Dementia gate Biden Doesn’t know he’s the Joke he ‘did the GOODEST job he could do’

Dementia gate Biden Doesn't know he's the Joke he 'did the GOODEST job he could do'

Okay so this is a pre-introduction Um today's Monday July 8th in the Morning I made a I had a bunch of Great Clips from yesterday hilarious stuff From JoJo MCU including a clip from the Interview that I somehow missed or they Didn't show it where he said if I just Do my Goodest and you know I woke up this Morning I was thinking about this in a Humorous Way Joe Biden is now the but of The joke right he's the joke that he Doesn't understand and doesn't get and We have Michael Moore that I'm going to Show today later on I'm uh talking about How this is elder abuse something that My wife has said for years now you know Where he is completely gone and you know Out of touch with reality and everybody But his inner circle sees that he's got To Go but his inner circle and him are Putting their heels sticking their heels In the ground and they're not going and Like he's become a joke and everything He does he thinks he's rocking it you Know after the debate he thought he did Okay he thought he did pretty good he Said to a person in Waffle House right And so he's you know in in one of those Situations where everybody's laughing And he doesn't know they're laughing at Him and not with him and so he's the Butt of the joke and Trump and everybody

Else I mean on the Republican side are You know celebrating his sticking around The longer he sticks around the worse he Screws the party and he might not leave At all he might not leave and they They're going to be stuck with this guy Which would be hilarious we'll see how It goes but I don't think he's stepping Down I don't know what it's going to Take but he's not looking looking at any Feedback he's completely insulated by His people around him who are Hellbound B on him you know they don't care if They do a Weekend at Bernie's things With him he's you know they're going to Run this Mfer because you know once he steps down They're out of power and they don't Really want comma so it's just a a Wonderful thing that's happened all Right so I got to go grab some more Video clips today and then edit this Thing it it'll probably be up on uh Tuesday July 9th um but you'll you know You'll know that when it comes out but It's hilarious like it's it's becoming Comical and he's nowhere near close to Stepping down greetings brothers and Sisters Sunday July 7th 2024 today is my 60th birthday please do not say happy Birthday that's not why I'm saying That it's going to be whatever probably The 9th the e8th or 9th when you listen To this probably the 9th uh the video so

It'll be passed and you know I've Already forgotten about it um just want To say a little bit about that though Since it's you know I haven't been aware Of my age like I'm I'm not sure what how Old I am since I turned you know Sometime in my 40s and it got worse in My 50s where I just wasn't aware of how Old I was exactly I knew like within a Year or two I'd have to do the math but Last year I realized I was going to be 60 this year you know my 50th birthday Was I don't even remember it like I you Know there was it was Nonexistent my family was going through A crisis I was going through a divorce You know some part of that in 200 and 14 And we were in India um and I just don't like remember It maybe we weren't in India I don't Know I'm not sure where we were the Summer of 2014 probably in India but Maybe not maybe camping but either way There was nothing you know there's no Significant memory and I didn't think Much about it you know 50 is a big year My birthdays have been usually Disappointing it started when I was a Kid and you know I've s since learned That I don't think of it as a special Day right thinking about as a special Day is an issue um because whenever you Think you're going to have a special day The chances of you being disappointed

Usually holidays or Super Bowls or you Know various things that you put Emphasis on as being better than other Days the chances are it's not going to Be Right sometimes it's even going to be Worse and your mood the way that you Feel you know some of it you can Manipulate by expectation or or you know Whatever it is by by um wishful thinking But you know some days you just wake up Tired you wake up grumpy you know it's Just the energy is not there you get a Headache you know these things right Some of these things are out of your Control and so what I've learned is that There's not really special days you know Whether they're the special days the Good days I mean they all could be Called special days but then they're not Special but the good days that stand out Just happen the bad days they just Happen and so so you never know when Those days are going to happen you know I realized this when I was playing Sports you know some days you're just Feel connected you're really you know in The zone it's one of the things I'm Really grateful for in terms of doing These videos because as soon as I pick Up the microphone I get in the zone I Can be tired I can feel discombobulated You know I can feel you know whatever it Is right but anyways you know back to my

Birthday so as a little kid there's the First one I think that stands out was When I was seven I got Chickenpox and my dad who was kind of a Cheap f um decided to build a f make a Family pool which was just some round Above ground pool you know those small Little round above ground pools this is Back in the 70s right so this was 1971 Or Two um I think I guess 1971 and maybe 72 I don't know I don't Know how it Works I was born in 64 for so um you Don't tell me I don't care I'm kind of Well I woke up a little bit earlyer Today and so they um decided to give me A pool for my birthday but I got Chickenpox and they put in a fence cuz They were paranoid some kid was going to Get in climb into our above ground pool And drowned even though it was only four Feet Deep and our next door neighbors that When there was a fence on one side and a Teenage girl like they didn't have any Little kids and then the next St Neighbors the cronins they were big Irish family but the it was just the mom And the dad and they one of their like Adult daughters it was probably in her 40s and once in a while their grandkids Would come over but it was you know it Just no one was going to drown in there

My my parents put in this big fence and My dad was you know freaking out about How expensive it was I had no idea why We put it in the fence and it turned out We we got a they got a pool for me for My birthday and nothing else like I had No other presents And I had the chickenpox so it kind of Sucked I remember s sitting on the like My family all went to swim in the pool You know was like a a small little I Mean you know I big giant hot tub Basically and I remember sitting on the Side of it feeling like bummed out right Like my birthday sucked there are a few Other things that stand out like they They gave they did those candles that um You know I had some kind of birthday Party with kids over they did those Candles and you blow them out um they Relight And I think they let it go go on too Long like I was probably I was maybe Even younger than that I was like five Or six and they let it go on way too Long like I kept on trying to blow out The candles and they were like they were Encouraging me to do it and I didn't Know the better these things so like I Remember that I remember one time they Asked me what I wanted for a cake and I Said anything but Strawberry Shortcake And they gave me Strawberry Shortcake And they had this habit of getting me

The wrong thing like you know if I Wanted like Leo they would get me a Different brand or something or you know Just not listening to me and I remember Feeling bummed out a lot my birthday was A kid you know some of them stand out Some of them don't and that sort of Continued into my adulthood like it Would be especially when I wasn't doing Very well when I didn't have any goals And you know your birthday is what you Know what it's really good for I mean It's for other people to celebrate right People celebrate your birth you don't Celebrate your own birth like people you Know misunderstand this it's for other People to celebrate people who are Grateful for your birth you know it's That's the meditation that I do people Celebrating the masters of the the Meditation system you know like you Would celebrate Jesus or krishna's birth Or some great Soul or Saint or somebody That's you know done a lot for you in Some way someone you're grateful for That they've been born right someone You're you you're happy that that person Was born you feel blessed that you got To know this person so like to think About it as a day for you Is the wrong way to go about it other Than that it's a it's a measuring stick Right because it's marks um your entry Into this world and every year there's

Significant development and you kind of Reflect back on you know this year where You are and it's like a you know a point Of you you know it's like you're Returning to the starting date right um So that's where your birthday has value Like the only birth the only value Really has in terms of a measuring stick And reminding you these you know it's a Way of gauging your success or where you Are in life and so when you're doing Really poorly your birthday is a Reminder that you haven't accomplished Anything the past Year you know you haven't done anything And so you know that's where it's what It's good for my ex was brutal on my Birthday she would pretend to try to Make it happen and then like try to Provoke me in some way in some passive Aggressive way and fail and then make it About herself because that's how she was And sometimes I would feel like Resentful uh because like I did things To make everybody's birthday good and You know my kids were kind of oblivious And this thing and my ex you know just Sucked about then you know I thought About it and I'm like well I'm not big Into presents if a present is something That I need you know something that I'm Going to use then great like if I'm Missing something in my life but it's Hard for me to think about like what do

You want for your birthday like when as A kid with toys and then after that like I don't know right it's like a chore and You know it's it's a difficult thing for Other people and you know I don't like Accumulating I don't like presents that I'm not going to use like I don't like Stuff that's just you know I don't like The whole opening the packages I don't Like a whole you know being the center Of attention don't like parties you know Especially like you know some sort of Surprise birthday party you know I I More than likely would want to just be Kind of on my own or whatever it is so I Realize like I'm a difficult person to Give a good birthday to because you know There's there's nothing that I can think Of I want to do something you know Whatever it is right and right now I'm The happiest most content that I've ever Been right I'm very happy with my wife You know building a homestead and you Know the work I do here and so like Taking a day off like I like doing what I do every day right you know I you I Look forward to having things to Accomplish or whatever it is that's why I'm you know working on a video today But anyways to wrap this one up so I Didn't think much about the 50th Birthday but this one is you know like I Always thought of 60 was being Old and fortunately for me I have had a

Sort of Rejuvenation when I'm doing Exercise I'm like you know my one Shoulder is kind of hurt which you know There's always something that's hurt When you're older but I'm able to you Know I've turned the clock back like I'm Better now physically than I was when I Turned 50 of course that was a downtime That was the beginning of sort of you Know because of the divorce and being in India just the stress And just you know the end of a a long You know if you guys have listened to my Journey series know what I'm talking About but anyways I um you know I've Turned the clock back at least 10 years To where I'm like in really good shape Now like I'm you know I after I had Covid I've worked to take supplements And do all these things and I've um Anyways but either way 60 years old like There's no getting around it right CU in 20 years I'll be 80 right 30 years I'll Be 90 if you know my family my my uh Parents all parents and grandparents Lived into their '90s you know early '90s one lived to 99 but you know like Those are not great Years you know no one looks forward to Their die days Right and so um you know I remember my Grandmother who lived at 100 she fell Down and broke her hip you know she was In her 80s and know like just fell you

