And when you actually look at it in a Very rational way and you look at what This country was about the only Conclusion that I come to is we're on The wrong side and we should send Military aid to Palestine and we have to Defeat Zionism that's the only Conclusion I'm probably the only Presidential candidate who has the Courage to say that no other viable Presidential candidate wants to talk About what Zionism is but if I were President of the United States right now I would be sending military aid to the Palestinians it's time we arm the Palestinians to defeat Zionism and we Can talk about it's a pretty powerful Statement I'm saying but we need to Understand what is Zionism and why America is on the wrong side so give me A short description of Zionism what is It the simple sentence that I've come up With is Zionism is racism SL Anti-Semitism in the service of global Imperialism which wants to Max maximize

Power profit and control Zionism has Nothing to do with Judaism and Jews Within Israel know this and and many of The Israeli Jews within Israel there was A Civil War about to take place over the Last two weeks before this stuff that Netanyahu who Satan incarnate started so Many Jews throughout the world can Separate Zionism from Judaism but American Christian zionists who have Been made very stupid don't even Understand this uh difference and They're being manipulated by us Zionist Politicians to fund the genocide of a People whose land was actually taken Away from but Zionism is racism it is a Political ideology that was manufactured By a guy called Theodore herel in Europe In the 1800s to essentially mislead the European Jews there who actually wanted To fight in Europe the forces of Discrimination in fact there were many Jews who were Fighters Trade union Leaders against Hitler and Hitler wiped Out those guys and the zionists actually Collaborated with the Nazis to butcher Jews in Europe and so Americans are so stupid sorry my language because Of the educational system they think Zionism is Judaism but it isn't and you Do not have to be Jewish to be a Zionist Period so who's the thought of of us Today not knowing what the two meaning Of Zionism is that's a good question

Great question we all know uh it really Goes back if you want to really put a Date on it remember 1948 is when Israel Was um created by the literally the Thievery of the land of the Palestinians And starting from 1948 to the Consolidation of the Department of Education which began in 1970 a plan was Put forward to spread to public Education that as though the zionists Were the victims and the Palestinians Were some less than human quote unquote Animals and that was deliberately done By us Zionist who would seize control Not only of the educational system but Also of the financial system in this Country so this was deliberately done And I'm the only one for probably for 40 Years of my life who's been not only Fighting Zionism at a deep level but Also been educating people not one United States presidential candidate Except me will talk about this because They're all beholden design ISM no Presidential candidate can get elected Unless they suck up design ISM and That's why the American working people Are now slaves to Zionism and the Financial system that Zionist created so When you talk about Zionism too and Almost like the changing of history as Far as like African-Americans and the Books and colleges and everything not Putting the bad reality of life in there

Just moving it on well yeah it's even Worse than that it is absolutely Changing history like the actually Simplicity of it making it quote unquote Complicated Anthony whenever you hear People saying that's a very it's much More complicated question no it isn't It's not complicated Palestine you go Look at all the way going back to the Late 1600s it says Palestine there's no Israel there these people were imported In by British imperialism or British Colonialism in fact in the six Zionist Conference the the number one choice was Uganda Uganda was going to be the Homeland for the quote unquote European Jews it was not Palestine and it was a British in an agreement in the balfor Declaration and you can see the letter That was sent to Lord Rothchild that's Out there everyone can do a little bit Of research Palestinians were Arab Muslims and Arab Jews there were lots And lots of of darkskinned Arab Jews the European zionists who came there Discriminated against those people and Even still today if you're a non Ashkanazi Jew you treated much less but The bottom line is this to your point Anthony that the Zionist Scholars who Le Most of Academia they're like the Scribes they rewriting history all day Long whether it be the invention of Email whether it be Zionism whether be

African history because Zionism is Racism it's about one group of people Being the chosen people and all the rest Of us being dirt that's what it's about It's the ultimate form of racism so what Do you think about since this war has Happened that you have some people that Are siding with it and other people that Aren't that are going to Harvard and Saying yay for Hamas actually they Didn't say yay for Hamas clear um Israel Is the organization and mosad Specifically created Hamas this is very Well documented so these satanic forces What they always do is they create their Opposition they were secular forces in Israel for many years secular forces Many years who wanted to fight Zionism But it would have been too reasonable Right right it would have been it would Have they would have appeared very Rational remember mad's motto is it is Through deception we win war it is Through deception we win war that is We're through now isn't this what we're Going through now how much do this too Is people's perception as far as the Media and the internet is concerned in America I I don't even think we know What's real on the ground the future is Offline I would probably say many Americans recognize something is really Wrong here and it's not you could take a Poll as Anthony and make it whatever way

