Day One of Babuji Birthday Gathering

Day One of Babuji Birthday Gathering

Greetings brothers and sisters so um Just I don't want to say a reminder the Babaji birthday gathering has begun for Me it felt like it began last night And the energy was just um Building I don't know what you can feel It or not it's something that you know Um It's just there for everybody in the World I just want to talk about that a little Bit Um So the energy that's at these gatherings People pick up odd whether they know it Or not on a soul level And you know some people are more Sensitive to it And you know lots of people of course Have never heard of Babaji or sagemarg or any of these Things it's a heartfulness or whatever It is or not consciously aware that There's such a thing they might feel the The loving energy the spiritual love but It's just there it saturates the planet There's something on these birthday Pandaris you know it's there all the Time but It's just I don't know the current is Stronger at these times And Um When you go to a gathering you meditate

Like whatever the group meditation is But then you might just be sitting there Eating and just sort of staring off into Space and drifting away Into the condition the energy that's Given to you this loving energy that's Just saturates the environment and of Course more intensive to not showing Which people are gathering to receive it You know if you're setting your Intentions you know making a sun culpa With your will force you're saying that You're you're wanting to receive this Energy you want to you know you're Making like a I must say a vowel but You're saying you know this is Uh I'll do whatever I need to do on my End to receive this energy and go Through whatever I have to go through to Receive it and all these things you can Do Personally to um You know adjust yourself and move to That level right because you have a Material life and there's so much in Material life That's going on on a you know even on an Energetic level like say politics for Example There are people on the left who are you Know thinking that they have to fight to Save the soul of America from Trump and his you know his Mega Republicans like Biden says and then

There's Republicans who think that they Have to save America from Uh Biden and when they talk to you They're like why aren't you why aren't You panicked why aren't you You know they can't believe that you're Not you know with them in this um In this Panic that the world is you know The country's being run into the ground By one party or the other and you're not Fighting the good fight to You know I mean you have probably Friends like that there's people that Can show up here like that and you know They'll write comments like that And you know they're trapped in this Dynamic right But to those people who aren't uh Connected to that consciously They don't you know they don't feel it Right they can see you can feel the The sort of desperation of our Civilization right now but you can't Feel the You know the particular you know Left Right Paradigm stuff because you're Either Beyond it or you're just not in Tune with it or you just don't care About it And so that's how it is with this Spiritual energy We all have a spiritual life we have a Soul And it's there when we dream and

Sometimes it pokes through You know even the people who are the Hardest uh have created the hardest Shell between them And their soul right because everyone Has a a life of the soul and some people Have more access to the soul and there's Less Of uh you know a blockage between them And their soul And so um you know there's this Uh you know whatever it is a block Between you and your spiritual side of Your existence And those who have a connection will Invariably feel this Transmission in one Way or another whether they know about These things but if you're preoccupied In material life and you're focused on Other things and things are getting in Your way then you won't right so that's Just how it works So a good way to do that is to set Intentions that you're wanting to Connect to your spiritual life you can Pray to God to help you Become more sensitive to the energy and The flow of things And you know it's just there I'm going To add this to my journey series as well And make it a you know the 100th edition Of The Journey series which will be out Tomorrow on Sunday so um I've got a Couple of you know things to add to that

And then Um then I'm not going to talk about here But today and then you know something Probably tomorrow But this energy is just there and there Were times that Babaji gave sittings and I you know this happened with charging As well but this is something that he Talked about right it hasn't been talked About since Uh Babaji you know would say like for Example he Um he raised this guy a number of Spiritual points And the guy was suffering physically Because there's too much Analogy had to stop him he's like you Know you're going to kill him if you if You keep on you know giving them this Much spiritual advancement this quickly And the guy had a really bad headache For a while but Bobby said well you know It's going to be months for you to Digest what you received and really it Should have been years right And you can get a good sitting in the Scishmark system And it takes a while to digest it Because Of your capacity and you know just how Much you're being given Or you know especially at these Gatherings you would go to the Gatherings and you're filled with

Spiritual sustenance but it takes a While for your spiritual system and your Conscious mind to process all of it and That's the reason you meditate and so During this period of time you could Meditate anytime because the energy is Pervasive you know I hadn't felt the Energy like this In so long because dodgy just sucks and You know I'm talking about that there's These Revelations that are coming out Now This guy's sharing with me about dodgy And his you know whatever's going on With him And you know all these people who love The transmission and are here for the Transmission And these preceptors they all know on Some level that it's not as good right There's just the ashram doesn't have the Same charge and you know there's just Not this anticipation I talked I talked About And this um you know I talk about the Anticipation and the You know the days before the Gathering Or even weeks you can feel it coming The energy right and then you're in the Energy and you know it descends into This You know this plane of existence for a Period of time these three days for the Gathering and you absorb as much as you

Can And then you meditate then for whatever Period of time and you're still Absorbing the energy And you get pulled back into material Life and you know you're not as focused On your spiritual life and eventually Everything sort of goes back to normal But during this you know period of time You're just connected deeply to the you Know to the world of the spirit the World of the soul and these things the Divine aspect of yourself And you can see through the material Life and You know things just don't seem like They don't care about things because They're just They seem insignificant Um So the energy was just there last night My wife and I did the the Um the sitting and it was just the best Individual life City and I've had in Years The you know the Friday night half hour Individual sitting And leading to the Gathering like I had A headache the day before and And I could really feel the energy Building yesterday And just the anticipation And then um you know I had trouble Sleeping my wife was up

And we were you know we were up for a Little bit it was like one two o'clock In the morning And we meditated and it was just a great Meditation so like for me the Gathering Started that that's why you can Just meditate anytime you want we Meditated again this morning the energy Was just there And now it begins like a cleaning Process like you'll feel the Transmissions beginning And then you know the next day or two There's a lot of cleaning involved They should be cleaning that happened Beforehand leading up to the Gathering And then um you know depending on where You are in your own spiritual condition And then you start absorbing the Transmission in the last You know today uh Sunday will be you Know today's Saturday the morning A Saturday the 29th and then the 30th Will be papaji's birthday and you'll be Able to feel the energy there And then you know then Monday Um but then you know keeping and Retaining some of this energy Like just keeping it alive and keeping The The Gathering going because you know you Shift back into material life and you Know especially when you go to a Gathering physically

It's even more so like when you travel It just opens things up anyway When you're not in your routine you know You just you have familiar things that You do That's why traveling to a gathering Really helps because It you know it breaks you free from Those Habits and conditions and things but the Energy is just phenomenal And you know I was thinking about all The people who You still believe in dodgy or you know They kind of know us but they just you Know And this is a transmission right these Preceptors and people who are have been Doing this throughout their life and You know 50 years 40 years or whatever 20 years even even five years And this has been so important to them And all of a sudden The energy isn't there and like the you Know It becomes an emperor has no clothes Type of thing And you know but um I'm just glad that we have it here and We're doing it and for those of you who Experiencing it great you know who Benefited and those of you it's like you Know you're TR you're struggling feeling The energy or you feel a little bit

You know if you commit to it and you you Focus on it or whatever in a way that You you know set these intentions and Um you know you settle down into it you Can feel it better Over time But anyways I'll check back in tomorrow With a little You know well I'll put the journey Series out too as well so I don't know Um anyways that's it for now only Spiritual value will save this world as Paravado death reports for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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