Know it's just how I mean I just Remember them always being old when they Were in their 70s right so you know as a Little little kid and she died when I Was in my you know late 20s I think um But anyways you know like I've reached The part where I'm entering the the Olden phase you know I'm getting some Gray hairs and you know I um even though I feel physically better and I've been Sort of rejuvenated I realize that this Is you know a new phase like this is my You know I mean it's you know you're Getting you I've entered into the prayer Preparing for death and leaving whatever I'm going to leave behind in terms of my Contribution to this planet or not or Whatever it is and you know it's just a Different thing um like it like I said 50 didn't mean anything to me and I Wasn't really as distracted at the time But I was like oh my God I'm going to be 60 right like I'm old as right you Know anyway so that's happy Birthday so uh let's get into the other Stuff here oh I forgot to say this um You know you this whole thing about YouTube and Fighting the algorithms my Channel's in An uptick I mean my channel was really Dying and it's doing maybe a little bit Better not as good I needed to but it's On the up uptick right now at least for The time being course it's election year

And I just you know argued with some YouTube Bots but if you can remember to Subscribe resubscribe hit the you know You want notifications Bell button um do Whatever you can leave comments hit you Know likes videos you know all these Things let YouTube know that you value The channel you enjoy the channel and You want to hear about you know be Reminded to watch videos on the channel And things like this I'm getting Comments every video now I mean multiple Comments here's one that I did a Screenshot I forgot all about you until You showed back up today on my homepage Here and I've been subscribed for Years Also I'm always on YouTube and then uh Somebody underneath said same in three Or 4 Hour video to boot um which a Exclamation point I guess the person's Happy about the longer video but you Know bookmarking the channel remind Putting it you know leaving it up on my Channel any channel you have to do that Now because you're not going to get Notified especially somebody puts out a Lot of content YouTube you know finds a Way to I mean HT people that are putting Out lots of content even though it helps Their platform because people can't keep Up with the content so YouTube thinks You've lost interest in the channel plus They're already hiding certain kinds of Channels anyway like mine the point is

You got to do what you got to do to make Sure you're receiving content here or Connecting with the channel because Shadow Banning is real all right let's Get into the other stuff here so abtc Let me use a large portion of their Video uh the interview which was Surprising I woke up today I uploaded The video last late last night and I Made it public and I was surprised Because I you know the video the Interview was so great maybe in some Ways better than the debate it's clearly An old Boop moment for the the Democrats Because you know they can make any kind Of excuse for the debate and some of the Debate was out of Joe Biden's control And they were saying he had a bad night But after the interview which they could Control so much of it right so the Debate they kind of knew the questions He was going to be asked and the answers That Trump was going to give because Trump has been talking his talking Points on his you know in his speeches Like I I I knew the answers that both of Them were going to give To the various issues and I barely watch Either of them I knew the talking points And I knew how they were going to rebut Those talking points and so he failed Epically you know they prepared him but He just wasn't prepared but for the TV Interview he had one subject and is that

As you are you cile is this episodic or Is this just you know a oneoff right Which we all know it isn't so just show Everybody that you're up to the job and Answer these questions and these are the Questions that you're going to get and You have to answer them and you can't Answer them politically by dismissing Them and talking about your Accomplishments of what you did three Years ago no that's not for the past Three years you have to address what People are worried about right now is Your cognitive abilities and he failed Epically if you seen the video when Asked if he would take a cognitive test He said no I take one every day when I Do my job and that's not what you know Sanjay Gupta and other are calling for Him to have a Cognitive test he implied that the media And certain people are trying to push Him out of his office even though he was Mentally competent which isn't happening He was talking about they and them and You know the people that you know those That you know the them they're pushing Me out well who is them right who is They you know who are they who are you Talking about the media I mean some of It was the media but the Republican Establish the Democratic establishment Has been behind him he talked about you Know he couldn't accept that he was

Losing to Trump right now and the American people have lost faith in him And right now if the election was H Today he thinks it's a tossup and he Would get slaughtered especially in the Swing States it would be over and so he Was in complete denial and almost seemed Puzzled by the questions like no one Even told him that this is what people Were thinking and these were the Questions that were coming and he Handled it in the worst possible way by Just saying that everybody talking about This is crazy he's obviously a fit as a Fiddle and that no one should worry About it 80y 80y old 81y old man who has Shown signs of dementia for the past 5 Years having a really horrible debate Like the worst debate in history Embarrassingly so like you know almost As bad as fedman and fedman had Literally just come off a stroke so There was a bigger excuse and so he Failed and the Democrats who are Spinning and some of them are you know The ones that are behind him and he's Obset in about not even considering Stepping down unless God himself tells Him to do so and so it was Bad it was really bad right it was a you Know horrible debate and we all know now That the Democratic establishment that Isn't his handlers his direct support Team all want to get rid of this guy

They know they have to get rid of him Not just in terms of whether he can be Trump or not but he's going to melt out It's like this is you know he can't be President and they should get rid of him Right now as president like he can't do The job and they all know that right and They have no way to do that right They're they're not want to be the ones That tell him to do this he's so Oblivious he's so in denial they don't Have a legitimate replacement K is a Nightmare in herself you know in her own With her own uh you know personality Problems and likability issues and all Of those things they don't have somebody That can step in and you know it's going To be messy you know I believe that they Maybe have known this for a while and Have been looking for a way to dump this Guy and they don't know how to do it Which makes this is the best Presidential election and best Democratic invention of all time I don't Think Biden is stepping down I don't Think there's anything to do they can do To make him step down and so it's just Going to get worse like and then the People are just going to it's just bad Right at some point they're going to Have to get behind him and then they're All you know what I mean it's a Disaster I mean you know Trump is is Very unelectable in various ways and

People have made a decision about Trump And he's so polarizing and he gets out The vote both for himself and for for The his you know for his opponent um and You know whatever that is and however Legitimate the elections is and you know Whether they want Trump or not I think They do I think they want I think the Powers that be want a second Trump term But either way it's the election went From something where let's not do this Again to oh yeah this is much better the Second time around it's really Entertaining so let's go to some of These clips here okay so let's start Here this is short video entitled Biden Stops at Waffle House it's hard to Debate a Liar Mr I think we did well concerns you Didn't do well it was a disaster you're So clueless about it like this was his Interview not the debate so I'm editing Here right and it is the debate so this Is he came in after the debate went to Waffle House and he said he thinks he Did pretty well like he doesn't know how Badly he did right and so this is his Break from Reality so some kind of um it's Waffle House music voice your performance do You have any concerns about your Performance do you have any concerns About your performance no I it's hard to

Hard to debate a liar it's hard to Debate a liar um So that was his feeling post Debate Um I thought this was after the Interview but it looks like it's after The debate he was saying it was hard to Debate a li he also said this numerous Times during the interview so he thinks That it's Trump's lie Which of course Biden tells as many or More lies than Trump although his lies Often are in line with the official Story you know still like that's his Excuse Right this is a throwback to Biden when He was a younger man there an awful lot Of damn fools in the Congress and the Senate and those who want to get there But uh he's always so smug and just a Complete like reptilian right there There's no way you can legislate against That right But but you think in the long run that The American people are going to put up With their money being being squandered On on all sorts of wild political Notions the question is how long is the American public going to put up with a Small group of men and organizations Determining the political process by Deciding who can run and who can't run But but exactly who's going to decide That um this was during the time where

He was you know shortly after this where He was going to be a known plagiarizer Which will get into that later I think What we need to win is is we all need to We have to support Joe Biden and that's What you gotta do you gotta support Joe Biden the guy who like had a disastrous Debate himself right and I want to Address all the other crazy stuff that Was happening even before this the the We're going to abandon Biden or we're Going to walk away or I'm going to be Uncommitted or that well congratulations If you're congratulations if you're Going to do that Congratulations panicking now after the Debate you were willing to to around With this before all that because we're Going to need all in on this you need All in on this you guys and if you think You're gonna send a message as a Democrat or voting for someone else or Throwing away your vote well guess what The message was in 2000 and that was uh Tanking Gore and that's two terms of Bush and if you thought exactly 2000s You were going to be clever and send a a Message in 2016 and piss your vote away For somebody like Stein exactly pissing Your vote Away by voting who you want to Vote for instead of voting for one of The two candidates that they select for You that you don't like and both are Horrible you're going to piss your vote

Away by voting for somebody outside of Those two candidates then screw you Congratulations well congratulations you Know that that got us Trump so if you Want to do this in 2024 if you want to Play with that kind of a fire you g to Play with that kind of fire gonna really Earn excuse me you're really gonna you Really have to own that kind of a he Sometimes um confuses the word earn with Own earn I think what we need to win so That's fetterman's take on the whole Thing okay so this is kind of what I Wanted to lead with here so this is an Interview that this person Pamela Brown Who's a weekend person you know she's Not on CNN very much because it's a Holiday weekend right and so you know Biden had this interview in which it Wasn't going to be seen or dealt with Until really Monday but you know she gets David Axel Right here who's the kind of the Campaign manager and White House Chiefs Of Staff he was the guy behind Obama uh two wins right he was his Political strategist and he you know was Commenting on debate night and it wasn't Good what he was saying but now he's Just basically calling for Biden to step Down Alto together which we'll get into I'll show you the interview from the Beginning but this person Pamela Brown Showed a clip I saw this morning which

I'll show you after this um this is this Is from later on the afternoon but she Showed this same clip of Biden uh you know this well let me just Show it to you here so he was asked by George stenops about this Prospect of What if you lose to Trump and here's What he said let's Listen and if you stay in and Trump is Elected and everything you're warning About comes to pass how will you feel in January I feel as long as I gave it my All and I did the goodest job as I know I can do That's what this is About yeah I'll comment about the Gaff In a second let's just watch the end of This year this moment we're in right now Do you think Biden is putting country Above Self yeah well this is not what this Moment is about this moment is about What exactly what he descri has Described you know Donald Trump doesn't Believe in rules or laws or Norms or Institutions he's already shown that He's willing to uh he's willing to flout Even the most sacred laws uh the most Sacred Norms of our democracy by trying To overturn a free and fair uh election Uh and you know so there's more at stake Than whether or not Joe Biden feels at The end of the day that he gave it his All if his all is not enough maybe

