Did Ron Desantis Or Vivek Ramaswamy get beat up more in Highschool + Trump is done

Did Ron Desantis Or Vivek Ramaswamy get beat up more in Highschool + Trump is done

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um this is uh not a slot H with slaves Dropping like flies because that's my Other channel kind of a weird day for me I've already put out a weird video on my Other channel this morning where there Was a woman who has social anxiety she's Nonbinary she kepts on saying she's an Indigenous person as she gets busted for Drunk driving and Driving um towards oncoming traffic Going the wrong Way and it is an interesting interaction Tells us a lot about this current Generation of young people and then the Follow-up story was there was a woman Who was selling making beer out of her Vaginal yeast she's um some sort of Social media influence you know Influencer instag ho you Know and that's just a typical day of of My video making other things weird my Internet's out and things like this but I have kind of what I consider an epic Video I mean it seems like it's the end Of trump and Trump knows it like Trump Seems to be dejected and kind of knows He's e either going to jail or something Like he's um just doesn't seem like a Person who has any hope for his future Kind of dejected and he says stupid Things and I'm going to cover the most Recent Republican debate but what's Happened happed is that the Democrats

Have been on the wrong side of Everything more so than the Republicans For the Past couple of years um you know four or Five Years and you know the Trump years and That has ended with this stuff to do With Israel I'm not really going to Cover all that much stuff to do with Israel but I do have some Morning Joe Stuff and few other things and they talk About in the debate but the Republicans Are so off of course with Israel and I Don't know how many Republican voters Agree with them and how much this is Political but the Democrats are actually More reasonable and more fair about this One issue even though they sucked on Ukraine and everything else and before That the biggest issue for most people In the truth Community was the bloop Right the mandates and things like this But Co the co debacle has gone South and They're not willing to admit it but They've lost this thing right and it Doesn't bode well for the next thing They might try or whatever it is because Of how bad this thing has gone for them The coid policies I think that most People kind of see that um you know They're not in agreement with what's What going on and that's what happens Here like they were Celebrating the president of Ukraine

Zalinski and he got like 11 standing Ovations like 6 months ago and now he's Pretty toxic and everyone's moving away From him specifically the Republicans But also to some extent the Democrats And that's how all these things go and So where the Republicans and RFK junor Specifically looked a lot better than The Democrats I don't know a month or so ago Now that the Israeli Palestinian thing Has happened the Democrats look way Better and I'm going to show you that Here which just goes to show you it's All it's all um you know arbitrary they All they suck all the time and it's just That one site sucks a little bit worse And the hammer guy Lawrence O'Donald he Has a moment he has a moment he had a Like a 10-minute clip I watched the Whole thing and it was well done like I've hammered this guy he's you know an Absolute joke and you know his obsession With Trump but he has a moment because Trump is done and and christe's talking About it more and more and you know Chrisy sucks they all suck but Trump is Done and the hammer guy Nails it right But before I get to that I'm G to show You his the the meme we got to do the Meme he had a he had a he kind of Wrecked it and displayed himself when They were doing election night uh debate Night coverage on MSNBC so let's go to

The the hammer meme first and then we'll Go to that other clip demanding to know Where's Nancy stop the hammering out There who's got a hammer where is it I Don't know it's where's the hammer on a Different is it on the go up on the Other floor somebody go up there and Stop the Hammering stop the Hammering call [ __ ] Griffin I don't care Who the [ __ ] to call stop the Hammering empty out the goddamn control Room and find out where this is going on It's either there or there or out there Somewhere out of Control Jesus Christ crazy Fu sound Coming in my ear this stupid hammering I Told you why I wanted those words cut it Just sucks it sucks to be out here with This outof control sh Any thing can come into my ear at any Moment [ __ ] Things how do you say this guy's last Name demanding to know where's Nancy Can't say I'm not saying what I think Here's a thing here's a thing that's not Really what I think you just have to say What you think let me check my Notes of the of the debate um there's my Notes uh there's my notes um it was Really just that one word that was my Notes uh that's easy to Remember um he's so self-absorbed for a Guy who criticized Trump right the

People who criticize Trump the worst him And Alec Baldwin have exactly the same level of Narcissism As Trump which is a high Level right um they hate it in other People but they don't recognize it in Themselves and so it it's this is by the Way first Republican debate I've watched Luckily I've been working at 10 p.m. uh During the previous let's not call it Work there Hammer guy Republican debates And I didn't have to participate in any Of this and I now see that that VC is The MVP of the panel for this reason he Makes everyone else look better than They were ever going to look because He's see Republicans and truth of Republicans are claiming VC one And so this is um you know the Difference here it's not just the most Hated person by everyone on the stage He's the most hatable character who's Ever had a role in presidential debating In in either party and so he's helping Them by being up there he's making Nikki Haley look better look stronger he's Making everybody up there all of them Look better you know I mean what this is The debate for you know in in case Trump Chokes on a cheeseburger that that's What this debate is you know if if Somehow so he just wrecked what he was Doing the night before or whatever the Whatever he put up this other video

Which I'll show you in a moment because He does a good job in this other video It's a his moment right where Trump Knows that Trump's you know Trump is Done and you know he covers it in a way That he just goes to another level than His usually crappy like you know Hamber Stuff right but if he knows that Trump Is done the way he presents it which I'm Going to show you then why is he Pretending that this debate doesn't Matter because it looks like Trump's Going to Jail um and I'm saying this because Trump seems to know it and he seems to Know know it and you know it's him Celebrating and the MSNBC and CNN Celebrating the end of their Network Because their network is barely hanging On when they are you know they've had a A central guiding force which is Trump Right Trump is the center of their Content they have two news networks that Are primarily about Trump and then Whatever events that are going on Sprinkled in but you know since people Are kind of over Trump and the Democrats Aren't as hat you know the the Democratic sheeple aren't hating on Trump like they used to their networks Are not doing as well at the ratings but When Trump is once Trump is done there's No Central guiding force they never Going to be able to find a guy like

Trump to you know ha on right and so When he's gone there's nothing there Because they're already losing to social Media the young um the young people that Lean towards being more Liberal and lean towards um the Democratic party are not going to the News they're not getting their Information from the news which we all Know but Fox and the Republicans they you know Pander more Towards older people and so they still Have an audience and we'll have an Audience audience to some extent for Some time but these guys they have an Audience of trump haters and so you know He's they're Celebrating their you know eventually They're going to be happy that Trump is In jail or loses or whatever happens When Trump is when Trump goes away They'll celebrate it but when Trump goes Away they go away and he has a moment I'm going to show you the video in a After we get done with this little clip Here but he wrecked it he stomped all Over it like the next Day by saying that Trump is actually Going to run and be in the election in Uh you know in a year from now which Would nullify this idea that he's going To jail uh Trump falls out it's it's Going to be you know disantis or Haley So but isn't the question are they just

