Comment Video about Religion & Jesus

Comment Video about Religion & Jesus

Greetings brothers and sisters Um I Um was G to put this in another video But I'm going to make it a standalone Video that I'll probably put up on Monday today's Sunday November 12th I Already have another video to put up Today and somebody wrote a comment about Their relationship with Jesus and me Saying that religions are there to dis Disconnect people from God or block Their connection to God and I put the Whole audio in my journey series 127 Which will be out in couple weeks or Something like that but I thought it Release it separately here and you know It's kind of interesting and so here it Is okay so today is Saturday November 11th 1:09 p.m. I've just um made public A video I made yesterday I've uploaded a A voiceover video I made last Night and and Um to my pox of future Channel and then I did a video with bunch of funny stuff On apocal now called just effing just Booping hilarious or something like that So I've already kind of had a a full day Of content and I got a great comment Last night or at least a comment that Gives uh rise to a potentially great Answer about religion and Jesus and I Might just put this up as a separate Video I don't know what I'm going to do With this but let's um read the comment

And see where it goes hey Paul towards The end you said religions don't Encourage us to pursue the Divinity Inside us I'm not for religion I'm for Jesus and you're telling me this Why um because again this is none of my Business but since you decide to tell me This um I'm going to share My Views if I Heard this what this person's about to Say in a video or somebody was talking To me about this I wouldn't respond but You're responding to something that I Said about religion about your own Process and I thought it would be Interesting because you've you know Decided to open the dialogue to respond To it and so the person says again hey Paul towards the end of the to the end You say religions don't encourage us to Pursue the Divinity inside us I'm not For religion I'm for Jesus these are the Words he spoke remain in me and I will Remain in you for a branch cannot Produce fruit if it is severed from the Vine and you cannot be fruitful unless You remain in me I no longer call you Slaves because a master doesn't confide In his slaves now you are my friend Since I have told you everything the Father told me you didn't choose me I Chose you I appointed you to go and Produce the lasting fruit so that the Father will give you whatever you ask For using my name Jesus is telling us to

Remain in him so we live a good life That is beneficial to ourselves others And God we don't need to pursue his Pursue our own Divinity we just need to Follow Jesus he chose us I love that he Calls us friend he can take great joy in This I hope this finds you well see You're still practicing a religion Because This is religious stuff it's religious Stuff for a couple reasons and the first One is that the only reason you think That this is true is because you grew up In a religion that said Jesus was the Only way to heaven Jesus was God's only Son and the only way to get to the Father was through the son and so these Teachings are embedded in every Christian's uh subconscious and cons Conscious memory and there's a fear of Going to hell if you don't accept these Teachings and a temptation to go to Heaven now there was a time and I Believe it was a council in NAA that they decided that they want to Make Jesus the only son of God and that He died for your sins and you can only Get into heaven through the religion That made them have exclusive right to Your spiritual process And they sold this pretty hard and it's Just BS it's not true because if God is You know God the Father God is Everyone's father there's no Sons they

They don't have children in heaven right They don't have children in the etheric World our souls are all independent you Know our souls are all connected on a Part of the Divinity the the you know The god that's exists in everything and Every everybody but your soul doesn't Multiply right right there's no Procreation in heaven your soul doesn't Split in terms of you know two Souls Become one Soul becomes two like an Amiba your soul doesn't bang another Soul and you have a little baby Soul so All of our souls are created at the time Of creation all etheric energy is is There at the time of creation and your Soul is connected to every other soul And every other thing but you know There's all they're all our in sense Brothers and sisters but there's no soul That there's no like heaven where Jesus is uh you know where God is Sitting on a throne an etheric Throne Because there's no body no physical body And he has a you know a mini Throne next To him where Jesus sits this is Something you know this was the way that The people of that time the European People viewed power and the Hebrews the Jewish people viewed power in the Middle East through kingdoms right kings were Powerful God's a king so that people Would understand what God was what's God God's a King of Kings oh he's powerful

Then right because a king's really Powerful you know people would go before A king and they would you know they Would bow before the king and the King Was supposed to be you know evolved Being in some way the King was better Than you and then if someone's the King Of Kings well that's pretty cool and so That's how they sold it to the people of That time and they continue to sell it All of the people grow up in the Christian religion again I'm not trying To bash the religion or people who Believe in it I'm just saying this is What happened right this is why you Believe what you believe and so this Person's been indoctrinated in Christianity believing Jesus is the only Way to heaven and therefore the Bible is The word of God of course the Bible's Been manipulated the religion's been Manipulated so going back to the comment The person saying um you see the comment Here um it's here Um hey Paul towards the end you say Religion doesn't encourage you to pursue The Divinity inside us I'm not for Religion I'm for Jesus these are the Words he spoke remain in me and I will Remain in you so um if you are Meditating or looking for Jesus inside Of you the Christ inside of you that Would be something Different um it still wouldn't be the