Someone else can give more because they Have more energy and they have a a Longer runway in the Future okay so I'm get into the whole Democracy is at stake with Trump in a Bit but let's go back to the the clip Itself right Um to Trump and here's what he said Let's Listen and if you stay in and Trump is Elected and everything you're warning About comes to pass how will you feel in January I feel as long as I gave it my All and I did the goodest job as I know I can do That's what this is about so I have to Withdraw My um all the things I've said about Joe Biden being um you know having dementia And being too old clearly he's not too Old because he's a 5-year-old and he's just going to do the Goodest job he could ever do if I just Do the goodest job I can do I do the Goodest he's going to do the goodest do The goodest Jojo I didn't see this in The interview I don't know if they cut This out where I just missed it um but Goodest is a word that 5-year-olds use Maybe six-year-olds you know it's a word That your kids used and you used when You were a kid and you were corrected And said there's no such thing As goodest Joe and so this should tell

You everything you need to know right He's just going to do the goodest job Ever I mean you know you can make gas And you can I I mess up words all the Time this happens when you talk a lot I I've I've said this before You know some of these things are just You know you put a microphone in front Of people like I edit my videos and you Know sometimes I leave a mistake in here Or there and you know there's mistakes You you inevitably make mistakes Sometimes you use the wrong word Sometimes you don't pronounce something Correctly when you talk a lot that's Going to happen but goodest like I Wouldn't say Goodest and if I did I'd be like holy I just said Goodest because that that would concern Me if I said Goodest I feel as long as I gave it my All and I did the goodest job as I know I can do that's what this is About it's not as about that's what the Hokey pokei is all about and so um it's Is Bad and let me go to show you let me Show you the clip from this morning the Same person but CNN is going in hard on Joe B where MSNBC is still going down the middle They're still supporting him bringing in People that support him um but you know

Leaning towards oh we got to get rid of This guy you know he's just I mean as Long as he does the goodest job he could Ever do we'll come back to this Interview because it's important um Starting from the beginning but let me Show you the clip I had from this Morning and I did the goodest jobs I Know I can do and I did the goodest jobs I know I can do and I did the goodest Jobs I know I can do we look at the week Ahead right you just heard um our Le Break down there Alex what President Biden is doing today and in the days Ahead to try to to turn the page right Um from this moment can President Biden's efforts actually turn this Around though well if you're Democrats Is a huge disconnect because they all Feel that it's been too little too late That basically he went through this Thursday debate then really didn't Appear much in public Beyond Teleprompter remarks and didn't even do His first on camera interview for over a Week and now we know that the first two Interviews he actually did with two Black radio hosts in Philadelphia and Milwaukee were sort of staged Affairs Where the white where where the Biden Team basically gave them the questions Ahead of time now before this guy Started talking from axios Pamela Brown Played the clip you know this clip and I

Did the goodest job as I know I can do And you know she played again later on That day so they're going after the guy Right And they talked about this clip this is What the guy um um I forget what that Guy Castro said uh when he was slamming Biden you know the Democratic guy who Worked for Obama in the last video that I made the previous video and so he was Talking about that clip and that you Know you can't be saying that it's a Possibility you go out and Donald Trump Beats you you have to you know lie and Say and guarantee and do these things You know you can't be like well I give It an old College try I do the goodest Job I can do but now they're getting Into how the Obama I mean the Biden Campaign is handling this guy right They're finally saying you know this Questions are scripted like he went he Had a disastrous debate which they Blamed on a cold he went out and had What seemed to be a infomercial type Paid overenthusiastic audience like What's that show um that they're like Over the top Uh the mass singer it was that kind of An audience cheering for Joe Biden like You know they I mean this completely Staged and you know some kind of beatles Thing right where the girls were tearing Their hair out like that kind of level

Of enthusiasm and so they're handling This guy and they've been doing it for a While but now they're finally admitting It which is going to cause problems Later on let's get back to it here Though what you're going to probably see This next week is probably a lot more Dem rats in Congress call for him to Either step aside or sort of insinuate Well it's his idea it's his choice Whatever he wants to do now the thing is That Joe Biden may not care because the Thing you have to understand about Joe Biden and his inner and his inner circle Is they firmly believe it is's a Commandment in Biden world that he is The most electable Democrat against Donald Trump and if you believe that Then that's all that sort of really Matters no even if other people call you To get out if you believe that to your Core why would you get out right and and You heard that and time again from President Biden in this interview with ABC where he said you know multiple Times I will beat him I'm the man for The job uh he was also asked though what If you don't win what if you don't beat Trump right what what how you going to Feel what is that going to do for your Legacy let's take a listen um at that Moment from the ABC inter Rview and if you stay in and Trump is Elected and everything you're warning

About comes to pass how will you feel in January I feel as long as I gave it my All and I did the goodest jobs I know I Can do that's what this is About so did that Inspire confidence Among Democrats that he's aware of the Stake so long uh no no I mean it in fact It prompted anxiety amongst many Democrats I talked to as well as Democratic donors as well as just even Voters talking to them over the past Couple days way to bring back the tit Toop fade so before that she said this Again they're going in hard on him Inside politics Sunday on Brown and for Manu Raju okay raise your hand if you Know who Manu Raju is right because you Don't I mean most of you don't I don't I Kind of maybe do because you know I Cover this stuff but I I kind of don't Like I think I've seen him I'd be like Oh yeah that guy but I don't know who he Is so think about this she's the girl That replaces the guy that you never Freaking heard of heard of so that's Some of the advantage that Biden has With this holiday weekend coming Right after the debate you know people Are distracted by their own lives and Fourth of July and things like this Right and most of the news media is on Some sort of vacation and you have you Know like that guy veli he was pulling Triple Duty he usually works on weekends

So people don't watch the news on the Weekend she's replacing the guy who does The weekend news with a with a epic Political situation here right well this Morning President Biden is set to hit The trail again taking a defiant stance Amid growing calls for members of his Own party to drop out of the race the President's Friday interview with ABC News doing little to calm those nerves And while most members of his party have Not broken with the president publicly There are signs that could change the Top Democrat in the house hakee Jeff is Convening senior Democrats this Afternoon to talk about the president's Future a day before members of Congress Returned to Washington after their home Hol break and the source tell CNN Democratic senator Mark Warner the chair Of the Senate intelligence committee Plans to gather Senators tomorrow to Discuss Biden's reelection bid the White House and campaign team are racing to Regain Democrats shrinking confidence Okay so I want to get back into all These clips I want to show you the ones From MSNBC where they're kind of semi Supporting Joe I mean they brought in People that are supporting him at least Right Joe Joe MCU Mr M like I called him Mr years ago And now like he's showing you what he is Right he's Mr beu and so the first thing

I want to say is that interview was Worse than a debate because you know the Debate was performance oriented but the Interview showed you what his inner World was what his inner reality is Right so when I worked as a counselor And I guess now what the job I do now in Terms of YouTube and then when I worked As a preceptor in you know a volunteer Position in the Saar meditation system And what I do as a meditator when I go Inside and I meditate and do cleaning And you know you see what's inside of You like you as you you know get older You start seeing beliefs you have and You know events that maybe influenced What you have you know your view of the World right if you had you know somebody Cheat on you and you go into another Relationship and you're overly Suspicious because of the the previous Relationship and you realize you have Been damaged in some way because of People cheating on you or betraying and You betraying you and you have trust Issues right those are things that are Inside of you and it your personal lens In which you see the world and it warps Your ability to see reality and so going Inside and figuring out what people are You know all about and what they believe And who they are as a person and with Joe Biden they've been able to kind of Shield you from that because what do

They talk about Trump Trump trump Trump trump and Joe Biden's really talking about himself When he's talking about Trump like I Said my last video he's very similar but We know from this interview that Joe Biden is not watching the same movie as Everybody else that Joe Biden is not Even close to being on the same page He's not acknowledging publicly or in Internally what the American people are Saying he blaming it on they and them Saying that they're trying to get him Out of the race and he's not reality Based on his age you know he's saying All these things about it's going David Axelit is going to get into this as well You know he's saying things about his Job performance not about his cognitive Abilities when he was asked about his Cognitive abilities he talked about all The great things he's done as president Which is debatable but that has nothing To do you know what's debatable whether They were great things or or not but his Performance as president has nothing to Do with his cognitive abilities right He's in complete denial he's hostile About it and he's not willing to look at Any of these any information he's not Willing to get cognitive tests and so Once in a while you sit down and have Like a hard conversation with somebody And part of it is you're engaging

Whether the person has any grasp on what An they are you know like do They understand what's going on are they At least have any Self-awareness are they you know reality Based in what they're seeing and he Clearly isn't right like he doesn't Acknowledge any of these things and we Just saw it when in the Waffle House When asked what kind of performance he Said it was pretty good like it was Considered the worst debate performance In history and it you know cemented in So many people's minds that this guy has Dementia but aside from his Dementia or You know I guess it's part of it his Ability to perceive reality is Completely warped and he has no idea how Bad this thing is he has no idea what People are feeling or thinking and you Know people are freaking out like the Democrats are freaking out over this as Well as the news media the other thing I Wanted to say is you know I've given two Possibilities in my other videos one is That they did their best to prepare this Guy but he's too far gone and you know They just um they didn't want to see it Go this way but they couldn't help it or That they rolled him out there just so He could perform badly so they could get Rid of him because they know he's not up To the task but there's a third Possibility for the people who are the

In the O uh the the Biden team and that Is they want you to accept a a scile President that's it's okay that you have A scile president and you know they did This with fedman Federman was not Mentally competent he's not mentally Competent now right fedman was you know He had a Stroke which was precipitated by his Stress at running for the Senate and Then he had the worst debate performance In history up until I guess this thing With Joe Biden maybe it was even worse Because of you know at least you could Say he had a stroke so you know there Was and he was it was for Senate and he Was debating Dr o who sucked right and The Biden team was like they got caught On a like an open mic saying you know I Don't think the debate is going to hurt Us Like they they realized that his Disastrous debate in Pennsylvania didn't Drop him any points in the polls fedman Right but then fedman got sworn in as Senator and or was going to get sworn as Senator but he had a mental breakdown With Su suicidal and he missed like Holidays and kids birthdays and they Were they couldn't believe he was doing This because why aren't you happy that You w and were in the Senate and so he You know he had this breakdown Immediately um was hospitalized and so