Waiting for him to die go to jail or Drop out because no one's going out no So so fame fame is its own currency now In politics especially in Republican Politics As Trump okay so this is where He displays himself again because the Hammer guy got his start on the mofin Group mlin group which was uh done as a Parody on Saturday Night Live that was Kind of funny one of the better sketch Uh sketches they had with Dana McVey Playing Mlin and Lawrence O'Donald was better on That Show and it was mostly it was Democrats Uh debating Republicans on PBS in an Entertaining way but Lawrence O'Donald Was clearly looking for a better gig and Now he's talking about it here where He's displaying himself he's talking About here the way that um you know he Has profited from Fame right Trump Proved so M obviously is running for Nothing but Fame uh Christie needs to Push up his Fame to see if there might Might be more money and some sort of ABC Contract you know after this uh and and I think Haley and Dan santis are the two Who think maybe we have a future you Know four years from now maybe and and So we want to play credibly here uh and Tim Scott is going to go back to a quiet Life uh after this uh and he's going to Be a little more famous and and that

Might help him with the talk radio gig Or something like that all Right this is who we are and this Exactly The Fame game that Lawrence O'Donald played and he you know was very Alec Baldin esque here on his show the Hammer guy right where you know this um Making yourself into somebody somebody Knows and people do this running for President but it showed he displayed Himself There so on his show the word he always Has one word right that he focuses on or Phrase Lawrence O'Donnell Trump Incriminate ated himself and his Children with one Word when he testified and so this was His moment and like I said I would have Given him his moment like I've crapped All over this guy and made fun of him But you know if somebody has a like a uh They do a good job you know sometimes These guys just step in something and They do something that is unsur that's Sort of surprising but he made a piece Here about Trump and Trump is such a Disaster we're going to get into that Here cuz Trump is depressed and you know He's just um he doesn't look good and He's falling apart and I think Trump Knows at least Trump's worried that They're actually going to put him in Jail like and take away his money or Whatever it is like they're going to

They're going to um really cancel Trump And I wouldn't have thought that was Possible because of what I said earlier But this is his moment and again I would Have given it to him but he just like Stabbed himself in the foot the very Next day just how much special treatment Donald Trump gets as a defendant the Answer is more special treatment than Any defendant in American history much More the proof of that once in history Level of special treatment came in Manhattan courtroom today when the judge Presiding over the Civil fraud case Against defendant Donald Trump said Something that no judge has ever said Before speaking directly to defendant Trump who was sitting under oath in the Witness stand the judge said to Him you can attack Me in the 400 years of courtroom history In America dating back to the Colonial Courts no judge has ever said that in Court to any defendant or any Witness until Today that's how it's not special Treatment um it's because Trump is Completely screwed in this Scenario much special treatment Donald Trump is getting on the witness stand Today in that fraud case Donald Trump Did not wait for the judge's permission To attack him Donald Trump began Attacking the judge instead of answering

Questions right away and he attacked New York's attorney general from the witness Stand something no witness has ever done Before in a New York Courtroom in one of the judges many Failed attempts to get Donald Trump to Answer the questions being put to him by An Assistant Attorney General the judge told Donald Trump you Can attack me you can do whatever you Want but answer the Questions which is a bizarre thing for The judge to say right and you know Making this kind of an interesting um I Wanted to see the Donald Trump testimony But they didn't have it they don't have Any video of it which is like why would They not video why would this not be on The news because Donald Trump being Interrogated when he's defensive and Angry would be hilarious but they didn't Do it right um so this guy you know he's Smug and he's happy because Donald Trump Imploded and Donald Trump just did Something again where he said that when He's G to today he just did said Something in an interview that all these Guys are covering and I saw it on Morning Joe this morning where Donald Trump said because they've politicized These indictments against him when he's Elected he's going to do the same thing To them and these guys are taking that And running with it Donald Trump keeps

On shooting himself in the foot right he Keeps on making things worse you know He's promised to do something that these Guys do not believe he is being done to Him the people in the media or whether They believe it or not they're not pret They pretending they're not when he Comes out and just admits it right and It serves nobody like it doesn't help Donald Trump at all Uh but Trump is just like I said he's Really you know he's he's having his own Sort of senior moments here Donald Trump Did the first two of those things he Attacked the judge he did whatever he Wanted but he didn't do the third thing He did not answer the Questions and it does not matter Donald Trump's lawyers did not ask for a jury Trial in the case which doesn't prevent Donald Trump from constantly complaining That there's no jury deciding whether Donald Trump and his sons committed Fraud in falsely exaggerating the value Of their Holdings was entirely up to the Judge in the case who has already Reached a Verdict that Donald Trump and his two Sons did indeed commit fraud so we Already knew this that it's already over Like Donald Trump has lost this Lawsuit and the Trump you know the Trump Empire Is going to take a huge hit but more

Than that Trump has always prided Himself on um his wealth and he's always Exaggerated his wealth Trump really Wants to be richer than he Is and you know this is before being President even more so but even now I Mean even you know this is maybe all he Has left and when he he was roasted by Comedy Central he wouldn't allow anybody To say he wasn't as Rich there could be No jokes about him not being as rich as He said he was like that was one of the Things he you know they have these areas That they don't Allow um the comics to make fun of That's how much Trump cares about this He sued a paper and lost when the paper Rightfully claimed that he wasn't a Billionaire and Trump was so insens by That he sued the the uh you know the Paper and you know it's a huge thing for Him and now it's come out that he's Inflated his wealth which to him is like Like Kryptonite and all the punishments that Go with it and it's already been ruled The judge has already said that this is The case and he's just waiting to punish Trump and you know this guy and so this Guy has this moment here right where Trump is just you know I mean he's he's Humiliated he's he's you know he's got These other court cases facing him and You know as chrisy was saying that I me

His chief of staff who knows everything About Trump was given immunity as long As he says everything that Trump did is Going to testify against him I mean it Doesn't look like there's any possible Way and of course the system is all Rigged so who knows but if we're looking At the situation right now Trump's going To jail in a most humiliating fashion And this guy is as big a trumpter as There is and this is his moment right Like I said he crapped all over it by You know because here he's saying that Trump is is done and yet you know he's Saying that these other candidates are Just running for popularity and for fame Because they all know that Trump's going To run for president and yet you know It's um a year away and Trump has Four criminal indictments against Him the proceeding going on now in the Courtroom is about nothing other than How big a penalty should the judge Impose on Donald Trump and his sons and The family business as has been said Many times on this program no sane Criminal defense lawyer would ever allow Donald Trump to to testify under oath in Court but this is not a criminal trial And that's why you're seeing Donald Trump testify which we will not see in Any of the four criminal trials Donald Trump is facing and we're not going to See it here because it's not there you

