Cultz & how to avoid them

Cultz & how to avoid them

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is a little introduction To a video about cult and cult leaders And spiritual organizations and all These other things But this is a Regal moth and I've seen This A number of times maybe five times in my Life I've seen one of these It looks like like almost like a muppet This looks like some sort of uh like Some sort of cuddly little Just beautiful giant Moss These are about the size of my hand here You can see somebody with their hands Here I mean five six inches you know wingspan Um you know I mean they're just huge This is the caterpillar which My wife and I just saw and I'll show you This Uh now so this is the picture of the Caterpillar I have a small short video Of it coming up here Um it's all going to tie into what I'm Saying uh in my voiceover And this is the praying mantis I forgot I took a picture of this it is um it Grazed my shoulder and then landed on a Wii and my wife and I were able to see It and then here's a video of the Caterpillar it was just huge it's about Five inches long an inch thick I mean It's a big animal

And we were able to just um My wife spotted it it's how these Animals display themselves and then a Couple days later I saw this um this is A An Eastern King Snake I've never seen One of these snakes before this was About 10 inches long it's a baby And it was in our walking path And just how these animals like end up Displaying themselves where they're you Know hidden in the forest every once in A while you get a get to see him he was Disappearing in the grass and I'm going To talk about this in the voiceover There's a picture I got of the thing a Clearer picture Um but you know all right let's get into The voiceover part here Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Might do an introduction to this thing So this will be the The second greeting if I do do that The introduction will be about a giant Caterpillar we saw and or Um I don't know if I'll include that but I have a Video of Us finding a baby Common eastern uh king snake and I'll at Least post the picture here hopefully I Don't know if I remember to do that but I have some pictures of it it was uh you Know I just happened to see the rings

Around it and I haven't seen a snake Like that before You know my wife and I go on these you Know nature walks and We often you know interact with animals The other day uh something flew by me And bumped into my you know my arm My shoulder And it was a praying mantis that landed Right on a plant near us and then you Know we just see all these kind of neat Things Um you know if you go out in nature You're going to interact with the animal Life and snakes like our you know I have Mixed feelings about them they're the Ones that aren't poisonous even the Poisonous ones serve a purpose In terms of keeping the eroded Population down in other things And there is the always the danger of Stepping on like a A poisonous snake which sucks when You're you know when you go out in Nature you can Get poison ivy or you know stand on a Ground Nest there's always these you Know pitfalls and you know in some Places there's big animals you know they Might eat you But that's kind of rare the big killer Of course is mosquitoes it kills over a Million people a year that's the number One killer in the animal kingdom

But anyways seeing um a king snake and I Had seen a snake maybe six months ago That first I thought was a corn snake Then realized it was a different form of A king snake and it's always good to see Them particularly Because they eat other snakes and They're immune to Venom and so I looked Up to snake last night the Eastern King Steak And it said that they're immune to Venom And the first comment there's a comment That was highlighted I looked it up on My phone and said she saw Um A king snake at her house some woman It's a commenter and she was glad about That because she's just seen a Copperhead right now I've seen Um the two poisonous snakes I've seen Was once we were Hiking in the Blue Ridge Parkway and my Son called all of a sudden he was Walking you know we're walking through a An area that had some leaves on it some Leaf on it it was it wasn't mowed but They had cowls there they ran cows on This area And there was these cool Hills and you Know was mountainous hilly And he walked up on a rattlesnake big One And he just happened to see it in front Of him I've done that I mean just even

Recently three times where I'm walking And there's a snake on the path and Usually snakes on the path are sunning Themselves you know they're lethargic Because they need heat Um that's why they would be out in the Open like that but A number of times I've looked down and There's a snake I'm about to step on Which is you know always cause for Concern and then I've seen four copperheads Um copperheads are kind of interesting Looking snake but you know there's our Pit Vipers And so I explained to my wife she hadn't Seen a copyright before so I showed a Picture of it we were talking about the King snake and then I went home we went You know we got home and I looked at a Video of the this fight of the snake I Thought it might have been a king snake But I didn't know what it was and I Looked it up and I saw a video I you Know clicked on a video to tell you Everything you need to know about the King snake and the first comment was About how she had seen comprehensive she Was glad to see the king snakes because They eat them and then there was a video Recommended of a king snake eating a Copperhead and that made me feel good Because you know our dogs I mean you Know they don't know better and

Uh you know I'm sure the naturally wary Of snakes and you know they chase things And they're small but you always have to Worry about poisonous snakes it's one of The the pitfalls of going out for walks And things but you know I was thinking About this king snake thing And you know it's also combined with What I'm about to say about cult leaders And Cults right I've been asked by multiple people to Talk about Organizations intentional organizations And Deals there are things that people Are involved in or they're you know They've left or whatever they want me to Condemn something or you know comment on You know specific things or whatever and You know it's never been my job to keep The truth Community pure of these things Like I comment on things when they cross My path But I want to talk about Colts and cult Leaders and organizations and Intentional communities and all of these Things and it's a mixed bag Because to really build a pocket of the Future You need a community And so a community of people who are Capable And are willing and you know are working Now to prepare for what's about to come And are you know Gathering skills and

Resources And it's one of the things my family and I ran in two years ago When we started Living on a homestead we Started in 2000 I don't know five or six Or whatever it was And you know not having a community Was just very obvious a hole in the Whole thing It's hard to do something on your own Even as a family And you need a community But communities in themselves suck and There was a community My family and I bought cows from Twin Oaks one of the famous intentional Communities that had a hundred people There always it was always 100 People Based in I believe BF Skinner some you Know researcher behavioral psychologist Or something And you know we interacted with the People there they had a you know like an Epic vegetable garden and cows and we Bought some of the calcium milk cows but They also had meat cows there And you know they the people we talked To like weren't loving it there right You know they it was a struggle one guy Said it was like being married to a Hundred people or 99 other people And so and that's one of the better ones There's these communities that go down And but usually there's two negative

