Dr.SHIVA 2024: Grifters ARE The Not-So-Obvious Establishment – Interviewed on Viva Frei

Dr.SHIVA 2024: Grifters ARE The Not-So-Obvious Establishment - Interviewed on Viva Frei

The funny thing is you've satisfied the One question I have which was about the Credit so what they have is you have the Original person who does all the hard Work to whatever and science this occurs Then they typically conceal it and then You release it by The Intercept one of The establishments authorities okay but You only release a small piece of it and The goal is a limited hangout technique Is to make sure people just go away oh And and they trust Glenn Greenwell they Trust Tucker they trust the ACL oh they Did their job great and then when that Fails because we attack The Intercept as I told you I wrote to the Pulitzer Prize Committee then they have to do the full Unlimited hangout and that's what Stephen Miller did okay they had him say Oh my God we discovered this portal give Me money and then Trump says oh my God I Can't believe this portal exists I'll Take it down when I become president Again paying homage to the false gods But in this process truth is delayed and Delayed truth is deadly delay truth is How they manipulate it I also want to Let people know that we invite everyone To come to an orientation every Thursdays at 11AM and 8pm I host an open House lots of great people show up you Have a lot of chance to meet people from All over the world every Thursdays we do A open house anyone's invited you can

Just RSVP at VA shiva.com orientation we Have people all over the world come in And we discuss how we actually build a Movement to end the nonsense that's Going on if you think oh my God the World's going to help I'm so confused You'll get very inspired at seeing There's a lot of people coming to our Movement for truth freedom and help Please join us there I think I mentioned This to you when we spoke on the phone a Very interesting docudrama came out Where they're interviewing the vice Admiral of mi5's liaison to the media And he says we don't give a damn how Much the public knows let give them all The information we only care when they Get it when when when so all of you Listening out there go look at when Tucker Carlson starts talking about big Tech censorship when all these Conservative grifters start talking About it when because the when will lead You to the true Source why credit Matters and why the mattering of credit Is directly related to your own Liberation and what is it in you that Does not want to give credit to that 14 Year old kid who didn't invent email in Newark New Jersey and wants to give it To the military industrial complex where Does that reaction come from where does The reaction come from when I expose Tucker when I expose these mainstream

Media who are supposed to be Anti-establishment that they didn't do Their job in 2020 and I would argue that It comes from your own sense of not Wanting power of your lives and not Wanting to have the self-respect An American in 2023 better have that Because the tip of the Spear of all the Workers movement is in this country and When the First Amendment which I believe Has been decimated by now India doesn't Have the First Amendment UK doesn't have The First Amendment Australia doesn't Have the First Amendment we do and so That's why this is so important for me David that's why I spent so much time Doing the lawsuit and doing this because I know what happens when you can't have Speech as a scientist if you can't have Speech freedom you can't do science you Don't get the truth and if you can't do Truth you don't get health and without Health you can't fight for any of these Things so these are all intimately Connected so when we say truth freedom And health we don't put an ampersand we Say Truth for the mouth they're all Equal we can't have yoga Nazis fighting For their health over here or the Nerds Talking about Innovation alone or the You know you know first amendment Second Amendment people all these people need To recognize a scientist must be a Freedom fighter and healthy a red quote

Unquote a redneck who wants to fight First and second amendment better be Healthy and better learn some science And a person wants to be healthy better Learn science and also Fight For Freedom All these three things have got to come Together so that's what you know I've Concluded is very very important and all Of these things at one time were Together they were they were we we Separated in many ways we fractured our Own human psyche you know the thinking Human the working human the fighting Human all these were fractured we all Got to come together on this I love it Dr shivi but thank you for being here This was amazing Yeah foreign [Music]

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