Dems still doing this ridiculous dark brandon meme

Dems still doing this ridiculous dark brandon meme

Fake news dark Brandon Rising fake News Network so this is the new dark Brandon There's this Meme here but look how Clueless he looks this was this was put Out by Huffington Post because a bunch Of Alzheimer's deniers right Hunter Biden deniers who somehow rearranged Reality to make Jojo Magoo okay took the Let's go Brandon thing meme And turned it into a dark Brandon where This dark Brandon was supposed to be Savage they'd go after people and just Annihilate him with his Savage wit no I Mean this is serious it's a real thing And this one and they put together this Meme and he looks so clueless right with His mouth open I mean he's just like He's just they couldn't get a better Picture and now here's this other meme It's embarrassing just like the trumpers Are embarrassing the whole thing it's Embarrassment to humanity

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