Outcomes to all these things And you know I'm painfully aware of them And have seen them outside you know just In terms of communities I know about and Then what happened with heartfulness you Know the stash Mark system Which is you know still for it sort of Stings me a little you know you know I Mean it's it still kind of stings you Know because it's not really like I Don't know whatever I don't think about But it's not a great thing And so first of all what I was saying I Did a video about The Cult of trump and I meant to add this in there but I Realized this could be a standalone Video if I gave it the proper time and Attention And so I was talking about in The Cult Of trump this was you know a definition Given by Master charging the third Master that the scishmark system and Like I I think I've reworded it to make It um You know clearer in terms of what I Think about it but it's basically the Same thing and what he said is a Spiritual leader Sacrifices their needs to serve God and The uh and the followers the people in The in the organization so if you're in A true spiritual organization or just in A community it could be something like What Jesus was right

Was in you know what Jesus created when He was alive not you know post to his Death but when he was alive And there you know is a number of saints And people who've done this and so a True spiritual organization is we're the Leader of the organization is a saint a High developed soul and they sacrifice Their own personal needs to serve other People and I saw this with master Chargie which I'll get to in a bit and You know that's a healthy spiritual Organization where the leader is Connected to God and giving To the followers but there's a negative Outcome For that situation which I'll get into As well and the second thing is Occult is where the spiritual leader is Parasitic and the followers sacrifice Their needs and their resources to serve And support the bastard the system the You know the cult leader and that has Obvious consequences as well You know when people think of themselves As kingly or saintly or above other People Even if they have something they're a Little bit smarter they have a little Bit of something Charisma you know like Trump has something right Trump has Something where he's you know hired Developed and many of his followers he's Smarter than many of his followers and

He's got you know the ability to be a Salesman and whatever It's got some Charisma you know whatever He's got And it's enough to win a following but It's not you know it's not us anything Substantial and he's disconnected from God and that's the other thing A spiritual leader and he's of course Politician but a spiritual leader that Gets disconnected from God starts to Feed off the energy Of the fans right we see this with Celebrities Madam expiration date I've Talked about so much Will Smith and what Happens is is that the energy needs to Be growing It's not enough to sustain the leader You know the leader when they have like A fan they got fan supported Prana They're sucking the The Prana the Spiritual energy creative spiritual Energy off of the crowd And their adoration and you know it's an Ego-based Pursuit And it needs to grow it it needs to be Something that it's not sustainable Because it's a low level of uh you know Energy support And the celebrity gets addicted to it And then Their audience shrinks and they Don't have it anymore You know you used to be this person oh Remember when you were famous you know

Wearing all these things right And it's like their energy source gets Cut off from them And you know this is where Cults get Twisted and you see in the celebrity Culture And so it's true spiritual leader is Connected to God in a deep way Internally but they can lose that Connection they can lose their focus on God And focus on the masses right they Forget they're serving God and they Start serving their followers And their followers start sucking the Life out of them Because that's what happens they're not Then they don't have that infinite Supply of eternal love you know this Prana this pranahuty and this Mark Tradition You have love to give you can give Freely of Your Love If you have more coming in right and you Have more coming in because of your Connection to God but as soon as you Forget about God and this happens to a Lot of saints even to Jesus you know at The end of his life this is you know Some of his comments about father why How the why how Thou forsaken me Was you know about that right because She ended up Um you know being focused on his people

He was serving his disciples of course Betrayed him you know so this is a very Common Uh situation where a true spiritual Organization Falls and then it becomes a cult And all religions are Cults and that you Know it happens you know when it becomes A religion as well Um in this sense because the followers Starts serving The leadership the you know the the Clergy or whatever and the clergy Becomes more and more demonic like you See with the Catholic church and the you Know the pedo priests and all these Things and so this is why these things Happen because the once great spiritual Leader the one saint has a fault and so When you have an initial organization Everything starts off with a honeymoon Period It sucks you into things that's you know Things get started off with a honeymoon Period But it can only go two ways because of The nature of human beings and Egos and Things like this unfortunately it can Only go in two ways and so you know one The leader turns into a demon or two the The followers suck the life out of the Leader right he like I mean as long as The leaders connected to God then that Won't happen but you know the followers

Become more and more life-sucking Themselves it happens in relationships Marital relationships friendships you Know where there's an exchange of energy You know ghoulish vampirishness and all These things and so I want to get into It here so you know the first thing you Have to do when you're an organization You know like evaluate the leader see What they're getting out of it right are They needy do they need to be reinforced All the time are they feeling fragile in Some way They constantly have to be you know Praised what do they feed on do they Feed on adoration they feed on you know Whatever whatever it is right I mean whatever they're getting out of The you know if they're getting Something out of the organization and The people following them like are they You know are they giving are they takers And most of the people are going to be Takers or turn into takers at some point They're going to exploit the people that Are following them you can see it with Trump And you can see the effects of it like What has Trump done In terms of what's like to have Trump in Your life and we all have Trump in our Life To some extent and it's a real bummer a Negative right because he's not

Connected to God and he's uh you know Just this I mean right now he's just Sucking energy off of his followers and You know he's parasitic and money and All these things you can see what Trump's getting out of this You know he has this weapon he uses Sometimes his his fans who use it as a Weapon his supporters his you know his Voters and he uses them in various ways To provide income for him money And you know and then give him energy of These these rallies when he speaks and You know the Adoration that he feeds off And all these other things You know he likes to be appreciated he Likes to be you know told how great he Is all this stuff You can see what he likes just based in His speeches and what he needs and you Know I've covered this in three recent Videos so I don't want to get in on Trump But you can obviously see this is a cult Where Trump is using his followers and His followers are suffering in some way He's hurting them on multiple levels in All of us Because he's a taker And he's not connected to any sort of Divine Source where you can get the Energy The Prana the spiritual energy Everyone needs God's love He gets it in a perverted form in a a