Know the Trump Testimony because this is a Civil Trial The defendant can be called to the Witness stand by either side in the case And so the attorney general has called Call Donald Trump as a witness to show The judge that Donald Trump was actively Involved in what the judge has already Ruled was a Fraud but the judge already knows that Donald Trump was actively involved in That fraud based on Donald Trump's under Oath pre-trial deposition and the rest Of the evidence in the case today the Judge made it clear to Donald Trump that If he refused to answer a question by Making a campaign speech instead as Donald Trump did many times the judge Would then take a negative inference From Donald Trump's refusal to answer in Other words if the Attorney General Asked Donald Trump if he approved of a False valuation and Donald Trump rambled On and on and refused to answer that Question the judge could then infer that Donald Trump was simply trying not to Admit the truth that he did knowingly Approve false valuations so this is Classic Trump right where Trump thinks He deserves special treatment I cover This today with this I said this um this You know this Li young liberal uh this Young liberal person who um it's just on My other channel who gets pulled over

And says anxi social anxiety and and PTSD and being a uh you know a native Person and being non-binary somehow made It um that there was no there should be No punishment for the crimes that person Committed which were was driving over The in driving under the influence of Alcohol there's all this entitlement now Right that people have and Donald Trump Has always had it but he's also really Stupid because he could have asked for a Jury trial which he would have lost Because you know he's hated now in New York and so the judge has the ultimate Authority in this case and Trump is done Things to piss off the judge insult the Judge insult the process and refuse to Cooperate which means a judge is going To give the maximum amount of Penalty because Trump has you know Basically asked for that right you know By being Trump and look at this smug Having effort like this is his moment Here Right Donald Trump made some admissions Under o that were lost to many observers Of the trial in all of the Bluster of The day when I asked why the square Footage of his New York apartment was Listed as triple the actual size Donald Trump admitted under oath that the Exaggerated square footage created a False valuation Trump said the number Was too

High the Attorney General introduced a Deed to Donald Trump's Florida residence Which he operates as a private club Because he cannot afford to live there Without the income from the private club The deed to that property says the club And Trump intend to Forever extinguish Their right to development or use the Property for any purpose other than Club Use that is why the actual value of the Property is severely limited the deed Severely limits the possible purposes of A sale it cannot be sold for a higher Value purpose When confronted with the deed limiting The value of that Property again the guy is having a Moment here because you know they Normally wouldn't go after somebody like Trump for this Because business is good for New York City and New York State and the economy And rich people are constantly doing Things like Trump does Trump might have Done them worse or whatever it is but They're going after the guy and like I've said all along getting rid of Trump Would be a disaster for the Democratic Party and the um you know these news Networks so Trump has been a good asset For them and like you know just as being An enemy and somebody they can use as a Straw man even in a sense that Trump Didn't you know they don't show you his

Testimony because it's a campaign speech That Trump is giving for the Courtroom but the news isn't going to Cover it and so this guy looking like um Some sort of alien here you know he has This moment where he's gloating at Trump Getting taken to task witness Trump Seized on one word in the deed the word Intent Trump said intend doesn't mean we Will do It because Donald Trump is one of the Very stupidest people ever to be charged With business fraud and because his Demonstrably ineffectual lawyers Obviously do not have the skills to Prepare their client for even the Simplest and most obvious questions Donald Trump incriminated himself and His Children with the only one-word answer That he gave all day this is his moment Here question who within the Trump Organization was responsible for Preventing and detecting fraud answer Everybody I mean I would love to see That because this is the height of Stupidity right it's when you know You're not even good at being a criminal It's JoJo Biden level in mental Incompetence and there Donald Trump Destroyed any shred of Defense in the Case for himself and his codefendants Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump

Everybody you could spend weeks trying To think of a stupider answer than that And you cannot come up with one like Look at him he's just happy like I said This would be his moment if he just Didn't crap all over it like he just Can't help himself because he's Donald Trump and just a different Form now remember going into his Testimony today the verdict was already Rendered on the fraud that Donald Trump And his sons committed the question now Is only will they face the maximum Penalty for that fraud which could Include fines of up to $250 million Donald Trump's job as a witness today Was to give the judge a reason any Reason to lower the penalty against him And his sons his job was to make the Judge think the fraud wasn't Donald Trump's fault wasn't Donald Trump Jr's Fault wasn't Eric Trump's fault it was The accountant's fault or something like That that wouldn't eliminate the penalty But it could significantly soften it and Instead Donald Trump continued his war With the judge who is going to decide The fate of Donald Trump's business and Donald Trump Incriminated himself and his Kids question who within the Trump Organization was responsible for Preventing and detecting fraud answer Everybody you know I mean it's just so

Bad like the worst answer that he could Have given um and you know it's classic Trump lawyers dream of moments like that In court where you get the witness on The stand who thinks he's the smartest Guy in the room which is something only Stupid people think in courtrooms and he Gives you a fast and loose answer to the Key question in the case good lawyers Never make the key question the first or The last question they never let it Stand out like that they fold it into The middle of the witness examination And try to use it when they think the Witness feels most comfortable most in Control and so a couple of hours after The judge told Donald Trump you can do Whatever you want Donald Trump stupidly Felt comfortable and in control and then Said the stupidest possible thing he Could say as a Witness Everybody so this was this guy's moment Right because his show is the Word and Donald Trump gave him the word And he's happy but like I said he Crapped all over it with his you know Earlier whatever it was so um Chris Christie again Horrible person and Unlikable and you know they hated him When he was Trump's friend and he was a Republican and I guess he still is you Know but they're loving him on MSNBC and

CNN because he's the only one of these Candidates that's really attacking Trump do you think we did the right Thing by not Participating so we're going to get into The debate which was I mean hilariously Bad but also disturbing they say some Disturbing things about Israel and the Republicans are now you know in terms of What truthers care About and you know I mean lots of people Care about is shifted from the coid Stuff to Israel and the Republicans look like um you know Complete shills and like no nuts and Just doing what whatever Israel wants And getting us into World War I and because of that the Democrats just Have to be slightly better which is what The Republicans have been doing all Along is that the the Democrats have Been so off like you know unhinged the Republicans just have to be slightly Better and they look like their truth or Friendly and you know more Reasonable of course this guy's never Been that but the rest of them but now Because of their allegiance to Israel They look really bad I'll get into that In just a bit but Here somebody said oh some one of the Dumber ones he doesn't have the courage To stand up well listen I'm standing in Front of tens of thousands of people

Right now he's talking about Chris Christie now and it's on Television that's a hell of a lot harder To do than a Debate okay maybe it wasn't tens of Thousands of people but Donald Trump Defending his decision to this dude Right here skipped the third Republican Primary debate in Miami last night at a Rally just down the road joining us now Presidential candidate and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie [Laughter] So I got a little meme thing I want to Do I just have to have the time to put Together so Chris how do you respond to Trump's argument that we just heard About not attending the Debate well look he's a coward and he's Always been a coward uh in this race he Doesn't want to defend his record and You know if if uh I W it's stupid Because Chris Christie has zero chance Of winning and Trump shouldn't debate Because he doesn't have to Trump is Going to be the nominee if he's not in Jail and so it's you know as stupid as He was in the the court case it's smart For him not to debate I wish he would Debate because it'd be more Entertaining you know personally and I Could cover it better here I mean the Debates have almost no Consequence because you have a bunch of