Best but it would be better than doing The religion if you medit ating on Jesus's form looking for Jesus in your Heart that would be looking for Divinity Within because Jesus or the Christ Jesus The Christ Jesus the master you'd be Looking for the master within and that Would be you know better it wouldn't be Like I said the best thing you could do But it would be much better but that's Not what this person's doing right so I'll come back to this because this is My understanding and people have this Question I should put this in my journey Series as well because um people have Question questions about this right so Um what the teachings were in the sjar Sjar system about Jesus couple of things And they said in a much more delicate Way than I'm going to say it because I'm Just more blunt but Jesus had spiritual Immaturity and it was exhibited in many Of his uh you know things that he did Again I'm not cutting on Jesus I'm not Saying I'm better than Jesus I'm not Saying these things I'm talking about Being on that level right like I Criticized Dody in the Sark system and Dody has failed but he's failed at Something that I have no interest in Trying to do at least in this life and Be the master and representative of the System right so you know if somebody's On a different level but fails you can

Talk about it just like you might Criticize or analyze a football player Or something even though you can't play Professional football that's so there's Nothing here that's derogatory it's just What is right but Jesus saying over and Over again like I am that I am Master Charie said that's just spiritual Immaturity because you don't say I am That I am like master charie came out And said I never thought of myself as The master and people would come up to Him and say master and charie would Respond to them but what chargie was Doing was holding the energy for the Divinity within him he thought of the Master as Babaji Babi thought as master Of ly and and the master was also God Right and so the Divinity within you the Master within the Christ within is the Fully full expression of your soul and When somebody talked to chargie they Were talking to that you know when they Called him Master they were talking to That Essence inside of him you know Babaji had merged in him in the the System through the process of Transmission and so when Jesus was Sitting there and he had his disciples And they were talking to him like he was He was Divinity he was holding the Energy for the soul within him whatever I don't know if he had you know some Spiritual Master before him or whatever

He thought of as God right and so it's a Placeholder so that you're talking to God because it's easier to see God as a Human being right this is something that Babaji talked about specifically it's Hard for people to love the abstract Idea of God to love God that doesn't Have a mind doesn't have a you know do Have a human form and so people do Better loving human beings who are Merged in Divinity and can love VI love God vicariously through this idea of Loving the master but it's ultimately Loving the Divinity that's within in you Right so the Masters in the Sark system Which is a much better system of Connecting people to Divinity within Because it exists for that reason you Know and there's this Essence that You're meditating on and you could Meditate on the form of the master and You're really meditating on the Master's Soul and his soul is merged in the Absolute and then your soul connects With his soul and you are able to go to The absolute in that way but it's you Finding the Divinity within you just Like the master of the system just like Jesus found Divinity within him and That's what the difference here is that Jesus isn't to be worshiped or to be With him or whatever is you're saying Here is to do what he did and find Divinity within you the kingdom of

Heaven lies within that's the Jesus's Best teaching but there's not enough of That and like I said Jesus had this Spiritual immaturity so when Jesus said I am that I am there's no I no me me me Me me me me even in this person's um Biblical quote here where he says um he Says you know let me find it again I had To clear my throat he says um remain in Me me me me me me me me I will remain in You for a branch cannot produce fruit if It is severed from the vine and you Cannot be fruitful unless you remain in Me and him saying me and all these Things and being about himself I I I me Me me is incorrect you know it's Arrogant there is a level of uh ego Involved in this like Jesus was you know You're just told he's the greatest Spiritual person ever live but there was Some spiritual immaturity he was a saint Certainly he rose to levels but you know There was some ego stuff there and and Who knows how much this has been Rewarded but him say I no longer call You slaves because a master then he's Referring himself to the Master uh the master doesn't confide in His slaves now you are my friend since I Have told you everything the father told Me you didn't come you didn't choose me I chose you I I I I I I appointed you to Go and produce lasting fruit so the Father will give you whatever you ask

For using my name and what chargie would Say is the master chose you right so to Put this in my own personal Experience that I feel the energy Flowing through me that's Divine energy Not through just the transmission Process when I give sittings or when I Work as a preceptor now doing that work Again for the gratefulness meditation But when I talk about these things like I'm talking about now I can feel the Energy coming through me Information coming through me and so you Know I'm doing something here I'm part Of it I'm you know I'm I I could be Replaced but I'm part of it right and Other people are doing similar things Other people can do this as well you Know but I'm part of it like I'm you Know I'm not not part of it but it's not Me like it's not you know it's not Certainly 100% me and you're just being A conduit which is a great way to look At it and so in this Divinity and Information flows through me and people Say wow that was amazing what you just Said and they feel the energy flowing Through me in the videos or whatever and They they are inspired by the Information I provide and they give me Compliments well the compliments aren't For me because I couldn't do it without The connection to Divinity and the Divinity is the best part and the

Divinity is what people are responding To right you know I'm happy to play my Part and I feel good that it resonates With people you know that I'm able to Facilitate this connection to whatever Extent but it isn't me like I can't Think of it in an egotistical way and I Would never say me me me I I I about it Right because like I know that without The Divinity that comes from the Transmission and cleaning and the Connection that's provided that my Videos wouldn't be anything worth Watching or listening to and I'm a low Functioning person and so that's been a Great gift for me that I was so uh you Know I don't want to say um you know I Was so underachieving Beforehand that I am painfully aware of The the need I have to connect to God to Make me you know function and be a a Productive member of society and then do Things like I'm doing here and aware of That aware of that connection and you Know knowing what it was like to feel And you know what it was like to be me Inside and you know feel like the way I Felt before I had the cleaning and Transmission which have been pure Blessings and the Masters of the sjar System facilitating that connection There's gratitude there and they're a Source of um not only information but You know faith and you know um belief in