Less pure form His followers and this is like you know What cult leaders do So if you're in an organization that has One person making the decisions and Holds all the power You have to look at what that person's Getting out of it and you have to Evaluate their Tendencies even if you've Been sort of Star Struck or you know a Lot of people are desperate so they need Somebody to you know I mean all the cult All the trumpers are desperate people They need someone to lie to them because They can't handle what's going on and You know they have to have this Imaginary outcome of some make America Great again thing you know whatever That can never be and they just can't Accept it so that's where they're They're you know their weaknesses and Most people come to these organizations Are looking for something they're you Know their Prana is low their love Energy is low And they you know they need a group Support they need you know whatever and So they'll ignore all the warning signs Because of their need right they're you Know desperate for something and they You know don't pay attention to the you Know the the glaring character faults of The leader that are just going to get Worse as time goes on those things you

See maybe initially a small little Incidences with a person Snappy or you Know they're They have these moments and you know They turn into a full-blown demon by the End of the you know by the end of the Organization you know and you can see How the person Um you know gathers people to them right If this person's like using other people Using like say the Bible or using you Know somebody else's um like they don't Have their own Spiel they just take from Other people And they you know piece together a Dogma From other you know religions or Whatever other you know people who are Have Creative Energy they they just sort Of plagiarize all this stuff And then they re you know repackage it And and sell it to the you know the Masses I've talked about that Book of Eli movie where the you know Post-apocalyptic Um like ganglord is looking for the Bible to use it to control his people Because he knows it's a you know he Knows how to control people through the Bible he's not Christian he's not Religious but he knows he could use it As a control weapon and so that's a cult And you know like I said things have Their honeymoon period but then issues Are going to come up and the cult leader

Is going to take more in the you know People are going to start realizing They're being drained and they start Being drained and they're looking for Their needs to be in math they realize They've been exploited they start Rebelling or whatever it is and you know Things just um Fall apart from there and you can see if There are a lot of people who have left And have these strong reactions to Leaving Feeling like they were wronged or Whatever You know these are other indicators of You know something that's Doomed for failure the other situation Is where there's a pure spiritual leader Who retains their connection to Divinity And they just give and give it and give And you know that's a positive Organization unfortunately You know I witnessed this with Master Charity Master charge you with somebody who he Had all this loving energy that was he Was exuding all the time of course he Was able to transmit through the Scishmark process those of you guys who Are not aware of what I do in terms of The seismark meditative system there's This you know these spiritual Meditations you do Where the master of the system transmits

This energy and preceptors are able to Transmit it and the energies used to Clean your etheric heart of samskaras And other you know whatever it is like Your impressions that block you from Connection connecting to Divinity and Fills you with this spiritual energy And it's wonderful like it's Transformational A Master charge you with someone who Slept probably like four to six hours a Day even when he was older and he just Worked all the time like he spoke 29 Languages he was a successful CEO of a You know a business in India where he Had you know money and you know he made His own money so he didn't need to be Supported by his followers he you know Was a disciple to Baba Jesus This you know the second master of the System who was a you know Transformational being who was you know More Spirit than human Uh and so he was you know trained by This person and and he was working to Pay off his you know spiritual debt and Commitments to carry on this work And you know my experience of him which I don't want to say took for granted I Always appreciated it but you know he Um but you know we all took it for Granted for you know to some extent and If you would write him a letter he Responded to hundreds of letters every

Day then eventually emails you know he Had written letters or typed letters I mean you know I started in 1993 and The internet of course took over And he would you know not only write you Back But he would do spiritual work on you And You would feel it like as soon as you Sent the letter even before he got it Spiritual work was happening and we came To meet him he would transmit to you Read your condition and clean your you Know spiritual centers and and transmit To you through these settings but also Just being around them and when you're Around them you absorb this positive Energy and so many of us had benefited From this you know I didn't meet Babaji The second master but my precept of the Guy I started with Um you know people who were able to do This uh transmitting you know they were Their spiritual system was rewired so They could also you know be conduits for This energy And you know Babaji people go visit him In a very rural uh poor Village in Northern India you know Western People Hippies and things And this preceptor described to me that You know he would go there and Babaji Would sit and there'd be a circle of People and Bobby smoked a hookah it had

You know tobacco jaggery and charcoal in It it was like a water pipe you know Hookah and He would you know sit there and he Really didn't eat much you know the Hookah was just like one connection to The physical world And he would sit there smoke the hook on And he knew people would come to him and He'd look at the person and he'd look at Their heart and then he look away and Smoke Ahsoka I look back and and then He'd you know look at the person very Lovingly and say you know now I'm on Your case And like what that meant was not only The spiritual cleaning of the Transmission but also Helping to create the events in the Person's life That would lead them to God like the Things a person needed to go and you Know purifying their Soul's path and you Know he was on their spiritual case like A a spiritual caseworker And you know this is something Master Charge you continued I mean he gave all These talks and gave all these sittings And he was constantly you know making Himself available to people And you know towards the end of his life Some local you know important you know Businessmen who are involved in the System one of them an elder comes up and