Candidates debating who have zero chance Of winning unless Trump Goes to Jail Which might happen so you know then it Becomes more interesting but um for him To call him a coward like yeah he might Be a coward but not because he's not Debating it's just smart like he's Actually doing something smart which Isn't what Trump is like known for in Terms of keeping his mouth shut and Doing what's best for him politically or Legally but he's doing that here Chris Christie has no chance of winning Because they're booing him everywhere he Goes because the majority of Republicans And the passion in the Republican party Is trumpers and he looks like somebody Who betray Trump even though Trump Stabbed him in the back and tried to Take tried to make Chris Christie Take the heat for giving Trump Co when Trump gave him Co right I mean that's How bad of a person Trump is but Chris Christie running against Trump means That he's has no chance of doing Anything but becoming a regular on these Shows and getting some sort of uh you Know anti-trump deal as a republican in Some capacity but he can't win so it's Stupid like you know he's not Legitimately has zero chance of winning Even if if Trump Goes to Jail under four Indictments um in four different Jurisdictions and not on bail in four

Jurisdictions I wouldn't want to get us On a stage and answer questions about How in God's name you're going to be Able to represent this party um and be Able to take on Joe Biden and I think What we saw on uh Tuesday night is Another example of the fact that folks Who have the Trump and premature cannot Win in this country um Daniel Cameron Loses an election so now there's the Second an election where it looks like People are turning out against Trump Policies anti-abortion policies and Things and they're celebrating that as Well all right so here's another example Of trump um then we're going to get to The bers we're going to show you a Little bit of I'm going to show you a Little bit of Jojo Meo um like just you know the disaster That is America right it's so Bad is to make America safe again For four straight years under the Trump Administration I kept America safe I Kept Israel safe I kept Ukraine safe and I kept the world safe Israel Ukraine Would have never happened under the Trump Administration there was no chance It would have happened those two events Alone would have never happened Inflation would have never happened Would have never happened it was caused By stupid people on energy policy but no It wasn't cuz by a stupid president who

Got worked on Co and well it was going To happen no matter what the economy That Trump had was a false economy the The good part of Trump's economy was he Let the bankers do what they did to Wreck the economy in the first place he Deregulated everything the bankers loved Him in terms of what happened in 2008 And the economic collapse with the Derivatives Market Trump reversed all Those policies so there was a lot of Looting a lot of scamming A lot of derivativ Shenanigans and other Banker fraud which Inevitably was going to cause which Inevitably was going to cause um the the You know the economy to collapse again And even if that didn't happen the Economy is effed the inflation is there Because we have a debt-based economy That is out of control the debts been Too high for years not Trump's fault not Biden's fault long before that um but What happened In terms of allowing this to become a Reality was Trump got worked on Co and He went along with shutting down the Economy and all the other things that Went with it and when he did that he Lost like Trump destroyed himself he Allowed them to bait him into that and That's what's caused all these problems This that's what's caused all these Problems that were there ready to happen

To come to the Surface called the Trump travel ban and I said that's okay if you want to do That to keep radical Islamic terrorists Out of our country and we did we Did when countries were sending their Young strong people that had bad Intentions we didn't let them do it and We didn't let them do it countries paid Hell for it but we kept it and we had no Problems and then you look at what's Been taking place now and you look at The the millions and millions of people That are coming into our country totally Unchecked nobody knows who they Are but under the Crooked Joe Biden we Were weak and soft and in Danger like never before and that Continues and you know we have an Election that's coming up very quickly But one year is a long time the Destruction one year is a long time Trum A lot of things going to happen in the Year that they've done to our country One year seems like it's quick but it's Not it's a long time time for them to Continue because we're close to having No country at all and we're also close To being in World War III a war that You've never even conceived or thought About but yeah we all thought about it It's been right there and you've done Everything in your power to you know get Worked in a way that's made this happen

Right he's contributed this and now he's Working he's contributed this more by His horrible position on Palestine and The Israeli invasion of it we're very Close you know they have a hat I saw it The other day it said Trump was right About everything and I said well that's A big Statement and then he's right like look At all these Trump dopes you think about It like how can you at this point you Know it's like you know how can you say Joe Biden's mentally competent at this Point how can you think that Trump's um You know your savior like these people Love Trump and they think he's you know Like he's going to solve all these Problems and he he didn't the first time He made everything worse that's what he Does I sort of was right about Everything Russia Russia Russia hoax the Whole thing our country has never seen The likes of what you witnessed in America last weekend with the menacing Mobs of Hamas supporters chanting their Jihad slogans in the streets of our Cities oh In Washington DC Pro jihadist Demonstrators climbed up the fence in Front of the White House excuse me that I built I built it you know the fence Wasn't too good the one that they had up There was falling apart and we built it Tight he built he was out there with his

Sons and They it's the strongest stuff and they Damaged the fence and they damaged Police vehicles well I thought you was The strongest fence ever TR what kind of Piece of crap fence bill that they Damaged it desecrated statues of Ben Franklin and other great Heroes of no Way they desecrated Ben Franklin statue Country and they shouted Allah abbar While calling the Barbaric Hamas terrorists Martyrs they Were saying Martyrs in times like these You can't afford to have a President Who Wants to be politically correct we have To do things properly we cannot have an Administration that takes foreign policy Woo they're like so stupid like just Policy advice from Ilan Omar or Rashida T can't do That AOC plus three right AOC plus Three but that's a movement that's Growing on day one we will restore the Trump travel ban on entry from Terror Plague countries And we will Implement Strict vetting and ideological screening For all new entrance into our country we Don't do that at all now anybody can Come in anybody can come in when people Want to go and take the test where do I Learn to take the Test people say to them you don't have To take any test just go to the southern

Border and walk in you don't have to Bother with us you know you know they Don't know there's no testing down there We had a a good strong policy we wanted People to come to our country but we Wanted them to come in Legally Legally Legally Legally if you hate America if you want To abolish Israel if you sympathize with Jihadists then we don't want you in our Country and we are not going to let you Come into our country so he just said That the growing number of people who Are pro Palestinian and and these College students who are Protesting are um you know not welcome Here which is an effed up thing it's Just Trump's being stupid again he's on The wrong side of this he was so handled By Israel like Bey loved him but then he Got mad at Bey because um you know Bey Had to eventually uh deal with Joe Biden And embrace Joe Biden and we're going to Get into that too because he comes back Up with Morning Joe to all the Resident aliens who Joined in the Pro jihadis protests and Became very violent and started Destroying our capital and many other Places we put you on Notice come 2025 we Will find you and we will Deport You what if you they American citizens Bro so that's Trump like Trump being Trump man struggling to feed his family