You know it was his first weeks on the Job and he was a no-show so it took him Three months to finally be able to do The job he was elected for and he needed All these apparatuses all these devices Because everybody talking to him Confuses them he can't understand people In they're talking talking to him right And so he still has a job and he Shouldn't like he's not competent and so Maybe they're pushing this this scile President on everybody and saying he's Still better than Donald Trump I mean That could be you know at least some Group of people is pushing this idea That maybe Americans will accept that This is okay that you know he's disabled And it's agism to push this poor old guy Out he can still do the job you know Some of the times you know he's not Pooping his Depend and you know drooling On himself and so that's where we are Right now right those are the three Possibilities one they were sabotaging Him because they knew he was too far Gone two they just couldn't help it he Had to do a debate and they rolled him Out here and you know this wasn't Something I mean the media was already Turning on him so it seems a little bit That that that's not the case but this Last possibility that you know they're Actually expecting that you accept this Is you know American people have AC have

Eaten a lot of crap eaten a lot of The last so many years and maybe they're Just like all right maybe they'll eat This too I don't know let's put in front Of them see what they do like Survivor Let's put this you know this dementia Written candidate in front of them see If they eat it right see if they see if They bite on It so let's start here with David Axelrod the the beginning part of that Interview seems to me I have a Choice I have to choose between running For president and doing my job keep the Supreme Court from moving in a direction That I believe to be truly Harmful so that was then Senator Joe Biden dropping out of his first bid for The White House nearly four decades ago And now okay so that was when he Plagiarized right let me show you the Memes I have but um when he admitted to Being dumb and stupid but he got caught Stealing people's life story and saying It was his life story and he did it a Number of times like he got PL got Plagiarizing a number of times and So he was already not going to win like He had no chance of winning he wasn't Even close he ran for president three More times and he lost I mean you know He didn't even get votes like he had to Drop out before even the primaries began But here he was saying you know like he

Was some going to stop the Supreme Court From becoming um Republican oriented and Reverse roie wade back in the 80s right But he was a joke then he was a joke Every time he ran and then he was a joke As a vice president and then all of a Sudden people forgot all about that Stuff especially CNN who ran a headpiece On him which I showed you earlier in uh Video in 2015 when he was going to run Against Hillary and they brought out all Of his you know all of his negatives and There are lots of them but in 2019 they Decided to run this guy even though he's Showing signs of Dementia and he had a bad history of Snoozing groping and sniffing and all These other things right now Biden finds Himself in a new moment that could Define his legacy and joining us now to Discuss the latest developments this Weekend is CNN senior political Commentator and former senior adviser to President Obama David Axelrod David nice To see you so so right after President Biden's interview aired Friday you Posted on X that he is dangerously out Of touch why do you say that dangerously Out of Touch well because uh listening to the Interview he uh seemed to deny where he Is in the race uh he uh and he he seems Not to grasp what is the big concern That people have you know let me just

Say about the president Pam that his Whole life he is over like What's Happening Here is she going in some kind of is she A robot that's gone in some kind of a Trance so David Axelrod is somebody that Carries a lot of weight because in some Ways he was one of Joe Biden's handlers When he was a senior advisor for Obama You know he was Obama's uh strategy guy And one of the key election guys that Obama had And so he was part of that team he's Going to talk about that a little bit Right and so he you know was basically Seeing that this was over he said he was The most mild person remember I covered The debate coverage after the debate and He was the most mild Person uh but he was clear that you know This was over right because they were Looking to people were looking to see if Joe Biden was up to the task and that Debate showed you that he wasn't And it was over voters it's over for the Voters it Ved for the donors right all These people get into that they're all Bailing on him now and this interview Cemented this idea that the guy is not Watching the same movie as everybody Else right they're all seeing it Overcome tremendous uh loss and Tremendous odds I mean you know his Personal loss is well known uh

Extraordinary and horrible he's fought His way back from that he's fought his Way back from political defeats and Against the odds and so his psyche is That he can beat anybody and and any Long odds what he can't beat is Father Time and that's really the concern here Uh so he's thinking that Joe Biden Psyche is that you know I'm always Question his first wife dying I me he Just seems so reptilian and heartless Right Um but whatever you know tragedy or not Uh I mean the guy is just um he's Sliming the Earth right but somehow he's Just stuck around like he came from a Small state he was elected that that was Him at 29 like he had he was bald when He was 29 and somehow now he has more Hair um of course he's got the Keeper mullet but you know the guy um The guy thinks that you you know maybe He's blessed or something like that I Guess he is because he sucks and he's Been a senator for years a vice President now a president it's not about His record every time he's asked about Whether he can do the job until he's Closer to 90 than 80 he says well look At what I did the last four years that's Just not the way it works he can Donald Trump is a uh almost Unprecedently uh precedently a flawed Candidate in so many ways and represents

I do believe as the President says a Real danger to democracy but so I want To say this about you know uh I just Can't let this slip because you know I Want to make this about Biden Trump Sucks and I've talked about why Trump Sucks and you know how he let his Followers down and how his followers are Delusional much like Biden is delusional About his own capacity Trump and Trump's People are delusional about Trump right And you know there's I think all these People have a sense that they're Divinely anointed and they're clearly Not but as much as they want to say Trump is a threat to democracy and like He said that thing about trying to Overturn an election so the Democratic Party um and the media froze out Joe Biden from running against Hillary Clinton right they did a hit piece which I showed you they froze Joe Biden out Like he had a chance he was pulling it Like 16% Hillary at 40 but he was their Biggest challenger but they just decided To pick Hillary and that's not democracy Right and so then she goes to Ron Against Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders has a legitimate chance to beat Um to beat uh to beat her let me switch Over to a voice over here but when ba Obama won 2012 he left the DNC 12 $12 million in Debt which the kind of money that they

Raise isn't a big deal but it was back Then and the DNC they had Dey waserman Schultz who was a nightmare of course She was going to get hacked she you know She got hacked the DNC got hacked Podesta got hacked right and podesta was A guy who wrote a paper for Obama about Cyber security so that shows you what The kind of I mean DeBry watman schz Gets fired PES gets you know whatever he Got and um they were in debt and Hillary Clinton came in and said um I'll bail You guys out but I want the nomination Cuz Hillary already had you know Millions of you know hundreds of Millions of dollars she raised Eventually a billion so she was going to She owned the DNC and the reason we know This is because when Debbie marsam and Schultz got fired they put this woman Donna Brazil in and Donna Brazil wrote a You know book and um she wrote about This very subject and she said that Hillary was getting preferential treat Treatment in the debates she was getting Four knowledge of questions that were Going to be asked they were um pushing The moderators to ask questions that she Wanted and they were rigging the the the Uh the election for her and they were Pushing back against Bernie Sanders and When she found out all of this she wrote To Bernie Sanders and said or she called Him and she said you know you got

Screwed they rigged it against you and His response well was well can she win And she said well she's up in the polls Against Trump which were manipulated we Now know but her you know her crowds Were so unenthused she couldn't get very Many people to turn out to see her and She had very unenthusiastic crowds and So Don and Brazil outed them for rigging The election against Bernie Sanders that Was out and out rigging the election and Democracy right which they're just doing Now when they when they um make the Moderators ask Joe Biden set questions I Talked about this with heartfulness and Dody you know this um meditation that I Do sjar meditation has been hijacked by The current disastrous Master of the System and he gets these people to Interview him and they are asking him Questions that you know he gives them to Ask right that's not journalism as Deceptive they're not asking him the Tough questions and they're not asking Joe Biden The tough questions and even when They're asking him these questions he Still gets the answers wrong you know It's like you've been told the question Beforehand uh for a test at school and You have all this time to study and get The answer right and you memorize the Question and you you know you should Memorize the answer and you still screw

It up and you still fail the test right And that's what's happened with Biden so They rigged it against Bernie Sanders Against Hillary and so this is David Aarod saying Trump is the threat to Democracy but then they ran Joe Biden And Joe Biden was pulling a 20% it Seemed like he was a front runner he was Pulling higher than anybody else but When people were forced to vote because They didn't like any of the candidates They really didn't like kamla because She had to quit and so they show up in New Hampshire and even though Biden's Got the lead in terms of the polls they Don't want to vote for him so they vote For Bernie Sanders and Pete budigig and They come in one and two you know one of Them won one state and the other one was Second in Iowa and New Hampshire and so Biden comes in fourth and fifth Amy Kichar beat him somebody else beat him Elizabeth Warren or somebody and so he's Fourth and fifth right he has the most Money he's the anointed candidate and They don't want Bernie Sanders and so The Democratic party goes into full Panic mode because they know they can't Win with a socialist and Bernie Sanders Has the most enthusiasm so they rig the Election against Bernie Sanders right in Front of everybody on TV they come out Senators are saying we cannot let Bernie Sanders win and so what they did is get

Amy kachar and U Pete boig gig to bow Out Pete buig was already out of money And support Joe Biden well before that They rigged it in South Carolina when This guy um you know that Senator Clyburn comes in and he's he gets Joe Biden a win in South Carolina so that's The third primary so Joe Biden comes Back to life a little bit and kurn says You have to restructure your campaign Like we bailed you out here but you got To restructure your campaign because he Had the no Malarkey campaign right you Know like it's just that's how bad it Was and he had all these gffs and he was Showing signs of senior moments and so They get Pig and globar to withdraw and Uh back Biden and a and um Elizabeth Warren who was running on Bernie Sanders Platform stays in and So Biden wins super Tuesday and because they rigged it Against Bernie Sanders because all you Know the they're moving pieces around The board to screw Bernie Sanders out of A potential win and all these Liberals Are getting pissed off at seeing this The Bernie Sanders uh you know fans but They hate Trump so much they're scared Of trump they're willing to vote for him Anyway and that's how the Democrats win When they you know scare you scare the People about the other guy because the Democrats can never go full liberal they

Have to go moderate and the Liberals Always get pissed off and the Democratic Party has more potential voters but they Have um they're all you know they don't Like each other the different groups That they've compiled together are often You know oppositional so they go into The election with Trump and Co kicks in Because Joe Biden can't campaign because He's got dementia And so they can't roll him out and you Know there's no enthusiasm for him Either and so what they do is they you Know they force a lockdown they pressure Trump to do a lockdown and now Joe Biden Can be hidden away and then they change This rule from um from you know they add All these mailin ballots which ends up Costing Trump the election and so you Know I I'm a little bit um I don't know How I feel about whether it was rigged Or not it certainly didn't play out that Way um you know Trump felt it was rigged But Trump always you know whatever it is And people say Joe Biden uh couldn't Have gotten 80 million votes no he Couldn't but there are people 80 million People that would vote against Trump Right there's no question about it Trump Is the devil to so many people so you Know I don't know exactly what happened In that you know whatever happened at The end of the election but it's clear That there was election rigging and