You want because you just pay the poll Off all of these people are just driven By money man they have no regard for Values for the concept of good versus Evil you give them money and they'll do Whatever the hell you want and I I'm Telling you this from having been at the Highest levels of Academia government Etc these people are evil people what We're witnessing before ourselves I have Unfortunately I have to start using These words it is good versus evil and If you look at somethingone like Netanyahu he's Satan incarnate this guy Is absolutely satanic if you were President now and this happened what Would you do oh I would first of all cut Off military a Israel I would arm the Palestinians we're on the wrong side of History if if the founders of the Country were here people like Jefferson And Washington they would be saying what The hell are we doing we're on the wrong Side this is stolen land we should arm The Palestinians we send military aid Economic aid we send missiles to this Little small set of zionists who have no Regard even for America and by the way Anthony blinkin the secretary of state Of the United States is an Israeli Citizen okay so our secretary of state Is an Israeli citizen the head of Homeland Security is an Israeli citizen You go down the list the first gentleman

Which is KLA Harris's husband is an Israeli citizen what are we running here Are we running Israel or are we running America so if you look at it it is the Zionists are very clever if you look Right now Anthony and if you go back to 2008 I want to give you three data Points 2008 2020 and 2023 actually 2021 Too in 2008 the economy had crashed Remember that was banking failure these Are the zionists who run the banks and Who came to rescue they should have been All wiped out if you truly followed a Fair game if you and I ran ran a Business and we went bankrupt no one's Going to come to help us but Barack Obama who claimed he was for black People actually was a tool of of Zionism Right he completely printed $8.1 Trillion and he saved the zionists on Wall Street they should have all gone Bankrupt so that was a serious crisis That never got resolved and then in 2019 And 2020 hundreds of millions of people All over the world were protesting Corruption and of the power and again in 2019 2020 the economy was headed for Another crash so they created a thing Called the pandemic as a fake crisis Deception and we printed another $8 Trillion in one term that's what Trump Did and boom the stock market was going Like this and it goes like that and now We have another impending crisis they

Know the stock market is basically it's Like putting a pencil on the tip of a Table it's completely unstable so they Know it too is going to crash so they Tried Ukraine then they put out that They're going to try another pandemic But people have gotten smart but right Now they're going to start this war and That's where Netanyahu was about to be Thrown out of power by Israelis yeah Yeah so it was a symbiotic relationship Between him and us zionists who one say We're going to help you out we're going To support you creating this war right And in return you're going to give us a Crisis that we need Zionism needs that a Zionist on Wall Street so they can once Again print money as the economy crashes And get themselves out of it that's what This is about you got to follow the Money it's interesting because I I know Now Obama's a lot of people are talking About that incident and you probably Agree with me do you think circumstances Involving this country in a moment of Crisis they can do things to take their Mind was like a baen switch you're Worried about this but then something Else comes up with the Wall Street thing With the war here with the co thing you Think everything is orchestrated pretty Much well let me just repeat what mosad By the way mosad MI6 a CIA work very Closely together think about what

Mossad's slogan is the slogan is through Deception Thou shalt win war okay by the Way Satan the devil tells you to your Face how he's going to behave and people Say did he really say that no that's What he said it's very clearly written In black and white that mosad which is By the way to people who don't know they Are the intelligence agency of Israel Their slogan is through deception Thou Shalt win war through deception Thou Shalt wi win war so when they're telling You that you you better be ready to Understand what is truth and what is Lies we're going to go back to being Independent so yes our campaign Shiva Numeral for president.com is a campaign Our slogan is declare your Independence Which Kennedy has stolen that because The Zionist to realize that they need Kennedy to fill the vacuum to manipulate People right so they're going to run him As an independent against me but yeah We're running asp So with that the back door thing with With Twitter and everything which you've Talked about Donald Trump's election was It stolen let me put it to you this way It's not Donald Trump's election was Stolen it's all of these elections are Selections if Donald Trump's election Was stolen what we have to recognize is Why was he put in power it leads to a Much more fundamental question so all