Just glad he could help fund a war with His taxes somebody sent me this meme I Don't a while ago but I haven't been Able to show you it because there's so Many other things I'm covering okay so We're going to get to the Republican Debate in a second let's watch Joe Biden Oh you know how you are with Stairs okay that Podium yes walk forward Walk forward say hi to the general and Stop and stop where you go not that G oh My God Joe go back to the Podium Joe oh my God this is so awkward These poor cadetes Joe to the podium Could you yeah thank you direct him to The podium please come on there you go Old man get up there now the podium you Idiot where are you Going oh God you know I hope something happens to You later a few moments later all right Go ahead and walk off the stage now Joe who whoa Whoa what happened did someone push You invisible stairs where there's Nothing there Joe Yep that's great um then this Halloween Costume and it's there's a number of These out there this is just one it's Walking along here and he stumbles out And goes falls down and he's got Secret Service Um this is brilliant there's a couple of

These Um I'll find the other ones maybe we Have more time um but you know that's uh Jojo magu and then there was this White House says Mission Impossible increased Joe Biden's concerns about AI presid President Joe Biden's concerns Over artificial intelligence Intensified after watching missing Impossible dead Rec part one according To the White House they said um he wants to prevent I AI from making social media more Addictive or abetting Fraud and he said that his concern Sharpened after he watched Tom Cruz Latest action filler Thriller according To White House Deputy Bruce Reed and um It says if he hadn't been already Concerned about what could go wrong with A die before the movie he saw plenty More to worry about and so the White House is saying that he's getting his Information from Mission Impossible and they said that publicly They decided to um make that a public Statement okay so let's get through the Debate first of all this weasy cowardly Lawyer is going to talk tough um but Watch this spile he gives he gives this Down God bless you thank [Applause] You that is the best now I have trouble Fake smiling so I can

Empathize I just can't do it and I I Mean I can do it but then I lose it um And some people are better than others But fake smiling is a prerequisite if You're a politician you better learn to Put on a fake smile and sometimes you're Going to smile Inappropriately but you can't have a Smile like this God bless you govern s Thank [Laughter] You but then he's going to come in and Try to be a tough guy the hawkishness Continued on the response to again um Joy whatever her name is uh Joy Reed Horrible like just unwatchable and Always on the wrong side of things and So this is how bad the Republicans have Been particularly on Israel that like she becomes better than Them right like that's how bad the Republicans are out there on Israel the Israel Hamas War each candidate using Violent rhetoric to pledge their support To Benjamin Netanyahu and his efforts to Eliminate Hamas by any means Necessary I would be telling BB finish The job once and for all the first thing I said to him when it happened was I Said finish them wipe Hamas off of the Map and what is Biden doing none only is He not helping See if you're going to wipe Hamas off The map which is not you know this is

All Bs right which I've covered so much In my other videos but if you're going To wipe him off the map you're going to Have to kill a lot of Palestinian Children and when Joe Biden droned eight Kids that was his worst moment in Afghanistan like the Afghanistan Withdrawal really wasn't his fault Because I mean it was his fault before But not now because he participated it Was partially his fault because he Participated as a senator and then as Vice president in this you know this BS War that was going on in Afghanistan and Iraq and these other places right but When he was withdrawing from Afghanistan It was going to be a disaster because America doesn't do well when it leaves In defeat and that's what happened Afghanistan was a loss because the Taliban are now running In the Afghanistan again and they're in Better shape right uh but his withdrawal Of the troops in Afghanistan was going To be whatever it was and that part Wasn't on him but the media was treating It like it was his fault so he made up This BS thing with Isis K which I've Talked about so much and he started to Drone people civilians in Afghanistan And he killed eight kids and 10 Civilians and that was his worst moment And Trump Trump's claim to fame was he Didn't do things like that which he

Didn't and so Trump was better than Biden but to then uh applaud and support Which you'll see Trump doing also I got That coming these people applauding the You know killing of Palestinian children In this heartless way and this guy's Such a you know a puss he's such a like He just um he's like that guy d Right and then he goes in on this the Jewish students who are being persecuted He is launching an initiative to combat So-called Islamophobia not a single so um you know And this is how bad they are on that Issue like it's just they they're Killing their you know any chance of Winning over the truth Community just Like RFK Jr now this speaks to RFK Jr And I'll get into this more as we see This unfold with Trump but Biden and Trump are so bad and the parties are so Bad all his RFK Jr had to be is not say Anything about Israel and certainly not Take Israel's side over Palestine and he Might be a shoe in to win like that's All he would have to do but he couldn't Do that because he's a self-sabotage in All freaking desperate piece of crap you Know like they're all candidate Expressed any support for providing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza or even Mentioned the more than 10,000 who have Been killed there including thousands of Women and children or the fact that

Millions of Palestinian civilians have Been displaced due to Israel's Relentless bombing campaign see they Just gave her the ability to do this to Be able to speak truth to them they've Given Jo Jo Reed this ability someone Who's on the woke side someone who's on The you know the far liberal craziness And now she sounds rable and re rational And reasonable because a Republicans Suck so bad some however did hint at Also potentially going to war with Mexico saying this about the southern Border if someone in the drug cartels is Sneaking fencing all across the border When I'm present that's going to be the Last thing they do we're going to shoot Him stone cold dead we Send he's such a Twerp is sneaking fencing all across the Border when I'm present that's going to Be the last thing they do we're going to Shoot him stone cold dead stone cold Dead then special operations in to take Out the cartels we need to go to where They're Distributing it where the Supply Centers are and take them out what I Would tell BB take them out is that Israel has the right and the Responsibility to defend itself I would Tell him to smoke those terrorists on His Southern border smoke them you got To smoke them smoke them if you got them And then I'll tell him as president of

The United States I'll be smoking the Terrorists on our Southern border okay And when you mean smoking what ex do you Mean killing do you mean uh barbecue What do you mean exactly when you say Smoking terrorists on top of all that You had free form right-wing podcast of A ramas Swami quite literally calling Ukrainian president volodimir zalinski Who is Jewish by the way a Nazi okay so This is them we'll get into Trump and Just being on the wrong side like Completely wrong about this in a way That they're like proud of it they're Pushing out their chest and supporting This you know genocide of the Palestinian people now you got Rachel Madow who's able to gloat over these two Clowns going at each other another theme Of tonight's debate back back see this Is their moment right they're happy Trump's going to jail the Republicans Candidates are a joke you know that I Mean Joe Biden is not popular and not Electable but they could at least relish That you know Trump is on his way out Which means their networks are going to Be completely irrelevant because no One's going to watch it once Trump goes You know it's going to be bad um but you Know they get to do this because the Republicans suck right for an encore From the last debate um was just the the The Deep palpable withering disgust that

Candidate Vic ramaswami seems to inspire From his fellow candidates he makes them Say things you can't imagine they've Ever said before in their lives he makes Them make facial expressions on the Stage that you're quite sure they don't Know they're making in public he really Brings out a side of them that makes News frankly here he was with former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in a Section of the debate about whether the Chinese-owned app Tik Tock should be Banned um I should just mention this This back and forth ended like they're So happy this panel is happy you know These losers Right um with one of the candidates Saying something I have never heard ever In any debate I have ever covered in all Of my years on this Earth I want to laugh at why Nikki Haley Didn't answer your question which was About looking at families in the eye in The last debate she made fun of me for Actually joining Tik Tok while her own Daughter was actually using the app for A long time so you might want to take Care of your family first leave my Daughter out of your voice leave my Daughter out of your mouth she she she Wants to say keep your daughter's name Out of your mouth Right but she said I like she's I think She's comes from an Indian she's Indian