Accuses him of giving his the properties To his son he had a you know one son you Know the Master's assistant were married They had you know I mean they had normal lives right Families and things And accused him that he was giving all These properties and ashrams to his son And and Charlie got really hurt by that Like he was you know I mean it was like A a guy with like five other important Guys all he came up with this paranoid Conspiracy theory you know and he he was Hurting for like a week he wouldn't like You just didn't want to do the work Anymore he was like kind of devastated By you know all the work that he had Done and he was still being accused his Integrity was being accused and things Like this Um and that's what you know people have Been inevitably turn on you even when You're giving you all giving you all These things He talked about the people in his inner Circle and he talked about how you know It's always like three out of 12 like What happened with Jesus and the three Disciples you know that stab you in the Back and you know even after just these People around charge you all the time Absorbing this energy when you came into His presence he had this you know Wonderful energy

And these people now have you know these Were guys that were around him his whole Life and you know of course communist Dodgy the current leader who's had a Spiritual fall and he's disconnected From God and you know it was a hard Thing to watch someone who I benefited From like in the early stages he did Spiritual serverless that personally I Benefited from he was a good preceptor Before that But whatever is ego whatever happened There he just he plummeted like a stone He was given all the spiritual powers And all the elevated spiritual Conditions which I witnessed like I Could see the work that was done on him You know to some extent as you know from My Level I could see it I could see the Changes in him But he you know he she pooped the bed Right he just you know he just failed uh He almost inexplicably But towards the end a master chargie's Life he was um You know he had cancer he had bone Cancer prostate cancer He in his past lives he was Spartacus or Some you know he was one of these famous Figures who was a slave And he was in shackles and chains and Because of that in this life he had pain In his leg S you know Saint Paul in a previous life

And he had some residual physical issues Because of that Um any you can only see out of one eye And he would be hooked up to a Respirator and you know this last years Of his life you know he went into a coma In 2011 and for about you know like a Long time like three or four months he Was gone and we thought he was going to Die And he pulled out of it and then he was Good for a couple years but then his Health just kept on deteriorating And then he passed away in 2014 at the End of it right before you know December Of 2014. In those last years I was in India from 2013. my family and I were on and off in Indium we spent most of our time in India During that period And he would um you know he was on and Off in terms of his availability and His ability to give these sittings and You know it was training dodgy to become His successor and dodgy was taking over A lot of the work You know when I saw him um Make himself available when he could He would come out there as a master's Cottage that was created a gated area And people could go in and see him but You know there was a time where he was At home there's you know he had built a

House you know in an affluent Neighborhood he was a you know a rich Businessman And it now was his son's house And then there was the ashrami belt and There was these Masters Cottage nice Area yeah the whole ashram was like a Botanical gardens that had been you know Made beautiful as 20 acres and he had This little Area in there and you know you would ask To go see him and you know occasionally I would go ask to see him usually I Didn't you know why not bother him But he got too sick to be there so he Was staying at his son's house and You know there was these people mostly European people that were going to his House You know some Indians and it was in a Neighborhood where the rest of the People weren't part of it right they Weren't into it and there would be all These cars on the road Cabs coming in and out you know 200 People standing around his house Trying to go in and see him and it was Physically not well And you know my family and I were Brought there by somebody To see him and I wasn't really all that Comfortable with it Because you know Bobby towards the end Of his days the people started I want to

See him at a gathering and he was really Sick And they were going to like bum rush the You know the gates you know it wasn't Like they had security mode just Volunteer people And So eventually they just put Babaji Behind like some ropes And you know um the people are allowed To like view him like he was an exhibit At a zoo like walk by him like he was Just sitting there like you know half Asleep and sick you know But things like that you know that I'd Heard and I mean just um You know you got this energy like this Energy from the sittings this Prana And it's God's love and I've experienced It and it's it's been transformational For me like it's filled holes in my Personality like I was so low Functioning I was just an underachiever I had you Know talents and abilities but was never Able to to yeah I was able to graduate College I dropped out of college twice Before You know getting my uh bachelor's degree And then one guy my Master's Degree all After doing Sage Mark I couldn't sustain Relationships I never like could date You know uh I mean I was engaged to one Woman and almost to another

But you know things just lasted a year You know like I just couldn't sustain Things and Um couldn't sustain jobs I couldn't like It was about a year I could tolerate Something you know sometimes like two Years but you know very very you know Like just the second year sucked you Know like so Um like I just couldn't function right Didn't have any purpose or goals and the Transmission the cleaning like filled All those holes and you know made me be Able to do the things that I couldn't do Before And you know I wasn't like wanting for Something like it you know I wasn't Desperate or needy you know I just the Transmission just filled these things That you have a need for love right And people get that need filled in Various ways I talked about the five Love languages In the you know Trump video But you get you know love directly from The source Which is God's love in its purest form And its most potent it's most nutritious On that level right and these people Have been getting this love for years You know but anyways we go to his house And Um we you know there's lots of people There and I'm feeling very uneasy about

It and then they walk us around the back Of his house I've been to his house you Know four or five times before he he had Made me a preceptor you know 1994 or Whatever Um so I was a little bit familiar with The place and we walked around the back Of it and as you came around this the Corner they stopped you and he would you Know you know he was interacting with People ahead of you and we came up and And you know camless dodgy the now Master the system said it's Paul Romano Master and you know I went up to him and He grabbed my hand and he was like you Know there was just this loving energy Like people who were You know witnessing this or you know who Were there I mean he was just exuding Love like he was you know physically on At the end of his life he was Broken down his bodies with our body was Riddled with cancer and he had all these Health issues like just beyond that he Was in physical pain all the time Barely cognizant a lot of times was on All these medications and he was just Giving of himself like he was just Pointing out like you know like it hurt Me to see him in that kind of situation Like you know I Um and then you know And these people are just they they'd Seen them so many times in their lives

