Declare Independence From Zionism – Dr.SHIVA

Declare Independence From Zionism - Dr.SHIVA

Zionism it's fascinating the modern set Of people who have hijacked Judaism Under the ages of Zionism the zionists Actually hate Christ they are very much Into materialism Zionism has nothing to Do with Judaism in Israel the non Askanazi Jews are treated equally as bad As the Palestinians America has a very Very important opportunity because we Are going to head into serious darkness And massive massive war because the Zionist are devils the Declaration of Independence clearly says that you as an Individual have the right to abolish or Alter your government if it becomes Destructive that's quite an Extraordinary document giving the right Of people to destroy their government if It becomes unproductive what we're Talking about is our movement true Freedom health is all about personal Accountability we need to identify the Enemy very clearly Zionism is a Manifestation of this evil it is racism It is nepotism it is everything having To do nothing with being human we need To build the bottoms up movement go to Shapr and volunteer

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