What a human being can become I've seen You know the levels that human beings Can achieve through this system by being Around Master charge and even Commish in The early days where he was doing Something right where he was you know it Evolves to some extent so you know if People thank me or whatever I I give Them a heart and you know I am doing Something like there's some level of um There should be some gratitude for me You know making whatever efforts I make Here but again you know I'm just a Conduit for the Divinity to flow through Because what you can do on your level When you say I or me and you make it About you is limited but when you say You know that you'll be a conduit and Divinity can flow through you you can Rise to levels that are unimaginable and Are you know beyond our human Comprehension because Divinity then can Occupy your you know physical and Spiritual being and flow through you in Ways and and Rise your level of Consciousness and knowledge and things Like that and so Jesus you know he Didn't really I mean maybe he got that Some of the times but clearly other Times he didn't because he talked about Me and I and you know so again some of This stuff might be um rewarded by the People who want to make Jesus God's only Son but there was a spiritual immature

Immaturity there he had a spiritual fall At the end apparently he was involved With Mary Magdalene and he also had um You know this is the human part right And he also had which I don't begrudge Him or anybody else like I'm not judging Him because I know how many like I just Saw Dody fall right and Dody had you Know much more support system and he was In a better situation than Jesus right Of course Jesus was crucified and turned On But Jesus being God's only son even his Disciples didn't believe that right his Disciples three of them turned on him in One way or another and they didn't Believe he was God's only son and what Did he have like 100 followers or so and Those are the people he was talking to You you think he's talking to you but he Was talking to the people that were There at that time and you know a Spiritual Master is important because of All the things I've said and a living Master is more important than This idea of some uh mythological Creature that's been uh created by a Religion to control you right you Believe in a mythological Jesus I mean You might have been alive when Jesus was Alive and you could have been torturing Him like what were what were you doing In that life you know everyone has past Lives if you had a past life with Jesus

You know who were you right were you one Of the disciples or you one of his Tormentor so like people don't even know Like when Jesus was alive most people Couldn't recognize them and I'm saying This because when there are Saints now And higher developed souls in our Society and people would walk by master Chargie and not see him as anything but A you know an old Indian guy right I Mean most people wouldn't be able to Perceive the Divinity within him and Even with that like what's happened now In the Saj Mark system the heartfulness System with DOI that all these people Were able to recognize Divinity and Babaji Divinity and charie and now DOI Has fallen and clearly is not a not a Master like he you know he failed they Can't see that right or they don't want To see it and that's how people are it's Very you know uh Depressing that you know you can I mean When you've been indoctrinated in a Religion you can see Divinity in Jesus Or Krishna or Buddha if you were born in That religion but you wouldn't be able To see it when he was alive you wouldn't Be able to find the highest developed Soul and you know benefit from that soul And be around that Soul because that Would be something legitimate you not Worship that person but become like them Or do what they did which is to find

Divinity within you and that's Spirituality in the mahab barata there Was um a the five pandavas one of them I Forget his name he was the one of the Sort of lesser Ones and he decided to prevent the war He saw that there was war coming you Know it was a family War cousins against Cousins and you know these Kings against Kings and and he prevented the war he Started to meditate on Krishna in his Heart and he held Krishna in his heart And Krishna said what are you doing he Said I'm going to hold you here my heart So that the war won't happen and so Krishna said well the war has to happen It's part of you know his Krishna was a A Divine being coming down to you know Manifest these changes and he said well What do you want he goes well I want my Family to survive he said okay you your Brothers none of your brothers will die In the war and so um so that happened But you know he was holding Krishna in His heart which was an example of you Know meditation on the heart right Because a lot of people in the Hindu Tradition meditate on the third eye Which is a PowerPoint or the Kundalini Which is another PowerPoint and they Have horrible um results because power Is not God and God you find your soul Resides in your heart and when you Connect with your soul in your heart and

Then you start on on a spiritual journey Which is superior to somebody in a Religion right and so this person you Know they're they're trying something Different and I don't want to discourage Them because it's maybe a little bit Better than doing the religion but you Know you responded to what I was saying And you then then you showed the example Of what I was saying you're locked into A mental construct where Jesus is the Only son of God and he's the only way That you can connect to God and that's Just your Indoctrination it's not true That's you know religions say things Like that to own you and own your Connection to God and it's all Bs right And you know the evidence is Overwhelming you know just based on the Way the world has turned out and the way The Christians have treated other people And you know the warlike nature of that Area and region which I talked about Extensively in my my videos about what's Going on in Palestine and Israel so I Include this in my journey series as Well um it maybe it be a Standalone Video I don't know uh but that's it for Now only spirituality will save this World it's Pano definitely reporting for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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