Anti-democratic behavior by the Democratic party for the last so many Years so to call Trump a threat to Democracy and then Joe Biden um goes to All these social media companies this Came out and I guess it was something Like Mississippi and L Louisiana and They had these court cases that sued Joe Biden um for manipulating social media And he went to these social media Companies and these companies have this Rule this title of what whatever rule That says they can't be sued for liable Or anything else that's posted on their On their platforms and without this rule These companies these social media Giants can't exist without this you know This advantage that they have right this You know this title whatever it is and Joe Biden threatened that title which is You know his people there so he's Running a you know like a dictatorship Where they're trying to um censor social Media this is all the stuff that's Affecting us all here in the the truth Community so to say that that Trump is The one that's a threat to democracy and I'm not saying Trump isn't but Joe Biden Is equally as bad or Worse right and the Democratic part is the one that you know The people behind the The Throne the Power of the throne who are pushing this Agenda are you know behind Biden and so You know it's I mean completely it's a

Complete lie here okay so um let's get Back to this interview here calls for The Democrat has for Biden to drop out Increase smeir Kish Biden dropping out Has increased feeling of um I don't know Where it goes with that but they are Pushing for this now right like this is It's over for him but he might not go Like that's the next phase but let's get Back into this Year uh the one person that no one can Outrun is Father time you know uh Tom Tom Brady won a Super Bowl three years Ago and he's out of football okay why Uh doesn't doesn't detract from his Greatness or what he's done uh it's just There are certain immutable Facts of Life and those were painfully obvious on That debate stage and the president just Doesn't seem to come to he hasn't come To grips with it uh he's not winning This race he has dementia see they don't Want us use the dword you know this is Dementia gate right and they don't want To use the dword but he has dementia Because you know some of it is he's in Denial he's you know he's a personality And the way he is he's a evil you know He's he's like Trump right he doesn't Listen anybody else very arrogant very Myopic he's not somebody with any mental Flexibility neither one of them looks Inside and is Self-reflective and try to better

Themselves right they're not looking to For self-improvement this is why Trump And Biden are so much alike because they Don't look for um you know to better Themselves they look to manipulate the Circumstance around them and force People to adhere to their world view That you know okay Mr Trump like he was A billionaire they look for people to Kiss their ass and tell them how great They are and not um you know they're not Looking at their life and saying oh this Is something I have to change inside Myself right you know something I've Learned from meditating is if I feel Anger or hatred that's mine you know That's the hatred inside of me the anger Inside of me or whatever the feelings Are and then I have to remove it like if I find something in my system you know I'm having thoughts about this or that That you know aren't the kind of person I want to be and so when you meditate And you especially when you do the sjar Meditation that I do you know Gratefulness meditation you have to you Know look at yourself and improve your Character and you get rid of the things You don't want you have to take a hard Look at what's inside of you and neither Of these guys do that right and most of These people don't most of these Politicians they're just on the you know They're just um they're just they're

Better at it Right he's more likely if you just look At the data and talk to people around The country uh political people around The country it's more likely that he'll Uh lose by a landslide than win narrowly This race and if the stakes are as large As he says and I believe they are then He really needs to consider what he what The right thing to do here that's Interesting that's a big statement like I'm not looking at the political numbers But he's saying he might he might lose By a landslide more than he'd have a Chance of winning it's more likely that He's going to get crushed I mean right Now of course things could change and They could set Trump up we don't know How this is going to play out um but Like you know you could have a scile President who's completely cut off from Reality like that's what they're saying Here and he has to be handled so much That he is not running the country Because he can't interesting because you Mentioned um you know the fact that There's nothing you can do about age it Only goes in One Direction Right looks Biden on potential loss to Trump I feel As long as I gave it my all dot dot dot You mean do my goodest you guys got rid Of do my goodest you didn't want to Write here the full quote do my goodest Right because you know you're still

Protecting the guy you know he said he Wanted to do his goodest if he did his Goodest he would win like that you know Right and what this comes down to is Public perception as well and a lot of People bring up well Trump is only a few Years behind Biden but when you look at The public perception in the polls 42% of those polls said that Trump would Be too old for office 7 and you know That's democracy right there there I Mean polls are you know elections are Polls like they're just people voting in A a pole-like situation they call him Polls right and so if the majority of People think he's too old to do the job Job why aren't the Democrats and you Know Congress and the Republicans and The Senate and then Congress trying to Move to get rid of the guy right like He's too old he has dementia there's Protocols that can you know the 25th Amendment or whatever or they could just Pressure him to leave but you know this Needs to be said they should just come Out and say it right like you guys won't Even say it that the guy's too freaking Old he has dementia like he's saying Father time yeah he's he's gone and he Can't he can't do the job anymore 4% 74% said that about Biden and you Have to wonder we played that clip of um When Joe Biden when he was you know then Senator dropped out of the presidential

Race in 1987 I speaking to Evan alsos That Biden biographer and recently and He said you know he was pushed out of Politics then he's not going to be Pushed out of politics he wasn't pushed Out of politics he Plagiarized like he plagiarized right he Had a scandal back then that was a big Deal like now yeah of course they we've We've lowered our standards but he told He stole people's life stories and Pretended it was his life story and Speeches and misrepresented himself to The American people and he had to you Know back down and and get out in a way That was like embarrassing right Politics again that is one of the Driving factors here uh of why he's Digging in his heels is that how you see It as well what else do you think is at Play here with as you for with what you Think is sort of a state of Denial he should not uh view it as being Pushed out of politics uh look Pam my I Really have a very high regard for Joe Biden I served with him in the White House I thought he was a great vice President I was glad every day uh that He was there he was an important voice In the Obama administ come on bro I Think he's done some historically Important things and history will be Much kinder to him than voters are being Right now uh but uh the question is what

Will his reputation be like what will His legacy be if he persists in this Race and loses and loses badly which is Really possible uh at this point uh you Know we elect Presidents by the Electoral College I know there are some Polls that say that speak otherwise but I've looked at a ton of data and no one In those States who who are who is Knowledgeable would say he's ahead in Any of the Battleground States but now You have States like Virginia Minnesota uh Maine the the governors of New Mexico and Maine reportedly told Them in that meeting last week that They're not sure he can carry their States which were presumed to be in his Column so if they lose if he lose to Mexico in Maine like it's a landslide Like he'll get obliterated so he could Lose and take some take the house and The Senate with him that's not the Legacy that he Want well you know I mean I'd like to See it even though I you know I don't I Mean just you know as a show um so That's the CNN and I'll show you some More stuff with CNN but let's go to MSNBC now MSNBC has had some people that Want him to withdraw but you know M and Joe and all these people they're they're Not pushing as hard for it and they're Bringing a lot of people in and saying You know just stick with Joe Biden

Back and sort of looking at each other Going where the hell are we and why is It happening this way I mean talk to us About the president's response in the Interview but also give a little give Your sense of why all this is happening Still a week after the debate So there is a question as to whether or Not all of this conversation about what Uh about Joe Biden is the sign of a Healthy party this is not 20 7 where We're in a primary between Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton have a year or two Years to watch these amazing figures Unfold uh policy-wise politically in Front of us we're four months from a General election and millions of Voters Have already cast their vote for Joe Biden if you have concerns about his age I think that's already baked into the Voter at this point but to me what is Not being addressed Is the real fear and worry concern that The individual voter has about their Future right now and what didn't happen After debate you can talk about whether Or not Joe Biden accomplished what he Needed to in that debate and we Certainly have and we certainly have but To me the response should have been as John fed Senator fedman has done I Support my guy and here's why I support My guy and if you have a concern about What's on the other side let me tell you

About what what what what the choice is Here I'm going to frame this choice for You right and instead what has happened Is all of this worry and concern openly About Joe Biden yeah and my my my my Problem he had a disastrous Breakdown and you know that's kind of What the story is and then this woman Comes in here and I mean I watched the The interview last night and I'm looking At the reactions and I think that there Is a and mean y'all correct me if you Think I'm wrong but I think there's this Circular thing happen happening there is The reaction of I like to say the Political professionals the elected Officials the donors right and I Understand why elected officials feel Some type of way their names are on the Ballot especially if you are a House Member this fall and everybody wants to Win but then there's the donors there's The political professionals the Strategists right and then there's the Voters and I think that the and and also There is the media apparatus and the Reporters who have been covering the President who are looking at this race And who are hearing from some of the Aforementioned individuals it feels to Me like um the political professionals And the media she work she has a job There and she's having trouble you know Getting she has a show on

MSNBC and she can't get to the point Hereat coverage can influence what the Voters think or believe to be true right Yes she's saying that the media and all These people are influencing the voters To believe that Joe Biden is scile when They themselves were pulled about it and That's what they do all the time you Guys influence people right the media And the politicians right that's um so When you talk to people because I talk To you know Melissa Murray and I went to Pennsylvania and talked to black women Right after the debate happened that Sunday after and the majority of the Women in the room were like I'm going to Stick with Joe Biden I think we should Stick with Joe Biden there were some Folks who said after the debate I Thought every should drop out but I'm Wondering now and in the coming weeks as You speak to voters will they be Influenced and their thoughts about what They believe to be true about the the Coverage of it and what the donor you Know he's seen out he's got dementia Right he has dementia and it's something Bigger than that it's your job to make Sure you report on this because you guys Have been hiding his dementia and hiding His incompetence and hiding his poor Care character and hiding in his Scumbaggery because of your hatred for Trump right and like this is you know to