And they're just you know trying to suck A little bit more out of the guy right I Mean he gave everything he had Uh and so um You know later on accomplish would give A talk About these people who were over the House and all the problems they were Causing in the neighborhood all the Problems they were causing with the Family you know stressing out the family Because they were you know a charging Son had a family who had a son who had a Job and two grandkids and you know Household to maintain and 200 people Were descending on their house every day Trying to force their way in Um dodgy said there was a time where you Know the um Bob G had called people who Would meditate in his presence without Him being ready to give this Transmission that he gave the spiritual Energy Blood suckers Because you know if he wasn't ready to Give the the energy and it you know the Energy would flow naturally but if you Meditated you'd be drawing his energy From him And if he wasn't ready to give a sitting It would suck his energy out you know so You know there was this Uh you know Unwritten rule that you Weren't supposed to meditate and

Charging would be inside being groggy And I'll just have trouble just like Waking up and and you know uh like you Know how you you wake up and you're like You you maybe you have a hangover you're You know you've been sick or you've had A you know whatever it is like And you're disoriented and it takes you A while to like Shake It Off you might Need to drink coffee or whatever you Know to sort of wake up and something Like that he woke up like that every day And he was you know I mean he was Physically taxed And these people were meditating and Sucking his energy like you know outside They were just meditating without Him way to give it and you know just it Was bad And his son Master charged his son Krishna gave a similar talk it wasn't as Harsh as Dodgies kamlish said you know that um The only Bobby said you only need to see Your master once in your life like you Only need to meet him once that was Enough for you to you know to do this System the master of the system And he said um You know every time after that was a Bonus And Dodgy said how many bonuses do you need They keep saying to these people but

Then he said you know I'm saying this to You all it's Sunday but all the people Who need to listen it aren't even here For group meditation they're over at the House sucking the life of this poor old Guy right You know um and then uh Thomas gave Another talk where um Chargie came out and was like on a golf Cart and Everybody stormed almost a Roundup and They were like hey you know they're all Yelling to him and all this stuff like Fans do and dodgy came out and said you Should be more mature than that you guys Were acting like a bunch of monkeys you Know like Which is insulting for whatever Um he said like if you guys were just There and just enjoyed his presence and You know Um but then I was talking to a new Person and I think the person was from Like Russia young woman In Russia or Europe or something and she Was meeting chargie for the first time And she went to his house and you know Here's a new person and she felt Uncomfortable like she really was into The system but you know she felt Uncomfortable because he was so sick and He was so weak And she said you know we were sitting There and it was kind of great

And some woman rushed up to charge you Like to give him a hug or something he Put up his hands in front of him like Just please you know please you know Just you know Aren't I giving you enough and you know He he had to be you know he had to leave And this woman was feeling bad about Like she was thinking about all the time Right Like she was telling us we were just Basically new people strangers that she Was just meeting and she had this Experience right and so you know I saw This and I mean you know he was doing his duty to God and you know that was and you know Paying off his you know his spiritual Debt to his you know his master whoever It was Um you know his Guru dakshina and so you Know that was all part of it for him and You know that was his end of it but the Way people treated him these you know These life-sucking freaking spiritual Vampires in the system and I'd seen it Over and over again You know and we all made mistakes and we All made it harder on them like you know We all could have done better and we all Could have participated more and we all Could have taken more responsibility so Many people are like well the master Will do this the master will do that and

You know they would get gross they would Do things that were hard on them or bad For them you know that would be bad for Their spiritual condition and you know Then they would have to clean up the Mess that you know there was a Um you know some senior person some Older person whether early uh Practitioners that came over from America was telling me a story where They were all doing drugs and LSD and Babaji was chastising him and having to Clean up and rewire their spiritual Systems because LSD messed with their Spiritual organization their internal Spiritual organization Uh and so um There was a story where these two people Left babaji's house And they came to visit charaji in Southern India Babaji was in Northern India India And chargie gave them a city and he said What do you guys do on the train They go what do you mean he goes you Guys did something because you're gross IS F You know when you left babaji's house he Would have cleaned everything that was There to clean in your internal system And you know it's gross you're gross And you know they said oh we smoked some Hash on the train right I think I met The guy was the guy was telling me the

Story I don't know Um you know a lot of these things blend Together Uh you know over the years but The bottom line is you know people made It harder on the master all the time and So that's a pure spiritual organization Where the master is serving connecting People to God and is uncorruptable isn't Going to you know have a spiritual fall Um and the people suck and like You know when dodgy collapsed And what's happened in the system now is This guy dodgy took Dover accomplish And he did a good job at first but he's Just been awful And he's turned it into a cult and you Guys have watched The Journey series you Know you'll know what I'm talking about I've talked about this in depth and you Know I had personal witness of him being Given this The spirit I saw his spiritual Evolution To where he was given all the the power And the energy and all the prawn all This God's love You know he's forgotten about God and He's all ego now and he's he sucks that He's stupid and all these guys that I Know yeah I know a lot of these guys who Are around Master charge you all the Time charge you gave this talk where he Talked about how the people around him His so-called Inner Circle these were

Guys who could just walk in they didn't Have to you know they had they could go And see charge anytime they wanted A lot of them were rich businessmen that Donated money and they were you know They did a lot of the work for the System but he said they're rude they Have bad egos poor character qualities You know he gives this talk and I've I've played the talk before In fact um You know I'll go ahead and play that Talk now Here I watched a little bit of the clip and I Realized the word abiasi means Spiritual aspirin so someone coming to The seismic system and doing the Meditation is an abiasi so he talks About their transformation and Responsibility That's what he's talking about here That maybe the Master's role is 99 Percent Or more And the ability is role in personal Character transformation or formation Even less than one percent I am forced to this Shall I say conclusion Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious About character formation or character Transformation

Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and Formation or character transformation It's a conclusion Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious About character formation or character Transformation Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and That cannot be doubted But Their outer Behavior Their outer Lifestyle the way they Conduct themselves Their politeness or lack of it And as repeatedly pointed out to me by Abhyasis from all over the world Especially the behavior of those very Close to me what they would say it was Called the Inner Circle You know I feel I used to feel concerned That I used to feel pain Now I really feel guilty I feel guilty Because the people close to me my inner Circle so called Are one and all arrogant Proud Demanding Oppressive Authoritarian

And lack politeness One landlord Of course I keep telling them about this Either they spoil it off Or they say yes yes we will change now But you know recent affairs Especially when I was in tarpur Immediately following Dear brother's Revocation of his nomination to succeed Me It has shown the Raw Nature human nature at its worst Gossiping condemning Blaming Always others Forgetting the principle that when you Point to a figure at somebody One figure three figures are pointing Towards yourselves So what to do about this you see how to Make a biasis realized That The Master's responsibility or his What shall we say Duty towards olympiasi If I should call it that He is hardly one percent Probably one thousand or one millionth Of a percent Whereas the ability's role Responsibility in making himself Transforming himself Should be 99 or more It's exactly opposite

Now what are the consequences People close to me think that because I Keep them close to me continue to keep Them close to me They are blameless They're really blameless and I'm only Talking for fun not to show off or Something like that you know like a pet And people who are away from me but who Are close to me either in an inner sense They stay away Maharaja had a dog Honey And he was not fond of dogs But it was there and it remained there It used to run around chasing the Monkeys And he used to tell me with the twinkle In his eye That you know honey is recognizes Because come they don't bark she doesn't Bark Only barks are not abiasis And you know I never understood the significance of Babuji praising this dog For this quality that he does not bark At abiasis A dog And my people around me they're all the Time barking shutting doors putting away People Using my name for everything that they Do

He is ill he is resting he is asleep he Told us no no so on and so forth and so Forth And I get letters from very very close Devoted abiasis who love me I cannot come And I will not come so long as I stopped For them too it is a need To transform themselves Because as babuji once said Two lovers cannot remain separated Because the circumstances are not Favorable You're not the old saying in English Love laughs at locksmiths Doesn't mean it only laughs and locks The locksmith is symbolic of every Circumstance that can come between the Lover and the Beloved There's one more story here then I just Want to wrap this thing up in my own Personal View and you know role in all these Types of you know social dynamics So the guy in the video Master charged You when he was babaji's disciple Traveled to Europe with Babaji And you know there was very small Amounts of people you go to people's Houses And there'd be you know five ten friends That wanted to meet him you know new People perspective practitioners like he Was just going to you know people had

Come and seen him in India and now they Were forming Small groups and centers around Europe You know maybe some places there are 100 Or so there's a lot of people in Denmark That really loved Babaji and big you Know small country with a lot of people That ended up doing the meditation And They went to one place in Europe I can't Remember where Chargie documented this in his diary And a young couple was well some of the Practitioners knew a young couple who The you know the male the man the couple Had gone insane And they were desperate to get help And a you know one of the abiasis Recommended That they go see Babaji and this wasn't Really appropriate Babaji was just there To give people connection to God Through the transmission and cleaning And you know Babaji was a giving person Because that's you know the nature of a A true spiritual person and he stayed up All night reworking the person's mind Like the guy's mind on a spiritual level And he cured him like he fixed it And The um Couple was you know grateful that they Left and they never never came back And charge he was like chastising the

People saying look you know why would You doesn't have energy for this Like he has you know limited amount of Life Force left and he's got his own Mission his own purpose here It isn't to cure the insane right this Isn't his job And you guys need to protect him from That you need to be aware he's a you Know he's got a giving loving nature if You bring somebody to him he's going to Try to fix them and help him But that's not his job it's your job to You know I'm just bringing people who Are capable of doing the system that Babaji is uh you know provided for People you know there's different Services out there you know get the Person psycho psychological help or Whatever right but you know Babaji isn't Here to cure the sick or you know uh Cure the mentally ill like this is he's Here to help the spiritual people people Who are Able to connect a god facilitate that Connection right You know so I've heard these stories and I've seen these things personally and I You know I've seen these organizations And Um you know these cult-like Organizations and you know things that Are on the news you know I watch the Waco thing with the David koration you

Know just all these different Um you know there was some levels where David koresh was a a spiritual person With saintly qualities But then he lost it right he lost it Where he was you know the only person to There's these married couples in there But they weren't able to procreate or Have you know relationships sexual Relationships David koresh would Impregnate all the women because he was Thus you know Divine whatever and God told them you Know like you know and so it it's what Started off as uh you know he had some Positive qualities but he was also Manipulative and self-serving and you Know this is how all these things end up Right Um you know with that element where the The master the system the saying ends up Going south or Trump you know whatever And ends up exploiting his followers who Are life-sucking people who are Desperate at needing Prana and all these Things right you know the disciples and Like what I've seen with the Heartfulness organization All these people that got so much from Charging and dodgy more than anybody Else Dodgy was around him for his last seven Years of his life in charge he poured Himself into dodgy as his successor and

Dodgy just completely dissed him like His you know stop celebrating his Birthdays I mean if you guys see my Journey series it's brutal like just a Total Punk move and like solo like you Know like Beyond You know just a fall but going to where He's you know political now and he's Hobnobbing with celebrities and he's got No Charisma and his you know everything Sucks that he produces and It's really bad and then all the people Who claim to love charge he would run to See him and you know would like you know Sit outside of his his Cottage just so They could spend a few minutes with him And tell them how much they love him and Tell them you know how much there's Transformation there I've just let this Happen And I've documented this in my journey Series this will be part of my journey Series I'll put this whole Video in there But it also go up you know just as a Video on its own And so you know there's Um all these people who just you know Claim to love them but allowed this not Only allowed but participated Collaborated and the fall of the system Turning from a spiritual organization to A cult And you know I had to cut myself free