The Trump tards who don't understand This is saying oh my God yeah so I've Shown that elections are selection of The United States the work I on Signature verification with the work I Did on the ballot image there are Fundamental issues Anthony that can be Used to manipulate these elections That's on Election Day but the real Election fraud becomes comes two to 3 Years before all of the elections take Place which is who do you even decide Who gets visibility on mainstream media The elections are selected by who you Choose to give visibility by the time They election day they're just doing Fine tweaks it's like a watchmaker he's Just doing fine little tweaks at the end To make sure everything works right but What parts he put into play who he puts On the stage are all decided that is the Election fraud so the issue is why was Trump put into power so if you believe Or selections which they are why was Trump selected the first time and then The second time why was he not selected Why was Obama selected if you go back to 2000 the broad mass of blacks whites Brown people hated the bushes so they Needed to renew people's trust in this Thing called government so they found This black guy Obama the big message Hope he was back-ended by one of the Wealthiest families in Chicago called

The pritzkers so overnight this one term Senator is made a hero overnight he shov Down people's throat in fact 60% of People voted for Trump in 2016 voted for Obama okay very important to understand So Obama is selected he gets to run the Country he claimed he was going to go After the bankers Etc but he was the Perfect face that they needed to act Like he was going to go to the banker so People we let down our arms and what did He do he saved all the bankers in 200 Right that's what he did so now you have Poor white workingclass people 57% of White people voted for Obama now they Need a new theater character so they Find this guy Donald Trump who's a Massiv failed businessman was a doofus And I've had multiple meetings with Trump Trump's balance sheet if you People know to study the balance sheet He had $1 billion in assets $2.5 billion In debt you're not running a good Business negative $1.5 billion that's Your Equity so the bottom line is they Found this guy who owes a lot of money Who's been bailed out by the zionists And anyone to go do their own research Everything I'm saying is backed up by Actual data Trump was backed up by Zionist then he brings into the White House his Zionist son-in-law Jared who Goes to the Arab Zionist the Saudis and Gets a $2 billion loan for himself an

Interest free loan on the backs of the American people so Trump was also Selected so the issue is as I've shown With my work elections or selections They can manipulate the election on Election Day but they can also Manipulate who gets visibility which is What they're doing right now and you got The Democratic party you got Biden up Here and and you got Williamson way down There and my thing is through all of That there hasn't been any other viable Candidates that want to run for President all of these people go to the Same clubs they hang out at the same Things Mar Williamson is also a bloody Idiot I remember having dinner with her When Trump was running and she was Profusely defending Hillary Clinton at That dinner so she just has this stick Where she acts like she's some new age Idiot but she's a bloody idiot she's Part of them she loves the clintons and They're all part of anything she does to Run is actually just for publicity right Maybe she's going to sell some more of Her books but it's not a real campaign The more I see political things people Are sold out the find honest people that You think are really honest that's hard To find because you're not selling a Book or anything right cuz everybody Comes with shows you're always selling Something so we put it out there now are

You pretty much selling anything yeah I'm selling something it's called human Liberations what I'm selling is I Realize that to me this is an extension Of what I've been doing since I was a Four-year-old kid Anthony right I grew Up in the cast system of India the cast System is racism on steroids you're it's Openly said that if you're born into This family you're all you have to be is A carpenter you have to just be a dust Or you have to pick coconuts it's called The cast system I'm not sure if you're Familiar with it so the cast system I Was brought into and I endured was that We were supposed to be coconut Pickers All day long my parents broke out of That and then made it to the United States they very EXT extraordinary People so as a four-year-old kid when I Witnessed this cast system got very Enraged and wanted to understand how you Liberate people I studied since 4 to the Age of 20 I probably studied every book On leftwing right-wing all kinds of Revolutionary leaders I studied Revolution when I came to MIT which was A very weird way I made it there I Studied system science right I wanted to Understand how systems work so for 30 Years I studied systems and in 2007 is When I was able to interconnect the World of systems from the Eastern world To the Western World and realize that

There's a fundamental science that you Can understand every system in the Universe and without that understanding We as people are never going to be able To liberate ourselves because the elites Actually understand that system science I said teach it at MIT George Soros all The elites understand system sign so I Decided the only way so to me this has Been a long journey how do we shatter The Swarm as I call it how do we Actually deliver truth freedom and Health to people so that resulted in my Decision that the only way the world can Change is not through top- down leaders That each one of us has to be a catalyst So each person can become a leader if They want to in their local communities Because you have one leader he gets Executed if he becomes a threat like What we have to do is we have to teach People how these systems work how the Deception works and what one individual Can do to raise their Consciousness so That's what I'm selling if anything it's Not selling because you'll find me on The streets handing out flyers I've been Doing that since 1980 so the issue is That's what we need to do that's what I'm selling my run for president is an Extension of what I've been doing on the Ground for 40 years of my life and I Recognize that the only way someone like Me could get ever elected president is

By a movement it is movements that Change the world

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