Say after what you've just seen that I Me if the American people can't see it Then you know there's no hope at all Right I mean the if the um Democratic Voters are so blinded by their hatred For Trump that they're willing to elect A scile president then there's no hope They like just throw in the towel right So this is a representative from Somewhere in America I am Um I'm in New Orleans at Essence where The vice president is also um currently Making her rounds as well let me tell You you know the difference Texas Between the Democrats and the Republicans could not be more Stark in So many ways one of those ways that I Think about is the fact that even those Democrats that are calling for the President to step aside they're not Calling for the president to step aside Because they think that Joe Biden's a Terrible person because they think that He's a failure they're calling for him To step aside because they are scared One thing that I think we all and he's Scile he has dementia all are united in No matter where you stand is our fear Our fear that somehow Donald Trump can Get back into the White House our fear That the Supreme Court will absolutely End up becoming even worse because we Know that Donald Trump plans to put two More Supreme Court Justices on that

Court and give them lifetime Appointments our fear because we know The reality it's not about Trump again You know this is the one thing that Isn't about Trump there's nothing to do With Trump in this thing this is Biden's Mental competence and you know whether He can be Trump or not I guess that's Part of it but that's that's neither Here nor there it's not whether he can Be Trump it's whether he's mentally Competent to do the job and he's not He's gone he's oblivious to his own Situation right as a political candidate And as a his you know his mental Capacity he's in denial and he's Forcefully pushing back against the Reality that's closing in on him right Of what they are seeking in Project 2025 And so the only thing that I'm asking Everyone to do is to unite around the Ticket the ticket at this point in time Is Biden and Harris and so long as the President says that he can do this job Then that is our ticket we have a Democratic process we went through yeah And that's your your job also to see That he has dementia and protect the American people in the country from the Catastro the catastrophe that is Joe Biden of course they're acknowledging That he isn't running the country Because he's obviously got dementia so They're saying it doesn't matter if

Someone else will handle him and run so They're the ones who are saying Democracy is yeah yeah because if you if Your president's not legitimate and your President's completely handled and he's Not doing the job American people Elected him to do then you know there's No democracy Which of course I there is it right Democracy is an illusion and it's a good Thing because democracy sucks like look At the people you know go to Walmart or Go to you go to you know various places And see what the American people are all About you know they don't have the Capacity I mean just talk to your Sheeple relatives or even your truther Relatives or your truther or friends and They don't have the capacity to see Reality on a high enough level where They can make correct choic I mean look At the the bad choices that we all have Made in our lives all of us who have Been Divorced you know like the bad choices And if you don't learn from your bad Choices and bad decisions which most People don't then you really aren't Going to be able to pick a president or Anybody else Right this is Dem Democratic Representative Mike Quigley calls on Biden to step aside join now Congressman Mike Mike Quigley Democrat of Illinois

Um Congressman how you doing I've been Better you look a little bit droopy Dogged after watching all this yeah what Do you think um it was a horrible night The debate yes and everything's not okay Um I know people instinct is to be loyal And I appreciate that I know their Instinct is to be a Cheerleader but that's not helpful uh we Need folks who are willing to understand Where we are and what we have to do and That is extraord ordinarily difficult But you do it under the Spectre of a Second Trump term right hey and I was in The room on January 6 the second Trump Term is a continuation of the last days Of his first term which is a nightmare In every respect so I don't think They're helping anyone who's day those Who cheer on and think oh everything's Going to be okay with where President Biden is this is hard to do I would Rather be doing anything else talking I'd rather be out in uh the Midwest Talking to like look at he's got Dementia look at his face you Guys like I mean look at him that's that Guy that's your President right there Diaspora about what a second Trump turn Means to Ukraine you have been probably I would say the most strenuous Advocate On behalf of the Ukrainian people in the In in the US Congress yeah you suck

Quickly U your your district has a huge Part of the Ukrainian diaspora it's Something you are feel deeply about It's extraordinary because I so he just Watched the interview and they were Commenting on it I no what happened last Time I was in Ukraine we met let's just Get to the point here all support out And this has all been done okay so those Are the stakes both for American de Democracy for Ukrainian democracy um so What do you think should happen I mean There are Raul grova Seth Molton and Lloyd dogget of Texas have explicitly Said on the record they think the President should step aside and allow Someone else to run do you agree with Them I started the week doing an Interview where I was talking about Everything else yes you agree with it And then this came up and I asked for Help to get the words out and I couldn't Help because it's like talking to a Loved one about such a tough situation a Man who pulled us out of Co oh my God Just say the freaking stuff showing them That difference okay well he says let Someone else do this in a week when We're focusing on elections we begin With a campaign that's been blown to Smither Joe Biden this is Al Jazer Biden the debate that changed Everything and where the story in the US Goes from here France appears set to

Usher in a new okay let's get to the Jo Thing he's away from you Now look beyond the chaos and confusion Of a story that has captivated Washington this called how the media Turn on Biden and you will find elements That go to the core of the state of America's vaunted democracy and the way Politics there are reported starting With the herd mentality of the White House Press Corps it spent most of President Joe Biden's first term shying Away from a topic that was all over Social media the unmistakable signs of Biden's cognitive decline boom alir Bringing it he is sharp intensely Probing okay so this obviously the guy You know saying this has gone on for a While but this is Al jazer right and I Mean you know the mainstream media is Are going to cover This let's bring in NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Ryan nobl Ryan what's The very Latest well mik and Joe I think there's No doubt that this is going to be a Crucial week for the president uh with Both the house and the Senate returning To Capitol Hill after more than two Weeks over the Fourth of July holiday uh And of course we spent a lot of time Talking to many of these Democrats in Both the house and the Senate to get Their pulse of what comes next from Joe

Biden and what I think you really see Playing out here is that there are very Few Congressional Democrats as evidenced By the fact that only about six or seven Of them have come forward publicly Stating that they want Joe Biden to get Out of the race but there's a lot more That are saying it privately they don't Want to get into a position where they Publicly have to get into a Confrontation with Joe Biden and what I Was most struck by in my conv Sation With Democrats after the interview on Friday night with George Stephanopoulos Was that the president seemed dug in and That frustrated a lot of these uh house Democrats in particular because they Don't want to get into a standoff with Joe Biden and if it gets to the point Where they have to come out publicly if Chuck Schumer if hakee Jeff if other Congressional leaders have to to come Out to the cameras and publicly tell Joe Biden that it's time to step down then The race might already be lost because Then that puts them into a position Where if Joe Biden doesn't step down That will be used against him as the Campaign moves forward it's going to be Used as an attack by Republicans uh and The Democratic party is going to be in a Very difficult situation so this is from Morning Joe and it's going to get worse He's going to say things that I thought

About during the interview when he was Saying that that's not going to happen That Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and These other leaders aren't going to come To him and ask him to leave the the race He said well that's not going to happen And it's like an implied threat I'm get Back to that in a moment right but the Democrats are in a horrible situation Because this is you know a a blemish on Their credibility and I don't know how Many people pick it up or not and of Course these elections are all rigged to Whatever extent they are but you know And I don't know if they want Trump in Or not like you know who knows what the Underlying reason for this is but them Trying to get rid of Joe Biden right now Is a disaster and every day he stays in Is a disaster because he's just not There anymore and they're just waiting For the next embarrassing senior moment And he's clueless and oblivious and the People around him aren't pushing him to Get out he might not get out and they Have no leverage they you know they Unless they can get the Republicans to Help them invoke the 25th Amendment and Get him out of the presidency which Would be a disaster as well and now They're on the hook for being you know Accountable for having this guy running This guy and propping this guy up when He clearly wasn't up for the task and

It's just there right like it's you know It's what I've been saying and the fact That they're talking about him getting Out like why would he get out other than He's scile like they said he's done such A great job and so their only issue with Him all the Democrats and the media and The voters is A's too old and so if They're saying that he needs to go just To some people are and we saw the debate That means he needs to go right like he Needs to go like he's just too Old because otherwise this wouldn't even Be a Conversation and so they're so freaking Screwed right now because you know why Didn't you guys do it earlier why did You guys allow this to go on how long Has he been like this I me these are the Questions people will ask and maybe not All of them but you just need a if you Take 2% of the if 2% of the population And the voters are concerned about this And ask those questions that's enough to Give a Donald Trump a landslide right Like that's how bad it is he's got less Less enthusiasm you know let's say they Didn't cheat let's say he did get 80,000 Votes in last election he ain't getting 80,000 votes this time because he just Can't like he's lost people because he's A known commodity like that was going to Happen anyway and now all the stuff with Senility so they are so screwed like I

Mean it's great to see how screwed they Are it's that's probably the best thing Like just there's no winning for them Right they're boxed into just a horrible Situation you know not that I want Trump And I wish Trump would just go away and Trump actually is commenting which I'll Get into in a moment he's you know doing Trump stuff but um yeah this is great so What you see playing out here and I had Many Democrats say this to me over and Over again is this family conversation There's a family convers ation obviously Happening within the Biden Family itself But there's also a family conversation That's taking place in both the house Democratic caucus and in the Senate Democratic caucus where each one of These members is getting a sense of just How urgent they think the situation is Is it desperate enough where there needs To be this uh kind of uh meeting at the White House with these Congressional Leaders where they plead with Joe Biden To step down did they continue this uh This campaign where they subtly try and Convince him to do the right thing as Many of them have said and step out on His own accord or do they just take a Step back and Retreat and allow this to Play itself out this is the answer to That question I don't think really is Going to be determined until they all Get into rooms this week and have this

Out behind closed doors and really begin To talk about what they think is the Best path forward so they're screwed Right because he's bullying them let me Get to this other piece here I I think it's very important to read Between the lines about this Outreach That the president himself has had to Many of these Congressional Democrats Particularly in leadership and with Hakee Jeff with Chuck Schumer with Jim Kurn and others uh you know the President said in that interview on Friday night that they told him to stay In that many of them told him to stay in And I don't know if that's completely Accurate I I don't think that any of Them have specifically told him to get Out but there seems to be this Chasm Between what they actually want to have Happen and what they're willing to Actually say to him uh to get to that Point and we're not to that point yet Where these Congressional leaders are Prepared to look him in the eye and tell Him that they don't think he can win and That in order to save democracy and beat Donald Trump that he needs to step aside So those are the conversations that We're going to see play out here over The next couple of days I do think it's Complicated to a certain extent you know When he was doing the interview and Stephanopoulos said what happens if the