From it it was starting to negatively Affected me affect me where it had Propped me up and The pranahuti the transmission the Divine love that comes through the Transmission and this Cleaning process and all of it the Teachings all the things that had Benefited me And come through on this YouTube channel The energy and the information all these Things that you know are a big part of What I do here Was now like uh sucking me dry it was Like hurting me stressing me out and Negatively affected my spiritual Connection condition affecting my Ability to connect to God internally all These things that the you know Organization had helped me in the past Was now hurting me And so I cut myself free from it and I Started this thing called gratefulness You know where it's just basically the Sash Mark system but you know that Legally I can't call it scishmore Because it's you know there's another Organization called that right An organization that's defined so it's Doing the practice that I always did With the same teachings and the same Everything and I've done my best to Preserve what I can preserve but there Are people who you know want me to be

Kind of the new Master of the system Like this new thing right You know they see me as a master and no Matter what I tell them that I'm not They're like well you know they've Experienced benefit energy from me and This videos and knowledge and you know Transformational things many of them did Heartfulness but now we're doing Gratefulness You know because of the they've Experienced the same thing that I have And they want me to step in and fill That role and I said over and over again I'm not a master And you know I've talked about it and I've given explanations about that in Different ways but I'm going to do one That's Completely you know based on what I've Already said here I saw the way these Guys sacrifice their needs for other People Uh Master charging and you know I know Babaji through his teachings and People's stories of him and then the First masterology who you know is not as Um there's only a couple photos of him So he's not as well known but you know I Know what they did and I know the Attitude that they have and I knew Preceptors you know I've met preceptors Who exemplify this you know people who Will are you know they're married they

Have kids they have a job but they spend Their free time Doing this work and cleaning people's Hearts and transmitting I did this work For a while And some of them are just saintly gems Of people service oriented they just Want to serve God and devotional and Just Saints right And I'm not that way like I you know I Don't care about people that way I just don't like I don't you know I Mean I'm compassionate and I you know I Want people to do well you know I want People to evolve I want people to get The same benefits out of the system I Did and I'll help to a certain extent But I'm not going to be sucked right by You you know Desperate you know broken bankrupt People That just can't you know sustain this on Their own and you know the masters of The system all died a little bit Heartbroken By the participation of The abiasis And this has happened you know with Jesus and his three you know people who Betrayed him I mean the whole thing you Know how did Jesus die was it was that a Good death for him was he was he psyched About all the energy he poured into Those people

And to have them turn on them right I mean almost you know to the person you Imagine what he felt to have like not Only just the Betrayal of Judas and you Know Peter denying them and Um Thomas doubting him but just all of it Right all those people who you know he Was serving and they just you know in The way that they were hating them and All that stuff right Like that's just you know good example For your Christians And it's happened to Saint after Saint People who are crucified themselves Burned prosecuted you know uh ostracized By the religion you know saintly people That people didn't accept them it's Happened here particularly in the west We kill our Saints and you know I'm not down with that right like I'm Just you know personally you know I Don't have it in me To exploit other people In this way That cult leaders do and this isn't like Me bragging because it's just not in me Like you know I smoked pot and I did Drugs and I drank alcohol but I don't Have any addictions from scars And so it's very easy for me to give Things up or stop doing things like I Drink coffee for So many years but I started having these

Post-covered heart palpitations and Things And you know I drink I drink chai every Morning for Like some like almost 30 years right And it wasn't very great for me and I I Can only drink a little bit of caffeine Like I put very little black tea in it In my chai Like a little bit of caffeine goes a Long way with me if I had to place the Chocolate like one little section of a a Piece of chocolate I can just have a Little bit of it right I just get wired Um very you know susceptible to it But you know I needed to get off of it I It's been I don't know Four months six months I'll never have It again I'll never have chocolate again On I'm not tempted I don't want to look Out that you know I remember it being Good but it's just something I can't Have anymore and I'm fine with it right And that isn't me bragging because like I just It's not it doesn't have a hold on me Like it does other people right drugs And alcohol and these other things like I you know I can't brag about it because It's not something that's a real problem For me it's not hard for me to to Overcome that and in terms of being a Cult leader You know I just don't like being around

People I don't like people serving me You know I don't like people like like Fawning all over me and I don't you know I don't benefit from their Collective Whatever they would do for me like Whatever cult leader gets I don't want You know like it's not in me like I I'm Not interested I don't want to want to Be worshiped I don't want to be adored By man you know lodging on people makes Me uncomfortable I have enough love you Know in my system from this size Mark System I don't need you know some lower Forms of love and you know I don't need To be propped up by other people and I Can stand on my own spiritually I don't Need to you know a group of people Stroking my ego telling me how great I Am maybe I get positive comments here You know and it's good to get them but I Don't you know I don't get out of it Like what other people do I don't need My self-esteem boosted you know by other People like I know you know I know what I am like you know I mean in terms of Like the negative comments don't affect Me because they're not true and the Comments that that you know people think I'm better than I am You know I'm not like I'm you know I Know what I am like I know what my Limitations and you know I know my own Selfish thoughts and my own you know my Own whatever like I you know I meditate