East Indian like he is um and so it's Weird that they hate each other so much Like they're the first two relevant Indian candidates I think for president And they hate each other the next Generation of Americans are using it and That's actually the point you have her Supporters crapping her up that's fine Here's the truth you're just easy answer You're Scum she called her scum look at how Happy said there was you're just Scum you know I think if they this is How happy they are about this stuff Going On then there was this also this Exchange between the two of them look at Her hand speak to the Hand You know these are not tough people I Mean these are like wimpy people and When they're talking tough like this They're putting somebody else's lives at Risk soldiers you know their people who Vote for them getting them into Wars Getting all of us into World War III Talking tough like this right when They're a bunch of bonus holes like They're all bonus holes right you know Like you could just you go and mess up Their hair stop it cut it out like you Know this is nothing these are bonus Hole people who are talking tough like They're Fighters when they're not right

Like how many times did he get beat up In high School who do you think I beat up more Him or Rona STIs Kaboom Cuz she she's a Runner You going to throw him at Him you're going to kick them what are You going to do with Them So she's talking about war with aan Which would lead to World World War II And this is the Republican agenda right This is their way of handling this is You know especially when we've wrecked Aan like these are people of color who You know and many of them have suffered From prejudice because of the big event In 2001 Indians were were grouped in With all this anti- Muslim hatred and Things because Americans many of them Are Dopey and she's pushing this hate of Iran with Operation Ajax at the CIA Executed to destroy that country right And now they want to go in and create World War III with her 5 in high high Heels Look at that look at that bitter face There and these you know Republicans are Horrible so Hay's parents are Punjabi Seek immigrants ramas swamis are Hindu IM Indian immigrants so there's some

Kind of you know maybe some I don't know Hly has used her race far less in her Campaign she um her her name her birth Name is Narata Ronda Wahaa which would you know she ain't Going to get elected with that name Right um and she's got sort of a Southern accent you know she's from South Carolina that's where they There she is here right wearing some of Her um her like P Punjabi clothing and So these are both East Indian candidates And they like hate each other right and They're both Republicans and like you know I mean They hate each other worse than anybody Else and they're going after each other Um more than any two candidates to the Point where she's called him Scum of course KLA Harris I forgot about Her she is um half East Indian but there Hasn't been these East Indian Politicians that were running for the Presidency and you have two of them and You know they both have a legitimate Shot if Trump isn't there they've both Pulled in high numbers I don't know what They're pulling now and the animosity And the you know Aggression these were people who Indian People complained about being prejudiced Against I know people who do my medic Ation you know many of them are Indian

And live in America and people assume They were like Al-Qaeda and stuff like That because people don't know the Difference and the seek guy you know She's seek and a seek guy just was Murdered in some road rage thing post The thing that happened in October so You know why do this right why demonize Iran like you're doing like Nikki Hy you Know she's just um I mean they're all Liars for her to go after Ram Swami for Being on Tik Tok and then her own Daughter you know if Tik tok's eil evil Then why your why is your daughter on There right and then to call him scum I Mean you know they they're all scum but Let's get to the Trump thing so this was The morning Joe stuff it's um kind of Almost the highlight of this whole thing Uh that are that that are going into Areas again using violence uh knocking Down Palestinian homes they've been Doing this for quite some time and so Again I I don't want to confuse people At home but there are two things can be True at the same time Hamas is a Terrorist organization I'm saying this Hamas is a terrorist Organization uh that that the United States wants to help Israel root out at The same time Joe Biden as well as Hillary Clinton as well as uh America's Foreign policy uh Basically community so Morning Joe and

The liberal media are pushing back Against Israel some of these reporters Less than others because some of them Are Israeli plants but they're all Pushing back a little bit and Biden's Pushing back a lot you see in the Background there's a guy waving I'll Show you again the guy on the right That's why I stopped it here somebody Came up and his Waving I don't know where they're Situated there I could show you with Huffing and post you know they're Pushing back every day now Jo scarbo is Going to have the guy from the ADL back On later and he's going to be talking About the anti-Semitism spreading across The country and going after Biden for Not doing more about that but they're Pushing back against um uh the Prime Minister bibe and all of it and they Were doing it the other day which I Showed you and Biden is doing as well And it's getting pretty bad for Israel Because they're about to lose their only Friend Clinton as well as uh America's foreign Policy uh Basically Community has been concerned For about 10 years because you know Netanyahu continues to push extreme Policies on the West Bank because it Helps him with his hard right voters That's absolutely right and I think

That's a really important distinction to Make which is that Hamas is not in the West Bank it doesn't run the West Bank That's run by the Palestinian Authority So these are two different conflicts but I mean see by saying this without saying It they're saying that Israel's whole Position is bogus and a lie because if They're saying they have to kill Palestinian civilians and and children Because Hamas is hiding in their country And the only reason they're doing this Is because of this big event that Happened in January you know in October then um there's no reason for Them to be in the West Bank because Hamas isn't in the West Bank and the West Bank didn't do anything to them and Yet they're aggressive they're being Aggressive in the West Bank and so their Whole position is they got to get rid of Hamas and yet they're fighting at least A twoof front war and then they're going To be over there in Lebanon too they're Going to talk about here as well and so This isn't about that they're Liars Right um there's another piece I'm going To show you here let me see if I can put That in here I want to read something to You this quote anyone who wants to Thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support the Bolstering of Hamas and transferring Money to Hamas this is part of our

Strategy to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank that was prime minister Netanyahu In 2019 the White House is extremely Worried about another front opening up In the war you know the other thing that I think is important to note is Settlers It's not just deadly clashes they're Trying like you noted they're trying to Drive Palestinians from their Communities the president has said you Know they had an agreement that they're Allowed to be there this is not okay um And then I I think there's a lot of fear That it's just going to pull more Resources away from the military Campaign in Gaza if they can't get a Handle on the West Bank they've Restricted movement and they're worried About the risk of you know an uprising In the territory or low and wolf attacks Or other forms of violence right and and And Jackie this isn't just about what's Best for the Palestinians and the West F This is what's best for Israel right now You've got the Biden Administration very Nervous not only about what's happening In Gaza what's happening in their Efforts to root out Hamas they're Worried about Hezbollah in the north and So you've already got the possibility of A two-front war now because of the Extremism in the West Bank they're Having to worry about a three front war

