Cuomo’s might be the most clueless man on earth

Cuomo's might be the most clueless man on earth

You're just doing this for Ratings no You were you were just it's only only One of us does things for me The rest of us we don't care about Ratings you can see at CNN and whatever He's on now we don't care about ratings At all we don't care about like it's a We're not even in business like we're Just we're just they're just paying me To come out here and and have nobody Watch me It's not really ironic because that's How you play the game you blame everyone Else for doing what you're actually Doing it's amazing you could be that Clueless and douchey right because it's A game you're in and it's what you're Doing right now we watched you and CNN Blame Trump and the Republicans for the Things that you are doing all of you Guys do the same thing that's why you All suck

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