Democratic Leadership comes to you says You should step down he said that's not Going to happen and he said other things That almost sound like veiled threats And he was saying well they're not Saying this to my face they're you know They're not coming and telling me they Had a chance to meet with me but I'm Sure he didn't give them much you know Chance to talk like there's a way that People have a controlling a situation When they know someone's going to give Them information they don't want or an Opinion they don't want I me you guys Have experienced it as truthers and People make it hard for you to you know Find a way to drop something delicate on Them right and basically say to them you Know he was saying all these people said Told them to run and I know they didn't Do that right not all of them but he's You know manipulating them and he's Bullying them and they have no leverage And there could be consequences right What if he wins or something I mean That's what he's thinking and then these People had told him Tred to force him Out and so they know how vindictive his Wife house is and we've seen it uh we've Seen it with the you know what they did To the what I was talking about with the Um social media companies and all these Other I he's very vindictive he's very Revengeful like he like to say that

About Trump and so they really don't Have any space to go and tell him this Is great by the way because you know I Guess Trump dropped something which I'll Show you in a bit where he um was Mocking Joe Biden told him keep on Running right and you know Trump is his Own nightmare because he's got this Agenda 25 25 or whatever it is um I'll I'll talk about that in a bit but Anyways um you know this is a nightmare For them and there's just no answer for Them there's no easy Answer John so they're playing that song I Think it's by The Clash do you stand by Your man you should you stand by your Dementia ridden pop President and then Joe B Joe is going to Go south like they always do if you're President again just for people that are Watching at home we have a very very Intelligent audience and I mean I've Seen the numbers it's it's really it's Really humbling uh Alex I'll take things That Trump says for 500 um Alex is dead now so I don't make That joke Anymore but anyways that's exactly what Trump says oh I got the smartest people Right and and he's um and they would Mock him for that but he's saying this Morning Joe does not have the smartest People like if you're watching Morning

Joe and you're not laughing at it or you Don't know it's then you're not Smart whatever your IQ is whatever your You know your level of what people think Your level of intelligence is you're not Smart if you think Morning Joe is is Good news number of postgrad degrees and The number of people to watch are that Are so much smarter than me it's a very Low bar stop with your F false humility Right this guy was a you know a uh Congressman from Pennsylvania if you're Going to run for Congress or you're Going to be on TV in the news you can go Out and pontificate and tell people what You think and think you have something Worthy to say you're not humble and I'm Talking about myself as well right You're not humble if you think that you That people should listen to you Right you know and these smart people Are listening to him and he's not nearly A smart just stupid like this this goofy You know fake self-deprecating humor but There are some people uh that may see Clips of this on the Twitter and they Don't are the ex and and and it's it's Hard for them when they're in their Mother's basement eating Cheetos and and Typing their Blogs uh Danny's thoughts or whatever They are it's hard for them to hold two Two sort of competing thoughts in in Mind so when I say this stuff I'm not

Saying about what should Be today we're talking about what is MHM And this is the Reality and Joe Biden said much of this Joe Biden is president of the United States Joe Biden is head of his Party Joe Biden is the nominee for the Democratic party or he's going to be Presidential race Joe Biden won every Single Democratic primary this year if Your audience was smart like you say They are you would know that he excluded RFK the Democratic party excluded RFK From running in the primary because he Had a legitimate chance of beating Joe Biden at least in a few States plus they Didn't like his radical agenda and Things that he was saying it was so Contradictory to the you know the whole Stuff that they thought about the VA and All these things right and so they Didn't have a primary RFK wanted to run Against Joe Biden in the primary and They blocked him and now he's running as An independent so don't say he won the Primary because they didn't let him Primary they didn't have Joe Biden Primary for the very reason he's failing Now because he would have had to debate RFK Jr he would had to go out there and This stuff all would have been seen way Ahead of time and they you know they Control everything so much so if your Really smart audience was listening to

You they call on what you just Said Joe Biden didn't win any primaries Because they didn't run any primaries he Ran unopposed not by choice RFK Jr had At least 18% of the vote and Joe Biden Would had to go out and campaign instead Of being hidden away and everyone would Have seen his dementia and his candidacy Would have been done probably would have Been better they'd have a legitimate you Know a non- scile candidate now you know Probably if Joe Biden had been exposed So you know don't talk about it like he He won some like election they rigged it For him and don't say you're the party That's for democracy because you Excluded RFK Jr from being able to run Against him he was a legitimate opponent Right he had you know um at least 20% of The vote at some period of time Nationally and there was more too that Could happened too if we saw Joe Biden Fail RFK JR could be your nominee right Now and they would have to run other People would have been a mess right it Would have broken the party Joe Biden Has over 90% of the delegates to the Democratic Convention so Biden's been Doing this for 54 Years I say this not being demeaning the House members for I was one and I loved It I loved serving the house and was Very honored by It but they're one of

435 what why is Joe Biden going to Listen to a couple of house members are Mark Warner I I just I don't see that Happening do You well I don't think he is going There's no question he's not going to Listen to a couple house members I don't Even think as I said before I don't even Think he's going to listen to the rank You know certainly he's not going to Listen to background quotes uh which we All have uh from terrified panicked Scared House and Senate members I think There you know got dementia and it ain't Going away and the American people know Now at least you know good majority of Them and Trump's going to win unless you Replace them these guys are like you Know like they're not you know they're Like the guys the floods happening and They're you know they're they're still Mocking Noah right so this is Michael Moore Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore is not only calling on President Biden to drop out of the race In a July 4th essay he writes that it is Time for Biden to step down and for vice President KLA Harris to take the Reigns He is also host of The Rumble with Michael Moore podcast and he joins me Now Michael it's good to have you back Uh on the show um you have some harsh Words in this piece that you wrote not As much of a directed at Biden but at

Those around him explain why you see it That Way well I think thanks for having me on Um the first thing I want to say is uh I've been sitting in the Green Room Virtual green room here at MSNBC and the Lord Almighty is actually Back there uh sitting in the room and Look at him look at him smile this is a Great comedic bit you're doing Michael Moore um he will not tell us anything About what's going on he's only weirdly Concerned with the slump that the Yankees have been in for the last month So I I just I like but Lord Lord Biden Just said last night you have you're the Decider you decide if he stays or goes And he's like leave me out of this okay You know want me to walk on water I can Do that want me to turn a bunch of Loaves of bread and fish into feeding Thousands I can do that but don't ask me To get involved in this stupid you can Bring God with you in the most mundane Tasks cooking breakfast you know you can Do everything with god with you know Focusing on God and I mean that's the Ultimate state Where you're focused on God and Everything that you do his thing is Silly right um but you know it's a way Crapping all over Biden for invoking you Know if the Lord tells Me because you know the Lord is telling

You bro in every possible way God's Telling you to step aside like he should I he shouldn't have run in the first Place if he was a Godly person was Listening to the signs and the people Around him were godly people they Wouldn't have Joe Biden in 2020 cuz he was gone he was already Showing signs of dementia it was cruel To him and it was wrong for everything Else right I mean in terms of if you're Trying to restore confidence and there's A little bit of a he went to a church on Sunday and gave a speech and you know he Talked about restoring decency to the White House but if you're going to do That you can't be scile you can't have This you know rigging the elections to El a scile guy and gaming the system and Censoring people on the internet and Then claim to restore decency to the White House right you're you're joke He's a joke and like the presidency is Now a joke Donald Trump turned the Presidency into a joke by tweeting uh Little little hostile things in the Middle of the night towards uh you know Little stuff he does at 2:00 in The morning and all the ways that he had Behaved which I loved about this Presidency and now Joe Biden's Disrespected and the Democratic party's Disrespected the presidency even more And now the presidency is a joke joke

Around the world joke domestically and There's no turning that back right crazy Election here's listen I think that yes I I I need to start by saying and of Course I okay this is what it says how Great Joe Biden is been very critical of President Biden especially since uh October with the war Am very disappointed um but this Individual has been the most Progressive President that we've had uh in my Lifetime uh three and a half years just You just look at the record I don't need To go over I hope I don't need to go why They keep on talking about it record Over it for what he's done to stand up Uh for how he got us through Co oh my God like people know that the Democrats Forced Trump the pow ATB to close the Econ eony I mean people are kind of Aware of that that there was an Overreaction from the left and they are Not loving fouchy and all these other Things and Co is not you know the all The way the mandates all these things Right that are now it's now coming out All these things that are you know that Were wrong and that were um where they Lied to us or whatever it might be and People know the economy is screwed over That you know the inflation is tied to Closing the economy down and they blame Biden for that more than Trump he got us Through Co by using science and vaccines

He seriously he he removed and I said This back in the green room he removed The devil yeah in 2020 I mean just go Out on the list but um he did he removed The Devil the problem here is is that I Think there's a form of elder abuse Going on here where the the Democratic Party and the the people the the people That are part of the apparatus uh Pushing him pushing him pushing him to To stay and then he comes out and he Says I'm staying and the family says I'm He's not pushing him his elder abuse but He's also he's not you know even if they Were telling him to leave he would Ignore them I'm staying and and I don't Know about you Aon but in spite of my uh Criticisms about Gaza with Biden watching the debate a week ago was Heart breaking yeah was I just so sad I Was so Sad it was heartbreaking it was Heartbreaking no I'm so sad it was a Great moment for me Bro made me happy bro I don't know what Your problem Is so Trump just can't help himself Right um couple things I want to show You here because all you has stand back And watch the Democrat to ploe like they Don't have any path forward they need Like a miracle You or they need people to willingly

Vote for cile candidate right or Somebody that's completely unlikable but Anyways this Happened well President Joe Biden heads To Pennsylvania today for campaign Events as it's a gumball guy he used to Count Trump's lies and gumballs it was Awesome in party pressure mounts for him To drop out the fifth house Democrat Representative Angie Craig asking him to End his campaign she joins Representatives doet Galva Molton and Quigley who are publicly calling him out Well now the campaign is facing new Scrutiny for how it's handling Biden's Media blitz on first of all Saturday Philadelphia radio host Andrea lawful Sanders told me that Biden's team sent Her a list of questions to pick from Before interviewing the president the Gumball guy breaking stories late last Night a source familiar with the Biden Campaign told CNN that while hosts have Always been free to ask any questions They'll no longer provide any suggested Questions moving forward despite we will We will refrain from offering suggested Questions why would you do that in the First place right like that's what You're you're into democracy and that's What you did you want you know the People that interview your candidate to To have question you want to have Questions he's prepared for and