And a war breaking out in the West Bank At the same time Israel doesn't have the Ability to do that and yet Netanyahu and This is something Tom see the way he Said Netanyahu there it really Netanyahu the Netanyahu let's play it Again here doesn't have the ability to Do that and yet Netanyahu and this is Something Tom fredman explained I Thought brilliantly in the New York Times piece this week uh Netanyahu just Keeps feeding the extremists and what is That doing that's creating a third front That Israel is incapable of fighting Right now you're exactly right this Isn't just about Israel anymore this is About the broader Geopolitical um factions at play which Is what makes this conflict such a Priority and so important for the Administration but um gas me and I were Just talking before this and I would Love to hear a little bit more about Your reporting about sort of some of the Pivot Points that Biden missed Diplomatically along the way here that Could have potentially allayed or Prevented or at least allayed Some of what we've seen so far that that You covered in in your latest piece yeah I'm glad you brought it up Jackie I mean There were a number of trump Administration policies that sort of Threw fuel on the fire in terms of the

West Bank settler movement so Mike Pompeo the former secretary of state had Reversed a long-standing US policy that Said West Bank settlements were illegal And he reversed that and said they were Not necessarily illegal um he also uh Implemented a policy a product made in West Bank occupied territories have to Be labeled as such and he reversed that To say they could just be labeled as Made in Israel uh the Biden Administration hasn't reversed these Policies so you know experts have noted There are some fairly simple you know Bureaucratic policy moves the Administration could take that would Signal more seriously that they want This problem addressed um that hasn't Happened I don't know if there are plans To address them right now we just know These private and public conversations And statements but I think we've seen Through the course of this conflict is Is is not really listening to us Warnings um and urgings to change course Or to try to limit civilian casualties So I mean I think this is a a real Challenge for the administration right Now so um it's clear that Israel is just Ignoring all of this right and all the Problems that Jewish people are having In America because of this and then all Of the rest of it and the Administration's plight and Joe Biden's

Plight and the democratics Democrats Plight and it's because what I said my Other video they're desperate this is Their last chance and n netanyahu's on The ropes apparently remember he lost he Was out of power for a little bit and Then somehow got back into power and so Um they have you know the extreme Rightwing people and then there are People who are more compassionate Towards the Palestinians there and the Whole thing and the extremists and the Neocons this is their last chance for War with Iran and all the rest of these Things they want to do Jonathan I would Guess the last thing that any Administration would do right after the Heinous attacks of October 7th would Change those those policies there's no Doubt though I'm talking about in the Immediate after I of it right but There's no doubt I mean just based on Your reporting based on on on what else We've heard the Biden Administration you know may have let Netanyahu bear hogging uh but they're Done like they're they're planning for a Future without Netanyahu and they Believe it may come sooner rather than Later and with that all the things Yas Mean's talking about all these these Trump Administration policies that that Just added fuel to the fire you've got To believe they're going to be reversed

Yeah they'll be Revisited down the road And to be clear the White House and the President standing with Benjamin right Now in this moment during this initial Phase of the operation against Hamas and The president has been very clear about That but there are two things also going On one by drawing in nyaho so closely That's also given the president his Aid Say some freedom to be able to Tri him When needed to try to say this the US Needs X Y or z uh in part because the President has such roal popularity in Israel right now but they are they are They do believe they can see the polls They see nyah's weaknesses a sense Whether it's a matter of weeks or months He won't be in that position much longer And the US is trying to get the lay of The land uh you know to see what would Come next and as for the pause I mean They're certainly glad the pauses have Increased you know um like I said this Is their opportunity Israel's last Opportunity to grab all this land and to Dominate the region but then there was Something Trump said that was pretty Heus Israel and the Palestinians fight Each other and stand back take a look at This how can the US Stop The Killing of More innocent people civilians on both Sides of that war so you have a war That's going on and you're probably Going to have to let this play out there

Is no hatred like the Palestinian hatred Of Israel and Jewish people and probably The other way around also I don't know You know it's not as obvious but Probably that's it too it's totally Obvious I mean they're taking these People's country they're going in there And they have Systematically taking Palestine and turn It into Israel I mean that's what's Happened and you know the Palestinians Aren't digging it and the Israelis are Going to take more they're just going to Take it until it's all gone and so Trump Is just such a POS he just sucks so bad And for him to say well we just got to Let him work it out yeah well you know There's only one country with an army Like they're not going to work it out Israel's going to slaughter the Palestinians then so sometimes you have To let things play out and you have to See where it where it ends Jackie it's just the exact opposite of What Joe Biden what what his foreign Policy team what secretary blinkin what Jake Sullivan uh what what uh what Everybody is doing General Austin all of Them secretary Austin uh all working Around the clock trying to diffuse this Donald Trump says well both sides really Hate each other a lot we should just Stand back let him fight it out see what Happens Trump has really struggled to

Articulate any sort of coherent view on Israel other than um he hates he hates Netanyahu because Netanyahu although That is not to consistent or coherent I Mean Trump and Netanyahu were were best Friends during the Trump Administration And and this is in part I think how We've seen Netanyahu accumulate such Power over the past you know eight years Um and and he really turned a blind eye To a lot of the sort of the extremist Bad behavior that was being exhibited by Um the right Wing Israeli government and Trump really empowered that at the same Time domestically Trump has really Vacillated especially in in his rhetoric You know he's had a track record of Embracing um anti-semitic statements Elevating anti-semitic voices throughout The administration while also trying to Sort of bear hug the issue CLA you know Pointing to Ivanka as sort of this totem Of you know why he married a Jew exactly At the at the same time he's angry at Jewish voters and he said it because Enough didn't vote for him and um said Some anti-semitic comments about that And and of course um talking about Hezbollah being brilliant this sums up Trump in a nutshell because I mean this Is Trump trump being Trump he loved Bey Because Bey worshiped Trump like Bey was Just slather all over Trump because Bey Figured out all he had to do with Trump

Was compliment him and say how great he Was and there was the Jared Kushner Thing and Trump was handled by Israel Trump's handlers were big Banks Wall Street and Israel those were the people That loved Trump the most and Bey even Said there was never a president that Was better to Israel than Trump was and So when Biden Won Bey had to do what Bey had to do Which was Embrace Biden and Trump felt Hurt by this because that's how Trump is Like he didn't respect you know that This was bey's only choice I mean was to You know Politically and so Trump who had uh you Know who had bowed before Israel so much And given them everything and agreed With everything and all these things was Now in a situation where he was pissed Off at Bey for you know not denouncing The election results right um Bey was Hesitant in the beginning to Uh embrace you know Biden as the President-elect but once it happened he Had to do it and Trump didn't get as Many Jewish votes as he wanted and you Know New York and all these things kind Of turned on him and so Trump has these Mixed feelings right he wants to be all Supportive of Israel and all these Things but he feels like Bey portrayed Him so it's just 100% Trump because it's All about for Trump people saying they

Love him right and when you when you say That but even if you say that he'll Still turn on you and throw you under The bus and then he did this really Stupid thing here they've released the Genie out of the box you understand that They've done something that nobody Thought would happen they've done Indictments in order to win an election They call it Weaponization and the people aren't Going to stand for it but yeah they have Done something that allows the next Party I mean if somebody if I happen to Be president and I see somebody who's Doing well and beating me very badly I Say go down and indict them mostly what That would be you know they would be out Of business they'd be out they'd be out Of the election and so morning Joe set In on this but then every other CNN and MSNBC show set in on this they've been Talking about it all day because it's Just Trump being ridiculous first he Looks horrible he looks old he looks Kind of frail and he's wearing down and They're just going after him he's going To be whatever life energy he's got left Him is going to be sucked out by this Whole thing And he's brought all this on himself Right and him saying this you know Biden's doing this and all presidents do This to some extent but you can't say it