I'm not running away from that stuff Right And so I don't have like I don't have Any desire to be a cult leader and I Know how that ends up anyway right and You know I don't have an enemy to be a Real spiritual leader because I just Don't care about the people You know I'll do God's work it'd be Different if I was made official by Charge but I still would have failed in Some way because I'm lacking some of the Qualities that you need of course those Things could be you know given to you or You can work on them But if I had been made to you know Master the system and again I'm not you Know I don't think I should have been if I had been made then there'd be Something different because I'd be Responsible and it'll be something I Promised charge you I would do you know I put in more effort but in some Unofficial capacity Where the only validation I have is that It's working the gratefulness system is Working I'm not going to take on other People's burdens and I saw how it worked Out for these other Masters and people You know it was a bummer for them right I mean people just you know they keep on Sucking more out of you like they take a Little bit of you and they just want More and I've experienced that with just

You know people writing me long messages And telling me their life stories Unsolicited you know and just I mean you Know like I'm not I mean people are just So desperate to be seen and heard and You know they respond to the energy or The information they get for me and they Just want to dump their problems on me And want me to solve them and you know One guy wanted me to tell him what a Piece of crap he was and tell him all The things he needed to change and you Know like why do I want that burden Right you know I worked as a counselor And you know I don't want to hear other People's problems I don't you know I Mean you know I guess I have you know Compassion and empathy but also I just Like you got you you know deal with your Own Boop like there's a you know a System here a system of cleaning and Meditation that I use if you can't use The system I I use then fine but I don't Have anything else to offer you right And so you know like I I mean that's how I view all this stuff like I you know it Just seems like right now people are Doomed and we desperately need community Like people are going to have to come Into Community to deal with the future But you know there's communities where There's Um some sort of group people making all The decisions you know the legislature

You know Congress and the Senate And then there's the you know an Executive level Community where there's One person a spiritual leader a king or Something And you know both of them have their Disadvantages The group people can't you know they're Always fighting they're always having Different opinions squabbles there's Power they're all power hungry whatever You know not all of them but you know There's good people on the committee and There's a you know selfish ones and There's always going to be a couple of Duds you know it's just there's always Going to be a couple that sock and keep It down and then you know they they fail To be able to govern right make Decisions come together and you know They're often going to get things wrong I mean so that you know we know what Happens when things are ruled by Committee but it's when it's ruled by One person You know a king or a you know whatever Unless that person's really pure and you Know people aren't Then it's doomed like it's doomed to Fail because of that person is a gonna You know they're gonna get whatever They're getting out of it in their own Some skaric you know character flaws and Things are going to be you know when

They get the power these things are Going to grow When they get the power of leadership Things are going to emerge from their System Uh you know demonic things and you know Their weaknesses are going to be Exploited And negative energy is going to come in And it's going to destroy the you know It's going to turn into a cult and Destroy it and the people are going to Start weighing the person down the Person is going to start feeling bitter And resentful by all the desperate People coming up to them and you know uh This is a time where people need to Stand on their own two feet Like you're gonna have to find something Inside of you and you know the Gratefulness meditation the system I do The pranahuti the energy and the you Know I have a YouTube channel filled With the stuff to help people Do the system and you got to connect on Your own level and just you know step up Rise up pull yourself up by your own you Know heart straps and connect to God Internally this is the you know sink or Swim moment for Humanity where the System's collapsing and only people who Have fortitude and inner strength and The ability to you need to lean on God And connect to God

But that's it right you need you know You need an internal relationship with God not an imaginary one where your egos Pretending you're talking to God but It's really your ego talking to itself Right like a lot of people do that but a Real sustainable uh authentic connection With the Divinity within you and pull Yourself up and then you can form Organizations where everyone's you know On the same sort of level or at least You know and then you'll get You know identical instructions from God Internally and you'll all know what to Do and there won't be any debate or Whatever everyone will just see the the Wisdom in it you know there'll be some People a little bit better off you know A little bit more wisdom a little bit More you know some kind of shamanistic Type of thing but you know the majority Of people will be able to to just do What's right and know what's right and You know not be all ego and not Self-interested and you know that's the Only way Humanity survives and if that Doesn't happen we're screwed either it's That or nothing and you know for Everybody listening to this this is your Job this is your mission if you choose To accept it you know you got to stop Being so desperate and needy and you Know whatever it is and start you know Rising up to your own you know the the

Best version of yourself that exists in All of us you have to be willing to to Face up to the negative things and work Towards the connection with divinity Again there's a system that's designed For that and you know it's available Through this other YouTube channel They've made and all the information you Need to do it is on it and you know Either sink or you swim And you know I'm not going to carry you Through or neither is anybody else Like it's up to you to do it and you Know it's not I mean whatever Organization would come out of it has to Be based in people rising up and being Able to do that and become fully Functioning you know spiritual uh you Know the spiritual version the soul Version of yourself You know the highest version of yourself You're not going to get that from your Religion or like somebody like Trump or Some you know culty organization or some Other you know truthers or whatever it Is you're not going to get that from you Know anybody else or anything else you Got to get it from yourself there's no Saviors here You know it's time to save yourself you Can't do it well then you know you have A failed existence and you know you're You're you know your fate is determined By uh you know whatever

The people that can you know rise up and Do it will do it right and you know Don't expect other people to pull you Through like you can get help and you Know when it's necessary Uh but you know you can answer your own Questions and connect to God and have God tell you what to do and you know People have been doing that and they've Done it successfully even if for short Periods of time or you know just you Know for for one or two times in their Lives or something people connect with Divinity and they can see what they're Supposed to do and do it you know this Happens all the time it's happening Every day And you can do it too but you just have To be willing and you know do whatever It takes to do make it happen while you Get it done All right So that's what I know about cults and Spiritual organizations and you know it Might seem like it's very specific here But it's you know Cults are everywhere And spiritual organizations are you know Far and few far and few between what is It few and far between Only spiritual value will save this World it's all remodel definitely Important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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