Questions you ask them to give him right And so we will well before we will Refrain from offering Suggestions right well that's stupid Want him to withdraw Donald Trump is Seizing his opportunity to taunt Biden He's now urging him to stay in the race Despite mounting criticism CN Steve Canoro has the Details Donald Steve canoro is he a Magician or a CNN reporter Trump has Remained largely quiet amid the Democratic Fallout over Joe Biden's Debate performance but on Saturday he Broke his silence posting a mocking Message to social media urging Joe Biden To stay crooked Joe Biden should ignore As many critics and move forward with Alacrity and strength with his powerful And far-reaching campaign he should be Sharp precise and energetic just like he Was in the debate in selling the Policies of open borders where millions Of people including record numbers of Terrorists are allow to enter our Country from prisons and mental Institutions totally unchecked and Unvetted to ending Social Security man Playing in women's sports tie taxes High Interest rates encouraging a woke Military uncontrollable inflation record Setting crime electric Vehicles uh subservience to China and Other countries endless Wars putting

America last losing our dollar based Standard and so much more yes sleepy Joe Should continue his campaign of American Destruction and make China Great again Typical Trump funny but like dude you Just sit back like just don't you can't Not be the center of attention right Stay in the race on Truth social he Wrote quote Joe Biden no you must you Why did you leave out crooked should Ignore his many critics he left out Crooked so this is CNN the other thing is is the Biden Administration And the mainstream media want to change The subject and talk about Trump again Right they want to move on from this JoJo magu thing and talk about Trump Because that's their main you know That's their signature move but then There's this 2025 Project is officially trying to distance Himself from Project 2025 the Heritage Foundation's farri blueprint for a Possible second Trump term Trump claimed To know nothing about the group's plan And criticize that plan you know he Knows nothing about this sudden Distancing comes just days after the I Know nothing about project 2025 I have No idea who is behind it I disagree with Some of the things they're saying and Some of the things they're saying are

Absolutely ridiculous and abysmal Anything they do I wish them luck but I Have nothing to do with them um why Would you wish them luck now this could Be some intelligence Community you know BS thing that's being put out there to Undermine the right wing or just cause Division but it's a stupid thing to do Right because well let me show you the Rest of it here the president of the Heritage Foundation said this in the Week of the Supreme Court's immunity Ruling the left has taken over our Institutions the reason that they are Apoplectic right now the reason that so Many anchors on MSNBC for example are Losing their minds daily is because our Side is winning and so I come full Circle in this response and just want to Encourage you with some substance that We are in the process of the second American Revolution which will remain Bloodless if the left allows it to be Just a moronic thing to say just like Really stupid the r word comes to mind Right Frank fzi and Jill weine banks are Back with us Simone he Mariah carried Them right I don't know Her I don't know her it's like who is She what I've never met her before okay So this is gives them an opportunity This goes on for another 10 minutes They're going to talk about all the That's in this thing it's so bad that

Trump had to deny it right okay so they Br up all these extremist groups that Were linked to Trump of course he was he Denied the cubes and then embraced their Language all those moronic cubies that Were a disaster for the truth community And everybody else you know it hurt us In terms of censorship and you know Whatever the official story is it kind Of cost Trump the election because They're they use this this is how they Used it last time A lot of people who just don't care About politics who really didn't like Joe Biden heard that Trump was a you Know a evil racist and was involved in Like hate speech and possible hate Crimes and things like this right and When they heard all these things it Motivated them to go out and vote and You know even with the the disparity in The popular vote the swing states were Won by a couple thousand votes right Right and so again I'm just going with The official story and say let's say Trump isn't an actor and he's you know He's actually trying to win and you know All the people who are trumpers are Trying to get Trump elected like these Let's say these Heritage Foundation PE People are legit and they're not shells For the FBI or these other organizations There's a guy here in the I'm not going To show you the rest of the clip one of

The guys a former FBI agent and he talks About all these you know just well let Me just play a little bit more of it Here Revolution which will remain Bloodless parried them right I don't Know Her I don't know her it's like who is She what I've never met her before also Was was Kevin Roberts talking about us When he said the MSNBC anchors was he Was he talking about us I don't know uh He's welcome back anytime to explain This tobaco I want to play for you all To Raji P Henson at the BET Awards and After I play her you're going to Understand Why time for us to play chess not Checkers play chess and not Checkers She's going to lay down some serious Intellectual stuff here it's about Making decisions that will affect us as Human beings look it up you mad bro they Are attacking our most vulnerable Citizens the project 2025 plan is not a Game look it up so when you're saying um So your idea of playing chess and not Checkers is to vote for Joe Biden that's playing chess you're voting For a cile guy and you're you're saying You're playing Chess taji P Henson hosted the B Awards This year and and Frank I was um struck By this moment because I don't believe It was um scripted in there you don't

Believe it was scripted you think she Just went off to script you don't Believe it was scripted did uh but it Project 2025 is permea is going beyond The political group chats if you will so Much so that Donald Trump has moved to Disavow it even though Kevin Roberts of The Heritage Foundation says he Regularly speaks with Donald Trump about It and and it is all about infusing Trumpism talk just about the well first Of all I think Donald Trump is lying we Don't know for sure but he has been Prone to not tell the truth about Conversations he has had and what he Does and doesn't know but it is this Plan it is not hyperbole right it people Should take it seriously that takes Project 20 25 seriously Because it can be implemented there There's all this talk that oh people People are being hysterical but this Plan could potentially be implemented if Uh an an Administration wanted to do So I I'm so glad project 2025 is getting More popular exactly we need to know About it it's so it's so important it's So real because it needs to it is Essentially a plan against America and Oh my God it's really I I didn't know it Was that bad we know about the checks And balances in our government you know I think Trump it's stupid QB crap right Is the same stupid moronic Q crap taking

A page here with with Pro with project 2025 from Putin's Playbook which is Frank figle ly you know Putin attacked R And tried to inter with our Trump's Being like Putin he's becoming a Dictator 2016 presidential election and When the special Council inquiry caught Him red-handed hey these are these are Your guys with the social media Propaganda we've caught them we've Indicted them you know the use the use Of private citizens and oligarchs to do The propaganda within our social media Allowed Putin that arms length distance To say Putin I don't know they they're Not they're they're private citizens so Here we go again we have the her itage Foundation saying you know with Trump Saying I don't I don't anything about This but you know just like I don't know Who the proud boys are who are they what Do you want me to say about the proud Boys it's the same thing so essentially It's going to dismantle the checks and Balances what would that look like Within for example my old agency the FBI Boom he's the FBI agent talking about What seems like some BS psychological Operation QB type of QB style so let's Just assume this is real let's just Pretend this is all real these are real People the Heritage found of real Trump Supporters Trump is a really run for President and this is a real thing it's

It's like epically stupid because when You're going to suggest something Radical that's going to provoke people To vote now all the people who would Read this 2025 thing are already voting For Trump I anybody who's into the 2025 Thing already wants Trump they're Already you know on board these are the Hardcore QB truth you know right-wing Fake truther pseudo truther people who Want this radical change and you know It's the QB it's like a extension of the QB movement really stupid and you know These people are already donating money To Trump and activated as a group like They're totally into Trump so it's not Going to help him but what it's going to Do is provoke the left and maybe help Them turn out some votes you've heard The left talk about it over and over Again you don't see like Fox new news And right-wing people talking about this Not that I you know get a chance to Watch it but I know they're not right This is something that the leftist Talking about media and celebrities and These other people because they want to Provoke their base to vote right they Want even if they're you know Joe Biden Scile right and the other things is They're using it right now to try to Change the subject you know every focus Is on Joe Biden being uh scen island With dementia and this MSNBC piece here

Is trying to get the focus on 2020 And so right now Trump is looking great And everybody knows if you're going to Suggest something radical you don't do It till after the Election you don't tell people what You're going to do you know gangsters Move in silence right like it's just Stupid to do that right you don't you Know say oh this is what we're going to Do before you do it in fact Trump um When he said he was going to get rid of Isis which you know he basically did by Not ordering them because they were an Intelligence Community Asset set but he Got rid of them and they said how are You going to get rid of them he said why Should I tell you that then they'll know Right why should I give away my plan Right you know the football coach Doesn't give away their plan before the Game their game plan and so why would They push this 2025 thing ahead of time So the left can prepare for it and stop It from happening and so it's really Either stupid epically stupid or it's Like some kind of um sabotage that's Going on but the level of incompetence Here you just let the Democrats implode Like that's all you have to do and I not That I want Trump or I care or I don't Know who's going to be better and I mean They both are going to be bad it's just Different ways of being bad and we'll

See how it all plays out right but when Something like this is you know it's Just completely a loss the 2025 thing It's a complete loss and there's nothing To be gained you're not going to bring In any more votes but you're going to Provoke votes against you and you're Going to freak everyone out on the left And they're going to have some talking Point now and they're going to you know Matter what Trump says they're going to Say well he's just you know um denying This thing that he's actually a part of Because you know this stuff happened Before and and it didn't play well for This is a a thing that's not going to Play well for Trump right it's something That's you know they're salivating over This thing but when your enemy is Destroying themselves you just sit back You don't gloat you don't do anything to Make people feel sorry for them you Don't do anything just sit back and Watch it happen like you don't celebrate Don't do a victory dance don't do Anything that'll turn the tide and Trump Can't help himself and neither can his Dopey followers and you know whatever This is going on whether it's a a Psychological operation from the Intelligence Community you know the Trumpers and the people that are you Know show up here and comment and the QBs and all these people are always

Doing stupid right like you know Just Trump isn't going to solve anything He's not the hero you think he is is but You know you're not helping them by Doing stupid stuff and posting stupid Stuff in the internet like right now you Just let the the left destroy itself you Sit in silence and you know you just you Win the game without having to do a c Anything but once you insert yourself Into it then you you know run the risk Of turning the tides right it's just Stupid you know but anyways only Spiritual vality will save this world It's Paul Romo definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension I have a Blessed day and be grateful

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