Out loud you can't say you're going to Do that you can't because there's Supposed to be separation between the Justice department and the um President's office the Attorney General Is not supposed to take orders from the President and of course they do but it's Not supposed to be out there And so Trump isn't supposed to say this He did you know then they go in and talk About how Joe Biden has had separation Between him and the AG of course he Didn't because Hunter Biden would be in Jail and Joe Biden might be as well Remember that all got dropped that all Stuff with the hunter Biden stuff just Disappeared maybe they're going to bring It back up during the election who knows But this is all a mess and Trump just I Mean he's he's done it's over for Trump Like he's you can tell he's kind of Given up You know I've talked over an over about How the Democratic party and the Left-leaning Media has nothing right they've centered Their existence around Trump most of the Things they're doing are unpopular most Of their agenda most of their policies Most of their like uh their orientation To the to world and to America and to The you know the social structure of Things But the Republican party has also

Collapsed right and it has to do with um The fact that they've had a candidate They're passionate about and the Democrats really haven't had that they Had a little bit with Obama I guess to Some extent but Obama Obama wasn't a Screaming liberal right the two parties Have extreme side extreme left and Extreme right and there's never been a Real extreme left candidate There was Bernie Sanders but he had no Chance of winning and so the Republicans Have had passion now like they've had a Taste of something more with Trump that They believe in even though Trump sucks They you know it's hard for them to go Back to a Chris Christie or you know a Nikki Hy or whoever it is and the Republican candidates suck right and so You take Trump out of the equation and There's no passion and it's a party That's failed in various levels and Pissed people off of course there's the Idea of Republicans a name only you know It's hard to believe in politicians I Mean it's been hard to believe in Politicians for years but you know now It's much worse because people are more Passionate they're more outraged they're More cemented in their beliefs and all The rest of these things and the Republican party and these people going In for Israel I mean people are more Awake and more aware and you know what I

Was saying in my last video about the Truth or narratives getting out there Like people doing their own research and You know you have an alternative now and You have alternative narratives and There are lots of people who just want Everything to go back to the way it was Where they could stick their heads in The sand but there is now an impassioned And you know an awake uh you know Whatever that even means for each Individual person but people who are More aware and more interested and more You know are more uh Curious and things Like this and what I saying before about These um candidates you know they need The truth Community like the truth Community now is a a viable demographic And Kennedy knew this right at least That's what it seemed like and he was Going after the truth Community because Not only are truthers uh you know Passionate and you know energized but Also they have a way of expressing Themselves on the internet that other People aren't as Adept at and so that Group of people would be a you know Powerful demographic to obtain in an Election situation again the elections Are rigged or whatever but you know they Have to be able to make it look Realistic and someone like Kennedy would Need some sort of Outsider support to You know do what he was trying to do and

That's why he's I mean him failing the Way he has and pissing everyone off in The truth community and you know after Like courting the truth Community it's Just you again egregious but the Divisions are now palpable right and Israel is about to lose its only friend I mean you know I don't know how far America will go and you know all these Politicians are are bought and paid for In different ways I mean it's going to Be interesting and how far they're Willing to push this but Nikki haly was Talking about basically war with Iran And there are people out there that Would back that and so you know there is A pathway to World War III here and I Believe there's a Divine correction in Place here here because the system has You know like I was saying in my other Video today when you see how depraved People are especially the younger Generation who are are so without the Ability to do anything I mean they you Know they're too messed up and too Broken to live and you know function in The world and just have regular kid jobs And things like this and take Responsibility and you know all these Things and that's the you know that's The biggest side of an apocalypse when The coming generation isn't up to the Task you know but it just keeps on Getting Messier and Messier so someone

Left a series of comments about the Bible and one of which the person said Saying God is love that's just one Aspect of God and God is a more complex Being and the person misunderstood what I was saying because thinking of God as A man thinking of God as some sort of an Ego or a Consciousness or somebody with Feelings ings and opinions and things Like this is incorrect and when you do That when you start thinking about God This way you are doing the one thing That these religions Judaism and Christianity were supposed to be about Supposed to be against which was Polytheism they supposed to have this Idea of one God and one God a universal God has to be without ego without Separation it has to be in everybody it Has to be a part of everything And that God can't say I am there's no I In God there's no Individuality God is everything or There's going to be multifaceted Gods Right and so when you start talking About God the way that religions do as a Person with a personality and feelings And emotions and you know thoughts and Desires and preferences then that's no Longer Divinity because all those things Separate you from other things all those Things are subjective and God can only Be objective so that's why God is simple God is the essence of love and the

Essence of love which is you can feel in Your heart is the construct the basic Building blocks of everything else and So God's nature is something else it's Not a Consciousness now there are beings Divine beings who work for God and they Have personalities and they have you Know individuality to whatever extent I Mean lesser so and they're more devoted And more you know the higher you go the More disciplined you are about adhering To God's plan and God's will but what People are doing when they hear what I'm Saying here is a desperate attempt to Cling on to something that it needs to Be you know evolved from and if they Can't evolve from it it's fine I'm not Pushing them there's plenty of places You can go and listen to other people Talk about how great the Bible is but in Reality the way that God is presented in These religions is remedial it's you Know introductory it's for you know First timers and young people and you Know it's just an introductory to the Idea of God but then as you move forward On your evolutionary path there is you Know God Becomes um you know less about something That you know like thinking about oh I Know people and I know this and I know You know and something beyond your Capability of understanding a being Who's unlike you know any creature

That's here on this planet right Something that's beyond the physical Manifestations of life that we see here Which is physical life and you Anthropomorphized idea of God as a human Being right God is not that God is Something else like a you know an Essence of something that's alive but Also not individual that's you know Flows through all of us that's energetic But also was more simple than more uh More subtle than energy right more Subtle than Than power more subtle than air and Oxygen and things like this but still Has a you know a flow on an eoric level There's etheric beings in our souls Which we have which are you know alive And have Consciousness and have you know Have um in one way or another are Animated but they don't have physical Form it's hard for us to understand that Right and you know people who can't even Think about that those terms they need Something sof and that's what these Religions were for until they got Corrupted and have become power Organizations about something else and If you can't you know accept that Possibility then you're just stuck where You are which is fine but I don't know Why you're here listening to these Videos because there are plenty of Places where people are stalk in in

Remedial land that are available for People to go to but you know people were Aspiring aspiring aspiring for something Higher than you know this channel is Like a a 101 of the idea of entering Into spiritual life where you're forming And and cultivating a relationship with The Divinity within you anyways I'm Going to wrap this thing up here only Spirituality will save this world it's Pano definitely poting from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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